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Rebooting Saints Row reboot

Reloading Saints Row is already here, and reviews come from outlets around the world. Everything does not look too good for those who hope to see the return of the series to the form after the problematic fourth record. In this reboot, the new saints take to the streets of Santa Yilezo, breaking through to the top of the criminal world.

What is the rating of Saints Row Reboot on Metacritic?

Saints Row launches on August 23, 2022. The reviews are not very good, with 63 points on metakritic. . Many estimates are ambiguous, but positive reviews are superior to negative ones. It currently takes 80th place among the best games for the PlayStation 5 2022.

Owner’s reviews on retail outlets

  • Game Nexus: 95
  • Gampur: 90
  • IGN Italy: 75
  • Decero: 70

* VG247: 60
* 60
* We received this coating: 60
* VGK: 40

With 42 reviews of critics, everything looks gloomy for this name. The largest complaints are associated with the number of errors, boring characters and outdated gameplay. This, of course, bothers when one of the things that are extolled above everything else is the creator of the character. Those who are not tolerant of playing something new is better to wait until the developer has the opportunity to fix the game and release it on sale.

To learn more about Saints Row, read the section Everything shown in the Saints Row Story Reveal Trailer trailer in professional game guidelines.

Tom Dumoulin ends occupation with instant result

The 31-year-old originally wished to begin as well as finish this season at the World Cup in Australia in September.
The storage tank is empty, the legs feel hefty and the training sessions do not function as I had hoped, Dumoulin created on Instagram on Monday.
An excellent 2 months ago he revealed that he would retire at the end of the year.
Dumoulin had his most successful year in 2017 when he won the Giro d’Italia and also the gold medal in a single as well as group time trial at the World Cup in Bergen Norwegian.
At the Olympic Gamings in Tokyo last year, the Dutch won the silver medal in singles versus the clock.
As early as 2020, he really felt overstated and also burned out.

Outcast 2 goes beyond 20 years

Launched in 1999 and pioneering the nonlinear open world genre, the outcast will come to the sequel to 20 years.

‘Outcast 2’, developed by appeal studio and distributed by THQ Nordic, is a game that is being developed once again by the crew who developed one episode. Therefore, if you have enjoyed the previous work, it is a new sequel that will be released for a long time, but you can feel quite familiar.


The game becomes the main character slade cutter and contains a grand story, which is centered on exotic lands. Adelpa is reborn by Yodsin and has a world that is slavery, a world that destroys resource harvesting, and a robot army invading Adelpa, and players must be the envoys of the Yods and save everyone from the crisis of the planet..

The vast Adelpa world has been implemented as an open world, and players can freely explore the jet pack to fly or revitalize the air. In the process of exploration, you can combine multiple modules to create your own weapons, and it is possible to tell your own story in a nonlinear world.

‘Outcast 2’, which supports Korean, can be enjoyed on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S platform, and the scheduled date is still undecided. More information about the game can be found on the Steam page.

FIFA 23 premieres trailer and release date: all the news of the best virtual football

This year has been begged, but we already have with us all the information of FIFA 23, the new installment of the soccer saga par excellence. EA Sports has taken it more calmly and made us suffer. But, as the other day confirmed the American firm itself, today everything has been revealed, with a presentation trailer and the first details of a very special delivery, since it will be the last one with the name with which we have grown so many.

FIFA 23 already has a release date

Among the important FIFA 23 data, before wearing the novelties, is the release date. And what was leaked a few weeks ago is confirmed. It will be available on September 30, with early access on September 27 if you buy the Ultimate Edition .

Women’s football, finally as it is due

It is true that for some seasons we had women’s football in FIFA with the presence of some selections, but all this grows more now in this new installment, Barclays Women’s Super League and the division 1 Arkema , the maximum categories in England and France respectively. Unfortunately, we run out of Spanish competition, but surely in EA Sports they take it into account.

The added visibility that a global brand such as EA Sports will provide our league, teams and players cannot be underestimated. This greatly supports our ambition to accelerate the growth of women’s football in England, and highlights our commitment to open the Women’s Barclays Super League, and make it even more accessible, to new audiences worldwide, says Night Singh, a commercial director of the FA.

World Cup for Todxs

In addition, the possibility of playing the FIFA Australia and New Zealand 2023 Women’s World Cup will also be added, which will be played in next summer. Of course, we can also enjoy the World FIFA World 2022 **, the most important male competition in the world at the selection level.

Both competitions will be added as free updates after launch , so we can do with them without additional cost.

Cross game, but with nuances

We had already advanced that FIFA 23 will have a cross game , and now it is official. EA Sports has given the relevant details and changes so that its multiplayer experience is perfect. So Cross-Play will be allowed between platforms, although an important nuance must be taken into account.

Cross game only will be possible between game versions that use the same graphic engine . In case you don’t know what this means, we make it clearer next.

  • Option 1: crossplay between PS5, Xbox Series and PC
  • Option 2: CrossPlay between Xbox One and PS4

As aim, Cross game will only be available in 1VS1 game modes, so other sections such as Pro clubs are left out of this option.

In this way, two other important aspects are confirmed. Especially important what we indicated just a few days ago, and that is that the PC version will be the same as that of new generation consoles, something that did not happen in previous years. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch will continue to have its independent legacy edition of the rest . And Stadia will also receive his game.

Hypermotion2 with the aim of improving experience

EA Sports has worked to improve the technology that premiered last season, and with Hypermotion2 promise improvements in the physics system and the game experience in general , with the aim of offering a more surround experience.

As they indicate, now the movements of the players will be more sensitive, intelligent and authentic, whether they face a defense and if they claim an air ball against an attacker as against a goalkeeper_.

They promise a new smart dribble system, with a more natural transition when shooting at the door. For this they have added a totally new acceleration mechanics . In addition, new animations focused on women’s football and players movements have been designed.

We have extended the limits of realism in FIFA 23 through Hypermotion2, using state-of-the-art technology to capture male and female professional teams in maximum intensity matches that translates millions of data points into new animations in time Real, says Nick Wlodyka. The result is the most natural and realistic movement in football games , and when combined with the inclusion of male and female worlds, women’s club football and cross-play functions, will submerge players and to football fans around the world for years.

Different modes and rookie training improvements

Although they have not given many more details, from EA they ensure that the game will present a wide variety of novelties and innovations in different game modes, among which they mention career mode, professional clubs, table football and, of course, Ultimate Team.

From here we can deduce that Volta disappears from FIFA 23 , and that perhaps that table football is an alternative, but we have no official indications about it. What we can assure is that there will be a new practice mode, called Training Center , focused on less experienced players the possibility of easily learning the foundations of the game to perfect their style before jumping to the virtual grass.

FIFA 23 in numbers

To conclude, we leave a balance of FIFA 23 numbers and how their figures have been swell with the incorporation of women’s football.

In total, more than 19,000 players will be included in more than 700 teams in more than 100 stadiums and more than 30 leagues **. Almost nothing.

As for competitions, we can play championships and tournaments as important as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europe Conference League, Conmebol Libertadores, Conmebol Sudamericana, Premier League, Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander in the same game.

FIFA 22: The disagreement in between EA and also FIFA is not concerning football or video gaming – however around large cash

EA Sports FC must after that bring “delight, inclusion and immersion for an international community of followers” from 2023. Nonetheless, no technology is named, which must only happen according to FIFA 23.

At the same time, EA stresses that it ought to not only be a symbolic adjustment, yet a real clean slate. The “independent platform” would certainly bring “fresh opportunities”. Investments would certainly be made in sporting activity and also worked with increasingly more partners on new, authentic experiences.

At least currently the whole thing checks out a little bit like the old delicious chocolate bar ad: “Raider is currently called Twix, otherwise nothing will change.”

At the very same time, the FIFA (i.e. the association) prepares an affordable item. The FIFA and Electronics Arts speak of authenticity as well as brand-new football experiences-but is that actually the most important factor?

This goes to EA: In summer 2023 it mores than: FIFA as we understand it will certainly no longer exist. So – essentially a minimum of. Regardless, the news of EA Sports reviews.

This is what FIFA does currently: FIFA (the World Football Association) quit directly as well as released a news release that they would currently create brand-new football computer game (yes, plural) also with exterior studios and also publishers. Some video games that are not based on simulation are currently in production and are said to appear this year, in the run -as much as the World Mug.

As opposed to “FIFA”, gamers should play “EA Sports FC” from summer season 2023. The new variation of the football simulation, which ought to have “everything”, what you “love”: modes, real players and teams, stadiums, leagues therefore on-all of that need to stay on board (using ). It also fits that you have concurred with the permit companion FIFPRO in the long-term.

In addition, FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke up in the message as well as stressed:

Once again, words “genuine” is used right here – and that’s no surprise. After all, the element that the FIFA collection always had a large component of genuine players and clubs was an important benefit over the enduring competitor Pro Development Football.

I can guarantee you that the only authentic, genuine game that is called FIFA will certainly be the most effective that is readily available for gamers as well as football fans. The name FIFA is the only global, initial title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 as well as FIFA 26 and also so on – the continuous is the name FIFA and it will certainly stay permanently and the best keep. “


It seems extra like “the large football video game” is a particularly scrumptious cake, both of which believe that they get insufficient.

Little is unusual that both sides now offer themselves as the “genuine” rep who wants to use the most effective football experience in virtual space.

But if you take a look at the history of the dispute, it ends up being clear that it is not concerning gaming, authenticity or football.

What duty does cash play in this conflict?

That is really suggesting? Both celebrations who dabble with football video games have been slammed for a long period of time when it involves cash.

Neymar on EVERY FIFA
* EA Sports is frequently slammed for its Ultimate team techniques. In addition, there is also the purchase rate for FIFA. EA brings a brand-new version of the series as a full rate game every year.
* The FIFA as the World Football Association, in turn, is criticized by several football fans to greatly promote the commercialization of football. As an example, the controversial World Cup allocation according to Qatar, but additionally factors such as corruption scandals play a function.

** What are the factors for the splitting up? But in the past couple of weeks and also months, aspects have always emerged that are stated to have actually added to this.

When EA Sports openly believed concerning renaming the series and also no much longer utilizing the FIFA license, * It began in autumn 2021. According to New York City Times, FIFA is stated to have requested two times the rate for the license at the time – around one billion dollars for 4 years, rather of 500 million as before.
* Additionally, FIFA should wish to restrict the opportunities of generating income within the games as well as keep exclusive rights with it, while EA desired to include more chances for monetization.
At that time, the VGC reported that Wilson, according to anonymous sources, emphasized that FIFA was restricted. Due to the fact that the FIFA in turn has a collaboration with Adidas.
* On top of that, Wilson needs to have thought that the FIFA license would just supply “4 letters on the package” in years without a World Mug.
* Wilson continuously stressed that his own gamers in fact advise EA to integrate even more brands.

In the program of the “EA Sports FC” announcement, for instance, it is obvious that, in addition to numerous football clubs, Nike has now revealed a connection with the “new” football collection:

In the ideal situation, EA with FIFA is no longer the single leading dog that can rest because nobody obtains hazardous anyway. Now a strong rival expands – as well as EA has to provide a truly great, reasonable game with many technologies with “EA Sports FC”. Or else, clients just acquire “FIFA 24”, which is no much longer marketed by EA.

For its component, FIFA, subsequently, delivers a strong game – as well as we get an affordable developer for several years who try to top each other with their games. And also since that’s not sufficient, novices UFL and a recess pro advancement Football are likewise adding the competitors. That would certainly be excellent.

What do you assume of the modification? And if you desire to try FIFA: FIFA 22 is at PS Plus.

FIFA, in turn, supplies a game that has licenses, but not a lot extra. That suggests FIFA 24 or FIFA 25 and also ensures that all kinds of individuals buy the wrong game, however do not get what you expect. Because you have to say that: Either means, the football game globe might come to be quite confusing in the future.

The opposite might likewise be the case. EA saves the FIFA license, however can continue customarily and offer the game with also more monetization. After that perhaps Nike shoes with a shot increase are offered in addition to solid gamers in the game, that recognizes.

This statement also sounds rather “economical” initially- and also not after football or video gaming heart.

Right here it is most likely time to wait – as well as really hope that there is a truly interesting, great game on both sides. Instead of one that is designed specifically for maximum earnings.

FIFA, in turn, emphasizes in its existing announcement: “The sector of the interactive games as well as e-sports gets on an unprecedented method of growth and also diversification. FIFA’s method intends to optimally make use of all future choices as well as to ensure a wide variety of items as well as opportunities for players, fans, participant associations and also companions “(by means of

This is at EA: In summer season 2023 it is over: FIFA as we know it will certainly no much longer exist. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26 and also so on – the consistent is the name FIFA and it will certainly stay for life as well as the finest remain. ”
EA saves the FIFA license, yet can continue as typical and provide the game with even more money making. That suggests FIFA 24 or FIFA 25 as well as makes sure that all kinds of people get the wrong game, but don’t obtain what you expect. And also if you want to attempt FIFA: FIFA 22 is at PS Plus.

Rueda no longer Colombia

After the missed qualification Colombia for the World Cup in Qatar this year, the Colombian National Trainer Reinaldo Rueda has to clear its chair.

This also applies to Ruedas coaching staff, as evidenced by a message from the Colombian Football Association.

Rueda had taken over Colombia in his second term in January last year to lead the South Americans to the World Cup in Qatar.

He went away from the Chilean Football Association, where he had a contract until the end of the World Cup qualifier in South America. Colombia, however, only reached the sixth place behind Peru, which in the playoffs against a team from Asia hope to make the World Cup participation.

Rueda, who dates from Cali and studied at the qualification Colombiascheschochschule Cologne, had already been from 2004 to 2006 Colombian selection coach. One of his greatest successes as a national coach included fourth place with Chile at Copa América 2019 and the World Cup participations with Honduras 2010 and Ecuador 2014.

Reinaldo Rueda no es más el técnico de la Selección Colombia | El Tiempo
As a club trainer, Rueda won 2016 with Atlético Nacional Copa Libertadores, the South American counterpart to the European Champions League.


That makes Project e? To be able to classify where Project E plays, we have to clear up initially of all who creates the MMORPG. This is a programmer and also Publisher NCSoft, which we need to contact Guild Wars 2 and Aion in the West.

What is this for a game? Specifically much is not known about the brand-new MMORPG from Three-way A-Studio NCSoft, however what we understand until now looks really great. Project E counts on asian setting in the center Ages as well as also grabs neat fantasy on top.

Project E Shares this setting and likewise plays on Novcrea and also counts on the world of lineage, but you see them in Throne as well as Freedom as well as Project E different continents of the world, which differ considerably.

In Asia, the author and also designer is primarily known for the title Blade & Spirit and Lineage in addition to for the many offshoots of these IPs. On top of that, NCSoft is behind the interesting Project TL, which could currently offer a mix.

What it is for a kind of game, which technicians you anticipate in game or details such as courses as well as progress system are thus far unidentified. However, there is even more concerning setting the setting.

Behind Project TL, the title Throne and also Liberty hides exactly how lately ended up being clear. This MMORPG plays in the world of Family tree, taken more in-depth in the world Novcrea.

The general mood of the world is a bleak and in enhancement to Far Eastern sword struggles are additionally zombies and also magic in the very first trailer to see MMORPG. So if you really desire to see to it that you maturize you as well as fireball via the world, Project E might be something for you.

** The designer NCSoft has provided its brand-new MMORPG Project E in a video clip. Not only does the title have similarities to the currently known Project TL, which currently transformed out to be as a throne and also liberty.

The same occasions – various other impacts

Laisak and also the world of Project E is very asian, while Project TL depends on medieval Europe. Both MMORPG ought to play concerning regarding the exact same period, as NCSoft discloses.

Every NEW MMO Coming In 2022 & Beyond (What Can You Play?)

** Much of what you already recognize from lineage as well as Project TL, you will also find in Project E. The battle of the people as well as the magic of the elves plays a big role for the world of Project E.

In a meeting one of the designers clarifies that the world of Project E has actually experienced the exact same things as the Family tree and Project TL. Nonetheless, the 2 continents have actually responded totally different to these occasions, where numerous societies have actually formed.

Only other just have made other names for these peoples on individuals continent Laisak, then elves are fairies in the new MMORPG Brand-new, while the Orcs have received the gotten Yacha.

Where plays Project E? The brand-new MMORPG takes the continent Laisak as a scene for his setup, while Project TL uses the other continent, solisium. This suggests that both video games have parallel, however must be completely various.

E means East

Why two MMORPGs in the exact same world? A programmer clarifies in an interview to the 2 project video games that have been reviewed for a very long time how to mount these asian ideas in Project TL. That went so far sooner or later that a second game was taken into consideration.

One developed from now on in two different instructions to much better portray the elegances as well as tricks of the East, as the programmers reveal in their own blog site. As a result, nitty-gritty, because the E in Project E stands for “East” – what “East” implies.

In the published video clip, a number in Oriental design is revealed […] thinking about various historical, environmental as well as visual recommendations of the East. However it does not entirely closed down the West as well as concentrates on the gorgeous merging of various cultures in the dream world of Project E.

Specifically emphasized below is that a new MMORPG has a whole lot of potential on PC as well as console and would be prepared to grasp them. A confirmation that the game begins the PC is not yet, however it will possibly show up.

Where can you play Project E? Also for which systems the MMORPG appears is currently not known. NCSoft, nonetheless, speaks in the interview that you want to globalize yourself and additionally concentrate on mobile having fun.

Since Project E has emerged from the fundamental framework of Project TL, one can assume that many auto mechanics might simply take over, which can lead to much faster development. However that’s only conjecture at this factor.

When is the game? Now, NCSoft leaves a huge inquiry mark. The development is still at a really onset, which means that we ought to not expect it in the close to future.

The community takes care, however thrilled

What is the state of mind? The state of mind photo around the statements of Project E is primarily a good 1. There is still very little well-known regarding the game itself and also its technicians, which is why many fans still have a tendency to warn.

What do the fans state? Several of the remarks under the video clip we want to sum up here for you (using YouTube):.

Nonetheless, some voices are loud, which say that the game could be eliminated years as well as currently to commend an error. All the same, the game makes certain an experience, since the trailer had the ability to attain over 625,000 views in much less than 24 hrs and also gather 140 remarks.

  • aceslg enjoys the trailer and states, “Oh Male Korea, Why does not you ultimately make a computer animated motion picture to family tree? I enjoy the practical design of the characters! “.
  • Also Dammy is thrilled: “That looks fantastic, I can not wait to ultimately see real gameplay!”.
  • Much less done is Brekner: “Is this a mobile game, or not? The trailer does not say anything at all. “.
  • A comparison for the setting is Dean Axel: “That appears like the Oriental The Witcher.”.

However you recognize that the trailer looks great and likewise the fundamental idea of both video games in a world comes well with the players. Even fans of lineage state that they wonder exactly how the events of the world have had an impact in Project E.

What do you think of Project E? Are you looking forward to Project TL or does Project E look even more interesting for you?

In a brand-new trailer there is currently additionally a whole lot of gameplay by Project TL.

The programmer NCSoft has presented its new MMORPG Project E in a video. To be able to identify where Project E plays, we have to clarify initially of all who produces the MMORPG. A lot of what you currently know from family tree as well as Project TL, you will additionally locate in Project E. A designer describes in a meeting to the two project video games that have been discussed for a lengthy time exactly how to set up these oriental concepts in Project TL. Are you looking ahead to Project TL or does Project E look even more fascinating for you?

New concerns for flick in the World Cup

After the short-term failure of Niklas Süle, Hansi Flick is looking for new defense constellations at the football national team as one of the first tasks in the World Cup year.

The Big Short -

With the nomination of his premiere squad 2022 on the way to Qatar, the national coach will give the first answers today. Larger personnel surprises are not expected in the squad for the test matches on March 26 in Sinsheim against Israel and three days later against the Netherlands in Amsterdam, however.

In spite of some failures, Flick relies on the staff with which he won his first seven games as a national coach in the second half of 2021 and the ticket for the Winter World Cup in Qatar could ultimately solve easily with this record.

Alternatives in the defensive wanted

The cancellation from Slee got flick only on Thursday. The 26-year-old from FC Bayern forms with Antonio Rüdiger from FC Chelsea the stem occupation in internal defense. Now a muscle fiberess forces him to watch the DFB year’s threshing. Also, Gladbach Jonas Hofmann, who occupies the external defense position in the DFB team. The left defender Robin Gosens has just returned to a muscle injury at Inter Milan after a muscle injury.

Alternatives in the defensive are the flexible Thilo Sweeper of Paris Saint-Germain, Mönchengladbach Matthias Ginter and Nico Schlotterbeck from the SC Freiburg, which after the first nominations 2021 now also has the best chances of debut in the DFB jersey. No option is likely to be a return from BVB defender Mats Hummels. For Gosens stem position on the left defense side, David Room is governed by the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and Freiburg Christian Günter as promising candidates.

Bitter the failure of Wirtz

Bitter is the failure of Leverkusens Supertalent Florian Wirtz. The offensive player has accessed a cruciate ligament tear and will possibly be available again just before the World Cup. A nomination of Bavaria Profi Leon Goretzka after its lengthy patella sight problems is not expected.

Flick collects his squad on March 21 in a hotel outside of Frankfurt. Only to the game against Israel the following weekend is going to Sinsheim. Two days later, the trip to Amsterdam follows the prestige duel with the Dutch.

Biathlets will be fourth and thinking of Ukraine: “Does in the heart hurt”

On a normal day Vanessa Hinz may have been annoyed more about her two penal trials. But the thoughts of the Ukrainian rival do not do anyone untouched. “The week before it was still biathlets, now it’s soldiers. That’s just hurt in the heart,” said Hinz after the fourth place of the German women’s squadron at the World Cup in Kontiolahti in ZDF.

The German quartet, which had just bronze at the Beijing Olympic Games, also feared nine afterwards on Thursday in Finland and had a residue at the victory Norway 1: 57.1 minutes. Two course went to Sweden in front of Italy. Vanessa Voigt, Hinz, Franziska Preuß and Denise Herrmann were missing 57 seconds to third place. Especially because Hinz showed a very weak idea in a standing stop. “It’s really a head thing now,” said Hinz disappointed, “There are no excuses, that’s just a mistake on my part. That was just nothing.”

Solidarity clients for people in Ukraine

But their Patzer were just a rand aspect of a competition that was all about solidarity with Ukraine. In addition to German women, many others approached their guns with yellow-blue hearts. The Czech team appeared with a winter headgear in the Ukrainian national colors and Norway’s world champions all had written the words “No war please” on their headbands. In addition, pictures of the Ukrainian ski hunters and ski hunters were shown on a large video screen before the start.

“Clearly one thinks a lot about the Ukrainians. It’s blatant, that’s not traceless on one past,” Prussian said. Hinz was obviously difficult to find the right words for the situation of the athletes, with which many Germans have been closely friendly for years. “I do not know what to say,” said the Bavarian.

On the Polish-Ukrainian border as tens of thousands flee - BBC Newsnight
After the Russian invasion in their homeland, the Ukrainian team had decided not to start with the remaining three World Cups this winter. In ex-world champion Dmytro Pidruchnyi and relay Olympic champion Julia Dzyma are currently fighting the best biathlets of their country at the front. Also no longer at the start were athletes from Russia and Belarus. They were excluded from the World Association IBU. The races in Kontiolahti take place only a good 70 kilometers away from the Russian border.

Lesser makes up

The third-lastest World Cup of Winter is continued on Friday (14.30 / ZDF and Eurosport) with the Season of Men. Then it starts for Erik Lesser the time of farewell. The 33-year-old Thuringian announced his resignation at the end of the season in two and a half weeks on Thursday. “For me it was that. I’ll pack my stuff here now, do my three World Cups and then: Adios Amigos! Then it’s enough for me and that fits very well,” Lesser said in his podcast “The Biathlon Double Room”.

The Routinian is currently also busy the situation of the Ukrainians. “I can not imagine, I’m a soldier,” said the ex-world champion that his sports opponents are now in the fighting zone in military use and fear for their lives: “To travel home in such a situation and then travel home To swap the Olympia uniform against the military uniform to defend family, friends and their land. I do not want to paint that. “

Score and result at a glance

Cocone latest work to defend the avatar app industry, “Pokepia-Pokeco Utopia-” officially delivery started!

Cocone Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Setagaya Ward, Representative Director: Shibata Western, and “Cocone”) starts the official delivery of the 3D character dressing app “Pokepia” March 1, 2022 (Tuesday).

Cocone Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Setagaya Ward, Representative Director: Shibata Western, and “Cocone”) starts from March 1 (Tuesday) March 1, 2022, 3D Characters.

# Open the world of new avatar apps at the 3D Digital World of Cocone “First”!

· The latest work of Cocone, which works with many avatar apps, such as “Pokeco”, which is supported by more than 20 million customers!
· 360 ° Digital World, who is committed to “Kawaii” to detail
· Enjoy avatars with avatars and spaces, and enjoy the voice chat with friends

A number of services “Digital World Decoration and Communication Can Can Communicate” a number of services, and a new group of cocone services, which boasts a total of ¥ 140,000 of digital assets, and 9 billion sales results.

“Pokepier” welcomes the 10th anniversary in 2021, and you can enjoy avatars and space coordination in a 360 ° digital world, with the cuteness of “Pokeco”, which is now familiar to many people.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a voice chat function, and it is one of the attractive things that can be done daily with the fellow friends.

Enjoy another life in “Pokepia” with cute fashion and actions that Cocone delivered.

【App download】
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# How to enjoy “Pokupia”

※ The screen may be different from the actual specification for what is being developed.

# # Avatar and love your own star!

Dress your favorite avatars from the item you got in Gacha and Shops to your favorite coordination. Your star drawn in 3D can also place interiors in your favorite location, replace it with your favorite item, or change freely.

# Let’s go to the star of the residents!

You can go to play freely to the stars of the residents other than you. Let’s show that you are planting on the stars and let me know what you have come. If you go out to a lot of stars, you may find various Corde of Pokupia’s residents, or you also find a friend who will feel.

# Between the residents at the party!

Let’s harvest the fruit of the tree and hold the fruits of the trees and hold a party. Please enjoy communication with popping people with voice chat! Of course you can chat with text, and you can also bring a heart or gift to enliven the party.

# First of all, you will receive a luxury item such as a limited item and a gacha ticket!

Since all missions were achieved in the pre-registration campaign conducted from the end of last year, the following benefits will be presented to all those who started the app within the period.

# # Benefits Contents

Memorial for 20,000 people: “20,000 coins”
Memorial for 40,000 people: “Colon Corbon Corde”
60,000 people breakthrough commemoration: “Gacha ticket x 5” (※ 30 days after receipt of expiration date)
80,000 people breakthrough commemoration: “2,100 peers” (more than R or more is set to 7 consecutive gachas)
100,000 people breakthrough commemoration: “Cherry tree” (limited item available only in this campaign)
※ Coin, peer is in the app in the “Pokepia” app.


March 31, 2012 (Thu) until 23:59

# Limited time gacha event held!

For a limited time, we will hold a gacha event “Innocent Clover” and “Sugar Pop Cup Cake”.

“Innocent Clover” is a theme of pure-sick silhettes Mexus, who was loved by many customers in Pokeco. “Sugar Pop Cup Cake” can earn a soft cute item that imaged “Cupcakes with a Magical Country Resident”.


Until 23:59 May 2022 (Tuesday)

# App Overview

Genre: Social Network (Character Dressing Service) Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or higher, Android OS 6.0 or more Price: Basic Free (Partial Charge) Copyright: (C) COCONE CORPORATION

# About Cocone Co., Ltd.

Cocone is supported by more than 20 million customers, including the character wearing application “Pokeco” for smartphones, “Pokeco” sister app “Pokeco Twin”, released in July 2021, and he hit There are many social networked digital content, such as “Livry Island”.

“Character” exists, such as Cocone’s service, such as “Social service to be decorated and enjoyed” and “games with decorative elements”, and “Coordinating” element, “Play (PLAY)” It is a service that can be d1. Coconne has developed this genre as “CCP (Color CCP (Color CCP (abbreviation of CHARACTER COORDINATING PLAY).

Based on the block chain technology, many creators and buyers can participate in the NFT Marketplace “Cobalt” that can participate, guarantee the value of popular digital items, guaranteeing the value of popular digital items, and further economic in the future online world We aim to contribute to the expansion of the area. In addition, based on existing CCP services, it is not convenient and functionality, and it is challenged to the construction of a digital world that can be katachi who is good at cocone.

In April 2017, the subsidiary COCONE Education Co., Ltd. Occupational House “International Montessori Miraikinder Garten” is opened, and bilingual, Montessori, and computer science will be a core of future-oriented. Online in 2019 We have a subsidiary of the game portal’s long-established “Hange”.

In 2021, we established a Cocone Connect Corporation that operates “Farm Wedding Eclections” series and “Self” series for further development of CCP services, and Cocone Fashion Co., Ltd. I am pre-opening the EC service “Choiceis” (Choice Zyze).

We aim to build new digital worlds by combining avatar development and community operation, language education experience and technology such as block chain, NFT.

# # Main business operated by Coconone Co., Ltd.

Pokecoro Twin:
Lvley Island:
Disney My Little Doll:
· Sanrio Hello Suite Days-Hello Sweet Days: https: //
· Cat Nyahu-Nya Miserables-: https: //
· Sensil ~ Fantasy Dressing Battle ~: https: //
· Online game portal “Hange”:
· Avatar brand business: https: //Connect.COCONE.CO.JP/
· Fashion EC service “Choice IS”: https: //
· A childian “International Montessori Mirai Kinder Garten”:

Company Profile

Company Name: Cocone Co., Ltd. (URL: Representative: Deputy Director Western Western Public Settlement: September 2008 Location: Tokyo Setagaya Wang Wakabayashi 3-1-18 Business Overview : Social Network Services Business, Social Game Business, Language Project

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