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Does the topic work in Steam Deck work? The 1st Stray Monster Hunter Rise

The mobile gaming PC STEAM DECK released by Valve. Currently, reservations have been started in Japan, and many people want to play with the actual machine as soon as possible.

However, at the same time, some people wonder, Can you play with this work with Steam Deck? Therefore, on this site, I would like to pick up the topical works as a serialization project, and review whether it can be played with Steam Deck and can withstand practical play. The first is Stray and Monster Hunter Rise.

What is Stray?

This work will be an action adventure game. Players are separated from their families, become a stray cat who has lost their way into the unknown world, walks in a cyberpunk city and re-join the cats of the family. However, every time you walk around the city, many mysteries block the stray cat’s whereabouts, sometimes you are targeted for life.

Anyway, this work is always fascinated by the cat’s action, saying, Cats are cute and Cat-like action can be d1. In addition, the unique atmosphere of Cyberpunk is also very combined, not only a game that loves cats, but also a solid immersive feeling to the player.

The compatibility of this work in Steam Deck is confirmed.

Joy of carrying cat components

By the way, it is the impression that STRAY was played on STEAM DECK, but to be clear, the compatibility with Steam Deck is outstanding. Since there are not so many buttons to operate, you can play intuitively with Steam Deck.

You can also feel the atmosphere with the speaker from Steam Deck, and sometimes you can feel the eerie with your ears.

There is almost nothing to say about image quality and movement. FPS drops in places where there are many paintings on the screen, but the acceptable range. If you just look at the cat, you will be able to love it with more than enough beautiful image quality.

The default setting is about 50%for battery consumption. Because there is an action element, there are places where I do not want to lower the FPS and refresh rate, so it is annoying. Because the whole game has a dark atmosphere, lowering the light on the monitor will make it more invisible, so there may be frustration that cannot be changed around that area.

However, except for that, it can be said that this work is definitely guaranteed the best game experience in this work. You can feel the joy of carrying cat components anywhere.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Next is Monster Hunter Rise. This work will be the latest work of Monster Hunter Series. Players become one of the hunters, and become an action game in which the monsters that become threats to villages and others are subjugated.

Currently, the large DLC Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break has also been released, and the fact that up to four people can play cooperatives through the network, the hunters are continuing to hunt the approaching monsters every day. Yes.

The compatibility of Steam Deck in this work is playable (normal play is possible, but may be restricted in some parts).

overwhelming comfort

By the way, it is an impression of playing Monster Hunter Rise on Steam Deck, but it is overwhelmingly comfortable. It’s so good in all aspects.

First, load time. The switch takes about 10 seconds from the start of the game and selecting the data to the actual operation, while the Steam Deck is 1-2 seconds. There is also a difference of the start of quests. It moves almost seamlessly, so there is no stress on the road waiting time.

And image quality. With the default setting, it moves about twice as smooth as the switch. It is surprising that this can be played in a mobile game. In the Monster Hunter Series, it is very important to determine the movement of the monster and attack, so it is a great advantage that you can see the image quality and movement clearly.

On the other hand, the feeling of the R2 button is a little difficult. In this work, the hunter can be moved endlessly by using something called Shokushi, but the operation of the index finger when pressing the R2 button was slightly large, and there were times when it was struggling to operate. This is the same for the L1 button. I used a light bow gun, and I felt a little uncomfortable when I pressed the L1 button to switch the type of ammunition. If you play for a few hours, you will lose your sense of incongruity, but at first many people may be confused.

The battery consumption is about 55%for the default setting. I don’t have 2 hours, so the way I play a few quests before going to bed may be the best. Because the action element is stronger than Stray, it is difficult to lower the FPS or fresh rate.

I want you to experience both ## both works

Although the two works introduced this time, both were very wonderful game experiences with Steam Deck. Definitely two works that you can not let go when playing with Steam Deck. I’m just afraid that the battery is out of the battery because it’s too enthusiastic, so be careful with it.

In this review, I was able to recognize that the potential of Steam Deck was very high for the intense action games. I think it’s a very good device again. Please experience when Steam Deck comes to you. I think you will feel the possibility of a new mobile game console.

Purify the world, dragon! … But in architecture. Open World Abandoned Clicker RPG Dragon Forge [Explosion Report]

Nowadays, a lot of the latest games are released every day. Many Game * Spark readers may be lamenting, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Just by introducing the games from manufacturers and stores. Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report that delivers the raw contents of the game as soon as possible.


This time, on July 8, 2022, I would like to deliver the raw content of Dragon Forge , which was distributed on Steam by Legend Studio as an early access version.

What is Dragon Forge?

The main character of this work is a dragon child just born from an egg. As soon as she is born, she is ordered to revive the island and cleanse the poisonous fog that has spread throughout the island in order to build up the power to counter the devil from the spirits of her ancestors.

However, she didn’t teach me how to take a step, and she was given a goblin servant and left as it was… As expected, it’s a dragon, Sparta. In order to counter the devil like this, it is a game whose purpose is to collect mana to purify the island and grow yourself.

Let’s produce mana first

The most famous game of the genre called clicker to which this work belongs is probably the original work Cookie Clicker . This work is a game in which you can increase the number by repeatedly hitting clicks to bake cookies, and you can also increase the number of production by purchasing a facility that automatically produces with cookies.

In this work, the cookie part is mana, and gems are produced to produce mana, and mana is supplied by dedicating it to the altar. By consuming mana, it is possible to open the map and advance the scenario.

The game starts with collecting wood and building a workshop. The facility could only be built on a flat surface on the map and was quite cramped at the opening point.

By building a lab and altar from the Workshop, you’re ready to generate mana, but you’ll also use mana to upgrade your lab. Since upgrading will increase the efficiency of mana generation per second, there will be a dilemma such as opening the map or taking a scenario.

The gems made in the laboratory can be delivered to the altar, and the goblins of the servants will carry them, so the mana generation itself can be fully automated. At first, only one facility will be carried, but by providing food to goblins, the number of goblins involved in delivery will increase. As with other clickers, if you can build a supply system for the mana of this work, you will be able to get the elapsed time even if you are offline.

Not everything is automatic

In this work, you can not only click, but also operate the main character with the WASD key and click to attack various parts. Since it is a dragon, you can fly as long as you have stamina. If you run out of stamina, you will crash on the spot, and at high altitudes you will be damaged.

You can recover materials and produce equipment and facilities by attacking trees, rocks, coal, etc. scattered on the map, but the essential increase in mana production efficiency itself is mainly upgrades and gem production facilities. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Also, being able to attack is an enemy monster that comes out after all. In this work, battles etc. are not automatic, you have to move the cursor firmly to the enemy or target and then click.

However, even if the HP becomes 0, the game will not be over, it will only restart from the opening position, so retrying is quite easy. The concept of day and night also exists, and the enemies that appear change with time. Since materials will also drop from enemies, combat is also important to obtain secondary materials and equipment.

At the end

This work is a game design that takes time. Since the experience of the element also requires in-game unlocking, we are sorry for the readers that the part that can be conveyed is reduced for the purpose of this play report.

The impression of this work within the range that I was able to experience was mainly the aspect as an incremental game, but there are not only RPG elements but also craft elements, so even though it is early access, I think it is a promising start in the future.

Horo Live Minato Akia, producing a love game! Its okay. ] Report [Happinet Game Festival! ]

VTuber is popular in video games. Recently, due to the growing popularity, various activities can be seen depending on VTuber.

Meanwhile, on the business day on June 10th of Happinet Game Festival! ~ 2022 Summer Camp-IN Versal Akihabara, the talent who belongs to the popular VTuber group Holo Live is a talented Minato Aka starring. Produced pure love novel game It’s awesome. A bold project was held to produce .

What is the content of the love novel drawn by the popular Vtuber…? Let’s deliver the pattern of the presentation.

Minato I love pure in the Middle Ages while losing her memory! ?

On the stage, the moderator and screen Aka Minato will be on stage. It’s okay. The story of The story over the summer of the hero who has lost his memory and her rookie maid Aka .

The stage is a medieval Europe, which says that it depicts a love story in the difference between the noble hero and the maid Aka.

The concept of this work is based on the passion of Aka Minato himself, I want to appear in a beautiful girl game…! I want to be a maid…! .

There is no particular tsukkomi saying I usually wear a maid-like clothes, and the game content is also introduced. It’s okay. ], It seems that the charm of Aka Minato has been pushed out considerably.

What struggled with her voice was that the rudimentary accent and NG came out in the tongue, said her, which showed the difference between her usual appearance and voice recording in the game. Another point that struggled was There was a scene where the voices of other holo live members were imagined I was hurt and hurt my heart .

From the venue, there was a question, Maybe other members of Holo Live will appear?, And Aka Minato acknowledged, I’m so OK… **. I don’t know who will come out. Please wait for a follow-up report.

The commitment to the pure love novel game that Aka Minato showed

It’s okay. Apparently supervised by Aka Minato, as a highlight of this work, The costumes of the characters are so cute! CG is also excited.

This work is the first starring and produced work of Aka Minato, and there is also a question saying, Is there any influence and conscious work of Aka’s favorite works? What I was conscious of as the first board was Romeo and Juliet , and I wanted to make it a magnificent and big love work. It seems to be.

Also, It’s good. He said, Holo Live members, who are usually her seniors and juniors, have a friendship, and the different positions than usual are interesting. For fans who usually follow the holo live, it seems that they can enjoy exchanges that are particularly different.

An particularly interesting question is, This work is called a pure love novel game, but is there any difference from a gal game? Aka mentioned this as a unique feature of this work, with the concept of romance with real Vtuber. In addition, we asked a spoiler question, Is this work multi-ending?

This time, when Akia appeared and produced, he commented on what he was conscious of expressing himself as a heroine, saying, I was so cute and aware of her maids. Furthermore, those who are watching the distribution of holo live are Why did you create a pure love novel, even though you are good at shooting in distribution? According to Aka, I have always liked romantic comedy and gal games.

Against the backdrop of such episodes, I thought it would be interesting if it was VTuber was triggered by the development of this work. Aka Minato said, I’m sorry. She talked about unique expectations , I’m looking forward to seeing myself .

My dream and my favorite work is a tightly packed work!

Aka Minato’s Dreams and favorite things are tightly packed. Is a notice site open. From October 27, 2022, it will be released for switch/PS4 (PS4 version is downloaded only). Reservations will start on June 30.

Aka Minato explained about this work, There are a lot of benefits! It seems that the benefits will change depending on the store and EC site, which will respond to fans’ expectations.

Developer & Translator “It is a passion that is really necessary for translation” Deck construction Logite “Vault of the void” interview [From the field of Japanese language of Japanese]

A lot of people who are indebted when playing overseas PC games. This time, a deck construction type rogue card game with volunteer translation was officially adopted by the developer and translator of the “Vault of the void” **.

Japanese language is to be able to play overseas games in Japanese. Among them, it is not a formal Japanese language by developer and publisher, not a user-informal Japanese language for users Niho Japanese language (volunteer translation) . It is generally performed by volunteers, and deliverables will be distributed free of charge.

Nihunshi Japanese language has been done within the extent that developers and publisher are permitted, and there are unauthorized ones. Recently, an example in which Nihunshi Japanese language is adopted as the official Japanese version, mainly indie games, has come out.

The 18th series is the deck construction type rogue card game “Vault of the void” leader of the Team Translated Team and what Game Developer Josh Bruce itself , and two people. I talked about the story.

# Do Japanese language power needed to translate?

–Please introduce yourself.

Josh Bruce (hereinafter referred to as a rittle abbreviation) Developer’s Josh BRUCE. I am freelance concept artist in Australia. I am involved in various games work during the day, but I developed “Vault of the void” at the free time.

Mr. Fumakuma (hereinafter referred to as the honorold abbreviation) is a smoke of the translator. His first-time translation translation is “RISK OF RAIN” and this will be his masterpiece.

– Please tell me the charm of “Vault of the void”.

Mokumaru This work is more interesting than “SLAY THE SPIRE” and other rogue card games, whose routes and card choices are left to the user.

JOSH This work has an approach different from the general deck construction type rogue light card game. When randomness is too strong in this kind of game, the player can not control the result and strategy, and it is unfair that he loses it. I tried to reduce the problem of randomness by specifying information on the player. When I defeated it, I wanted to felt that I lost myself rather than my game. In this work, you can plan the deck from the beginning because all events and maps are known, and all reward cards are also known.

-What is the reason for being involved in volunteer translation?

Mokuma I think that I think is more fun, unfortunately, it is not very common in the world. As a result of thinking about “How do you play more people?”

– Why are you working with volunteers?

Momoruda’s translation is motivation to increase game players, not because of money and handle.

-Do you think that the best ability to do in volunteer translation?

Fumakaru I’m enthusiasm for that game. There are no other needs. Some translators say “Japanese language ability” needs, but there will be no problem if you live over 10 years in this country. The same is true for English skills. Now, we use DEEPL translation to create this sentence, but it returns a surprisingly easy-to-understand translation.

(I’m sorry: This interview was done in English text chat.)

– Did you use Deepl translation for translation of this work?

That’s why it is. First, check the text translated by Deepl translation and check the typographical error and check the error. Then, we will translate while modifying natural sentences. However, this work did not need this work. It was because most texts were short logical statements like card explanations.

-What is the enthusiasm for the game?

The smoker indie game work is small, and it can not be seen even on Twitter. “I want to talk more about the work. I want more people to play more people.” The feel of my enthusiasm is my enthusiasm. In fact, those who will be translated will rare, but if you ask what you need for volunteer translation, I think that the feelings are most important.

# Enthusiasm and passion

-Did you plan for Japanese support from the beginning?

JOSH No, I was not preparing for localization at all. Until I start developing “Vault of the void”, I had never played game programming. The story of “Localization is planned” was heard, but I was listening. When I was popular enough to be localized, I thought it would be good at that time. Because of this misunderstanding, it takes three months to extract all text from the game, and localization was a very hard process. However, it is really pleasure to be able to enjoy this game to people around the world.

– A surprise with the work that developed this work for the first time.

It is like a mountain for JOSH programming, and it is like a mountain.

Fumakaru Josh is early to write a program that does not seem to be 3 years programming. He wanted to create a tool for translators who can confirm the card’s text without playing the game, and I was implemented the next day and I was really surprised.

-How did this translation team formed?

Looking for a person who is interested in translating in a detailed work on Twitter. That’s why I participated. Next, we recruited translators at the Discord server “Japanese language worker mutual aid meeting” where volunteer translators gather. I participated in response to recruitment, Agebder and ATALOSS.

-The Japanese language worker mutual aid event is introducing Currydays in past interviews.

STEAM “Japanese Teaching Information” Group Manager Interview “I made things I want to do anything else” [From the field of Japanese language Japanese]

-What did you think when there was a first time from the Japanese volunteer translator?

Josh Occasionally I was looking for a tweet about this work with Twitter, so I noticed that it was a bit attention in Japan. It was the best timing when I was just able to contact you for the first time. I have learned Japanese a little bit at school, and I am studying Japanese in leisure time because I go to Japan at a family after a few years. So I thought it was very wonderful to see the game translated into Japanese.

-What is the reason for adopting voluntary translation as a official Japanese version?

JOSH “Vault of the void” is a complex game. Since the launch of 2020, I received a contact from multiple translators, but I wanted to get a confirmation that the game was translated correctly. Translators should be players who have a passion for the game while enjoying the game. This means that the translators understand the various terms and mechanisms in the game, and their interactions with the highest standard attention and accuracy.

– Are there any other reasons?

Josh This work has respected the community from the beginning. I welcome feedback and we are making many modifications based on community requests and suggestions. So I thought that one member of such a wonderful community was going to translate it.

-I stated that Mr. Makaru is important. Josh also asked for a passion to translators.

JOSH is just like that. If there is a passion, the attention and accuracy for artifacts will be improved. At this point, the abilities of Mr. Makamaru and the translation team were out.

Somuka I have translated several games so far, but Josh is not a developer who believes in a volunteer translator and leaving it. Not only the content in the game, but all translations related to the game, such as Steam’s store pages and development articles, were entrusted to the hand of the translation team.

– How did I support Japanese? How did you affect it?

JOSH When the localization of each language was delivered at the same time, first from Japan Sales from China bounce greatly. Three-thirds of total sales in Japan are for the past one month, and the previous sales are only one third. This work has always been friendly for Japanese fans.

-What reaction did you have from the user?

All tweets and STeam reviews through Joshgoogle translation were all favored.

# Two-person tripod with developer

-How did you do the actual translation work?

Extract all 40,000 words or more words from the Josh game and uploaded to the localized management platform Crowdin in one JSON file. Crowdin delivers it to the translation team in each Japanese language and tracks and manages subsequent changes. If you need to fix card text after the game is completely translated, if I update the master file and upload again, Crowdin lets you know only the entire file but only the changes increase.

Smoker Crowdin is a tool that is useful not only for developers but also for translators. I usually work on Google spreadsheets, but when I want someone wants to modify translated text, I have to add a new line or overwrite the text already. However, Crowdin can propose multiple translations for one original text.

-The this work is early access, but how is the translation update done?

There is no problem with the smoked update. Crowdin strongly supports situations such as partial fixes and adding new texts.

Josh I now have to work with a sense of translation. Previous updates were once a week or two weeks, finished on Friday and released on that night and wrapped a patch note. Now I finished the fix from Monday to Tuesday and submit a patch note to the translation team. Then the translation team can sufficiently ensure the time to translate towards the weekend release. This is still studying in a new development process.

-How did you exchange it with the translation team?

Joshdiscord created a private channel for a translation team and tried to open it to open as much as possible in the process of translation.

As there were various problems as the fumigation development has progressed, we used the task management service of Trello to manage the problem.

-How did you decide whether to translate original text into Japanese or make it katakana English?

When I asked the video distributor who is playing Mokumaru this work in English, I heard that I wanted to translate into Japanese. That’s why “I don’t remember the card name.”

– Are there any other reasons?

Makaru “SLAY THE SPIRE” Mochi translator Grezzz asked the standard for translating the card or artifact’s name to Japanese. GREZZZ seems to be named “Fireball Problem” this standard. Fireball translates “fireball” or translates “fireball”, and the percentage of katakana English in that world is decided. If you translate it as a “fireball” in Japanese, it will be a classical fantasy atmosphere, and it will be a casual atmosphere if it translates as a “firewall” in Katakana English.

– Is it “Fireball Problem”? It is an interesting standard.

Since I was a translation in Japanese in the smoker “Slay THE Spire”, “Vault of the void” is also unified in translation using extreme Japanese. If you did not hear the story from Grezzz, most text may have become katakana English. Of course, there are also places where katakana and English are adopted with emphasis on the atmosphere.

– Have you ever devised other than translation?

The fot Japanese font was larger than the English font, and the card could only show up to 10 characters on a single line. Therefore, we translated by replacing the original text with short text of the same meaning so that a line break occurred in the middle of the sentence and does not impair the game experience. Such translations will be important to know various republicies. It is one of the “Japanese power” that other volunteer translators say. Furthermore, I also devised that “to” of the particles without changing the meaning of the sentence.

– Was there a technical problem in supporting Japanese?

There was no problem with JOSH. It was difficult only to extract all text from the game. This mere copy and paste takes 8 to 10 hours per day.

– Did not a problem with Chinese kanji in Japanese?

Josh Japanese and Chinese fonts used what each translation team wanted. Both language fonts are completely different and do not meet the problem that letters are mixed.

Mokumar Josh used to use the font where the translator has chosen. Actually, Japanese fonts are replaced three times.

– Why did you replace it three times?

The font used first did not contain kanji. The next font did not fit the atmosphere, and the third font was finally found.

-What kind of request did you have any other request from the translator?

JOSH request was most about font and layout. It was a bug fix of the phrase point. The game engine in this work was thus treating the phrase point as a single character and displayed at the beginning of the line.

– It is a problem of prohibition processing.

Smoker “Vault of the void” is developed with GameMaker Studio 2. This game engine may not be directed to localization because it is made based on English text.

(Edit Note: “GameMaker Studio 2” has started formal response to Japanese than the latest version of March 2022 after interview.)

Josh Chinese had the same problem. It took time and effort, but has brought great results.

-How did you check that translation is correctly reflected in the game?

The smoke confirmation was constantly d1. If there is a text that is anxious about the display, actually play the game and “Does the text fall within the frame?” “Is kanji normal?” “Does the tool tip work well?” confirm. I play this work for 470 hours, but I think that I spent 300 hours for confirmation work.

Josh programming has been touched by the history, but we created a tool that allows you to check all monsters with the actual layout without playing the game. Tools are very easy and very simple and are special modes hidden in the game only for translators. I wrapped a program in a hurry to become a translator’s power as soon as possible. The screenshot looks like the correct image is not displayed, but it does not require the text.

– Have you ever requested to improve the tool?

There is a demand for the improvement of smoking, but the part of the tool actually played the game and confirmed. I played several times, but I did not get tired. Speaking of greed, it may have been good if there was a tool that can start the game with any card. If you do not repeat the search many times to get a specific card, the text in the game could not change.

Josh Actually… There is a way to do that. I passed the manual and it was OK…!

– What was the most difficult thing in translation?

I do not think particularly. The fun was from the difficulty. If it is strong, it was annoyed many times in the half-width space. If the text contains a half-width space, a line break will occur in unexpected place. As a countermeasure, I asked to use a special character called “no break space” that is not a blank but not a line break.

– Have you ever changed the way to work over official translation?

Somuka So far, it was aware of the work of working early in the game of work. However, it was a really fun experience to achieve translation in close cooperation with the developer. I’m thinking of raising a name to the translation of works under development next time.

– Please tell me the episode you experienced through Japanese language.

Josh was very busy and dense time, so he does not come up immediately. However, I remember often when he switched to Japanese for the first time in the language of the game. He doubted his eyes, translating projects that I had a long time, which was translated into many languages and could play in various words. It was a very heartwarming experience. I can not believe it now. “Vault of the void” began as a small hobby project, but now it is ready.

# Message from the on-site

– Please give me an advice to those who want to translate from now on.

It is an enthusiasm for the game that is important for the Makamigamoru translators. As I am so, I do not have to be good at English. You can borrow the power of machine translation like DEEPL. A person who has played the game once at once, “I want more people to play.” The games developers will surely meet that enthusiasm. If you want to speak Japanese as “GameMaker Studio”, people who want to speak Japanese will help me.

– Lastly please give me a word.

For small indie games such as Josh “Vault Of The Void”, a passionate fan that takes time to make the game more familiar is a very long presence. I can not thank you. I met such a wonderful volunteer translation team and I was very lucky that I was able to work together, and I am satisfied as much as the deliverables. From now on, we will cooperate with the team to make this work as the best game.

It is recommended that everyone who loves the smoked game to jump to the official Discord server of the game and give a word of gratitude to the developer who made a funny game. Such deep exchanges may begin from there. Developers should continue to make funny games for the world. Someone may have proposals for volunteer translation, but it would be nice if you could get warm and welcome.

– Thank you for dividing valuable time today.

Mr. Fumakaru has published the back story of Japanese language on the web. If you are interested in reading an interview, please see here.

Japanese localization back story of Japanese localization of Vault of the void (NOTE)

Making-of FIFA 22 Soundtrack: “If a song is already running on the radio, its too late”

Creating a FIFA soundtrack is a task that is actually convicted to fail. Over 15 million games sold every year, translated into 18 languages, available in more than 50 countries in the world.

EA SPORTS must combine all the different cultural and personal preferences, dissolve limits and assemble a soundtrack that is adopted around the world.

Can this work to make it any right? Is the FIFA soundtrack not sentenced to direct shutdown? No, not only the past and increased attention for the artists involved in Spotify, but also the expectation of the media for publication.

To be represented in the selection of FIFA songs, this is for young music professionals like a knight. But the musical direction has changed in the 2010’s years. From title tracks and rock club hits towards two organic and modern staged units. Both with completely different attirls.

Trendsetter FIFA soundtrack

Six people worldwide work within the EA Music team in close cooperation with artists, managers, producers and labels at the Playlists. While the original FIFA 22 Soundtrack has been overlooked a genre-encompassing, courageous and modern identity, the Volta Playlist includes a mix of Hip Hop, Grime and Electro.

“If a song is already running on the radio, it’s too late to take it in the narrower selection,” replies EA on request from work Esport to work on the soundtrack.

No less than the most exciting trends for the coming year to recognize is the task of the team. Different musical interests of the six people help to meet the right selection.

You are looking for the hottest newcomers of the scene and need to evaluate hit potential before they come to them. A work that seems to resemble the football talent scout.

From the mirror to cultural assets?

52 songs decorate this year the original FIFA 22 soundtrack, which accompanies you through the menu navigation. International sizes such as Swedish House Mafia, Glass Animals, Girl in Red and Sam Fender accompany newcomers like Casper Caan, Garden City Movement and Inhaler.

On the 70 songs Volta soundtrack, in addition to a remix of the FIFA 14 classic “Love Me Again” of John Newman, exciting beats of this year’s starter Badmómzjay from Germany.

“Originally, FIFA soundtracks reflected the world culture. After that they began to influence the culture. Not least thanks to Spotify FIFA soundtracks have become a piece of culture now,” says EA for the development of music in FIFA.

FIFA 22 SOUNDTRACK | EA Sports Fifa 22 Offical Soundtack | FULL SOUNDTRACK

EA SPORTS operate great effort with your FIFA playlist and thus contribute to the talent promotion within the music scene. Without the soundtrack, there were probably less artists in your Playlists and the radar to the public. Whether within the game or away from this on Spotify.

Next time you are on the way to turn off the music after a lot of played hours in FIFA, think of the bands and artists who benefit. Think of the work that flows into the soundtrack. Without him everything would be bare tactical pre-plenty before the game.

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