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Fans of Battlefield 2042 disconents with the announcement of mass update

_ battle 2042_ on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will receive a massive update next week. In front of this community administrator he says, Kevin Johnson, has anticipated something that fans can expect from substantial update. Unfortunately, for Johnson and the rest of saying that they are still working in the game, bf2042 The fanatics are apparently not impressed with the update, or at least that is what many Twitter responses suggest to the Tweet showing the update.

Update 4.0 for _ battle 2042_ will be launched next week, and patch notes will also be launched at the beginning of that week, “Johnson said about the update. «There are more than 400 individual corrections, errors and quality of life improvements to spend next week». Johnson continues:

DICE Dev Confirms Specialist Rework & 'Almost Everyone' Working On Battlefield 2042

«In Update 4.0, Rao and Paik features will be updated. Sundance has also received some corrections in his pomegranate belt, allowing a better acquisition of anti-field targets within his immediate neighborhood instead of football fields away. The tapes have been modified to allow easier unlock in modes such as Rush.XP for Support Actions and Teamplay within the game have also been balanced to ensure that teamwork remains the king.Vehicular Warfare is balanced together with specific adjustments Like the Bolte, to ensure that Infantry / Vehicle Counter the game still has something of bite! Error corrections for ADS error when leaving a vehicle and reviving near obstacles are also found in this update. The attachments will also receive a review in update 4.0, with a focus on ensuring that they feel unique and have an impact on their choice of loading and gun set. While this only scratches the surface of the update 4.0 in #Battlefield 2042, we appreciate the patience you gave us to get this. Update out there. Once again, I look forward to your comments as the update is published, next week ».

This is the scope of the preview and, of course, if this is what is in the preview, then presumably the rest of the update is less important, or at least that is the assumption that many have done after reading the thread. And these fans are not impressed.

At this time, you do not know when the update will be launched exactly, but we will keep it informed. Meanwhile, for more _ battle 2042_ News, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

Sales charts in the Kingdom

Last week was difficult for Gran Turismo 7. A big patch has been published who caused serious online connectivity issues, putting it out of service for a few days. A fix has been set up, and at the same time, the game attracted additional heat for its stingy currency production, which led the fans to assign the last of Polyphony with the worst user score that a Sony Ait game never received. Although all of this has happened, the game is always very detailed in the UK – it’s its third week consecutive at number one.

This despite some new versions entering the top 10 and strong competition from Elden Ring. The FromSoftware Action RPG went from the third to second place, exchanging places with WWE 2K22. Horizon Forbidden West slides a few places, passing from fourth to seventh place.

With regard to these new titles, we have Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin who debuts in eighth position and sells mainly on PlayStation 5, and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, which is climbing 10th place.

Here is the last top 10 in its entirety.

Sales Charts in the United Kingdom: Week ending March 19, 2022

  • Grand Tourism 7
  • Elden’s ring
  • WWE 2K22

Weekly Sales chart in Excel
* Legends Pokémon: Arceus
* Brilliant diamond pokémon
* Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury
* West prohibited horizon
* The stranger of paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
* Brilliant pearl pokemon
* Five nights at Freddy: breach in security

FIFA 22 TOTW 22: Forecast to the team of the week

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 22 : The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday in the Ultimate Team. Fansites have made first predictions on the possible statements on the basis of players from the past weekend. For example, from the prediction of the portal, players like Trippier (Newcastle), Correa (Inter Milan), Fabinho (FC Liverpool) and Fekir (Betis Seville) have good chances of having a special cards in FIFA 22 TOTW 22 to get.

Also sterling, Haller and Bensbaini could stand in the starting element of the new team of the week. Marco Reus, which contributed significantly to the victory of Borussia Dortmund against Union Berlin, also seems to receive one of the coveted special cards. On the replacement bench, the prognosis assume players like Jose SA, Webster, Holtmann, Horta, Visca and De Tomas place. We will keep the complete prediction below. Whether the predictions of keeping, we will learn shortly. EA sets the setup for FIFA 22 (Buy Now 40,59 € / 53.99 €) TOTW 22 on Wednesday.

FIFA 22 TOTW 22: Possible installation

  • Rulli
  • Trippier
  • Keans
  • Bensbaini
  • Correa
  • Kokcu
  • Fabinho
  • Fekir
  • Reus
  • Sterling
  • Haller

Possible spare players

  • Jose SA
  • Webster
  • Sykes
  • Boukema
  • Crnigoj
  • Holtmann

  • Honor
  • Zaccagni
  • Horta
  • Diogo Jota
  • Visca
  • De Tomas

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FIFA 22 TOTW 21: Predictions to the team of the week – Which players are in the squad?

In FIFA 22 is the TOTW 21 before: The new team of the week is going live this week in the Ultimate Team live. We have a prognosis. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

Does FIFA NFT also gets? That says Electronic Arts

NFTS in FIFA? EA has evidenced itself in her inverstore call on NFT gaming. The answers are certainly exciting.

Totw from Wednesday

After the announcement, the special cards from the team of the week for a week are available in the Ultimate Team Packs. In the transfer market, the objects should also arrive, but then probably to lush prices. For players, the cards are particularly valuable because they have better attributes and values ​​than the standard objects. FIFA 22 is available on PC and consoles.

From David Martin
14.02.2022 at 08:57

FIFA 22 TOTW 12 is live and brings strong cards for Coman and Immal

The new TOW 12 IN FIFA 22 is now known. We show you which players have made it into the new team of the Week.

This is the TOW: in the TOW are every week players who have noticed in real football with strong achievements. You get so-called inform cards that reflect this performance.

In addition, there is always a featured card in the new TOW. It is a weaker player who gets a few points directly than the other cards.

How to get to TOW cards? You can pull TOW cards from packs, but you need a lot of luck. Alternatively, you will find to inform cards in the FUT transfer market, but they cost a lot of money.

As you come to the necessary coins, our trading tips show.

But let us take a look at the Tow 12 together.

The TOW 12 in FIFA 22 — all informers

These players are in the new TOW 12: The new team of the week 12 has a few exciting cards to offer. Especially the new inform card of Woman (87) is likely to be interesting for players with Bundesliga teams. But Immobile (88) and Bernardo Silva (87) can get exciting upgrades.

Feature player is this week of the former Frankfurter Join, which makes a big jump from 79 to 84 points in the overall rating.

TOW 12 Start elf:

TH: Akinfeev (83)
IV: Boston (86)
LV: Alex Moreno (82)
IV: KO NSA (82)
RM: Woman (87)
KM: Bernardo Silva (87)
KM: Henderson (86)
COM: Bavarian (85)
St: Join (84)
St: Schick (82)


TH: Vargas (81)
RAN: Guilbert (81)
IV: Scalar (81)
LM: Gift (84)
MS: Rodriguez (82)
LF: Terrier (81)
St: Livia (81)
TH: Davies (78)
KM: Kimono (77)
St: Listen (80)
St: Seaman (76)
ST: SEE (70)


The Bundesliga in the TOW 12

These Bundesliga clubs are: This week, three Bundesliga players have managed to get a place in the new TOW.

Kingsley Coman receives a new 87 cards that changes from the left, to the right wing. The map captivates with enormous pace and outstanding dribbling values. This should make it a strong option for the right wing.
Patrick Schick (82) has achieved a four-paste and is therefore right in the new TOW. His new card is not the fastest, but has proper stats in the areas of shooting and dribbling.
Vincenzo Gift already receives his second inform card in FUT 22 and has now reached an 84 rating in the TOW 12. A solid card that is likely to be interesting especially for starter teams.

Perfect cards for your teams that do not fail too expensive, we meanwhile here: 7 strong meta players with whom you gain easier in the Weekend League

3 large updates and 2 shitstorms dominated the week

During the week from 15 to 21 November there was both positive and negative exciters. While the next big extension has presented more closely, there was a lot of trouble around Acreage. We from Mango summarize all the important news.

What were that for updates?

New World has released the new patch 1.1. He brought some innovations, including new quests, enemies and the weapon of clinical gauntlets.
SW TOR has presented the extension Legacy of the Sith and reveal new details on the future of MMORPGs.
Swords of Legends online has received its first big update with new story.

What were that for Shit storms?

Arch age Unchained now gets a subscription, although it originally appeared as a buy2play title.
The Blizzard boss Jennifer Oneal has left the company after almost 3 months — she was paid worse than her co-boss Mike Ibarra.

The discussion of the week: New World probably gets a Dungeon Finder in the future. Exactly that led to a discussion: are Dungeon Finder good or bad for MMOs?

WOW introduces new patch, New World fights with new problems

That happened to the big MMORPGs:

At WOW there are new details about patch 9.2. In addition, the streamer Mongol has blasphemed over Raids and claims that the incentive is missing.
New World fought before the update with an Item Dupe. After the patch then new problems appeared. The harvesting equipment disappeared, guilds can now prevent wars through a name change and there were some changes that the MMO made unnecessarily heavier.
Final Fantasy XIV brings with end-wobby changes to the PVP, which make our editor Irina Moritz really happy. She has also put together a list of things that you want to do before final Bobby.
ESO has published a new technique to improve performance.
In Guild Wars 2, the new riding of siege turtle was presented in more detail (via gamer). In addition, the event is still running for returnees to the living world.

That happened to the small MMORPGs:

Are you also interested in topics related to Negative Exciters Games?

Lyon gets the new class Archer (Via Twitter) at the beginning of 2022.
In Lord of the Rings Online opened the first dungeons of the new extension Fates of Undated on 18 November.
Shroud of the Avatar has released the update 96 (Via Soda).
Dungeons & Dragons Online gets 2022 the new expansion Isle of Dread (via Massively op).
Meting 2 opens on the 26th of November new, temporary server with boosters (via metin2).

This happened in the MMORPGs in development:

A new MMORPG appears in the Unreal Engine 5 and wants to start an alpha in December.
Project TL, a new MMORPG in the style of Lost Ark, should appear in 2022 officially worldwide.
There are new details about Scars of Honor, a game in which the community should decide everything.
Profane, the sandbox PVP-MMORPG, has introduced his special element The Mind (Via Twitter).

Das Statement der Spedition Kraupatz zu dem Shitstorm

These were the news of this week from the world of MMORPGs at a glance. What was your personal highlight? Have you experienced something exciting this week? Or did we forget something important? Write us in the comments here at Mango and discuss with us.

Ritchie Stanaway is awarded the victory in the first round of All Star Supercars Eseries

Shell V-Power is the brand name offered to Covering’s boosted high specification gas for road automobile consisting of Shell V-Power Nitro+ and Shell V-Power Diesel. Introduced in Italy in 2001, Covering relaunched the gas in March 2008, under the name Nitrogen-Enriched Shell V-Power, with nitrogen-containing detergents.Initially made use of for greater octane Super Unleaded petrol/gasoline (formerly referred to as Optimax in some areas), it is currently furthermore used for high requirements gasoline.

In a first chaotic and controversial round, Ritchie Stanaway from New Zealand has been awarded the victory in Supercars. The first round of Cash Converters Supercars All Star Eseries brings physical drivers of supercars to the virtual world, through Iracing. Richie Stanaway, driving in the wildcard seat, stole the victory to Pasquale Anton from Shell V-Power Racing Team. This is how the deeries work and what else happened in the first round.

How do teams work?

In the All Star series, the racing teams of the physical world enter their drivers in the deserves to compete. These equipment and pilots run on real-world tracks, in digital versions of your team’s cars. Most Supercars teams have inscribed their pilots in the competition. Here is the alignment of the equipment:

TeamDriver / Scar Number TypeMobil 1 Walkinshaw Andretti Unitedchaz Mostert25Holdenbrad Jones Racingtodd Hazelwood (Dunlop)

Macauley Jones (Coca-Cola)





Tickford Racingcam Waters (Monster Energy)

Jack Le Brocq (truck assistant)





Shell V Power Dick Johnson RacingAnton De Pasquale11MustangPremiAir Car Equipment SydneyDylan O’Keeffe22HoldenYellow cover / UNIT Matt Stone RacingJake Kostecki35HoldenNED whiskey Kelly Grove RacingAndre Heimgartner7MustangDEWALT team 18Scott Pye20HoldenErebus Boost Mobile RacingBrodie Kostecki99HoldenCoolDrive Blanchard Racing TeamMatthew Payne3MustangBP last RacingThomas Randle55MustangRepco RacingSam Brabham10MustangCash converters RacingJustin Ruggier88MustangJandsMatt Mclean (Shure)

James Golding (Pioneer DJ)





Admiral Bishop Senate Speech Starring Gary Oldman - Star Citizen Official Trailer
Swyftx RacingJayden Ojeda31HoldenLogitech G Racing Teamton Dalberto923Mustangteam Tāmaki Makaurau AucklandWildcardmustangshannons Racingmatt Chajda18MustangwildCardwildcard

wildcards and favorites

Each week, the Tāmaki Makaura Auckland team will show some of the best Supercush racing talents in New Zealand. They will enter a different pilot every week in the series. This week, Ritchie Stanaway, driving the number 62, was the entrance to him. There will also be a wildcard every week of several categories of motor sports. In the first round, Oscar Piastri, the Formula 1 pilot born in Australia, takes the steering wheel.

This week’s joker, Oscar Piastri

The favorites of fans and pilots who have to pay attention throughout the weeks include Brodie Kostecki, Anton de Pasquale, Cam Waters and Chaz Mostert. These drivers demonstrated their worth in the Supercars 2020 series last year. Scott Pye is another of the favorites of the fans. Although he is not the best driver of simulation racing after being sixteen last year, he still won a large number of followers in 2020.

Ritchie Stanaway is known in the community as one of the best simulation racing pilots that currently exist. It is not surprising that he will take home the victory in the first round.

Results of the first round

Anton de Pasquale seemed in a very comfortable position to take the victory of the first round of Supercars Eseries. However, after an accident on the last lap, the Mustang of him shot out of the air and crashed. Another favorite, Chaz Mostert, also fell in the last stages of the race. The first round was full of butcher shop when Jake Kostecki and Matt Chahda pilots also crashed towards the end of the race.

Finally, Oscar Piastri began 12 ° and finished fourth, and with that, fanatics are now anxious to listen to who will be the jokers next week. Cash Converters All Star Supercars ESERIES is issued every Wednesday night (Aest) live at Fox Sports 506, Kayo, 7plus, Sky NZ and Social Network Channels, including Twitch.

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