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FIFA 22, the Teste and CrossPlay Sur Next

Scheduled to disembark from fifa 23, crossplay should be tested by EA (source in English) on the Next-Gen platforms of fifa 22 in the coming days. Indeed, the American giant has planned to deploy this option for the friendly games of the football game, without affecting the fifa Ultimate Team (FU) mode. The idea being to be able to test this technology during the coming weeks, with the aim of being able to deploy it as soon as the next opus of the franchise is launched.

The crossplay at the trial on FIFA 22

As a reminder, the crossplay consists in the possibility of linking players of the same game but on several different platforms. Thus, a PS5 user can face a player using FIFA on Xbox Series.

However, this essay has two limits: the first, lies in the fact that this feature will be limited to specific game modes in a friendly match outside Ette. The second is that it will only be available for players using the Next-Gen version of the game (PS5, Xbox Series X and Stadia).

Also note that it is possible to deactivate the feature if you do not want to face players on other platforms, via the game options.

A functionality at the heart of EA’s communication on FIFA 23

If this feature is currently in testing, it is already mentioned as one of the main novelties of the future FIFA 23. Thus, many expect that the mode was impacted by crossplay, both in terms of meetings and on the transfer market.

If for the moment, no Offixelle information has come to confirm the presence of the crossplay on the mode was FIFA 23, this development seems necessary in view of the current market.

However, this first test period seems to indicate that this feature will be limited to the Next-Gen version of FIFA. Thus, the PC version of the game will be potentially private from Crossplay next year, less than having a passage to the Next-Gen with a year behind the consoles.

How to Claim a Free Playstation Plus Pack in FIFA 22

EA therefore uses the coming months to test the crossplay functionality on the FIFA 22 Next-Gen version before a larger implementation on FIFA 23. While waiting for the new EA football game, you can find all the News and our FIFA 22 guides on English.

FIFA 22 TOTW 26: Forecast to the TOTW 26

The FIFA 22 TOTW 26 is imminent: The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday in the Ultimate Team. On the basis of players from last weekend, fan pages have created first predictions – and thus a view of the potential players and stations. The current predictions come from the portal, which includes Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in the Totw . The Portuguese disassembled Tottenham at the weekend with a Hattrick nearly single-alignment.

Also in the starting elf, Szczesny, Forsberg, Grifo, Havertz and Ruben Neves could stand. Which kickers can also be found in the launch of FIFA 22 (now € 21.99) TOTW 26, you will find out below. We also keep the players ready to place on the replacement bench. According to the prediction, Kalulu, Harit, Hernandez, Ferran Torres and Gravenberch are.

FIFA 22 TOTW 26: Forecast for the starting

  • Szczesny
  • Cash
  • Matip
  • Bremen
  • Forsberg
  • Partey
  • Ruben Neves
  • Grifo
  • Osimens
  • Hvertz
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Possible spare players

  • Brat
  • Kalulu
  • Erlic
  • Gravenberch
  • Zalazar
  • O’Hare
  • Pedro Henrique
  • Berahino
  • Hernandez
  • Harit
  • Ferran Torres

  • Al Somah

FIFA 22 TOTW 26 Predictions | Team of the Week 26 | TOTW 26 Prediction

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FIFA 22: Million penalty for Lootboxen

A court in the Netherlands stated that Lootboxes are not gambling in FIFA. Electronic Arts turns millions of penalty. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 22 TOTW 25: Predictions to the new team of the week – with which players?

In FIFA 22 is the Totw 25 before: The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday. We have a first forecast for you.

FIFA 22 TOTW 26 from Wednesday

Whether the information from the forecast of preservation, we learn on Wednesday when EA announces the official player list to the team of the week. Shortly thereafter, the special cards are in the Ultimate Team Live – with happiness you pull them out of the packs. Alternatively, you will take a look at the transfer market: Again, players are likely to emerge from the team of the week, but then certainly too hearty prices. For players, the cards are particularly valuable because they have better attributes and values ​​than the standard cards. FIFA 22 is commercially available on PC and consoles.

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FIFA 22: TEAM 1 FUT Birthday – revealed the special anniversary cards

Ea Sports announced the team 1 of the Promo Fut Birthday and is now available in popular packages FIFA 22 Ultimate Team . It’s time to celebrate! Celebrate 13 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with Special Player Objects Fut Birthday, player lenses at player level, daily pink creation challenges and more. Here are the special team 1 cards unveiled by the Canadian software house, the cards in question will be available in Fut 22 packages for a limited period. FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

FIFA 23 CrossSplay – Everything you need to know

FIFA 23 from EA SPORTS is on the way and should be another groundbreaking entry in the legendary football game series. If you want to play with your friends, regardless of the platform of your choice, we have everything you need to know about FIFA 23 CrossSplay.

We do not know much about FIFA 23 at the moment, but we do not expect EA Sports to dramatically change its way of working. This means that root guests of the series can count on a return of FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and Volta in this new version. The FIFA World Cup 2022 also starts in November, so the players look forward to the return of this legendary tournament.

A function that many players have asked for some time is the cross-platform matchmaking and multiplayer mode. Below we have the latest information FIFA 23-CROSSPLAY functions that you can try.


FIFA 23-CrossSplay

Will FIFA have 23 CrossSplay functions? Well, early reports point to it FIFA 23 will have CrossSplay between several platforms for the first time in the franchise.

Tom Henderson, an insider who regularly shares leaks to upcoming publications has revealed that CrossSplay reports to FIFA 23 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. However, there is no information on how this will affect the transfer market of FIFA Ultimate team – something that is noticeably different on each platform.

Since this is the first time that players can play all platforms together, we will keep this guide up-to-date with the latest information about FIFA 23 CrossSplay features as soon as they are available and EA makes an official announcement.

So that’s all you need to know at the moment about the FIFA 23 CrossSplay. While waiting for the release date of FIFA 23, you can call your team rounds and see some of the best jerseys from FIFA 22 here.

FIFA 22 TOTW 22: Forecast to the team of the week

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 22 : The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday in the Ultimate Team. Fansites have made first predictions on the possible statements on the basis of players from the past weekend. For example, from the prediction of the portal, players like Trippier (Newcastle), Correa (Inter Milan), Fabinho (FC Liverpool) and Fekir (Betis Seville) have good chances of having a special cards in FIFA 22 TOTW 22 to get.

Also sterling, Haller and Bensbaini could stand in the starting element of the new team of the week. Marco Reus, which contributed significantly to the victory of Borussia Dortmund against Union Berlin, also seems to receive one of the coveted special cards. On the replacement bench, the prognosis assume players like Jose SA, Webster, Holtmann, Horta, Visca and De Tomas place. We will keep the complete prediction below. Whether the predictions of keeping, we will learn shortly. EA sets the setup for FIFA 22 (Buy Now 40,59 € / 53.99 €) TOTW 22 on Wednesday.

FIFA 22 TOTW 22: Possible installation

  • Rulli
  • Trippier
  • Keans
  • Bensbaini
  • Correa
  • Kokcu
  • Fabinho
  • Fekir
  • Reus
  • Sterling
  • Haller

Possible spare players

  • Jose SA
  • Webster
  • Sykes
  • Boukema
  • Crnigoj
  • Holtmann

  • Honor
  • Zaccagni
  • Horta
  • Diogo Jota
  • Visca
  • De Tomas

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FIFA 22 TOTW 21: Predictions to the team of the week – Which players are in the squad?

In FIFA 22 is the TOTW 21 before: The new team of the week is going live this week in the Ultimate Team live. We have a prognosis. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

Does FIFA NFT also gets? That says Electronic Arts

NFTS in FIFA? EA has evidenced itself in her inverstore call on NFT gaming. The answers are certainly exciting.

Totw from Wednesday

After the announcement, the special cards from the team of the week for a week are available in the Ultimate Team Packs. In the transfer market, the objects should also arrive, but then probably to lush prices. For players, the cards are particularly valuable because they have better attributes and values ​​than the standard objects. FIFA 22 is available on PC and consoles.

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FIFA Mobile begins today new period – worth downloading and install for FIFA-22

What’s FIFA Mobile? FIFA Mobile (or FIFA in the German Application Shop) is the iPhone and also Android offshoot of the FIFA series, which you use existing smart devices can. On 18 January 2022 the game the new season, which brings some changes and is expected to attract new gamers started.

Appropriately, you can additionally no progression in the console/ COMPUTER FIFA attain if you play FIFA Mobile. One does not truly have anything to do with the other.

While FIFA 22 is primarily played on the consoles and also the PC, can football fans go now strike on the brand-new period in FIFA Mobile. However, just how much FIFA 22 remains in the variation for iPhone and Android?

A download can be fairly amazing if you’re simply looking for a football video game for your smartph1. That ye can get a concept, we show you here what remains in FIFA Mobile.

Important: it is not a direct Mobile variation of FIFA 22 in the proper sense, as is the case with some other video games. You play no porting FIFA 22 with Cross Bet the phone, but a stand-alone game.

Just how much FIFA 22 FIFA is in Mobile?

You throw at FIFA Mobile for the first time, you will swiftly acknowledge some things, if you usually play FIFA 22nd Even the optics menu sees the freshly released season 6 significantly from after the primary game. There are likewise some material that FIFA 22 is very similar:

  • Additionally in FIFA Mobile you can you usually Ultimate Group manner build a group as well as Division Competitors gamble. The FUT pack is likewise readily available in FIFA Mobile.

  • There is a press mode, but is rather a kind of intro to the video game auto mechanics right here.
  • There are pursuits that function a bit like the period progress and bring you benefits.
  • The soundtrack is also similar to the big bro FIFA 22nd
  • There is a real-time 11-against-11th
  • Many licensed gamers and symbols, the Champions League gets on board.
  • However, it does not have options such as the occupation mode.

however, after that you go into the video game, you could tell that it is a scaled-down version of FIFA is compared yet. You can see that the material that will be pointed out as advancements of the new period for FIFA Mobile. These are mainly in things that you already understand from the big FIFA’s, like:

However, FIFA Mobile likewise has some features that FIFA 22 does not possess.

While FIFA 22 is primarily played on the consoles as well as the PC, can football followers go now attack on the new period in FIFA Mobile. FIFA Mobile (or FIFA in the German App Shop) is the iOS and Android spin-off of the FIFA collection, which you play on current smart devices can. Even with the coins you will certainly question something — which are worth much less in FIFA Mobile as in FIFA 22nd
Whoever mobile advantages would gain Ultimate Team console for his will certainly achieve nothing with FIFA Mobile, — because that is just not possible.: If you just desire to play a bit of football with a good mood on the phone, the download of FIFA Mobile might provide for you.

worth the game as FIFA 22 fan? That depends on what you anticipate from the video game. If you have a 1-to-1 transmission will of the normal game, you are incorrect here. Also, whoever mobile advantages would make Ultimate Team console for his will certainly accomplish nothing with FIFA Mobile, — because that is merely not feasible. Given that you can putter on the team much most likely to be related to FIFA 22 Companion App.

  • Of specific rate of interest, for instance, that a person can boost his gamers in a team, ability increases as well as training ranks. Even the complete worth of the gamer can be raised thus.
  • Additionally, the numbers a little various compared to FIFA 22. Can even climb to over 100, while in the major video game so far 99 was the optimum totals. Even with the coins you will certainly wonder something — which are worth a lot less in FIFA Mobile as in FIFA 22nd
  • There is a unique setting called VS assault. Since you just plays different offensive scenarios with a time restriction of 90 seconds as opposed to a full game — and also wind up being billed, who has scored even more goals. A refreshing change from the common gameplay.

The crucial aspect is, nonetheless, the suits that quite with ease allow you play. Adapted to Touch control system one finds out fairly rapid in the tutorial and also can then fall back after some settling in the match on points like shots, passes, with rounds, flanks, slide deal with and also skill moves.

Via these alternatives, the mobile variation boosted as well as comes close to more towards FIFA 22 on. A fairly as thorough PC gaming experience as in the main game you must not anticipate.

  • Boosted graphics with more information.
  • On specific tools are up to 60 FPS feasible.
  • Gamer endurance, which lowers over the program of the match.
  • Football appears consisting of stadium atmosphere as well as commentary in different languages.
  • New ability relocates that complement the existing repertoire.
  • Team monitoring features such as alternatives, settings and establishing gamer duties such as captain or Fines.
  • New electronic camera options.

Analyzed her yet following a football ready your mobile phone that additionally features real licenses actual player and symbols, you are right here. The atmosphere in the arena is truly fun, the look goes over for a mobile video game.

Depending on just how fast you can handle with the different types of pointers and wipe methods, you can produce such a variety of assault and protection patterns — also if you can not turn to the usual controllers. So: If you simply intend to play a bit of football with an excellent state of mind on the phone, the download of FIFA Mobile can provide for you. Just do not expect the FIFA Overall Package. Nevertheless, if you expect in the best Ultimate Team or proceed your occupation setting, you just have FIFA 22. In FIFA 22, at the same time, the brand-new update has likewise gone online on the consoles. Every little thing concerning the brand-new Title Update 4 in FIFA 22 can be located here.

A shop-cosmetic in FIFA 22 breaks the hatred of the gamer: “It harms, but I require it”

The year 2021 remained to be formed by the Corona Pandemic, which brought better constraints in public life. Also, politically it was a really turbulent year. In Germany, 2021 finished after 16 years the Chancellery of Angela Merkel, she was no more working for the basic election.


Yet in FIFA 21, EA did the experiment to put such cosmetics directly right into the fut-shop — and the prices rates in comparison to player cards. Even after that, the entire point was not great for numerous followers.

Really, the Ultimate Team Cosmetics in the Store of FIFA 22 have a heavy state with the gamers. Yet a present collection seems to be the gold exemption of the rule.

| D AS Issue with the FUT-COSMETICS: For a long time, Cosmetics such as stadium modifications, funky club layers of arms or cropped jerseys belong to Ultimate Team. They got them in the previous mostly by finishing objectives, or from corresponding packs. Because they did not trouble the gamers particularly, and you can obtain several items still so by the way today.

In FIFA 22, the Cosmetics in the shop have actually developed a bit wide, however gamers still have their problems with it. As in October 2021 a package for all 135,000 coins was gone live, the difficulty was great — not only the rate, however likewise the apparently arbitrary, inappropriate motif of the package was criticized hard.

Generally, the mood around the shop cosmetics in FUT is seldom favorable. However, a cosmetic collection is simply an unusually excellent mood in the area. And this below:

Followers commemorate Emperor Puff in FIFA 22 — Yet why?

What is this for a set? Who is traveling in the fut shop, finds the Emperor Puff products there. A set of four items, each show a massive, white kitten in the Roman ruler look:

  • Already in FIFA 20, the Cream cosmetics that can be produced concerning a season progress — a kind of FIFA fight pass.
  • In FIFA 21 there was still a Halloween version that gave it from an SBC.

  • There is a significant pet cat palace that can stretch followers in the arena.

  • The ruler pet cat can be picked as a Club coat of arms.
  • The adjustable stadium can be supplied with the Emperor Puff style.
  • And the big pet cat in itself is likewise available as Chores. You can after that hang you off the feline royal residence.

Currently, during that time, the cat did disappoint any type of sense in the FIFA context. Somehow she won the hearts of the area. Possibly, just because it was puzzled. And a feline.

Simply put: you can stuff your own stadium so packed with feline photos that passes the opponent and also see.

As a total rate, the set of four things sets you back 45,000 coins, or you pay 15,000 for the individual initial, if you do not all desire. Although these are still a lot of coins — however already much less than the 135,000 coins of the war criticized back then.

What should that be finished with the feline? This package obviously was not selected by opportunity — due to the fact that the white kitten has actually long been a point with FIFA gamers.

This is exactly how the community responds: Now the Cream Cat returns as Emperor Puff — just in the shop. But as opposed to tossing the brand-new cosmetic in the store with hatred, the gamers in the FIFA Subreddit are virtually completely in the various other direction.

And even if the Emperor cat probably likewise has little to do with football, the bundle damn well in the FIFA Subreddit. That was nearly to be anticipated — due to the fact that the thing has a little history with FIFA fans.

Several still find that the item is rubbish — in this case but great nonsense:

At the same time, the neighborhood is currently making use of the following occasion. Since the new Tony Warm up Series was announced for FIFA 22.

Actually, the Ultimate Team Cosmetics in the Store of FIFA 22 have a heavy state with the gamers. | D AS Problem with the FUT-COSMETICS: For some time, Cosmetics such as arena modifications, funky club layers of arms or cropped jerseys are component of Ultimate Team. What is this for a set? That is taking a trip to the fut shop, discovers the Emperor Puff things there. Already at that time, the pet cat did not show any type of sense in the FIFA context.

In general, lots of players appear to be delighted concerning the Creamupff return — and also are obviously even all set to spend for the Cosmetics. You should still think concerning it twice — for 45,000 coins, you ultimately get some really great gamers on the low-standing transfer market in FIFA 22.

  • It injures to do that, however I require the outright, writes an individual (using Reddit).
  • That’s as well best, I have a group with the topic of Rome and Cream is the ideal. I hardly play a fat, but that’s a mandatory purchase, claims Individual Bacilli (via Reddit).
  • I dislike such stuff, but that’s really amazing, discovers User CES NIX (via Reddit).
  • I’ll purchase that due to the fact that of the advantage you get when the challengers see The Puff and tip over claims Customer DoubleWordscore (by means of Reddit).
  • I get any cost-free success that makes the power reveals individual stagnation ever before (using Reddit).

FIFA 22 Team Versus ICE Available in Packages

EA Sports, through social networks, has announced that Versus Ice Squad is now available in popular packages FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. From opposite game styles to the most ferocious battles of world soccer, Fut Versus celebrates the unique characteristics of soccer with special content for limited time in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Ready to play with fire or do you want to break the ice? The 11 players of the Fut Versus team will align with two contrasting game styles at Fut 22: Versus Fire and Versus Ice, which will give each FUT player versus two unique permanent designs and permanent designs. FIFA 22 is expected for October 1 to PlayStation 5, Xbox X-Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue following us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

How to pre order FIFA 21 Versions bonuses exit dates

I PLAYED FIFA 13 AGAIN IN 2021 & It Brought Back The Memories!
If there ever had a time to buy an annual edition of FIFA, it would probably now be because those who buy FIFA 21 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 can upgrade it, for free, to the respective new generation console. Thus, it is even more advantageous to preorder, with additional bonuses to add in addition to your free new generation copy of the last football title EA Sports.

Release date

We understand that you are probably used to exit from FIFA in early September, but because of COVID-19, FIFA 21 will come out on the shelves and digital stores on October 9. If you are dangerously at the forefront for a taste of new football content, those who are hungry can get it three days earlier with the pre-order of the most coveted editions.

What platforms have special editions?

In total, there are three editions of FIFA 21, Standard, Champions and Ultimate – Ultimate being the biggest package, hence its name. All three are available for pre-order now. Unfortunately, those of Nintendo Switch can not pre-order that the standard edition. For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also PC users, here’s what separates all your pre-order options.

Standard Edition

As usual, the basic game is priced at $ 59.99 / £ 54.99. However, you can always upgrade the game to your future new generation console. Pre-order bonuses include: up to three rare gold packs (one per week for three weeks), a five Kylian mbled loan card, one of the three ambassadors were gold and kits and Stades Ultimate Team Additional.

Edition Champions

For $ 79.99 / £ 74.99, this is one of two editions that will allow you to play the game three days in advance. It contains all the bonuses of the standard edition, as well as the HOMEGROWN TALENT career mode (a perspective with a potential of world class ) and up to 12 rare gold packs (one per week for 12 weeks).

Ultimate Edition

The best edition of all will cost you $ 99.99 / £ 84.99. In addition to allowing you to play three days in advance, the ultimate edition also offers all the bonuses of the other variants. However, instead of 12 gold packs, you will receive a ridiculous 24 rare gold packs for Ultimate Team (two per week for 12 weeks). So your team must be stacked even before playing a single game – which is always invaluable.

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