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Does the topic work in Steam Deck work? The 1st Stray Monster Hunter Rise

The mobile gaming PC STEAM DECK released by Valve. Currently, reservations have been started in Japan, and many people want to play with the actual machine as soon as possible.

However, at the same time, some people wonder, Can you play with this work with Steam Deck? Therefore, on this site, I would like to pick up the topical works as a serialization project, and review whether it can be played with Steam Deck and can withstand practical play. The first is Stray and Monster Hunter Rise.

What is Stray?

This work will be an action adventure game. Players are separated from their families, become a stray cat who has lost their way into the unknown world, walks in a cyberpunk city and re-join the cats of the family. However, every time you walk around the city, many mysteries block the stray cat’s whereabouts, sometimes you are targeted for life.

Anyway, this work is always fascinated by the cat’s action, saying, Cats are cute and Cat-like action can be d1. In addition, the unique atmosphere of Cyberpunk is also very combined, not only a game that loves cats, but also a solid immersive feeling to the player.

The compatibility of this work in Steam Deck is confirmed.

Joy of carrying cat components

By the way, it is the impression that STRAY was played on STEAM DECK, but to be clear, the compatibility with Steam Deck is outstanding. Since there are not so many buttons to operate, you can play intuitively with Steam Deck.

You can also feel the atmosphere with the speaker from Steam Deck, and sometimes you can feel the eerie with your ears.

There is almost nothing to say about image quality and movement. FPS drops in places where there are many paintings on the screen, but the acceptable range. If you just look at the cat, you will be able to love it with more than enough beautiful image quality.

The default setting is about 50%for battery consumption. Because there is an action element, there are places where I do not want to lower the FPS and refresh rate, so it is annoying. Because the whole game has a dark atmosphere, lowering the light on the monitor will make it more invisible, so there may be frustration that cannot be changed around that area.

However, except for that, it can be said that this work is definitely guaranteed the best game experience in this work. You can feel the joy of carrying cat components anywhere.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Next is Monster Hunter Rise. This work will be the latest work of Monster Hunter Series. Players become one of the hunters, and become an action game in which the monsters that become threats to villages and others are subjugated.

Currently, the large DLC Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break has also been released, and the fact that up to four people can play cooperatives through the network, the hunters are continuing to hunt the approaching monsters every day. Yes.

The compatibility of Steam Deck in this work is playable (normal play is possible, but may be restricted in some parts).

overwhelming comfort

By the way, it is an impression of playing Monster Hunter Rise on Steam Deck, but it is overwhelmingly comfortable. It’s so good in all aspects.

First, load time. The switch takes about 10 seconds from the start of the game and selecting the data to the actual operation, while the Steam Deck is 1-2 seconds. There is also a difference of the start of quests. It moves almost seamlessly, so there is no stress on the road waiting time.

And image quality. With the default setting, it moves about twice as smooth as the switch. It is surprising that this can be played in a mobile game. In the Monster Hunter Series, it is very important to determine the movement of the monster and attack, so it is a great advantage that you can see the image quality and movement clearly.

On the other hand, the feeling of the R2 button is a little difficult. In this work, the hunter can be moved endlessly by using something called Shokushi, but the operation of the index finger when pressing the R2 button was slightly large, and there were times when it was struggling to operate. This is the same for the L1 button. I used a light bow gun, and I felt a little uncomfortable when I pressed the L1 button to switch the type of ammunition. If you play for a few hours, you will lose your sense of incongruity, but at first many people may be confused.

The battery consumption is about 55%for the default setting. I don’t have 2 hours, so the way I play a few quests before going to bed may be the best. Because the action element is stronger than Stray, it is difficult to lower the FPS or fresh rate.

I want you to experience both ## both works

Although the two works introduced this time, both were very wonderful game experiences with Steam Deck. Definitely two works that you can not let go when playing with Steam Deck. I’m just afraid that the battery is out of the battery because it’s too enthusiastic, so be careful with it.

In this review, I was able to recognize that the potential of Steam Deck was very high for the intense action games. I think it’s a very good device again. Please experience when Steam Deck comes to you. I think you will feel the possibility of a new mobile game console.

Maximum 4 people will find treasure! Dungeon search rogue light Bravery and GREED PC/Released in late 2022 for overseas console

TEAM17 announced that it will be released in late 2022 for PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch, which will be released in late 2022, a PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. Did.


This work is a belt roll-type rogue light action that allows us to cooperate/play against a maximum of four people. The elementic fantasy arcade games combine the elements of perm death and rogue lights, exploring dungeons, defeating enemies and bosses, and grabbing valuable items, money, and equipment. Players can choose from agile bandits, brave warriors, unusual wizards, and strong Amazones, each of which has its own skills and abilities, such as powerful combo techniques, Parry and avoidance. In addition to occupation selection, skills tree that corresponds to each attribute of chaos, order, darkness, and life can be enhanced and given special abilities.

There are a wide variety of game modes such as Adventure Mode, which challenges various terrain dungeons and bosses, Large Mode, which kills enemies that are attacking one after another in cooperation with friends, and arena-based team PVPs. You can play online or offline with up to 4.

The dungeon search rogue light ACT Bravers and Green, which can cooperate with up to 4 people/play play, is compatible with Japanese, and will be released in the latter half of 2022 for PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch is.

5 things to do while steam is off

Start Epic Games Store or Gog

Although Steam does not work, fun does not have to stop. Epic Games Store and GOG have games in which it is definitely worth the tooth to spend the time of inactivity. Have a game or 50 of Hearthstone, which is free, or try Fortnite or Fall Guys at Epic Games Store. Both are free, so it will not cost you anything!

If you are not a Fortnite/Fall Guys fan, or you don’t have time to install another game, you can always trust GOG for your games without DRM. Simply sit down, load a GOG game and start playing. Without logging into an account, without being constantly online. Or, if you have not bought a game there, GOG has a fairly good offer at this time that you can consult here.

Go to Origin or Ubisoft Connect

If neither the selection of Blizzard nor Gog’s games like, there is another option. The origin and Connect services of EA and Ubisoft can take it back to action, even if most people are not fans of these specialized games platforms.

With Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal and FIFA 17 launched this year, you are unlikely that you have problems finding something to spend time. It is possible that these services do not feel as polished as Steam, but at least you can log in and play while waiting for you to be online again.

Maybe some console games

Although this is not an option for everyone, it is possibly the best way to play if almost the entire Game Library of your PC is stuck in Steam. Whether it has an Xbox Series X | S, PS5 or even the previous generation of consoles, there are many exclusive titles that did not reach Steam and with which it is worth spending time.

Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are the most obvious choices on the side of Xbox One, and if you buy these games digitally on your PC or Xbox One, you can download them digitally on the other side thanks to Play Anywhere..

PS5 owners, on the other hand, have Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Deathloop to enjoy. If you have a Game Pass or PlayStation Plus subscription, you will also have access to libraries of hundreds of free games ready to download!

Check out potential purchases in the sale of Steam/additions to your desire list

Let’s be honest, we all have a simply ridiculous amount of games in our order portfolio that, regardless of how much we affirm will eventually get them, we will simply ignore them with reckless abandonment and buy another 10.

Does it sound like you? So why don’t you even feed your voracious consumerist appetite looking at small independent games that you could have lost, or box office successes that you decided to pass until they were considerably reduced before tightening the trigger and adding them to your desire list? With so many Steam sales in progress, it is worth adding them to their desire list to receive notifications when they go on sale.

Give your PC a spring cleaning

Image credit: Tai Bui

If you can’t play on your PC, then it is a good idea to make sure everything is clean, optimized and ready to work. Ensure that all ventilation grilles are dust free to ensure that your PC can maintain a fresh temperature and function in the best way. You can also administer some cables if you begin to resemble Spaghetti Junction within your team.

However, cleaning your PC should not be just a physical process. You will also want to make sure your units are clean and tidy. You can use the free CCleaner program to ensure that your registration is under control and to erase any unwanted file on your hard drive. It may not be as fun as playing, but hey, it has to be done at some point. With luck, the time of inactivity will not last too much, anyway.

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Original beer brewing! Authentic Brewery Management Sim BREWMASTER Steam version of the demonstration

Developer Auroch Digital has released a demo for PC (Steam) of the original beer brewing simulator Brewmaster .

This work is a simulation game that expands your own bull work while labeling and selling beer brewing. You can brew various types such as alle, stout beer, and IPA beer depending on the ingredients and manufacturing methods. There are two modes, the beer you have made, winning the contest and business, making money, aiming to purchase equipment and expanding management, and Creative Mode from the beginning, Creative Mode with all materials and equipment from the beginning. Is prepared.

In the demonstration distributed this time, you can brew beer from two types of recipes, perform two jobs, level up, challenge story mode, and make your own original labels. It seems that.

Auroch Digital, the developer, has also announced that it has a new partnership with the worldwide major companies that provide software, e-commerce solutions, content and experiences in the drinking alcohol industry NEXT GLASS . The company has three brands, and BeeradVocate and Hop Culture are in the game for beer-brewed apps for beer enthusiasts, as the providers of the competition sponsors and themes. It is said that the rating will be performed.

The Brewery-management sim BREWMASTER, which allows you to experience authentic beer brewing and selling, is being distributed for PC (Steam). It will be released for PC (Steam)/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch in 2022.

How to repair the operating error of the phasmophobia micro

Talking to ghosts in Phasmophobia is a vital part of the gameplay. Speaking to minds, you are hunting helps you focus on their ghost type. As a cooperative title to four players, it is also important to chat with your teammates, so that you know what you are doing all, where you are and if you meet ghost evidence.

The operating error of the phasmophobia microphone is therefore a big problem. Several users have accessed the game Reddit and Community Center to ask them why they cannot operate their microphone or that their teammates cannot hear them in the vocal chat.

Phasmophobia: Fix Mic / Voice Recognition not working | Complete guide

Currently, there is no official solution. Kinetic Games went to the Steam forums of Phasmophobia at the end of September to confirm that they know the problem and that they examine it.

In the meantime, there are temporary fixes that could solve the problem. The first thing you can try is to use the game audio test. Open the options menu and head to the audio section. Look for the voice recognition option and click on “Test”. Talk to your microph1. If he records your voice, your audio works. Back and load a new card to see if it works.

If your friends still can’t hear you, leave phasmophobia and head to the audio section of the Windows 10 configuration panel. Scroll down until you see “input peripheral”. Make sure the microphone you use is defined on the default device. Otherwise, select it as a default microphone from the drop-down menu. Click on “OK” and recharge Phasmophobia.

If this also fails, two last options are available to you. The first is to avoid alt tabs or minimize the game. Strangely, this breaks the connection between your game and the audio, so don’t do this.

The other option is to download a beta version of Phasmophobia from Steam. Close the game and open your Steam library. Right -click on phasmophobia, then on properties. Under the Betas tab, select “Beta – unstable version” and close the window. Steam will download a beta version of the game. This should include a corrective that corrects the buckt, so relaunch phasmophobia and find out if this is the case.

Animal Crossing as a shooter? New Steam

The Animal Crossing series enthuses Nintendo fans for years with a cute look and a relaxed atmosphere. A new game on Steam turns the spit now and makes a bright survival game from the peaceful construction simulator.

Steam has its own Animal Crossing

In 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons the world conquered the world in the storm and, even today, a number of players spite on the islands of the Nintendo game.

On the PC you will probably never experience the switch game. But no bang, there is an alternative to Steam: Longvinter.

The Survival-Game published on February 24th is in an early access phase and is first and foremost strongly reminiscent of the switch competitors due to its optics.

Just look at the official trailer once even and convince you of the similarity:

What awaits you in Longvinter?

Longvinter is a typical MMO in an open world in which the highest goal is surviving. You can collect resources, craft items and even build a small city.

You can set off alone or together with your friends strip through the survival world. While Animal Crossing is always peaceful, the cute look of Longvinter is very much. Other players can become true danger, because the use of firearms is a suitable means to get to the opponent’s loot.

The NEXT New Animal Crossing Game on Nintendo Switch!
But it does not always have to approach action. You can also just explore the island and your secrets, relax when fishing, grow seeds and sell your yields.

The evaluation of the Steam Games is currently very mixed. 69 percent of the players have missed Longvinter a positive review. Many call the game simply “Animal Crossing with weapons” or describe it as a simple rust.

The biggest criticisms are the overcrowded servers , which make a construction in the world really hard due to lack of space. In addition, the scope of the game is still really low. The endgame was reached quickly.

Also, the many bugs and glitches rob themselves a large part of the game fun at the present time. At least the exploration of the island and the existing collection objects should remember the experience of Animal Crossing.

MS, Valve Steam Xbox Game Title Full Support

Microsoft provides updates on the valve’s portable game machine steam deck support.

Most Xbox game studio titles are run on a steam. However, some game, Gears 5, Halo Infinity, Microsoft Fly Simulator X is not supported.

The title does not work on the steam as a cheating system, and it was not announced in future support.

Microsoft is showing verification for the 8 games of the Xbox Game Studio. In addition, six games have been displayed as playable. The difference between verification and playback is found only a small problem, such as a warning after starting, or to call a virtual touch screen to enter a character during a game.

Multiplayer Games Run On Valve Steam Deck - Elite Dangerous Console Support Ended - Today In Gaming

In addition, the exhibition valve announced the official steam deck support of Microsoft has released a window driver on the steam deck. For this reason, the window was installed on the Stem Deck and then accessed the Xbox game pass.

The valve CEO Gave Newwell said, “Microsoft is welcomed that it has released the Xbox Games Pass in Steam,” he said, “I am pleased with Microsoft to enjoy the game at Steam.”

[Weekly Trehan] “Angiel Fire Mai Figure Rush” January 16-January 22nd treasure is this!

Weekly Treasure Hunt that I’m buried without missing or when the timing was not fitted, and I will introduce the game information to be buried at once from January 16 to January 22, January 22, 2022. It is a day. It is a rough introduction, but fortunate you find a treasure for everyone.

Mount & Blade II: Banner lord E1.7.0 Update Highlights

Corresponds to Japanese formally.

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Documentary talking about design and legacy of Hotline Miami

Introduces unknown prototypes.

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Evolution of Rainbow Six series

Rainbow Six Seed is a difference between game styles compared to past work.

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Virtual Fighter E Sports 1/10 Scale Figure Formula

I want to be a pose that is as thin as possible figure.

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Tower Defense & City Builder Diplomacy Is Not An Option Game Play Teaser Video

Local time will be started early on February 9.

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2001 WW2 Tactical Shooter Deadly Dozen Remake Version Deadly Dozen Reloaded Steam Delivery Start

Map, graphic, and mission are upgraded with the new engine.

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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Introduction video Born Survivor

Basic play is free, so let’s play again.

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Third World War Battle Simulator Warn STEAM Early Access Start

Development is Eugen Systems, R. U.S.E., Warfare, Steel Division series.

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Life Is Strange Remaster Collection Launch of overseas switch version is delayed

Launched in the second half of this year. Other models will be released abroad on February 1.

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Sunset Overdrive became the basis of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Crank Parallel Trouble

Moving game.

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Steam RPG hope conquers thanks to new gameplay

A new hope from the gambling scheme from Software should see the light of day early next year. In a new gameplay video, the developers make the waiting players Elden Ring really tasty. Promptly, the Action RPG is catapulted in the Steam Topseller.

Steam topseller get growth

The topseller of Steam are constantly changing: new releases, content updates or attractive sales can bring games into the charts of the platform. The hot expected Elden Ring has now opened its gates to pre-order and PC players are eagerly increasing, so the game jumps under the Top 3 of the bestseller.

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal
At the start are also pre-order boni: For the standard edition there is an adventure manual and a bonus gesture, the Deluxe Edition also contains a digital artbook and the original soundtrack.

First gameplay to Elden Ring

To ensure the pre-orders properly and to supply the fans with fresh material, From Software has published a 15-minute gameplay video for action role-playing. In it you see the extensive world, various fights and a first introduction to other important features.

If you have not seen the bombastic Gameplay material from Elden Ring yet, we recommend that you soon retrieve this here:

After a release shift, Elden Ring is expected to be 25 . February 2022 for PC and common consoles appear. For system requirements, PC players still need to be patient, because these are not yet available on the Steam shop page.

The souls games are known to be merciless. Whether Elden Ring is also a series? At the following games you were driven to the white glow at any rate:

Elden Ring can delight the waiting players with a first gameplay trailer for the Action RPG. With the opening of the pre-orders, the game from FROM Software immediately storms under the first places of the Steam Bestseller.

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