Creating a FIFA soundtrack is a task that is actually convicted to fail. Over 15 million games sold every year, translated into 18 languages, available in more than 50 countries in the world.

EA SPORTS must combine all the different cultural and personal preferences, dissolve limits and assemble a soundtrack that is adopted around the world.

Can this work to make it any right? Is the FIFA soundtrack not sentenced to direct shutdown? No, not only the past and increased attention for the artists involved in Spotify, but also the expectation of the media for publication.

To be represented in the selection of FIFA songs, this is for young music professionals like a knight. But the musical direction has changed in the 2010’s years. From title tracks and rock club hits towards two organic and modern staged units. Both with completely different attirls.

Trendsetter FIFA soundtrack

Six people worldwide work within the EA Music team in close cooperation with artists, managers, producers and labels at the Playlists. While the original FIFA 22 Soundtrack has been overlooked a genre-encompassing, courageous and modern identity, the Volta Playlist includes a mix of Hip Hop, Grime and Electro.

“If a song is already running on the radio, it’s too late to take it in the narrower selection,” replies EA on request from work Esport to work on the soundtrack.

No less than the most exciting trends for the coming year to recognize is the task of the team. Different musical interests of the six people help to meet the right selection.

You are looking for the hottest newcomers of the scene and need to evaluate hit potential before they come to them. A work that seems to resemble the football talent scout.

From the mirror to cultural assets?

52 songs decorate this year the original FIFA 22 soundtrack, which accompanies you through the menu navigation. International sizes such as Swedish House Mafia, Glass Animals, Girl in Red and Sam Fender accompany newcomers like Casper Caan, Garden City Movement and Inhaler.

On the 70 songs Volta soundtrack, in addition to a remix of the FIFA 14 classic “Love Me Again” of John Newman, exciting beats of this year’s starter Badm√≥mzjay from Germany.

“Originally, FIFA soundtracks reflected the world culture. After that they began to influence the culture. Not least thanks to Spotify FIFA soundtracks have become a piece of culture now,” says EA for the development of music in FIFA.

FIFA 22 SOUNDTRACK | EA Sports Fifa 22 Offical Soundtack | FULL SOUNDTRACK

EA SPORTS operate great effort with your FIFA playlist and thus contribute to the talent promotion within the music scene. Without the soundtrack, there were probably less artists in your Playlists and the radar to the public. Whether within the game or away from this on Spotify.

Next time you are on the way to turn off the music after a lot of played hours in FIFA, think of the bands and artists who benefit. Think of the work that flows into the soundtrack. Without him everything would be bare tactical pre-plenty before the game.