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Even if there is no FIFA name, EA Sports FC will be alive.

EA’s masterpiece, FIFA, will be newly named next year. FIFA 23, which will be released on September 30, is the last title that calls FIFARA. The reason is that the license agreement between the EA and the FIFA has ended. The specific reason is not officially revealed, but it is reported that the EA decided to create a new brand because it was judged that the license royalty presented by the Football Federation was excessive.

For EA, it may be a pity that you have to leave your name for the past 30 years. Apart from this, however, even if the new name ‘EA Sports FC’ is attached, this title will not be shaken as well as soccer games as well as the global game market. The reason is compressed into three main categories. It is a strong license that has been accumulated in the past, the lack of competitive title in the market, and a 30-year development know-how that has accumulated based on its unique position.

Let’s look at the license first. Based on FIFA 23, EA has more than 300 individual licenses in addition to the World Cup. Specifically, you can meet 100 stadiums around the world, 30 or more leagues, 700 teams, and more than 19,000 players. The main leagues include the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Europa Conference League, the Conmebol Riberitadores, the Conmebol Sudamericana, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, and La Liga. It also secured the first women’s professional league, Berkeley FA FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Akema.


In addition, on July 26, the Italian professional football team Juventus, which ended with Konami, and on the 3rd, announced on the 3rd that they signed a many years of partnership with Lariga, Spanish professional football. Previously, EA has been actively promoting license contracts, which are the core of live-action soccer games, apart from the International Football Federation, and is moving quickly to the next work. This can be interpreted as indirectly revealing the confidence that you can maintain its superiority without the name ‘FIFA’. In addition, the World Cup is also open every four years when the tournament is held.

In addition, the FIFA series is virtually no competitive if it is limited to real-time soccer games except simulation such as football managers. Football games, which have a high recognition in the global market, are compressed into EA’s FIFA and Konami’s E-football (Winning Eleven). However, EA has lost its market competitiveness due to the active license of EA and negative evaluation of the game itself.

In fact, the E-football 2022 version, which was released in September last year, had only 25 points in the PC and 34 points in the PS5, and the players’ broken modeling was so coarse that it was so poor that it was floating like a sort of memes. Konami also secured additional licenses and updated the 1.0.0 update to improve overall problems and gameplay in April this year, but there was no dramatic reversal.

One of these situations is the performance of April-June this year between EA and Konami. First, EA’s sales increased 14% from the same period last year, and operating profit also increased 37%. In response, EA explained that sports games such as FIFA and F1 led the performance, and in particular, FIFA explained that the average number of users of the weekly and monthly users increased by nearly 40% from the previous year. In the case of Konami, digital entertainment sales, excluding arcade and slot machines, rose 1.9%, but this led to the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Dual.

Even if there is no specific explanation, it is widely known that FIFA is superior to E-football. In addition, EA has also continued to invest in improving development power because FIFA is a major sales source. This is also revealed in the new FIFA 23, released in September. At the center is a new technology hyper-motion 2, which is based on machine learning based on the 11th and 11th matches of the actual players.

Based on this, based on more than 6,000 animations, which are twice as long as the previous work, the attackers, defenders, and goalkeepers are more realistic. In addition, ‘Power Shot’, which can reproduce the most powerful and impressive shots, new dribbling systems that enhance the response to the ball, new defense elements such as a more diverse pass, back heel tackle, etc. will be introduced. The characters respond more tactically.

In addition, EA has been developing soccer games for 30 years under the name FIFA. Game companies that have accumulated this development power for soccer games are compressed into EA and Konami, and Konami needs more periods and investments to increase competitiveness. Therefore, it is practically difficult to complete a soccer game with EA FIFA Series level in the short term. The International Football Federation said it plans to end a license agreement with EA and introduce a new FIFA game with other partners, but it is questioned whether the game that has been released can form a tight competition with EA Sports FC.

Sociable Soccer Arcade football 22 seeks his hole in a genus dominated by FIFA and simulation

Sensible Soccer, commonly called Sense, is an association football video clip game collection which was very prominent in the early 1990s and also which still keeps a cult following. It was established by Reasonable Software application as well as first launched for Amiga as well as Atari ST computer systems in 1992 along with for the PC. The collection was developed by Jon Hare as well as Chris Yates, as a follower to their previous football game Microphone Soccer (1988), which in turn was inspired by the arcade computer game Tehran World Cup (1985).
It featured a zoomed-out bird s-eye view (the majority of games up until after that such as Start and Match day made use of a closer top-down or side sight), editable national, club as well as custom-made groups as well as gameplay making use of a basic as well as easy to use control system. Among the defining gameplay elements was the aftertouch attribute, which enabled efficient yet unrealistic swerves. The game covered charts such as Amiga Power s All Time Top 100. The graphic design of the game was utilized in other Reasonable Software program games, such as Huge Lo Mania, Cannon Straw as well as Reasonable Golf.
A spiritual follower to Practical Soccer, Sociable Soccer, was announced by Jon Hare in November 2015, and also early variations for computer, mobile and also Virtual Fact were revealed at 9 different public locations throughout Europe, including Games com in Cologne and the London Science Museum in 2016, with advancement continuing despite an originally unsuccessful crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. Sociable Soccer was launched on Heavy steam Early Gain Access To on 12 October 2017, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and also Android variations to adhere to.

In the early 1990s, the legendary video game developer, Jon Hare, surprised the fanatics of soccer games with a quick, direct game, and so fun that even today He continues to maintain many fans. SENSIBLE SOCCER, usually called Sense, is a worship game that prioritized, in front of the graphic section, a lot of options to configure the match, and with an almost overcame, sensitive soccer perspective A fast and extremely fun game, where simple controls were imposed on simulators complexes.

This is the spirit of sociable soccer, a game franchise of contemporary soccer, who tries to transport that direct and fun game philosophy to the current football games, a genre that is dominated by The simulation and a constant search for realism both in its playable section and in the visual.

You have to make a decision, opt for elegance in animations or for the speed of sociable social A panorama about what has changed in the industry and especially with soccer games. Soccer games have become more to win in the sense of finishing the game as a winner that in finishing the game with a victory and a good one funny experience. Real football tries to win and no matter how Do it, this is a mentality that has somehow transported to video games, although it is not necessarily what players want.

Sociable Soccer December 2020 Update [Apple Arcade] Game Review

In the years 80 and 90, realism depended to a large extent on how your imagination interpreted what you saw. Football Arcade fast and fun are our main sale values ​​, and for what I have seen, football fans want an instant entrance: all those elegant animations are great, but if the game becomes slow due to them, you have to make a decision, opt for the elegance or rapidity. At this point, I would say that players are willing to try rapidity, they assure from the sociable soccer team.

In the industry there has been a tendency in the sports games in general to bet on the simulation, leaving behind the arcade style that in another time managed to prevail, this has not happened in other genres as the fight and asked Hare for how this has lived Changing trend and how sociable soccer could contribute to a return to a faster and more direct style game in the genre.

Nintendo has done a great job by keeping his arcade style and at the same time creating sociable team I think Nintendo has done a tremendous work by keeping his game style arcade and at the same time creating depth In your game modes, it s something you can see in Mario Tennis and Mario Kart. There are many characters and levels, but it becomes interesting thanks to a balanced game. The simulation games ended with the arcade games due to Intense marque tin related to real-life players and the game they are selling. At one time, the market was dominated by arcade games that did not intend to become more realistic, just more fun, but see your Favorite player in a certain game was a great trick of public relations, making many people buy the game just for that.

Sociable Soccer comes at a time when we entered an era in which people want everything to be fast (and we are), but it is also a time when people want to have much more influence In what they dedicate their time, they want be part of the creative process and adapt to the game according to their own style. It depends on the developers to give them interesting tools to do so. They explained to us.

We will look for the best reflections and the best time to control the ball sociable soccer Key, and we asked Hare which of them we could see applied in Sociable Soccer. I think the soccer games started as management options, then they allowed us to play ourselves and always, The moment of the goal has been the most important. At the time of scoring, you want to feel rewarded, you want to see something Special, you want a simulation of the feeling you have when your team scores on in real life. In sociable soccer we are working to improve that feeling and recently add the goal celebrations in a very happy way, we will seek to improve that Sensation after dialing A goal, they assured us from the team.

Lately, in FIFA (especially in FIFA) and in PES, the dribble and the mockery when you leave someone behind has become something very important, and the options to do it seem infinite. Sociable soccer He is so interested in that, we will look for the best reflections and the best time to control the ball, the developer promised.

Sociable soccer debuted in 2019 at Apple Arcade, the game has worked greatly at the Apple Subscription Service, but far from staying there, the soccer arcade will reach PC and consoles during the second quarter of 2022, where it promises Give a remarkable jump taking advantage of the new hardware. We have also asked Hare about the limitations that supposes to develop a game for phones and what changes we can appreciate developing for the new platforms.

There were older telephone specifications that we had to meet sociable soccer team One of the problems we had when making mobile versions was that there were older telephone specifications that we had to fulfill and that they could also Run the Apple Arcade, and adjust all of them for optimal performance with a small development team was impossible. There will be improvements in the models, in the animations, in graphics in general and new sound effects for PC and consoles. Some of them will also come in the upcoming Updates of Apple Arcade, but not all, since we still have to adapt to less powerful devices, they confessed to us.

Sociable Soccer 22 You will arrive at PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, and users who paid for early access in Steam will have the possibility to request a free password for the game.

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