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Red Bull Salzburg: Will Karim Adeyemi also go Nicolas Seiwald?

On Sunday, Red Bull Salzburg fixed the ninth championship title in a row. Around the 5-0 victory against Austria Vienna, the transfer rumors increased again.

The strong achievements of the Salzburgers also fuel the interest of top international clubs in the key players of the serial champion.

Salzburg sports director Christoph Freund confirmed at SKY Talks with Borussia Dortmund regarding Karim Adeyemi. “There is still nothing to be reported, nothing fixed yet. We are in conversations with Dortmund, they are very interesting. Karim would not be averse either. We’ll see what the next few days and weeks will bring, ”says Freund.

Freund continues: “Karim Adeyemi has two more years and therefore a transfer is due. And there is simply negotiations and discussions about this transfer. It would be a great situation if he would play Champions League with us for the next six months. But he can imagine taking the next step. “

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In addition to Adeyemi, Nicolas Seiwald is also in demand. Most recently, the talented midfielder was associated with Bayer Leverkusen. When asked by salzburg24, whether he will also appear in the bull jersey next season, Seiwald only said: “I can’t say that because football is always very quick in football. Next Sunday I am in the cup final.”

Change to march? Brenden Aaronson will probably leave Salzburg

Already in the winter, Leeds United urged a commitment to Red Bull Salzburg’s Brenden Aaronson.
Interest is unbroken.
As SKY-reporter Florian Plettenberg reports, the interest of Leeds United is still fully intact at Brenden Aaronson.
No wonder: Now coach Jesse march the English tradition club, the play style of the team fits perfectly to the 21-year US boy, who finally made the breakthrough in the current season with 15 scorer points in 35 games.

Under March, the offensive midfielder completed 25 lots.
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However, Leeds would be expensive.
His contract in Salzburg is still running until 2025, a possible transfer fee should be at 25 to 30 million euros.

Just Brenden Aaronson Being World Class in 2022..
Of course already seems: The Salzburgers threatens a little new beginning this summer.

Storm coach Christian Ilzer Sauer: “One in the Kämmerlein in Vienna too important today”

The SK Storm delivered Red Bull Salzburg on Sunday a hot and tight match, but finally it was enough for a 0: 1 defeat against the leader. After closing whistle Sturm-Coach Christian Ilzer was disadvantaged by the referee.

In the first 45 minutes, the SK storm made the better impression, but let the efficiency miss before the opposing goal. Red Bull Salzburg presented herself unfamiliar and made some simple miscalculations.

The second pass then dominated Red Bull Salzburg over wide routes – Maximilian Wöber scored the leadership hit for the Austrian serial master after 55 minutes after a corner. Bitter for storm: Twice twice, Dieter Muckhammer took a hand penalty for the Styrians. Much-thin choices where storm coaches Ilzer was involved.

Ilzer: “That’s not in the sense of football”

“Muckhammer has had good look at the situations and decided on penalty. At the first situation, we had a super rebound situation, because you can get away from the ball from the ball. And finally, the ball continues with the Tormann. At the second situation Jantschi come over without the hand game on the opponent and shoots with the right foot – and again it goes again with the ball at the Tormann. This scene was only stopped by hand and with nothing else. For me, the topic is that after the hand game was interrupted twice the game and the possession has changed. This is not in the sense of football, “says Ilzer’s assessment at SKY.

Representation: “The referee decides twice a penalty, but there was one of me to be important for me in a killerlein in Vienna today.” Background: Muckenhammer gave two penalty twice, but was asked twice from the Var to the monitor.

With the performance itself, the storm trainer was largely satisfied. “It was a good performance, but unfortunately too little to win here. We had to go in the initial phase in the lead, Salzburg was unsure and we did it well. “

Jaissle: “Can understand that it is bitter for storm”

Salzburg coach Matthias Jisionle was kindly satisfied: “In the first half, we did not find the right positioning in principle. We were not clean enough on the way. But you can not forget that this is a young troupe, which is a young troupe during the week 1: 7 has lost. There it is difficult to be physically and mentally full of height. The team deserves great praise. “

In the penalters scenes, Jaissle did not see a problem: “If the referee looks again, it is usually a narrow box. I trust the rules, but I can understand that it is bitter for storm. The Var has checked that and I trust the Decision.”

Through the threesome, the Mozartstädter march towards the championship and now have eleven points ahead of Vienna Austria, which now occupies second place. One point behind it lurks with 18 meters Storm Graz.

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Storm 16T vs Frisch Flyers, 2022-03-13, SLC Showdown - Day 3, Match 2

Storm will come to score against Austria Klagenfurt next matchday, while Salzburg starts at the same time at Wolfsberger AC.

Ferrari F1-75 – a new “red goddess”?

LEAKED image of the FERRARI F1-75 and SAINZ and LECLERC first sight #FERRARIF175 #SAINZ #LECLERC
With the F1-75 Carlos Sainz Jr. And Charles Leclerc of the Scuderia Ferrari to some gloss help. The team from Maranello finally wants to fight for victories and World Cup titles and at least unlock under the new regulations to Mercedes and Red Bull.

“I hope the F1-75 fights on the track at each Grand Prix head on head with our rivals at the top,” Team boss Mattia Binotto said.

Optically conspicuous and new are the completely black tail and front wings reminiscent of the 80s and 90s of the last century.

Click here for the big Sainz formula 1 survey 2022

The Monegasse Leclerc said at the presentation: “I love it, I really like it. I’ll like it even more when it’s fast on the track, but I like the look.” The Spanish teammate Sainz complemented: “I think it looks aggressive and radical, and pretty.”

Ferraris streetcar divide will be 75

Incidentally, the name F1-75 goes back to the 75th anniversary of the streetcar division of Ferrari.

The Scuderia in the past season was ranked three in the constructor’s ranking behind Mercedes and Red Bull. The distance to the industry leaders was once more tremendous. Carlos Sainz Jr. Was fifth the driver’s ranking, Charles Leclerc even only seventh behind Lando Norris (McLaren).

The proud traditional racing stall from Maranello is further with 16 constructors and 15 driver titles with great distance record winner, the last world champion in the Red Boliding but was Kimi Räikkönen – 2007!

Red Bull Salzburg Brenden Aaronson awakens interest from top

Since his arrival at Red Bull Salzburg, Brendan Aaron son has been established in the midfield of the bulls. The strong achievements of the young US American have now also noticed other clubs, so it should already be interested in several top leagues.

With ten goal parties in 26 lots, Aaron son contributed significantly to Salzburg’s success in the first round, whereby the two hits (as well as an assist) in CL quality games against Broadly IF were extremely important and thus opened the historical success in the premier class.

Brenden Aaronson 2021 Highlights | Red Bull Salzburg

And on this international stage, Aaron son was able to operate powerful self-commencement, because according to Tom Bogart on, several foreign clubs pursue the development of the offensive player. So above all Leeds United under pressing lovers Marcelo Bails is seriously interested in the US team player. AC Milan also has thrown an eye on the 21-year-old, and also RB Leipzig should be in the race.

For sports director Christopher friend would probably have to come an extremely immoral offer to let Aaron son pull in winter. His contract at Salzburg is currently running up to 2025.

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Aaron son came in January 2020 for comported $6.5 million from Philadelphia Union, the sum could rise to $9 million with bonus payments by summer. If Salzburg Aaron son nevertheless lose in the summer, Philadelphia could include around 10 to 20% of the transfer.

DEL EHC Munich concedes next league

A shooter is the prelude for a computer video game style in which the nuclear mechanics are firing. The purpose of the gamer is to shoot according to certain specs for progression in the game either on computer challengers (Player Versus Setting), various other gamers (Player Versus Gamer) or various other play items without the game character passes away by counterattacks or the game physics. Shooter video games are normally likewise an action video game. 3D shooter mainly make use of a hatbox to precisely figure out and also review shooting hits. In classic Shoot’s EM UPS, however, the high score is generally computed by computing the number and kind of items made depending on the damages utilized to the tool made use of. As a result of the obligation required in the majority of shooters, many shooters likewise belong to the video game of skill, with other shooters also value tactical and also calculated aspects.

In the Champions Hockey League, the ETC Red Bull Munich dreams of the semi-final movement from the first title win of a German team. In the DEL it is no longer running for the team of coach Don Jackson at all. The 1: 3 (0: 1, 0: 2, 1: 0) on Sunday in the Bavaria derby with the Nuremberg Ice Tigers already the fourth league defeat in series meant. As a table greater, the Munich also lost contact with leader or Polar Bear Berlin for the time being.

We made too many mistakes, coach Jackson coached. Only Austin Ortega met with the francs. His goal to the 1: 3 After 52 minutes, however, no influence on the outcome of the game had more after Tim Bender (2nd minute), Christopher Brown (37.) and Gregory MacLeod (40th) for the Nuremberg.

Polar bears firm table guide — eagle win after extension

Master Mistaken Berlin, on the other hand, strengthened by a 3: 2 (1: 0, 0: 1, 2: 1) via the Sermon Roosters place one in the Del. A double strike of Blaine Byron (51./55.) In the final third, caused the decision.

First Berlin’s pursuers are the Adler Mannheim. Against the Augsburg er Panther, the eight-time German champion was carried out after extension with 3: 2 (0: 0, 2: 1, 0: 1). Tim Wohlgemuth (64.) met in the extra game time. The Cologne sharks missed by a 2: 3 (0: 0, 1: 1, 1: 1) after extension against the ERC Ingolstadt the jump in third place. David Aronofsky met for the guests in the fourth minute of Overtime.

Wild Wings stay in the basement

EHC Red Bull München - Düsseldorfer EG | 31. Spieltag, 21/22 | MAGENTA SPORT
On the other hand, Rhein-Rival Dusseldorf EG celebrated not only 3: 2 (2: 0, 0: 1, 0: 1) success after penalty shooting on the Grizzlies Wolfsburg, but also the contract extensions of Alex EHL and Brendan O’Donnell. The Schlesinger Wild Wings documented the Stabbing Tigers 3: 5 (1: 3, 0: 1, 2: 1) and stay in the table cellar.

Jackson and the key to the right answer

After the cracker against the Finnish champion Luck Trauma, the ETC Red Bull Munich may dream of the coronation in the CHL. Everything is possible, was the coach Don Jackson after the second collection of club history into the semi-finals of the premier class. We are very, very happy about it, Torcher said Frederik Differs after the nervous one 2: 1 in the extension on Tuesday evening.

Aggressiveness and patience : Jackson pleases the mix

22.8.2015 kolmas puolivälierä Lukko-KaMa
Jackson was very proud of his team. To answer such a week with such a big victory, the team will return self-confidence, said the American and said the two defeats in the club in the DEL. In the CHL, the Muncher switched up after 2: 2 in quarter-finals but again in good time. Things are not always great. But the key is to be able to quickly give the right answer, Jackson said.

In the first third, the three-time German master was still difficult — no wonder. The guys can run skating, that’s really brutal, the Munich Match winner Justin Schultz praised the opponent. They played touring partly to the wall. For Jackson, it went in the first third for peace and resistance. We were aggressive, but also had to be patient, he explained. We were not allowed to make mistakes. That was the big challenge in the first third.

Prevent another inventory in the gates. And there were the Munich on Danny from the birch. The outstanding goalie got a cowbell after the final whistle: With this ritual, team intersect the players of the game is named. In the second third, the K.-O. Backbame then picked up to drive for the ETC. Sebastian Repo (33.) In the leadership, Differs (39.) brought the Finnish guests, but shortly thereafter. Schultz provided the Overtime for Bavarian Cheers in the third minute.

pulled out of the swamp on my own chief

I’ve not done so good games, not much played. It has done brutally well to help the team for a victory, Schultz said. I’m so happy. Completely right. The last German representative remaining in the competition can now reach the final as last in 2019. The first leg against Tap para Tamper takes place on January 4th (20.30 clock) in Munich, the second leg on January 11 (18.00 clock).

If the Munich also turns off the next Finnish rivals, a new edition of the 2019 final would be possible. At that time, the ETC was defeated against Rotunda HC from Gothenburg. Rotunda meets in a purely Swedish semi-final on Role BK from Angelo.

We pulled ourselves the swamp out of the swamp after a few hard defeats in the past week, Jackson summed up after difficult days for his team. In special lots, however, his team can also play special. Maybe this time is even enough for the coup in the royal class.

Formula 1 pilot Hamilton I m so relaxed like never

Hamilton is based on its own assessment so relaxed like never in the World Cup duel with stages. This Formula 1 duel is different in the sense, because we have two monsters closely related teams, said the Mercedes pilot on Thursday with a view of Red Bull and stages. We fight for unknown terrain because no other team could win eight constructors or driver titles one after the other. That’s pretty fresh and new. Mercedes can create the eighth double in the course this season.

On the other hand, I’m so relaxed as never because I’m here for so long, said the 36-year-old Hamilton before the penultimate Grand Prix of the season in Saudi Arabia on Sunday (18.30 pm / RTL and Sky). Trapped has eight points ahead of him and could become world champion this weekend. I’m thankful to have these two races to fight, Hamilton said in front of the last two Grand Prix of the season.

The Write described the current formula 1 phase as one of the most exciting times in sports. When asked if an eighth title would be in this so close season perhaps the most significant, the Briton replied that he would be safe. Because he would have achieved him in the toughest fight, the sport has long seen.

Trapped is preparing as always

Sir Frank Williams - His Incredible Formula 1 Legacy
The Dutch stages want to be destroyed by the idea of ​​the possible premature profit of the World Cup title in Saudi Arabia. He will do this weekend as he had already done the whole season, said the Red Bull Pilot, who could win his first title at the premiere in Edda, on Thursday. He must not hide anything especially. I was always pretty neutral, said stages over his balance. About the title win would be Red Bull and he of course very happy.

A possible crash with pursuer Hamilton is not interested. I do not think about it, said the 24-year-old. His team and he is very motivated.

Despite Mercedes opposition stages remains for maneuvers against Hamilton without punishment

The World Champion of Form 1, 2019 is the 70th edition of the World Championship of Solution 1. The competitors, birthed in 1950, pass a CAP on April 14, 2019, on the circuit of Shanghai, where is contested the thousandth Grand Prix of the Background of the championship. Additionally, from this season as well as according to a system effective from 1950 to 1959, an additional point is attributed to the author of the very best race in the race along with his stable, offered that he places among the ten initially.
The Charlie Whiting Race Director, Central Personality of the Grand Prix of Solution 1 for even more than twenty years, passes away in Melbourne on March 14 on the eve of the very first examinations of the inaugural race of the season. Mercedes Grand Prix starts the 2019 championship by establishing a brand-new five-duplicate document at the arrival of the first five races. The season is likewise noted by the fatality, Might 20, the three-way globe champ Niki Laura, constant visibility in the Mercedes stand given that 2012, and definitive in the arrival of Lewis Hamilton as a pilot of the German stable in 2013, for To day, six consecutive dual lined building contractors champion/ pilot globe championship since 2014.
On October 13 at the arrival of the Japan Grand Prix, Mercedes wins its sixth successive title of the producers, four years of completion, equaling the efficiency of the Sumeria Ferrari, champion from 1999 to 2004. On November 3, in the category. 2nd behind his teammate Latter Boats of the United States Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, author of eleven victories in the season and also having brought his record of pole placements to eighty-eight heads, is sacred world champion for the sixth times and the 3rd consecutive after 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. It goes beyond Juan Manuel Anglo (5 titles), to a coronation of the record held by Michael Schumacher given that 2004. His colleague Latter Boats is vice-champion of the globe and Max. Verstappen ends 3rd in front of both Ferrari motorists, Charles Leclerc adhered to by Sebastian Vettel. For contractors, Ferrari takes 2nd area and Red Bull Competing the 3rd; the exact same fierce than in 2017 as well as 2018.
The period once again sees the 3 peak stables Trusted all success and mostly all the podiums, they leave only 3: two for Too Ross (Daniel Kayak third in Germany, Pierre Gaily second in Brazil) and also one for McLaren (Carlos Saint Third in Brazil). Victories as well as all other platforms are split in between Hamilton (eleven triumphs, seventeen podiums), Latter Boats (4 wins, fifteen platforms), Max Verstappen (three wins, nine platforms), Charles Leclerc (two victories, 10 platforms), In addition, pilot having actually made the highest possible number of posts placements this year (7), as well as Sebastian Vettel (a triumph, nine platforms). Hamilton is the just one to rack up points in the twenty-one racing of the season, and develops 2 new documents: in factors (413) as well as for led at least one round in nineteen races this year. His steady continues his prominence began at the start of the Hybrid V6 Engine Period in 2014 with this brand-new doubled year, getting to a total amount of 102 wins, 89 of which were acquired throughout this duration.

Max stopped stays after the hard duel with Lewis Hamilton at the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Brazil without punishment. The racing communities decided on Friday after Hamiltons Mercedes Reinstall had demanded a re-examination of the maneuver. In the run-up to the great price of Qatar this topic is now off the table.

Decisive is that Mercedes could not provide any significant insights in the opinion of Stewards, which go beyond the already known. This remains the original decision from the race: The maneuver of Red Bull Pilot was not pun-off.

At the time of the announcement, Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff and Red Bulls team boss Christian Corner sat in a common press conference in a common press conference anyway.

The result he had completely so expected, said Wolff, we did not think we were gaining something. We wanted to stimulate a discussion, its about the principle.

Wolff: It is important to clarify the rules

The drivers, so Wolff, consider clarity about how they are allowed to defend themselves on the inner car. In São Paulo Hamilton had set outside beside stages and was already slightly in front. The Dutch brakes on the inner rail but later, was carried out of the curve and pushed Hamilton into the outlet zone.

With the decision of the Stewards, the drivers now have a guideline for the remaining races in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, Wolff said, We do not want the World Cup to be decided at the Stewards or before the Court of Appeal. Thats why its Important to clarify the rules.

Corner about Wolf: I do not have to kiss his butt

Corner, in turn, criticized the decision of Mercedes to subsequently check a penalty against stages. The title fight with the silver arrows is by far the most political in the history of our team. However, Red Bull has already repeatedly turned on the rule bodies, at the moment they undertake Mercedes regularly due to high final speeds on the straight line.

His very difficult relationship with Wolff for months, he said, Its not a relationship, its a competition. I do not have to dinner with Toto, I do not have to kiss his butt. Other team boss may need that.

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Since a subsequent penalty is missing, nothing changes at the World Cup: stages goes with 14 points lead into the third last season of the season.

FC Bayern Competition too big Therefore Adeyemi doubts the record champion

The German Football National Team of Males is the choice team of the German Football Federation (DFB), which offers football Adeyemiing activity in Germany at global degree in global suits against groups of other national organizations. The squad chooses the national coach of the DFB. In his option, all football players with the race of the Federal Republic of Germany are offered to him, which (when it comes to a dual nationality or preliminary funeral), no compulsory suit for the A nationwide group of an additional football association have actually been knocked.
The DFB option team is just one of the globe s most effective national teams. She was four times Globe Champion (1954, 1974, 1990 as well as 2014), three times European champion (1972, 1980 as well as 1996) and also as soon as Confederations Cup victor (2017 ). There are additionally many semi-final as well as final participation in globe and European championships. The football national group was elected 10 times to Germany s team of the year as well as is a leader in this statistic.
In June 2015, a new logo was offered, with which the nationwide group offered the name the team. This logo design has actually been effectively signed up considering that 2017 in various layouts at the German License and also Hallmark Workplace as a word photo brand. Formerly, the entrance had failed for numerous years because of absence of discrimination. Nonetheless, this designation does not run into against all followers on counter love, as in their eyes in reality, a man-made product of the DFB is and has nothing to do with fan society. In the German-German media, however, the German football nationwide team is typically titled as a nationwide team, DFB-ELF, DFB option or DFB group.

For weeks, Karim Adeyemi has been associated with Red Bull Salzburg with FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund. The BVB should currently have the better opportunities for an obligation of the attacker. A possible change to the dealers appears unlikely after a recent report.

According to Spox and Goal, the Adeyemi side doubts that the attacker would have a Adeyemiy perspective at FC Bayern. The reason for this should be the great competition in the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann.

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Apparently, the situation of Adeyemis national team colleague Jamal Musiala contributes to the attitude. So Musiala at FC Bayern is mostly only to Joker missions and has not completed a game over the full 90 minutes in the current season.

Is Karim Adeyemi The Fastest Player In Europe?
Instead, coach Nagelsmann mostly relies on experienced players like Thomas Müller, Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sané and Kingsley Coman. If the latter who has not yet been able to agree with the FC Bayern yet to a renew of the 2023-ending contract, which can leave Munich premature, Adeyemi could succeed. But the AdeEyemi side still fears a stagnant development, it says.

BVB apparently with better cards

According to Sky and Adeyemi1 Borussia Dortmund is therefore to have the better cards on a transfer Adeyemis. As Adeyemi1 wants to learn, the BVB bosses are even ready to pay Adeyemi a higher initial salary than then Jude Bellingham. This should first have earned around three million euros a year.

According to SKY Paris Saint-Germain may also calculate opportunities on Adeyemi. PSG shows in Adeyemi allegedly a very interesting player. In Paris, the 19-year-old could step in the large footsteps of Kylian Mbappé, who stands in the summer before jumping.

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