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Confirmed PS plus premium title worth at least 3,000 US

PS Plus quickly approaches the release date of the revision and brings new subscription level advantages in the form of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium if the service is restarted in the USA on June 13th and on June 22nd in Europe. We already have a foretaste of the PS Plus Extra and Premium playlist before the start, but how much will the service be worth if it goes live? What value can Subscribe from PS Plus Premium expect for one year?

We have put together the data about how much all confirmed PS Plus games are worth and found that PS Plus Premium will offer games worth at least $ 3,000 when using the service on PS5. The total value of the announced games has so far amounted to $ 3,094.74 (approx. £ 2,480). We have determined this number by counting the basic price in the PlayStation Store for each game that was unveiled this week PlayStation blog post, whereby the PS5 version of a game may be prioritized. Your list prices has been used for the already announced classic PS3, PS1 and PSP games to evaluate them.

PS plus premium subscribers to PS5 have access to at least 137 unique games when they start, while PS4 subscribers have access to similar 134 games and only miss three exclusive PS5 games: Demon’s Souls remake of Bluepoint Games, Destruction Allstars and Returnal. This means that the total value for PS plus premium subscribers on PS4 is $ 2,924.77 (approx. £ 2,345).

It is worth noting that both the PS plus premium and extra libraries will grow exponentially, so that these numbers are only the minimum of what they can expect from a PS Plus subscription. The wording in Sony’s blog posts shows that further games could be added during the “start window”, as well as consistent additions after the start.

Sony claims that up to 400 PS4/PS5 games for subscribers should be added in the coming months, and up to 340 titles from older systems such as PS2 and PSP for premium subscribers. Against this background, you can expect that the total value of the service is growing over time-as we saw at the Xbox Game Pass competitor service, which added 2021 games worth over $ 6,000.

As far as we know so far, there are only 36 unique games less on PS Plus than on Premium, so that the difference in value between extra and premium is not yet as pronounced as it will probably be later. PS Plus Extra subscribers on PS5 see a value of at least $ 2,759 (approx. £ 2,210), while the value on PS4 is currently $ 2,589.03 (approx. £ 2,075). Either way, with an annual subscription price of $ 99.99 (£ 83.99) for extra or $ 119.99 (£ 99.99) for Premium, PlayStation users on both consoles already a remarkable capital return.

| PS Plus Premium (PS5) | PS Plus Premium (PS4) | PS Plus-Extra (PS5) | PS Plus Premium (PS4)

Current value ($) | 3,094 $ | $ 2,924 | $ 2,759 | $ 2,589
Current value (approx. £) | £ 2.475 | £ 2,340 | £ 2.210 | £ 2.070

Since there is still potential for the announcement of other games for the relaunch of PS Plus, these figures are likely to increase. If we receive the official confirmation of further publication titles, we will definitely update this article.

In order to keep the price data consistent in our research, we have decided to miss all games that were removed from the PlayStation Store at the time of our data collection instead of obtaining the prices from various third -party providers. The total number of the titles previously exigned is ten-five PS3 titles (Asura’s Wrath, Fear, Infamous, Lost Planet 2 and Resistance 3) and five PSONE titles (APE Escape, IQ Intelligent QUBE, Mr. Driller, Worms). Armageddon and Worms World Party).

We also identified a total of nine double titles based on our own metrics (whereby the same game was available on more than one platform), with only one game (Super Stardust Portable) influenced the start balance for PS Plus Premium on PS4.

We also found that Sony actually took the individual copies of Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy from the list, so we took a single value of $ 39.99 for both, based on one in Playstation Store listed bundle, whereby we have taken care of keeping both of them game entries that are listed individually in our title figures.

Trophies CONFIRMED for PS1 games on PS4/PS5!! - PlayStation Plus Premium
For those who are looking for further information to decide which PS Plus level to choose, see this list of test games of the PS Plus Premium Games, which is also the top level when the subscription service was introduced

Only today Free PlayStation Plus

The countdown is running! Only today you can secure the PS-Plus Free Games for October. Tomorrow the offer changes again.

PS Plus in October: These are the free games

Only today PS-Plus subscribers can dust the three new free games from October – among them a new ego shooter, a golf game and a brutal beating game. Here is the overview:

Bright Let Loose (exclusive for PS5, in PlayStation Store)
PGA Golf Tour 2K21 (in the PlayStation Store)
Mortal Kombat X (in the PlayStation Store)

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) November 2021 (PS+)

12 months PS Plus at Amazon

PS-Plus games at a glance

With Mortal Kombat X all fans of beating games come on their costs. Unlike Tekken, Street Fighter and Co. is in Mortal Combat, however significantly harder to the point.

Not only injected here and then a bit of blood, who lands a critical clamping hit at his opponent, he also likes to tear him out of the spine or blacked him in two halves.

No wonder the game in this country has received a USK release from 18 years.

Significantly sporty it works at PGA Tour 2K21. In the golf game, you do not use your racket to break the skull of your counterparty, but just tries to promote your golf ball into the hole in as few beatings as possible.

A great innovation in the recent part is the career mode, which allows you to play the career of a golfer. Alternatively, you can also show your friends online in multiplayer mode, which you have on the box.

Exclusively for PS5 players, there is the NEXT gene shooter bright LET LOOSE, which kidnaps you again on the battlefields of the Second World War. The tactic shooter relies on realism and huge mass battles with up to 100 players.

You can secure the free PS plus games between 05 October 2021 and 01. November 2021. After the deadline, the offer changes again.

Saturn 3 games for 49 euros PS5 PS4 and more

Saturn launched a new discount campaign that makes you feel cheaper in the possession of selected games. Especially at the SALE is: no matter what games you packs from the ingredients of the action to the cart, in the end you have to pay for all three titles together only 49 euros.

You will not be restricted to a specific platform, even if the PS4 and PS5 offers for most Store readers are likely to have the higher attraction. But also games for the Xbox consoles, the switch and the PC are there

Action: 3 for 49 euros

This is how the action works: You choose from the action selection three games, packs them in the shopping cart and in the end, the amount will be automatically reduced to 49 euros.

To name a few examples: in the case of the PS5 games, games such as Watch Dogs Legion , Dirt 5 , Metro Exodus , Marvels Avengers and Observer System Redux . PS4 players can pack titles like The Witcher 3 , Doom Eternal , Red Dead Redemption and countless more games in the shopping cart and purchase for the initially mentioned discount price.

The bill is quite simple: With a flat rate of 49 euros, you pay only just over 16 euros for each title. Even if the games of the action are usually not the latest games, the price could move one or the other player to catch up with a highlight.

Manchester City Academy 7 v 7 Possession Game

Offers in the PlayStation Store

If you prefer to go back to digital games: Last Wednesday, the PlayStation Store started a extensive sale at the start , which makes you a lot of games cheaper. At the weekend, the offers were expanded and also the PS plus games for October are still available for the free download .

More about PlayStation:

PS5-FacePlates manufacturer gives on threat of legal action
Apple Music evidently comes to the PS5 console

And since we are currently at the PlayStation Store: There, a new feature has been activated , which should be discovered for new games faster.

Further messages to Saturn.

PS Store This is the new offer of the week for PS4 PS5 Advertisement

Warframe is the new offer of the week in the PlayStation Store. For the Free2Play action game, there are both premium currency and two content packages cheaper, namely the sisters of Parvo s surf package as well as the sisters of Parvos surfing package, both of which appeared in July of this year. The deals are considered usual until Wednesday next week.

Warframe in the offer of the week of the PlayStation Store

Here is a brief overview of the offers:

Premium currency:

370 Platinum instead of 17,99 € for € 13.49 (-25%)
1000 Platinum + Mod Instead 49,99 € for € 34.99 (-30%)
2100 Platinum + 2 mods instead 99,99 € for 59,99 € (-40%)
3125 Platinum + 3 mods instead of 129,99 € for 64.99 € (-50%)


Sisters of Parvos surf package instead 36.99 € for € 18.49
Sisters of Parvos Seward Package instead of 9,99 € for 5,99 €

What is warframe?

Warframe has long been one of the most popular Free2play games in the market, so most of you have certainly heard of it. What exactly is it in the warframe, however, the few people who have not played yet, which is because it is not so easy to explain. Here is an attempt:

A caste of super cries: Roughly gross you can describe warframe as a mixture of science-fiction roleplaying and third person shooter, which also contains stroke, melee and parking mechanisms. Our play figure belongs to the Old War Castle of Tenno, which was in the low sleep over centuries and he has to recognize after her awakening that things in the meantime are not developing good. Almost all the fractions of the solar system are refined with it.

Huge extensions: Our own spaceship serves as a stroke, from which we can start missions, both alone and in the co-op. Originally, these missions took place in relatively narrow, procedural generated levels. Meanwhile, Warframe was extended to extended huge, open areas. For example, the Moon Deimos Moon was added last year. The most recent extension Corpus Proxima brings with three new planets.

Versatile: In addition to co-op and solo missions, you can also participate in PVP struggles if you want. In general, you can now spend time in a very diverse way in Warframe, because since the start in 2013, new ideas and game systems have been added. This can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, but you do not need to look through the warframe right completely to have fun. The fact that you can always discover new aspects, actually make up to some extent the charm of the game and ensures high long-term motivation.

Warframe in the offer of the week of the PlayStation Store

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