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Enough of the Sims 4? 12 games that you can play as an alternative

The Sims 4 gathers a huge community of players. But what about alternatives in the genre? It is not for nothing that EA has the best life simulation on the market because there is a lack of strong competition. If you need a change of wallpaper from the Sims or just want to sniff into the genre, we have 12 fantastic games in the following image series that you could like.

The Sims 4, Animal Crossing and Co: Life simulations arrive

The selection of life sessions is huge and the absolute number one is still the Sims 4 . But other titles such as Animal Crossing are real favorites in this area.

The calm gameplay and opportunities to design and live out creatively make this genre so fascinating. But what about the same long -running favorite? Are there promising alternatives?

A List of 12 Objects That Add Gameplay in The Sims 4. They're Great!
Yes, there is! We have selected you 12 life simulations , which you can play next to the Sims 4 for a change:

Best Covenant for each class in Wow Shadowlands

Covenant selection in the Shadowlands extension for World of Warcraft is an incredibly important solution. Although players can change the Covenant of their character, it will negate all the invested hard work. Thus, it is better to immediately choose a Covent, which is best completed your class.

By joining the Covenant, players will receive two abilities. The first is the corporate ability of Covenanta, and the second is class ability. It is these class specific ability to be of great importance when choosing a covenant.



Winged guards who transfer the souls worthy of the afterlife in the bastion, Kiriana – Angel creatures living in an idyllic paradise. Their branded ability is to call the steward to bring the phial of serenity, which will restore some health and remove all the effects of curse, illness, poison and bleeding.

  • Bloody Death Knight
  • Hunter for revenge demons
  • secret magician
  • Khmelevar monk
  • dancing with wind monk
  • Paladin Retribution
  • Priest discipline

  • Robber outlaw
  • protection warrior


Necrolords rule their kingdom, which serves the birthplace of necromancer magic. As defenders of Shadowlands, they are very proud of their strength and severely punish any weakness. Their characteristic ability is “the skill of the flesh”, which forms a shield from flesh and bones, preventing damage, equal to your maximum health. Standing next to the body of the fallen enemy, you will create a larger shield.

  • Ice Knight Death
  • wicked death knight
  • Ice Mag
  • priest shadow
  • Improvement Shaman
  • Reducing Shaman
  • Warlock destruction
  • rage warrior


Night minids are watching the spirits of nature, reviving Ardenveld’s gloomy groves. The corporate ability of the nightly population allows players to turn into vulpins. This increases the speed of movement and allows teleport for a short distance. As Covenant’s ranks are progressed, players will open additional forms.

    • Chaos Demos Hunter **
  • Druid Balance
  • Wild Druid
  • Druid Keeper
  • Druid Recovery
    Lord of Beasts Hunter
  • Hunter for the accuracy
  • survival hunter
  • magician fire
  • Elemental shaman
  • Warfish Witchcraft
  • Demonology Warlock
  • Warrior weapon


Full conflicts and parallels, the fans are watching proud souls, walking along the long way to redemption. The company’s branded ability allows players to use the door of the shadows, teleporting to the target areas.

    • Stacks of the Tumanov monk **
  • Holy Paladin
  • Paladin protection
  • Holy Priest

Best Covenant for Every Class and Spec in Shadowlands
* Murder robber
Higher Rogue *

To learn more about World of Warcraft, check out the article if you can change the interface in WOW DRAGONFLIGHT? In professional game guides.

How to remove the fog killing you in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the last game from Tango Gameworks, allows players to explore Sibu, when it is captured by supernatural forces that take almost all residents of the city through the mysterious fog. Although the fog spreads Akito, he still can harm him if he dares to approach him too close, and only those who can dispel fog will receive full access to Tokyo.

To dispel a dangerous fog in Ghostwire: Tokyo, you need to clean the thorium gate scattered throughout Sibuy. These unique gates will be displayed in the upper world with a white tint when they are damaged as shown below:

How to Clean the Gate Toria

Players can view the gate of Thoria from the world map in Ghostwire Tokyo by opening their menu by pressing the touch panel. The purified gate of the thorium is displayed on the map with an orange color, and the damaged gate is blue. Some Toria gates require the players to cleanse several arches before saving the area from the fog, demonstrating several areas where every gate is located, as shown below. If torii’s gates do not appear inside these rings, you need to go closer to find them:

To clear the gate of the thorium, you need to clean the area from enemies and approach the gate, holding L2 while Akito does not finish cleaning the gate of Thoria.

GHOSTWIRE TOKYO PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (FULL GAME)

As soon as the tori’s gates will be cleaned, they will become red, and the fog surrounding them will dispel, which will allow players to see other areas previously inaccessible. Players can also quickly reach the gate of Toria, moving towards their map and pressing the “square” when the Orange Arch is highlighted.

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BEST Boss Weapon in Elden Ring

Elden Ring The players will get a variety of weapons from the Remembrance after defeating the boss class and the great enemy of the demigods. These weapons allow players to perform special attacks, and can be improved by forging gloomy stones for a stronger punch. Similarly, the performance of certain quest lines will give players some legendary weapons.

Elden Ring - The Most Insane LEGENDARY Armors & Boss Weapons | Elden Ring Tips & Tricks

Great Sword Star defilement

Big sword Star contamination can be obtained after defeating General Radanom the castle red mane. This two-handed sword, you can use both hands in each hand, and he is endowed with special abilities gravity.

Players can use the unique skill Starcaller Cry, to cause damage and to attract nearby enemies. This attack costs about 20 FP each time. Press the “strong attack” to continue the attack a powerful punch blade. Big sword Star contamination – Universal boss weapons that can be used in any situation.

Required attributes:

  • Durability: 38
  • Intellect: 15
  • Agility: 12

Black Blade Maliket

You can get Black Blade Maliketa defeating Maliketa in the destruction of Farum Azul. Players will need to use the 40 FP each time to activate his unique skill. This weapon is also endowed with the Holy damage.

His unique skill is “destined to die” allows players to stick the blade into the ground to cause a myriad of red bumps. This attack is not only causes damage, but also reduces the maximum number of enemy’s HP and for some time continued to wear the HP.

Required attributes:

  • Power 34
  • Vera 20
  • Agility 12

Rock Blade Dragon King

Rocky Blade Dragon King can be obtained by defeating the Dragon Lord Palatsidusaksa. His unique skill: “Form thundercloud” allows players to temporarily transform into a red thundercloud to fly and hit enemies with lightning.

This unique skill is worth 35 FP each time his players activate. You can also hold down the “strong attack”, to increase the distance thundercloud.

Required attributes:

  • Power 18
  • Agility 37

Cursed Sword Morgoth

Morgotta cursed sword – one of the strongest curved swords in Elden Ring. It can be obtained after defeating Morgottom in Eldenskogo throne in Lindell. Players will need to use the 20 FP each time to activate the unique skill of these weapons.

Players can use their unique skill Cursed-Blood Strike, to rush forward and strike diagonally downward. Next blade is accompanied by a flash of flame. Clicking on the additional input will allow you to conduct another attack.

Required attributes:

  • Power 14
  • Agility 35
  • Arkan 17

Great Sword of the Dark Moon

Although technically this sword is not a weapon boss, it stands out among other legendary weapons. Big sword Dark Moon can be obtained by following the chain of Ranney jobs. This legendary weapon – one of the best two-handed sword in the game.

His unique skill Greatsword moonlight charges the sword dark light of the moon. The power of magic attack temporarily increases and the blade is filled with damage from the cold. Furthermore, when the charged attack will produce arcs moonlight.

Required attributes:

  • Power 16
  • Agility 11
  • Intellect 38

Want to know how to perform a chain of assignments Ranney? Check out where to find the Ring of the Dark Moon for the quest Ranney in Elden Ring? professional guides on the game.

Where to find TBINBLADE mascot in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players will find various key items and accessories that can be equipped to improve the characteristics of the sweat. Talisman TwinBlade Talisman is one of these items, and it can be attached to your equipment to increase the efficiency of combined and chain attacks.

Tabisman TwinBlade can be obtained from Morne Castle Located on the southern outskirts of G. Playing Peninsula . As soon as you get inside the castle, go to the southern part, climbing the stairs. Players will find rear of the castle site of grace from where they can jump on the shafts to get to the Western Tower of Morne Castle. Talisman TwinBlade Talisman is hidden in a treasure chest at the top of this Western Tower.

TBINBLADE mascot strengthens the last blow of chain attacks and is very useful if the players have two-handed weapons. Talisman depicts the classroom technique confessor and allows players to apply a huge damage to the last blow. This talisman can be sold for 500 runes in any trading camp.

There is also a battle with a boss located on the southern outskirts of Morne Castle. Players will find Leonin illegitimate Boss in Morne Castle, and victory over him will reward players with a legendary sword with a grafted blade.

Elden Ring - Twinblade Talisman Location
Do not know where to restore the Great Rune Rajarkard? Check how to get to the Divine Tower of Western Altus to Elden Ring? in professional guidelines for the game.

FIFA 22 TOTW 26: Forecast to the TOTW 26

The FIFA 22 TOTW 26 is imminent: The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday in the Ultimate Team. On the basis of players from last weekend, fan pages have created first predictions – and thus a view of the potential players and stations. The current predictions come from the portal, which includes Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in the Totw . The Portuguese disassembled Tottenham at the weekend with a Hattrick nearly single-alignment.

Also in the starting elf, Szczesny, Forsberg, Grifo, Havertz and Ruben Neves could stand. Which kickers can also be found in the launch of FIFA 22 (now € 21.99) TOTW 26, you will find out below. We also keep the players ready to place on the replacement bench. According to the prediction, Kalulu, Harit, Hernandez, Ferran Torres and Gravenberch are.

FIFA 22 TOTW 26: Forecast for the starting

  • Szczesny
  • Cash
  • Matip
  • Bremen
  • Forsberg
  • Partey
  • Ruben Neves
  • Grifo
  • Osimens
  • Hvertz
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Possible spare players

  • Brat
  • Kalulu
  • Erlic
  • Gravenberch
  • Zalazar
  • O’Hare
  • Pedro Henrique
  • Berahino
  • Hernandez
  • Harit
  • Ferran Torres

  • Al Somah

FIFA 22 TOTW 26 Predictions | Team of the Week 26 | TOTW 26 Prediction

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FIFA 22: Million penalty for Lootboxen

A court in the Netherlands stated that Lootboxes are not gambling in FIFA. Electronic Arts turns millions of penalty. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 22 TOTW 25: Predictions to the new team of the week – with which players?

In FIFA 22 is the Totw 25 before: The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday. We have a first forecast for you.

FIFA 22 TOTW 26 from Wednesday

Whether the information from the forecast of preservation, we learn on Wednesday when EA announces the official player list to the team of the week. Shortly thereafter, the special cards are in the Ultimate Team Live – with happiness you pull them out of the packs. Alternatively, you will take a look at the transfer market: Again, players are likely to emerge from the team of the week, but then certainly too hearty prices. For players, the cards are particularly valuable because they have better attributes and values ​​than the standard cards. FIFA 22 is commercially available on PC and consoles.

From David Martin
14.03.2022 at 08:19

Wow: patch good, raid good, all right? Why patch 9.2 rip around the rudder

In the first half of Shadowlands Blizzard has not specially much right and so the displeasure drawn many players. You have the developers but also credit, that they have certainly tried. with patch 9.1 then suddenly at the beginning there was too little Grind, far too much of it. Relevant decisions such as the choice Pact were criticized as well as the current system, in which one can change his pact several times a day.

As was so often the developers have addressed a problem with good will and thereby hopelessly overshot -. With the famous Blizzard sledgehammer method the current patch 9.2, developers now have the last chance Shadowlands with a worthy conclusion but set yet as reasonably good expansion in the minds of the players. And they are on the right track.

Patch 9.2 is simply fun

On Zereth Mortis plenty of running cuddly creatures around. A dream for explorers. Source: developers course, the content and settings always a matter of taste are. But I make Patch 9.2 really fun. And since I’m obviously not the only 1. In my personal filter bubble and guild, people have again more fun than in the past. This is certainly a part of that, finally, there is new content again.

but the decisions of the developers certainly play with pure. Especially the decoupling of player power from the remaining contents in Zereth Mortis. It just feels so good when you do not always feel the inner forced more and more to grind. Instead, I play when and what I want. Spoiler: Thanks to the freedom I am more motivated and actually play a lot more than I would have done under duress.

WoW 9.2: WEEK 2 - Best ways to make GOLD in Patch 9.2! Up to 500k/hour | Shadowlands Gold Farming

Great Raid

Not only the Raid is not very good rebalanced in the first few days, the new Dungeons would need quite a bit of tuning. Source: Blizzard And the Mausoleum of the First joins seamlessly. Sure, the amounts of trash go me on the biscuit and some bosses are currently still extremely bad cough rebalanced * * Anduin – which incidentally was recently nerfed hard * But the battles are fun in themselves, are well designed. and the embedding of the raids in the area Zereth Mortis is very well d1. Fight like Anduin, Xy’mox or Halondrus are not only challenging, but also playfully top – at least in my eyes.

The balancing is the way not only for some bosses to start a disaster. The new Mythical-Plus Dungeon Tazavesh is significantly heavier than all the other dungeons. Compared to the “old” Dungeons, the two parts of Tazavesh are certainly easy to locate three or four steps higher.

One might think that Blizzard have put more work time in the design and development of the individual features, as in the balancing just that. Above all, the comprehensive response to player feedback were high on the priority list. Hardly a feature is still as on the live server, as it was originally scheduled times and implemented on the PTR. In my opinion this is the right approach. Better a few days (or weeks) with poorly gebalancten content, make no fun than a few months with unsatisfactory content.

rethinking takes time

With patch 9.2 of WoW is (buy now) in some areas has become a different game. Instead of new content ad nauseam to grind, to compete in Raid and Dungeons, many of the new features are optional. And those that are not, for example, players as they earn Cosmic flux or the activation of the second Legendarys have been drastically simplified. The new resource is formally slain – in almost all contents of the game. The Legendary has no reputation requirement anymore, but is linked to the campaign. In short: Raider who just want to raid, much must spend much, much less time and with the scab.
Throughout Zereth Mortis boxes are hidden, waiting for hard-working players. Source: developers But that must now first in the minds of many players purely Many friends grind currently still the ass sore, because that just makes so at the beginning of a new patch.. “Game just as much as you want – you’ll no relevant disadvantages.” – this thinking will settle slowly in the minds of the players.

Much like at the beginning of Shadowlands, has made it clear time and again as Blizzard, that there will be so many animators over the extension that you can buy easily get all rewards. Nevertheless, many have farmed as the world champion and complained that so much Grind was necessary.

We can only hope that Blizzard does not come up with the idea of putting a turnaround with the following patches and make the grind suddenly mandatory again. It would be possible for them. Because so far, I do not trust the well-smelling roast that the developers have just served. How did you experience the start of patch 9.2? Did you also shield the world champions because you like the area, as I like me, just good? Or did you use the opportunity and is the new update much quieter than before? Maybe you also belong to the players, which the inner forced has always cooled anyway – then of course little for you has changed. To home page to the gallery

FIFA 22 TOTW 22: Forecast to the team of the week

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 22 : The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday in the Ultimate Team. Fansites have made first predictions on the possible statements on the basis of players from the past weekend. For example, from the prediction of the portal, players like Trippier (Newcastle), Correa (Inter Milan), Fabinho (FC Liverpool) and Fekir (Betis Seville) have good chances of having a special cards in FIFA 22 TOTW 22 to get.

Also sterling, Haller and Bensbaini could stand in the starting element of the new team of the week. Marco Reus, which contributed significantly to the victory of Borussia Dortmund against Union Berlin, also seems to receive one of the coveted special cards. On the replacement bench, the prognosis assume players like Jose SA, Webster, Holtmann, Horta, Visca and De Tomas place. We will keep the complete prediction below. Whether the predictions of keeping, we will learn shortly. EA sets the setup for FIFA 22 (Buy Now 40,59 € / 53.99 €) TOTW 22 on Wednesday.

FIFA 22 TOTW 22: Possible installation

  • Rulli
  • Trippier
  • Keans
  • Bensbaini
  • Correa
  • Kokcu
  • Fabinho
  • Fekir
  • Reus
  • Sterling
  • Haller

Possible spare players

  • Jose SA
  • Webster
  • Sykes
  • Boukema
  • Crnigoj
  • Holtmann

  • Honor
  • Zaccagni
  • Horta
  • Diogo Jota
  • Visca
  • De Tomas

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FIFA 22 TOTW 21: Predictions to the team of the week – Which players are in the squad?

In FIFA 22 is the TOTW 21 before: The new team of the week is going live this week in the Ultimate Team live. We have a prognosis. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

Does FIFA NFT also gets? That says Electronic Arts

NFTS in FIFA? EA has evidenced itself in her inverstore call on NFT gaming. The answers are certainly exciting.

Totw from Wednesday

After the announcement, the special cards from the team of the week for a week are available in the Ultimate Team Packs. In the transfer market, the objects should also arrive, but then probably to lush prices. For players, the cards are particularly valuable because they have better attributes and values ​​than the standard objects. FIFA 22 is available on PC and consoles.

From David Martin
14.02.2022 at 08:57

Football Manager 2021: Multiplayer

Who does not want to play Football Manager 2021 alone, on the waiting for various modes.

Football Manager 2021: These are the multiplayer options


In Football Manager 2021 there are two multiplayer possibilities:

  • In the Fantasy Draft, players create a team based on a specified budget. These teams then contact each other in fictitious competitions. This can happen both in the ligamodus and in the form of a tournament tree.
  • The career mode is also available for multiplayer fans. There are no differences in the content of the solo career (and at the settings possibilities), apart from the fact that the game progresses only when all players have finished the day. In addition, negotiations and duels have a special explosiveness between the real players. Up to 32 players can compete together.

For players with enthusiastic FM fans in the circle of friends, there are different ways to go together in the complexity of the 21er version. But attention: The multiplayer options only exist for the main game, not for mobile offshoots Mobile and Touch.

With the successor Football Manager 2022 another multiplayer mode came into play, namely the versus mode, us game. In this you choose an existing team (like your own team from your score) and thus occur against the team of another player, without deeper league or framework conditions, as short and spontaneity are in the foreground.

Square Enix unveils plans to improve Final Fantasy XIV servers

The transactions disclosed by Yeshiva will be spread over several months, but the good news is that work has already begun, and the first phase is scheduled for next week!

Opening of Pacific Data Center

Promised by the manager at the Fan Festival last year, the new data center, Material, will land at the January 25 at 11am. It will contain 5 worlds named after the primordial Heavenward :

  • Havana
  • Bismarck
  • Sophia
  • Effort
  • Urban

These worlds will all be considered new worlds. Therefore, players create a character on the new servers will be entitled to bonus usual. You can find details on the website of the Lodest1. As for housing, they will be sold to the update 6.1, along with the arrival of the residential neighborhood to Asgard.

Also note that the worlds transfer service will be restarted on January 26 , allowing Pacific players move their characters on this new data center.

travel between data centers

This feature allows players to temporarily visit another data center was announced for End walker but delayed due to the current congestion. However, the development team believes that the situation is now stable enough for this service to be launched after the update 6.1.

However, as announced last year, the service is subject to some restrictions:

  • Travel that will be possible between the data center on the same physical server . At present, this means that players in European data centers can travel between Chaos and Light, but not on the US data centers, the new Japanese or Pacific Hub.
  • Travel to another data center is from the character selection screen. It will not be possible to do it once in play, as is the case for the trip inter-worlds.

Yoshida-san stated that the system theoretically supports travel to other parts centers, but the team wants to first assess the situation after the establishment of restricted service, due to the volume of data transmitted and the economy of the game very different according to regions. It is possible that in the future, players can move to any other world, regardless of region.

About the features in the game, it will not be possible to use the chat channels of your company or your free link shells when you move to another data center. It will be the same for communities that need to be on his home world. However, the search tool teams, progression quests and task tool will be accessible without worries.

Expansion of existing data center

All current regions (America, Japan and Europe) will be expanded to increase capacity Front of the game. These improvements will be made over several months, so be patient.

The Japan will be the first to enjoy a good facelift. No new world is expected, but the 32 existing worlds will be re-distributed over 4 data centers (4×8 worlds), against three at present (10 + 11 + 11). These changes are planned for July 2022.

For the North America already organized in three data centers each 8 worlds, the expansion will be in two stages. First, the addition of a new data center containing 4 worlds to August 2022. Due to the shortage of semiconductors, the second step will be implemented only in spring / summer 2023, and will add 4 more worlds to the new data center. This means that eventually, North America will have the same capabilities as Japan, 32 worlds of 4 data centers. Yeshiva also said that even greater changes are being discussed for the extension 7.0 of the game. But it will take some time to know the details.

Rest assured, the old continent has not been forgotten. Europe is also entitled to its expansion, in two stages. To start, 4 new worlds will be added, two on and two Chaoses on Light to align the number of worlds in center with other regions. This first stage is scheduled to July 2022 . Then in summer 2023 a new data center will be inaugurated with 8 worlds. This will make a total of 24 worlds in Europe, twice the current capacity! The team is more confident of having enough space in the European server to be ready to open a fourth data center as soon as it becomes necessary.

Finally, the producer and director Naomi Yeshiva wanted to speak directly to the players:

Once again, I want to apologize for the delay in the implementation of our data centers, as well as for disturbances and the inconveniences that it has caused by the community.

Know that we will continue to make every effort in the development of FFI , to create an environment where everyone will benefit from the best possible play conditions. EN 2022 and 2023, we will work again and again to make major improvements, without sparing our efforts and investments, while ensuring the impact of this work on your game, and we hope you will continue to us to support.

As I mentioned a little higher, we will also work in parallel not only on the balancing of the jobs, but also on the novelties, on the development of 6.x updates as well as that of the next extension 7.0. We will make you some ads at these topics by the end of February, so be present during the next letters from the producer Live!

We thank you all for your continued support, and hope you will continue to have a good time on Final Fantasy XIV .


Naomi Yeshiva, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV

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