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Two-Bite-Web Spread, MS Xbox Marketing Official Selection

[Ham Young Moon Young -soo Reporter] Tupite (CEO Ham Young -cheol) has a consortium with advertising agency Webpread (CEO Park Ji -hwan) and was selected as the official domestic marketing agency of Microsoft’s console game console Xbox (XBOX). Announced.

Two -Bite is working on Facebook, the official Xbox social channel, and Web Spread is in charge of various community contents such as social advertising.

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Two -Bate is a partner with more than 50 partners and is an operating, QA, and content production company with more than 80 title localization experience. This Xbox Game Pass will provide useful information to domestic game fans through the official social channel operation.

Web Spread, an advertising marketing poet, has been working with large film companies such as Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, and UIP for a long time.

Toupytes formed a social media team for professional content production personnel for this operation. The company plans to announce the Xbox game pass service with various contents such as video and images.

“We are looking forward to seeing the Korean game market, and Web Spread is selected as the official Xbox Korea Marketing Agency.”

Ham Young -cheol, CEO of Tuby, said, “We are pleased to be selected as the domestic social channel operating agency of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which is loved by global.” I will try more with Web Spread. ”

Game Culture Foundation recruits lecturers of 2022 Game Culture Class

[Young Moon Young -soo] The Game Culture Foundation is recruiting instructors for ‘2022 Game Culture Class’ by May 13th.

The 2022 Game Culture Class operates ‘Textbook -oriented Education’ and ‘Topic Selection’ course for elementary, middle school students and school youth, and other students in other students in order to help spread the sound game culture and explore the career paths..

The textbook -centered curriculum consists of gamership training to prevent games and immersion and spread the sound game culture. The subject selection lecture course consists of ▲ prevention education (prevention of games and immersion, cyber violence) ▲ Other education (adults, personal information protection, copyright protection, e -sports industry and career).

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The Game Culture Foundation will select about 300 lecturers in six areas (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, Gangwon, Jeju) through the first document screening and second competency screening.

It is recruited for each education field (game -consumer, game utilization coding) and can be duplicated. Reception can be done on the homepage of the game culture class.

The lecturers selected for this recruitment will be a lecturer for game culture classes from August to July next year, and will operate online and offline education for schools and institutions.

Neptune, a subsidiary game 3-year release notice

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Neptune announced that it launched three new mobile games through the subsidiary of Neptune.

Triplela (Representative Hmmans) will launch Tycoon Games’ Make Over Tycoon (Tycoon) game “Make Over Tycoon” that is the best style through cool hairstyles and makeups that want to be a star.

Prittyvid (Representative Yoon Na) introduces a new “Lovers Holly Chief Classroom” in the first half of the year. This game has succeeded the ‘Lover Holic’ IP and a novelty attempt to a mobile casual game that combines the puzzle and collecting elements in the women’s story games.

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Play Hard (Representative Shinseuh) will be released in the first half of the year. This game is going to challenge the global market with a comical Cartoon Games Art, the main character and the manager.

“Development of Neptune, Neptune, said,” Neptune’s development subsidiary will expand the game content and expand the mobile casual game service area of ​​Neptune to expand the role of global. “

Blizzard Diablo Emodement Global Private Beta Start

Mr. Queen (철인왕후 Chorinwanghu) is a South Korean television series with Shin Hye-Sun and Kim Jung-Hyun. It consists of 20 episodes and was broadcast on TVN from 20 December 2020 to 14 February 2021.

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Blizzard s beta\-test-later-this-month/&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwiqmrPl8PHzAhUIgnIEHYAwA5kQFnoECAUQAg&usg=AOvVaw2cS-XJFAjUBglv4aASXjqj” title=”Diablo Emortal”>Diablo Emortal global private beta test begins 29 days.

This private beta is first in Australia and Canadian regions and can only participate in the number of players limited through the Android platform. Korean Korean Private Beta, which supports Korean text and voice, will be launched in order of separate independent schedules, and details on schedule and participation methods are disclosed later.

Diablo Emoticon Private Beta can play a total of six jobs, including the Classician introduced into the new test. PVP and PVE-related changes and controller support are tested. Challenge of Immunics, battlefield ladder, set item, and hell-submersliness, etc. can also be experienced.

Diablo 2: Resurrected | PREVIEW | Unser Fazit zur Alpha: Die Stärken und Schwächen der Neuauflage
In this private beta, it is possible to purchase in an optional game. In order to test the relevant functionality, all purchases in a private beta period will be converted to a corresponding game credits and will be available in Diablo Emo Game at the time of release.

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