[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 10th that it has launched ‘Charlotte’s Table’ at the same time (excluding some countries such as China and Vietnam).

Charlotte’s table developed by Entry is a three-match mobile puzzle game of a restaurant theme. You can decorate the restaurant with the main character ‘Charlotte’ and make cooking. It also contains narratives such as the secret, affection, and conflict of Charlotte’s birth. You can download it from Google Play and Apple App Store.

In commemoration of the release of Charlotte’s table, Net marble has released an additional puzzle stage that contains ‘flower bed’ obstacles that were not disclosed in the previous global beta test, and improved the production effect of boosters. In addition, Charlotte’s official YouTube channel also released a promotional video that contains the main features of the game such as puzzles, plating and interior.

Kim Nam-kyung, head of the Net marble Business Division, said, Charlotte’s table is a game that can be easily enjoyed by all ages. It is the most immersive story. We will periodically update the theme by time, such as adding.