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[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] The MMORPG genre has a unique game on the domestic mobile game sales chart. The title is ‘Tang tang Commando’. It was a casual game that was not seen on the outside, and it was interested in the background, with all other MMORPGs and soared to the sixth place in Google Play. I remembered it as if I saw it in the flooding YouTube advertisement.


I was convinced to check the publisher. It was a new work of Harvey, an overseas publisher who was in the top of the domestic sales chart with the legend of the archer several years ago. The legend of the archer was a game that was very popular with the fun of moving and shooting, and it was a game that maximized the pleasure of the original shooting as it was felt in the title. I could also have the fun of the so-called nuclei and slash genre that drove enemies at work.

Gameability is simple. To save the world covered with zombies, you can get rid of all kinds of monsters who are in the battle al1. When you kill the enemy, you acquire the green jewelry that comes out and fill the gauge to choose one of the three options to learn or strengthen new skills. It is also possible to shoot a gun, blow a repair sword, or change it into a top that rotates around. It means that there is a beauty that defeats zombies depending on your taste.

The number of monsters who was aiming for the protagonist was also significant. In particular, the number of zombies poured out after a warning that zombies approaches on a large scale is filled with exaggeration to fill the screen. Therefore, if you do not take a skill or upgrade the skills, you will be surrounded in a moment, reducing your stamina and becoming a game over.

Among the interesting hyper casual games, there are simple but challenging desires. The Tang tang Commando was also such a class. Even if the game is over, the longer the survival time, the more somehow the skills and the characters to grow the character to clear the stage. I thought this point was the cause of the high sales of tang tang points. Even in the puzzle game, if you do not overcome the stage due to a difference, the blood pressure rises to open the wallet.

If you want to have the fun of the game, it is a good choice to play the Tang tang Special Forces. The Tang tang Commando is definitely a fresh stimulus in the domestic game market, which is buried only in the box office. I hope that the domestic game industry will be able to see the scenery of various genres of games.