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Neuendorf wants more diversity in the DFB

Favorite Bernd Neuendorf wants to bring more women and people with a migration background in leadership positions in the case of his election to the President of the German Football Confederation (DFB).

Noch keine Spitze: DFB-Team liegt bei Buchmachern hinter der Seleção

“I think that the picture of our society in the association must be better reflected,” said the 60-year-old the Cologne City Anzeiger (Friday Edition). For this purpose, “another Bureau position for the diversity and diversity project” should be launched.

In addition, the President of the Football Association Mitteldrhein (FVM) pleads for new guidelines in the awarding of large tournaments. In the future, this process must be “mandatory on criteria such as human rights situation and sustainability”. For this, “clear scales” are already formulated in the DFB statute. However, he rejects a boycott of the Qatar World Cup in the coming winter. “In my view, the dialogue is the right instrument,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Neuendorf holds the summer fairymic affair for the 2006 World Cup at Germany not yet worked up for final work. “It would certainly be desirable if this fact would be completely elucidated,” Neuendorf said, “There should be new insights, the DFB must be of course dealing with it.”

Neuendorf will start on the DFB Bundestag on the DFB President against Peter Peters on 11 March on the DFB Bundestag.

After racism abort: MSV Duisburg vs. VfL Osnabrück newly terminated

The third bigamous game in between the MTV Duisburg and the VFL Osnabrück is repeated on 2 February for a racist insult. The German Football Association (DFB) has recalled the duel for 19:00, according to the adapted North Rhine-Westphalian Corona Protection Ordinance, 750 spectators will be admitted. VFL-Profi Aaron Heroku had been dramatically racist angered in the 35th min of the tribune. The complying with abort was the initial due to a racist event in German specialist football: both teams along with umpires Nicolas Winter months and also his team left the field. The VFL did not help with after a short cold time. The DFB Februarys Court made a decision on reopening, followed by the dreams of both clubs and the DFB control board.

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