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[BIC 2022] New indie game trend Convergence, experience in Busan!

Busan Indie Connect T-Festival (BIC), the largest indie game festival in Korea, is being held successfully. BIC, which resumes offline exhibitions, has been on a new experience and meeting on weekdays.


Lee Deuk-woo, Chairman of BIC Judge (Professor of Convergence Content School, Cheonggang Culture and Industry), selects works to be on-site and selects a game that will be honored by the awards. Chairman Lee Deuk-woo, who has been working with BIC since the first episode, has painted a lot of pictures that will make this event with more than 30 anonymous judges.

On the 2nd, I met with Lee Deuk-woo, the chairman of the judge and asked how the game selection process took place. We have listened to the trend of BIC entries and the trend of indie game development this year. Chairman Lee predicted that convergence planning will be a keyword for indie development in the future.

Q. Dismise Game: Finally, BIC’s offline event has been held again.

a. Lee Deuk-woo Judge Chairman: This year, the booth feels especially comfortable and good. The exhibition hall is released from side to side and the conference is underway on the central stage. A total of 162 games are exhibited from sponsor works. I hope the audience comes a lot. If the typhoon is coming up now, if it was a movie hall (BIC was held at the Hall of Film until 2018)… (Laughter)

Q. What role did you play in this BIC?

A. BIC Organizing Committee has several business divisions. Until the previous year, he was the head of the Secretariat, who is in charge of BIC’s administration, and this time he leaves the administration and is in charge of judging by the Organizing Committee. Along with 31 BIC members and external experts, they conducted a review of this year.

Q. I want to hear BIC’s selection of the game.

A. First of all, I am motto, ‘Let’s play enough and judge.’ Game is different from self-subjectivity and taste. In order not to be affected by each other, they prefer online screening as much as possible. The judges are anonymously scoring the game, and all of them are anonymously treated. And the judges can say ‘no game run’, but opinions are prohibited.

So do so. Then the outline is hidden from then on. Statistically, 130 of the top games must be picked up. This time, he invited six minutes of judging and held a meeting together to determine the final selection. I and they played all the games.

Q. Does 31 people don’t know each other?

A. OT knows each other’s existence, but it doesn’t know how these people have judged. They ask them not to exchange opinions with each other, but to judge them as subjective.

BIC has been held since 2015, and there are people who are judging since then. It consists of indie developers, members of the organizer, and those who operate the company from the business perspective, large corporations, journalists, and lawyers. Officially, only the chairman of the judges reveals and works. Until last year, Professor Lee Jung-yeop was the chairman of the judge.



Q. Is the outline of the awards held with the closing ceremony?

A. I do not notify those who have been decided. The results will be announced at the end.

Q. What is the qualification for BIC?

a. From the beginning, I am trying to bring a feeling like a new developer. The game under development or the game within one year of launch is the subject of screening. It is divided into two classes, general and rookie, and Rookie is aimed at students, less than 25 years old, and developers who do not belong to the company. It is said that there is a problem of equity to compete on a stage without distinguishing between general and rookie.

But nowadays, Rookie seems to be popular. Even if the rookie side is a little lower, it is a fun idea or the younger generation’s favorite elements. So I also think of the general and rookie as a horizontal relationship, not in the upper league and the lower league.

Q. As we have been with BIC for a long time, the trend of the works seems to be read every year. For example, ‘This year has a lot of loglike’.

a. It really tends to show every year. In fact, Roggike is now like a basic grammar in Indie. Indie games sometimes put the logic in half because of the limitations of resources. In the case of last year’s BIC, there were many story-oriented adventures. There were many story-oriented games such as creating their own IP, adapting fairy tales, or creating a love simulation. Last year, the rookie category was to dissect the victims of the incident.

This year, I see a lot of card deck buildings that seem to have been influenced by Slay the Spire. It’s not called a crop, but it feels a lot of mix? The story elements are mixed, the loglike is mixed and shows a lot of variety. That’s why games in the fusion genre are colorfully decorated. In comparison, bibimbap feels much more ingredients? (laugh)

Q. Isn’t that a problem if it’s bibimbap in the table?

A. I expect novelty to create something new in Indie, but there is no game to be selected based on that. Personally, I think a good game is a familiar game. It is also important to review the familiar elements and reflect it in the game.

Of course, I think it’s not good to borrow a familiar development. I see a lot in the clicker genre. However, even if you mix well, you can feel fresh even in familiarity. This convergence plan is expected to be keywords in indie development in the future.

Q. Apart from the judging, if you have a personally liked or impressive work, ask an introduction.

A. Regardless of the judging, personal feelings are very personal. Since it was the position of the event, the most memorable people from the first year are the most memorable. It is interesting to see how they change and grow.

For example, in the case of ‘Ko-gu’, he came out with a mobile game puzzle, but this year, he completely changed his style to Steam Game and exhibited . Of course, I melted the puzzle elements they were good at in it and played very impressed.

Pixel Age also exhibited at the first time. It was nice to see the company growing with BIC. Buff Studio also brought a console and a PC game Blue Wen’s Day. These companies personally know history, so they are more meaningful.

Q. What is the charm of BIC only from the judge’s point of view?

A. The charm is that the build may change between three months. The quality of the game at the time of judging and the quality of the game exhibited in the BIC may be different. As the developer is given an exhibition deadline, the game quality may not know during that period. (Like game jam?) Yes. I think the event called BIC has a good impact on these development schedules. Even though it is selected by the selection, even though the event can be made during the event, developers can be made in real time.

Another thing I feel this year is that there are more university works. This year, there were so many universities in universities. Originally, there were not a few universities with game majors, so there were a lot of professionals and exhibits there, but even if there is no department, the game development club is activated there, so there is a game in BIC. Increased examples of exhibiting. It is seen as a very desirable phenomenon.

Q. One of BIC’s first intention was to networking of developers. Through the Corona 19, this part tends to be somewhat weakened. How did it change at this event?

A. The same events are prepared as before corona 19. Even on the first day of the event, the companies held a network party. It feels like a mini-star. The fact that the developer network continues to occur from the outside is evidence of interest in indie.

Originally, BIC had a strong nature of the event that developers made for developers. But now, ‘BIC Connectors’ (a kind of gamer supporter) writes in detail about the game. It seems to be reborn as an event with such a deep user. They are selecting and exhibiting games that they want to see again because they are called ‘Connectors Pick’. As a result, developers who came before came back into an event that could come back and enjoy.

In addition, in the past, the awards were selected at 100%of the judges, and this year, the event is being created to reflect some of the opinions of the connectors.

** q. He has played a variety of roles in BIC, including director, secretary general, and judge. As a result, it seems that the eyes are looking at the event. What is the special meaning to this event?

a. In fact, when I first made it, I played a leading role in the situation where there was nothing, so I started working with the ambiguous title of the director. I didn’t know that this would grow so much. (Laughter) Now, BIC has become a corporation, and has been in charge of administrative work for a long time in the event of an event. Then I stepped away and became the judge chairman, and it was different. I think that the event itself is creating an environment so that creators can concentrate on creation.

As you know, trends are changed by many factors. The mobile game market is also swept away by advertising policy. Last week, False of P in Game Scom won three crowns. It was difficult to occur in Korean game history. So the trend has a character that doesn’t know what’s going on. You should be able to cope flexibly in a rapidly changing environment, but I think that doing it is grassroots indie game.

BIC rarely restricts qualifications, but if there is one restriction, games using popular IPs will not be listed. To encourage pure creation. I feel that contributing to the industry with such a game plays a very important role. In that sense, this time, the organizing committee has created a new technical division to illuminate games using their own engines.

Q. Finally, what would you say to those who will find the event until Sunday?

a. This year, various games were especially well displayed. It is also normalized after the Corona 19. All online and offline will be combined to give various pleasures. If you want to enjoy the game slowly without interference around, you can enjoy it online. If you come to the scene, you can communicate directly with the developer and feel only here. I hope you come and enjoy.

11 Roguelikes that every follower need to play

The Roguelike genre is coming to be significantly preferred. This likewise proves, for instance, the mega success of the highly praised Hades. The player particularly draws in the player. We chose 11 games that you ought to play as fans.

at when you enjoy all heavy games

Look forward to your preferred roguelike or look for a brand-new one in the photo series. The only thing that is specific for you are wonderful games that can additionally drive you to white radiance.

With increasing popularity of the indie video game scene, the Roguelike games are becoming progressively popular. The high level of problem coupled with amazing incentive systems make certain an unbelievable feeling. Further benefits of these games are imaginative graphics and gameplay to give the games an acknowledgment value in the mass of indie games on the market.

Precisely due to the fact that there is a lot choice, we have actually summarized 11 Roguelike games in an image series. For the objective of simplification, we have actually appointed the rogue litre to the Rogue-Likes. Not every one of the complying with games are recognized, but they don’t make them worse. Prepare you to see the game-over display in front of it and also hopefully to keep one’s cool.

Xbox Game Pass: These seven Humble Games show up in the registration

7 video games on a prank were displayed in a trailer for the Game Pass
The complying with Humble Games will be usable for customers using Xbox, Computer or Cloud-right on the day of their publication.
One or the other game was already recognized or currently published when it comes to Midnight Fight Express.

Humble Games games in the Game Pass.

  • Midnight Fight Express (computer, console and also cloud).
  • Moonscars (console, computer and cloud).


  • Ghost Tune (cloud, computer and also console).
  • Infinite Guitars (pc, cloud and console).
  • Coral Island (COMPUTER).
  • ProDeus (console, cloud and PC).
  • Signal (console, pc and also cloud).

The 3 ideal timeless video games ever


Despite whether you like tetris, pong, planets or various other old institution games, which will certainly revive nice memories of the past. These classic video games were unbelievably preferred at their time as well as are still played today. They are ageless and were just the beginning of the modern game industry. Attempt these totally free rotates on every player side.


The original game was established by John Logg. The game has an overall auto mechanics, which meant that everything that relocated would re-emerge. Therefore, the asteroids might just be fired down to make it through and also the only way to beat them was to ruin their dishes. Regardless of this style, gamers were able to create their very own one-of-a-kind techniques to ruin the asteroids.

One of the most renowned classic video games is pong. It was created by Atari and turned into one of the most popular game games of the 80s. Pong was so prominent that it was played in the USA as well as various other nations. Atari made segrets and changed the ready other systems. Atari did not plan to produce the game, they developed the principle of the game as well as made it open to the public.

Asteroids emerged from a conference between Rainfalls and also LogG as well as the game was developed according to an unfinished Atari job entitled Kosmos. His movable design and control plan was based on the prominent Room Intruders and also SpaceWar games.

Pong was the first video clip game published in the game, many developments were preceded by him. The game marketed over a million times!

Asteroids is a capturing game that shows the history of space and was created by Lyle Rains and also ED Logg as well as released in November 1979 by Atari, Inc. In this game you play as a single spaceship that needs to ruin planet areas as well as fire flying saucers that routinely fly through the planet area. This traditional game stirs up memories of playing in the 1970s and has actually continued to be popular in computer game background.

The initial game was created by a Soviet federal government employee as well as the government managed the magazine of the game. While the game was at first only readily available on computer systems, it quickly spread to playing tools as well as added to making the game preferred in several nations, consisting of the United States. The financial collapse of the Soviet Union caused the creation of a new video clip game industry and Tetris was birthed.

The original game was developed by a Soviet federal government employee and the federal government managed the magazine of the game. While the game was at first only offered on computer system systems, it quickly spread out to playing equipment and also contributed to making the game prominent in numerous nations, consisting of the United States.

Tetris might be the most prominent game on the NES and also the NES version is the finest tetris experience today. It is not challenging to recognize why Tetris has such a solid follower base today.

While the original game was developed for the game, Pong is especially preferred with lots of people. Published for the very first time in 1972, it was the first game that came to be preferred. It also made a wish for playing at house. It was likewise discussed in the last video games and even in television programs. His structure added to making the video clip game market what it is today. Pong is the utmost, timeless game.


Understood as among one of the most preferred video games, Tetris has been published on virtually every video game system as well as computer system given that its original publication in 1983. Variants of the game have been developed over the years, the fundamental game methods are greatly unmodified. The gamer turns blocks to form a straight row and also fall blocks that pile up to the upper side of the screen. While the game is creating, succeeding versions use new forms and distinct spins, however the means of the game still largely reflects that of the original game.

Recognized as one of the most prominent video games, Tetris has been released on nearly every digital game system and computer system considering that its original magazine in 1983. While the game is creating, subsequent versions supply new types as well as one-of-a-kind twists, yet the method of the game still greatly mirrors that of the initial game.

Atari did not intend to create the game, they established the idea of the game as well as made it open to the public.

Stardew Valley meets Pokemon: you already recognize this loosened up farming

Somehow like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, with a pinch of Pokémon: Ooblets appears like the perfect farming video game to loosen up. After a couple of problems in development, the release will enter into the launch in early September.


Ooblets is reminiscent of Animal Crossing and also Pokémon

In enhancement to loosened up farming, you can also check out a world with different biomes as well as accomplish dancing competitors with your ooblets. And what were Ooblets once more? Little beings that you can collect, increase and train. Yes, you are reminiscent of Pokémon, just with dancing strikes!

After six years in growth, the mix of Animal Crossing and Pokémon goes to the full release, and likewise on the Nintendo Switch . The property of Ooblets seems as kicking back as you can anticipate from such a game: you start on a run-down ranch that you will certainly build, broaden, broaden and improve with decors.

_ E in the Nintendo Change Trailer from Ooblets: _

Yes, Ooblets is likeable-but lots of do not wish to purchase it

The video game itself need to initially satisfy all expectations: chances for farming and also enhancing your house, a charming, colorful world as well as tiny beings that follow you every which way. Ooblets has a dilemma behind that still leaves a covering after preference

When the Epic Games Store was still on everybody’s lips as well as also put some criticism, the story begins in 2019. The developers of Ooblets, you can think about it, have actually likewise obtained an exclusivity manage Epic Games. The issue with the entire thing was not the bargain itself, but the way the designers discussed the entire of their neighborhood. In a long post with a somewhat condescending tone, they not just explained their reasons, but likewise made enjoyable of the challengers of the Epic Games Stor. .

_ Youtuber Yongyea works with the entire subject in his comprehensive video clip: _

You have to form your very own viewpoint on Ooblets, however just so much: While Glumberland’s article is doing an incorrect tone and the criticism of it is justified, does not excuse bullying attacks and also despise messages in action. In addition, fake screenshots of discussions that of the developers are stated to have distributed on the Net. You need to take on the topic with a certain care if you come across it when buying ooblets.

Problem fixed? Not really.

Ooblets will certainly be released on September 1, 2022 for PC (Epic Games Store & Steam), Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox One. .

Somehow like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, with a pinch of Pokémon: Ooblets looks like the excellent farming video game to unwind. In enhancement to loosened up farming, you can likewise explore a globe with different biomes and bring out dance competitions with your ooblets. And also what were Ooblets once again? In a lengthy blog site post with a rather snobbish tone, they not just described their reasons, yet likewise made fun of the challengers of the Epic Games Stor. You have to create your own opinion on Ooblets, but just so much: While Glumberland’s blog site message is doing an incorrect tone and also the criticism of it is justified, does not excuse bullying assaults and hate messages ** in feedback.

The discussion made such terrific waves that the 2 developers of Glumberland obtained hundreds of despise messages , you can review their solution right here. The entire thing went out of hand-and as always, when something is going out online, is changed right into disgust and bullying .

LOL – This is the new technochemical dragon: Riot reassures the community to avoid alarmism

Riot Games confirmed the return of the technochemical dragon to League of Legends in the next season 13. A situation that gave rise to some justified panic among the community. The one that is one of the most hated elements in the history of the game returns to the invorator crack. However, developers have rushed to make sure there is no worrying. From the company they are more than aware of their mistake and do not plan to repeat it for the next season. In this sense, they have wanted to advance the effects of epic stemor so that we see that nothing has to do with the previous one.

The new technochymal dragon of season 13

The first thing they have wanted to ensure from Riot Games is that ended that reviving in the middle of the games thanks to the improvement offered by the dragon. The developers were clear that what they most hated from that epic monster was both the soul and the land that generated in the invoker’s crack and that is where they have focused their efforts. The new version of the neutral objective will continue to have an interesting impact on the games, but not in such a problematic way.

TECNOCHEMICAL DRAGON SOUL *: It will grant additional damage to the enemies and reduce incoming damage when the champion who has this improvement is below a certain amount of life.
TECNOCHEMISTRY GRIET *: It will improve plants so that they have additional effects. The fortune teller will have a greater area of effect and will offer an improvement of movement speed by moving towards the revealed characters. The explosive pineapple will be able to transport us much further.

So far, The possible changes have not been revealed what each of the loads of the technochemical dragon prior to the soul will offer. Before its elimination, this goal offered all League of Legends champions additional damage against all enemies that had more life than them. It may be modified in some way. At least it will do so in the values offered, since since Riot Games they have carried out an improvement to these neutral objectives to make them more important and increase the action of the items.

Even if there is no FIFA name, EA Sports FC will be alive.

EA’s masterpiece, FIFA, will be newly named next year. FIFA 23, which will be released on September 30, is the last title that calls FIFARA. The reason is that the license agreement between the EA and the FIFA has ended. The specific reason is not officially revealed, but it is reported that the EA decided to create a new brand because it was judged that the license royalty presented by the Football Federation was excessive.

For EA, it may be a pity that you have to leave your name for the past 30 years. Apart from this, however, even if the new name ‘EA Sports FC’ is attached, this title will not be shaken as well as soccer games as well as the global game market. The reason is compressed into three main categories. It is a strong license that has been accumulated in the past, the lack of competitive title in the market, and a 30-year development know-how that has accumulated based on its unique position.

Let’s look at the license first. Based on FIFA 23, EA has more than 300 individual licenses in addition to the World Cup. Specifically, you can meet 100 stadiums around the world, 30 or more leagues, 700 teams, and more than 19,000 players. The main leagues include the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Europa Conference League, the Conmebol Riberitadores, the Conmebol Sudamericana, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, and La Liga. It also secured the first women’s professional league, Berkeley FA FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Akema.


In addition, on July 26, the Italian professional football team Juventus, which ended with Konami, and on the 3rd, announced on the 3rd that they signed a many years of partnership with Lariga, Spanish professional football. Previously, EA has been actively promoting license contracts, which are the core of live-action soccer games, apart from the International Football Federation, and is moving quickly to the next work. This can be interpreted as indirectly revealing the confidence that you can maintain its superiority without the name ‘FIFA’. In addition, the World Cup is also open every four years when the tournament is held.

In addition, the FIFA series is virtually no competitive if it is limited to real-time soccer games except simulation such as football managers. Football games, which have a high recognition in the global market, are compressed into EA’s FIFA and Konami’s E-football (Winning Eleven). However, EA has lost its market competitiveness due to the active license of EA and negative evaluation of the game itself.

In fact, the E-football 2022 version, which was released in September last year, had only 25 points in the PC and 34 points in the PS5, and the players’ broken modeling was so coarse that it was so poor that it was floating like a sort of memes. Konami also secured additional licenses and updated the 1.0.0 update to improve overall problems and gameplay in April this year, but there was no dramatic reversal.

One of these situations is the performance of April-June this year between EA and Konami. First, EA’s sales increased 14% from the same period last year, and operating profit also increased 37%. In response, EA explained that sports games such as FIFA and F1 led the performance, and in particular, FIFA explained that the average number of users of the weekly and monthly users increased by nearly 40% from the previous year. In the case of Konami, digital entertainment sales, excluding arcade and slot machines, rose 1.9%, but this led to the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Dual.

Even if there is no specific explanation, it is widely known that FIFA is superior to E-football. In addition, EA has also continued to invest in improving development power because FIFA is a major sales source. This is also revealed in the new FIFA 23, released in September. At the center is a new technology hyper-motion 2, which is based on machine learning based on the 11th and 11th matches of the actual players.

Based on this, based on more than 6,000 animations, which are twice as long as the previous work, the attackers, defenders, and goalkeepers are more realistic. In addition, ‘Power Shot’, which can reproduce the most powerful and impressive shots, new dribbling systems that enhance the response to the ball, new defense elements such as a more diverse pass, back heel tackle, etc. will be introduced. The characters respond more tactically.

In addition, EA has been developing soccer games for 30 years under the name FIFA. Game companies that have accumulated this development power for soccer games are compressed into EA and Konami, and Konami needs more periods and investments to increase competitiveness. Therefore, it is practically difficult to complete a soccer game with EA FIFA Series level in the short term. The International Football Federation said it plans to end a license agreement with EA and introduce a new FIFA game with other partners, but it is questioned whether the game that has been released can form a tight competition with EA Sports FC.

LOL: Kassadins amazing fully functional recreation in a video game 14 years ago

There are video games that are eternal . Not so much because they have an infinite duration, but because it is the creativity of the players that has no limits, allowing them to get a much longer validity than that of conventional titles. What you may not have seen on many occasions is that two video games of this style collide in an unexpected collaboration.

We are talking about a great acquaintance of this website such as League of Legends, but also of a small great jewel of 2008 such as Spore . This Maxis and Electronic Arts video game is connected to Riot Games Moba thanks to the creation of Kassadin as a new species in this picturesque evolutionary simulator.

Kassadin is the following evolutionary link

For those who walk a little clueless, Spore is a video game that takes us from the unicellular stage to the conquest of exterior space by some beings to which we will model with our actions. But in addition to this, it is a powerful editor with which we can create tremendously complex characters.

The upper video was created by the YouTube channel Frenzyspore , a user who is dedicated to creating all kinds of things in the EA video game. Thanks to the editor and its deep knowledge of it, he was able to carry out his creation. A fully functional Kassadin within Spore .

The thing does not stay there, since it was also proposed to elaborate a kind of invoker crack, placing defensive structures that serve from turrets, and a kind of subjects. To do, he even created a tentacular monster in the style Vel’koz , which faces Kassadin in the final part of the video. Such is the effort to recreate the champion, who even seeks to put animations similar to his champion’s skills and his movements in League of Legends.

5 things to do while steam is off

Start Epic Games Store or Gog

Although Steam does not work, fun does not have to stop. Epic Games Store and GOG have games in which it is definitely worth the tooth to spend the time of inactivity. Have a game or 50 of Hearthstone, which is free, or try Fortnite or Fall Guys at Epic Games Store. Both are free, so it will not cost you anything!

If you are not a Fortnite/Fall Guys fan, or you don’t have time to install another game, you can always trust GOG for your games without DRM. Simply sit down, load a GOG game and start playing. Without logging into an account, without being constantly online. Or, if you have not bought a game there, GOG has a fairly good offer at this time that you can consult here.

Go to Origin or Ubisoft Connect

If neither the selection of Blizzard nor Gog’s games like, there is another option. The origin and Connect services of EA and Ubisoft can take it back to action, even if most people are not fans of these specialized games platforms.

With Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal and FIFA 17 launched this year, you are unlikely that you have problems finding something to spend time. It is possible that these services do not feel as polished as Steam, but at least you can log in and play while waiting for you to be online again.

Maybe some console games

Although this is not an option for everyone, it is possibly the best way to play if almost the entire Game Library of your PC is stuck in Steam. Whether it has an Xbox Series X | S, PS5 or even the previous generation of consoles, there are many exclusive titles that did not reach Steam and with which it is worth spending time.

Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are the most obvious choices on the side of Xbox One, and if you buy these games digitally on your PC or Xbox One, you can download them digitally on the other side thanks to Play Anywhere..

PS5 owners, on the other hand, have Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Deathloop to enjoy. If you have a Game Pass or PlayStation Plus subscription, you will also have access to libraries of hundreds of free games ready to download!

Check out potential purchases in the sale of Steam/additions to your desire list

Let’s be honest, we all have a simply ridiculous amount of games in our order portfolio that, regardless of how much we affirm will eventually get them, we will simply ignore them with reckless abandonment and buy another 10.

Does it sound like you? So why don’t you even feed your voracious consumerist appetite looking at small independent games that you could have lost, or box office successes that you decided to pass until they were considerably reduced before tightening the trigger and adding them to your desire list? With so many Steam sales in progress, it is worth adding them to their desire list to receive notifications when they go on sale.

Give your PC a spring cleaning

Image credit: Tai Bui

If you can’t play on your PC, then it is a good idea to make sure everything is clean, optimized and ready to work. Ensure that all ventilation grilles are dust free to ensure that your PC can maintain a fresh temperature and function in the best way. You can also administer some cables if you begin to resemble Spaghetti Junction within your team.

However, cleaning your PC should not be just a physical process. You will also want to make sure your units are clean and tidy. You can use the free CCleaner program to ensure that your registration is under control and to erase any unwanted file on your hard drive. It may not be as fun as playing, but hey, it has to be done at some point. With luck, the time of inactivity will not last too much, anyway.

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PlayStation And also: Just how to change your subscription from Necessary to Additional or Premium

On June 23, the Playstation Plus service was transformed in Europe. Previous PS Plus clients obtain the staying time of their subscription to one as a Playstation Plus essential, yet an upgrade to added or premium is additionally feasible. Naturally, even if you have only signed up for PlayStation Plus after the transition.

In our FAQ you will certainly obtain all the crucial information:

this is consisted of in the upgrade.

The setup menu of the ps5 and also the ps4 additionally leads you to the location: The subscription management is also part of the system food selection of the PS4 as well as the PS5. The menu navigating is similar on both gaming consoles.



Step 1 step 2.

A reverse change is not possible: .
If you have subscribed to premium or added, you can not merely switch to a lower degree. Rather, you can make the reduced degree in advance, your extra or premium subscription has ended at some time, the specified payment method will be packed with the cheaper tariff.

Step 1 step 2.

You have to make up for the rate distinction if you alter your PlayStation And also toll on the PS4 or PS5. This is a dynamic offer that is based upon your remaining term. Based Upon PlayStation Plus Essential, for example, you would need to pay for an extra 11 cents per day for an upgrade to PS Plus, for PS Plus Premium, the surcharge is rounded 16 cents daily.

on the PS5 you obtain to your destination just as quickly.

On the PS4 you proceed as adheres to: .


different methods.

148 8.

more on the topic.





On June 23, the Playstation Plus service was transformed in Europe. Previous PS And also subscribers obtain the staying time of their subscription to one as a Playstation Plus essential, however an upgrade to additional or premium is also feasible. If you alter your PlayStation Plus tariff on the PS4 or PS5, you have to make up for the cost distinction. Based on PlayStation Plus Essential, for example, you would certainly have to pay for an added 11 cents per day for an upgrade to PS Plus, for PS And Also Premium, the additional charge is rounded 16 cents per day.

Additionally on the far left generally menu you will certainly discover a conveniently identifiable symbol for PlayStation And also on the PS5. If you browse a level, the upgrade switch is currently beaming in the direction of: .

With the PS5, some terms have actually been transformed: .


more on the topic.

Step 1 step 2 step 3.

Step 1 step 2 step 3.

PS Plus Premium Game Checklist: All games of the brand-new subscription version.

You can change the level of your PlayStation Plus subscription.


You can transform the level of your PlayStation And also subscription. The difficulty is most likely to keep a summary of all the discussions and subscription settings. Prior to acquiring, nonetheless, you will always reveal what you inevitably need to pay.

In the instance of PS And also Additional, this is a regularly available game brochure of presently over 400 video games, which is continually upgraded. At Premium, the cloud streaming of PS4 and PS3 video games is included, some existing titles can be examined for several hrs as well as we can download a couple of PS1, PS2 and also PSP standards. Below we have summarized all readily available video games in a listing: .


If you have actually not discovered the location with the path we recommended on the PS4, you can also go to the PS Plus rider in the shop. You can likewise enter a higher-level food selection in which you can get to the account management by means of even more.

Nonetheless, this only puts on a subscription that was finished for one year. If you have only registered for Playstaton And also Vital for one month, the prices for an added upgrade amount to 17 cents each day and also for PS And Also Premium to 27 cents per day.

17 5.

When updating, ## additional charge.

If the button will vanish in the advertising and marketing or the future photo is replaced, you will certainly also have the ability to contact the subscription administration of your PlayStation account in this menu. Just navigated to even more, pick Manage subscription as well as you can currently alter toll.

PS And also, premium and added for PS4/PS5 games, prices, advantages and also all info concerning the designs.


Just how to alter a change to a greater degree on the PS4.

There are numerous ways to your destination on the PS4. You can possibly get right into the matching menu by means of the PlayStation Plus switch on the upper setting bar on the upper setting bar. There you will discover a large marketing picture with an upgrade switch: .

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