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Confirmed PS plus premium title worth at least 3,000 US

PS Plus quickly approaches the release date of the revision and brings new subscription level advantages in the form of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium if the service is restarted in the USA on June 13th and on June 22nd in Europe. We already have a foretaste of the PS Plus Extra and Premium playlist before the start, but how much will the service be worth if it goes live? What value can Subscribe from PS Plus Premium expect for one year?

We have put together the data about how much all confirmed PS Plus games are worth and found that PS Plus Premium will offer games worth at least $ 3,000 when using the service on PS5. The total value of the announced games has so far amounted to $ 3,094.74 (approx. £ 2,480). We have determined this number by counting the basic price in the PlayStation Store for each game that was unveiled this week PlayStation blog post, whereby the PS5 version of a game may be prioritized. Your list prices has been used for the already announced classic PS3, PS1 and PSP games to evaluate them.

PS plus premium subscribers to PS5 have access to at least 137 unique games when they start, while PS4 subscribers have access to similar 134 games and only miss three exclusive PS5 games: Demon’s Souls remake of Bluepoint Games, Destruction Allstars and Returnal. This means that the total value for PS plus premium subscribers on PS4 is $ 2,924.77 (approx. £ 2,345).

It is worth noting that both the PS plus premium and extra libraries will grow exponentially, so that these numbers are only the minimum of what they can expect from a PS Plus subscription. The wording in Sony’s blog posts shows that further games could be added during the “start window”, as well as consistent additions after the start.

Sony claims that up to 400 PS4/PS5 games for subscribers should be added in the coming months, and up to 340 titles from older systems such as PS2 and PSP for premium subscribers. Against this background, you can expect that the total value of the service is growing over time-as we saw at the Xbox Game Pass competitor service, which added 2021 games worth over $ 6,000.

As far as we know so far, there are only 36 unique games less on PS Plus than on Premium, so that the difference in value between extra and premium is not yet as pronounced as it will probably be later. PS Plus Extra subscribers on PS5 see a value of at least $ 2,759 (approx. £ 2,210), while the value on PS4 is currently $ 2,589.03 (approx. £ 2,075). Either way, with an annual subscription price of $ 99.99 (£ 83.99) for extra or $ 119.99 (£ 99.99) for Premium, PlayStation users on both consoles already a remarkable capital return.

| PS Plus Premium (PS5) | PS Plus Premium (PS4) | PS Plus-Extra (PS5) | PS Plus Premium (PS4)

Current value ($) | 3,094 $ | $ 2,924 | $ 2,759 | $ 2,589
Current value (approx. £) | £ 2.475 | £ 2,340 | £ 2.210 | £ 2.070

Since there is still potential for the announcement of other games for the relaunch of PS Plus, these figures are likely to increase. If we receive the official confirmation of further publication titles, we will definitely update this article.

In order to keep the price data consistent in our research, we have decided to miss all games that were removed from the PlayStation Store at the time of our data collection instead of obtaining the prices from various third -party providers. The total number of the titles previously exigned is ten-five PS3 titles (Asura’s Wrath, Fear, Infamous, Lost Planet 2 and Resistance 3) and five PSONE titles (APE Escape, IQ Intelligent QUBE, Mr. Driller, Worms). Armageddon and Worms World Party).

We also identified a total of nine double titles based on our own metrics (whereby the same game was available on more than one platform), with only one game (Super Stardust Portable) influenced the start balance for PS Plus Premium on PS4.

We also found that Sony actually took the individual copies of Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy from the list, so we took a single value of $ 39.99 for both, based on one in Playstation Store listed bundle, whereby we have taken care of keeping both of them game entries that are listed individually in our title figures.

Trophies CONFIRMED for PS1 games on PS4/PS5!! - PlayStation Plus Premium
For those who are looking for further information to decide which PS Plus level to choose, see this list of test games of the PS Plus Premium Games, which is also the top level when the subscription service was introduced

Kakao reveals P2E game platform Clayton Games

Kakao (CEO Nam Gung -hoon) will showcase its P2E game platform ‘Clayton Games’ based on its clayton coin.

Kakao defined P2E as “Unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a meta bus in the true sense of players.”

Clayton Games is a project for Kakao to support the P2E industry and expand the Clayton Coin ecosystem. Clayton Games is an IGO lunch pad. It helps to showcase new creepto projects related to game. Competitive products include BSCPAD of Binance and Avalanche’s Avalaunch.

Clayton Games aims to be an integrated platform for both game users and developers. Kakao expects Clayton Games to become synergy between users and developers.


Kakao cited the lack of channels for the P2E ecosystem, △ information fragmentation, △ lack of initial sales channels in game assets, and △ promotion of games. Kakao plans to solve the three problems of Clayton Games.

For example, to solve information fragmentation problems, Kakao collects information to Game Aggregator in Clayton Games. Game Egrigators will be a channel for providing comprehensive information for game ecosystems, such as basic gameplay information, related torque and news about newly launched games. Game Egrigators can operate channels based on the information provided by individual game developers in the early stages of the service, but aim for a user -based forum in the medium and long term.

Kakao said, “Clayton Games is a comprehensive P2E game platform that will not only provide IGO opportunities, but also solve essential matters for expanding the game ecosystem such as information fragmentation and game promotion.”

FIFA: Players could benefit from an embarrassing dispute with EA

According to FIFA 23, EA and the football association go separate paths. The long-term partnership ends in a mud fight, but football fans could emerge from the inglorious spectacle as winners.

A comment by Gregor Elsholz.

The mud fight between EA and FIFA is like two small children when ranging to watch a toy. Two billion -dollar toddlers who are unclear about their role and reputation in the world. They have not yet learned the concept of sharing, because they want the object of the dispute, a billion-dollar football franchise , prefer to broken than let the other play with it.

While there are already only losers between the two, football fans in the middle of the rougere can have hope for a somewhat more varied future .

FIFA vs. EA: embarrassing, embarrassing

While the end of the FIFA series was already indicated in 2021 and EA had crowned around FIFA several times, it is now official: The football series will be called EA Sports FC from the 2023/2024 season ** and with it a pretty Save the amount of license rights-money that the publisher may invest in more sophisticated lootbox or live service mechanics. However, the partnerships with clubs and players as well as modes and gameplay should remain unaffected by the change.

FIFA, the shadowy football organization, in which pretty much everything is available, does not want to put up with it and therefore drive a powerful counterattack-in 2024 a football simulation is to be stamped out of the ground and before that even other games with the FIFA Names are released. President Gianni Infantino has essentially overturned an insulted-liver sausage fan scarf in a press release and claims that only games with the authentic FIFA license will continue to be the only true football games . The constant is the FIFA name and this would survive forever and always remain the best. The formulations of the press release are rhetorically on a step with “Channel me, you egg hole” and “don’t count, there is Klippo on the wall.”

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What The Hell Is Happening Between EA And FIFA?

FIFA 24: Football fans can hope for the future

EAS FIFA series has dominated the football niche of the gaming industry in recent years that would probably describe Bavaria-Munich fans as one-sided. Due to the break between the organization and the publisher, could at least get some movement in the genre . After Konami has said goodbye to the league of playable football simulations with efootball as voluntarily as it is pointless, FIFA could send new publisher to the hunt for the championship title and (consciously or unconsciously) provide more diversity.

This could make EA integrate a few real innovations into EA Sports FC, to present the same move in a new jersey every year every year. These changes and de-monopolization can only be good for football fans-even if we have to experience other quarrels on the billionaire playground until then, which is never about football, but always only about money.

_In of our video we show you the biggest excitement in the gaming industry: _

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Future FIFA games without EA SPORTS

While EAA Sports officially announced the arrival of future football games without the name FIFA in 2023, FIFA wanted to specify that football simulations will bear the FIFA name in the years to come. In a communication that seems to be a mixture of crisis and declaration of war, the organization governing world football clearly announces a desire to get out of the games bearing its name. Thus, EA and FIFA now seem to be waged war on virtual lawn.

FIFA wishes to continue the FIFA Games franchise without EA SPORTS

The international organization intends to offer football games at the end of the year, taking advantage of the 2022 World Cup to provide fans with new gaming experiences. We consider here that FIFA will launch VR games And probably a title on mobile, more than a real AAA since FIFA 23 will already be available.

On the other hand, FIFA also evokes the desire to offer an alternative to EA Sports FC (the future name of the football games developed by EA Sports coming to replace FIFA 24), by retaining the concept of the name FIFA and the year behind. Better still, the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, provokes his former partner by promising the “meilleur” game (the capital letters are in the original text), possible for fans.

While no studio has been mentioned, this promise nevertheless seems to be the beginning of an open war between EA and FIFA.

EA SPORTS FC, the future name of FIFA in July 2023

For those who have not followed the situation between FIFA and EA, a small recap is essential. The two brands have been linked since the early 1990s via a partnership, allowing EA to use the FIFA name for its football franchise. If this license does not include the names of the players and clubs (allowing for example Konami to offer PES with the real players), it gives EA additional credibility as well as access to competitions held by FIFA.

However, after almost four decades, it would seem that FIFA wanted to revise the price of this partnership upwards. A situation that EA does not accept who, after a few attempts to negotiate, decided to continue his journey without FIFA. From then on, from 2023 (so after FIFA 23), EA football games will be named after EA Sports FC.

Fans will find clubs and players, the mode was, only the name on the box will be really different.

Konami in ambush?

This could be the big winner of this future battle, or his first victim. Konami and his game efootball may well take advantage of the situation to regain the hair of the beast. With players believing that the FIFA game will completely disappear and a battle between two heavy goods vehicles, the Japanese studio potentially has a card to play with its free-to-play title.

If we do not think that FIFA will tap at Konami’s door to offer it a partnership, Efootball could make a more important place on the market by being shifted as a more stable actor than these main rivals (one change of name while the other must completely recreate his game).

FIFA intends to offer its own football simulation in the years to come, which should give us a battle between at least three actors: FIFA, EA Sports and Konami.

Take-Two Interactive: Company plans to publish over 40 games

Take-Two Interactive wants to publish over 40 games by March 2024 with his studios (2K, rock star and private division).
Grand Theft Auto VI, Bioshock 4, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, The Quarryw, a Lego Sports Game, Tales from the Borderlands 2 and much more are there.
The games should all appear for PC and console and include six games from private division, four smaller titles and nine ports, or remaster such as Max Payne 1 & 2. The sports games are also included.

How Take-Two Lost The Founder & Still Built A $15B Video Game Giant - a Case Study for Entrepreneurs

However, it remains exciting to see which games are still under development at Take-Two Interactive.

Sony apparently provides you hrs of trials for all pricey games – however except everybody

Game Trials for some AAA games” were additionally marketed for the “Premium” bundle. Currently there is obviously new information.

What’s taking place at PS Plus? In the coming months, the “new PS Plus” will certainly be presented – the beginning for June 22nd is on the schedule in Europe. From after that on there will be 3 various designs – “Essential”, “Additional” and also “Premium”.

The brand-new PS Plus model will certainly begin in a few months, which need to bring new games with you, to name a few things. Currently there is a new record on what sort of games that ought to impact.

PS Plus Premium need to suggest test versions

Indie Games Are Just Better Than AAA Games

According to a record by Video game Developer, designers that work with games that cost even more than 33 euros should offer at the very least two hrs of test variations for “PS And Also Premium”. That would most likely consist of most of new AAA games.

On top of that, designers can remain to create trials or tests for all PlayStation individuals if they desire that. It is only prescribed in connection with PlayStation Plus Premium.

In addition, designers ought to also have the chance to make demo variations that are not simply a time-limited examination variation of the game that finishes after two hours. Nonetheless, this should be selected a situation -by -situation basis.

According to the record, programmers would certainly have up to 3 months after the game was launched in the PS Shop time to supply such a test variation. The PS And also Premium gamers need to after that be available for year.

Are there exemptions? According to the record, this ought to just use to new games, not for those that currently exist. In addition, this did not relate to VR games.

What is Playstation Plus Premium?

PlayStation Plus Premium is one of the most expensive of the 3 new PS And also versions. It sets you back EUR 16.99 each month, EUR 49.99 quarterly or EUR 119.99 yearly.

To name a few things, it supplies:

On top of that, there is the opportunity of the tests. For contrast: PS Plus Additional expenses

  • Monthly: EUR 13.99
  • Quarterly: EUR 39.99
  • Every year: EUR 99.99

  • All material of the models “Necessary” and “Premium”, like the month-to-month games. By the means, there is currently a leak for the new PS And also games.

  • Additionally, various older games for streaming and also downloading
  • The possibility to stream games on the computer

as well as PS And also Vital expenses

The brand-new PS Plus model will certainly start in a few months, which ought to bring new games with you, among various other points. Now there is a new report on what kind of games that need to influence. In the coming months, the “new PS Plus” will be presented – the begin for June 22nd is on the schedule in Europe. ** According to the record, this need to only use to new games, not for those that currently exist. In addition, this did not use to VR games.

  • Regular monthly: EUR 8.99
  • Quarterly: EUR 24.99
  • Yearly: EUR 59.99

If you are looking for a precise review of the new models, you will locate it below: All brand-new PS plus variations at a glimpse and also with assessment.

Playing with forced diseases: If inventory management is worse than every boss fight

“I have such a bit OCD.” This statement should be the most of you ever encountered – be it in the private environment, online or in films and series. Also in the gaming context, the abbreviation, which stands for “obsessive compulsive disorder”, is often used to indicate meadow to an exaggerated order urge or tendency to perfectionism, for example if someone in games basically collect all collectibles.

But in reality, the clinical picture designated as forced disorder or forced disease is far more complex than the colloquial definition conveys, and it can become an immense burden: “If I ever met a false decision, I continued to increase in it. I could do it not left and in the high-phase of my compulsiveness, I did not content myself back to return to an earlier storage point, but began the whole game from the front. I felt this desire to make a new beginning free of errors, “says the under one Forced Disorder Suffering American Jason Almenas’s experiences with Mass Effect 2 and the game-internal moral system.

Content warning: The articles of Mental Health Week deal with different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can cause negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with texts that potentially contain triggering topics for you.

* Important note: * If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts: you are not al1. Please get help. For example, in the German Depression Help under 0800/33 44 533 or free advice centers.

Every time, if his character was played as an exemplary character due to a wrong decision, only a single “apostation point” received, he had to start again. He therefore needed several months to finish the game.

I do not click exactly ten times on this item, my mother dies

The most important difference between mere perfectionism and forced disorder is the voluntariness with which certain actions are performed. Players * inside with perfection can suppress the associated pulses as needed or cancel a game even prematurely if they do not have fun.

to the author

Nina Kiel is a freelance game journalist, researcher and developer and has been living for a forced disorder since her early youth – that’s why it was a personal concern to write this article. For them, gaming is one of the few areas of life in which no constraints occur, and thus an important compensation for stressful everyday life.

In forced people, this is different: they MUss perform these actions because they otherwise be overwhelmed by unpleasant thoughts and feelings and, for example, believe that a loved one could happen a bit if they do not click on an item ten times. The person concerned is aware that they act irrational and there is no plausible relationship between the action and the feared consequences. They feel their own behavior as nonsensical and stressful, but still have to pursue him: they are subject to a compulsion.

“The idea of not finishing a game and never touching it again, [in a person with obsessive disorder] could trigger a profound, aggregate sense of tension and fear,” explains the studied pedagogin Courtney Garcia, who specializes in positive media psychology and On your Youtube channel “Screen Therapy” with the linking of Mental Health and digital games. The resulting pressure, Garcia explains in the interview, in the worst, even in the long term could have a negative impact on the everyday life of those affected and influence their sleep rhythm, eating behavior, or relationships with other people negatively.

Caught in the character editor

In what form, intensity and in which contexts are manifested, however, differs from person to person. While some problems have to end games, others are not even able to start properly: such as the users who exchange themselves on Reddit about their “Character Creation OCD”.

“Not only to spend hours in a character editor, to perfectize details, and so on. I mean, hour at hour, week by week to start the beginning of a game again and again, between character classes too Switching and the appearance, even changing the character name, and so often that you will be bad. Sometimes I do that so often that I’m simply opened in the end, “User * writes in Catbug.

Eine ähnliche Erfahrung hat auch Jason gemacht, der an der Erstellung seines Charakters in Skyrim fast verzweifelt wäre. Nicht nur musste er sich die zahlreichen Optionen für unterschiedliche Nasenformen, Wangenknochenwinkel und Augenfarben alle anschauen und dann in mühevoller Kleinarbeit nacheinander seine Auswahl treffen, sondern den gesamten Prozess von vorne beginnen, falls er sich dabei mal verklickte.

Diese “Ritualisierung” – das Ausführen bestimmter Aktionen in einer festgelegten Reihenfolge – ist ebenfalls typisch für Zwangserkrankungen und kann Betroffene sehr viel Zeit und Kraft kosten. Mitunter so viel, dass sie irgendwann völlig erschöpft zusammenbrechen.

Offene Welten – und doch keine Freiheit

Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Spieleindustrie könnten das Auftreten solcher Symptome begünstigen, wie Dr. Benjamin Strobel im Interview erklärt. Der Psychologe widmet sich im Podcast “Behind the Screens” mit seinem Team dem Schnittfeld zwischen Games und Psychologie: “Je mehr und je komplexere Aufgaben ein Spiel hat, also viele Nebenquests, Challenges, Achievements, Item-Listen usw., desto größer wird eventuell der zeitliche und kognitive Aufwand, um etwa einen Kontrollzwang zu befriedigen.” Gerade der Trend hin zu großen, offenen Spielwelten, deren vollständige Erkundung viel Zeit beansprucht, bringt potenziell Probleme mit sich.

Gleichzeitig birgt die Spielen inhärente Möglichkeit, Aufgaben perfekt zu erledigen und ein Bedürfnis nach Vollständigkeit zu befriedigen, laut Courtney Garcia auch Potenzial für positive Erfahrungen: “Das Leben ist komplex und ein bisschen chaotisch – Zwangshandlungen können hier manchmal aufgrund äußerer Umstände nicht in Ruhe ausgeführt werden und Betroffene darüber verzweifeln. In Spielen gibt es bleibende Daseinszustände und Errungenschaften, die erreicht werden können. Es besteht eine Sicherheit, dass etwas definitiv und unwiderruflich abgeschlossen oder geschafft wurde, die im echten Leben selten auftritt.” Für manche Zwangserkrankte könnten Games damit, zumindest zeitweise, ein “sicherer Hafen” sein, in dem sie Zwangshandlungen perfekt und zuverlässig auszuführen imstande sind.

Da diese Handlungen nur kurzzeitig Linderung verschaffen und Symptom einer ernstzunehmenden psychischen Erkrankung sind, ist das allerdings keine langfristige Lösung. Stattdessen wäre ein anderer Anwendungsansatz denkbar: Spieler*innen könnten sich im virtuellen Raum gezielt mit ihren irrationalen Ängsten konfrontieren und wie in der klassischen Expositionstherapie nach und nach lernen, sie zu ertragen.

Eine unter Kontrollzwängen leidende Person würde dann zum Beispiel – unter professioneller Aufsicht – bewusst darauf verzichten, alle fünf Minuten das Inventar zu öffnen, um dessen Inhalt penibel auf Vollständigkeit zu prüfen. Und ein sich vor Kontamination mit gefährlichen Keimen fürchtender Mensch bekäme den Auftrag, seinen Avatar gezielt durch dreckiges, sumpfiges Terrain zu bewegen.

Mehr dazu, wie VR bei der Therapie helfen kann, gibt es hier:

__0 __2

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Therapy in Virtual Reality: How Technology helps us defeat our inner demons


Ein kaum erforschtes Thema

Nur: Aktuell handelt es sich dabei um experimentelle und wenig erprobte Ansätze, da in der Wissenschaft kaum gezielte Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema stattfindet. “Der Bereich ist auf jeden Fall untererforscht, das ist oft zu beobachten, wenn es um Games geht, die lange Zeit als Forschungsgegenstand nicht ernst genommen wurden. Die psychologische Forschung hat, abseits vom Thema Aggression und Abhängigkeit, nur sehr wenige Vorstöße in die Erforschung von Games gemacht,” so Dr. Benjamin Strobel.

Die wenigen existierenden Studien befassen sich schwerpunktmäßig mit Computerspielabhängigkeit, Zwangserkankungen werden nur im Kontext dieses Krankheitsbilds und nicht für sich stehend betrachtet. Ungeklärt ist deshalb auch noch die zentrale Frage, ob bestimmte Spielmechaniken das Auftreten von Zwangsstörungen tatsächlich fördern.

Schon deshalb ist es wichtig, Spielverhalten nicht vorschnell zu pathologisieren, wie Strobel betont. “Auch wenn man sich hier wiedererkennt, bedeutet das noch nicht, dass eine klinisch relevante Störung vorliegt. Bei dem Störungskonzept ist in der Psychologie immer bedeutsam, ob man selbst darunter leidet oder es wiederholt zu Problemen kommt. In solchen Fällen ist eine psychologische Diagnostik und ggf. eine geeignete Psychotherapie hilfreich.”

Garcia also explicitly recommends that, in suspected cases, first to obtain a diagnosis and then initiate further steps in consultation with medical specialist personnel. In the context of therapy, affected people could learn to critically reflect their game behavior and finding a healthy media consumption. Because even if games can be a secure place to live out for a short time, they should not be used exclusively: “Someone who tries to satisfy his constraints with gaming, must possibly reconsider his relationship and try to consciously for intrinsic Fun, enjoyment, relaxation and moderate feelings of champion and control use – because these are the emotions that media psychologists can contribute to general well-being. “

Children With Strange Disorder Executed In The US. | Movie Story Recapped
Even more articles on “Mental Health” can be found here:

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Themed Week Mental Health: What awaits you & all articles in the overview


“This game has changed my life”

This approach already follows Jason and pays attention to what games do him well. Especially with linear and storylastic games like What Remains of Edith Finch, he has made good experiences, to his great surprise was his personal highlight of recent years but another title he has avoided for fear of occurring constraints for a long time: The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the game. “I played it only 2020 and the magical design of this games could ward off all compulsive thoughts. It changed my life,” Jason is enthusiastic.

In addition to a more mindful dealing with games, however, Jason has helped to talk openly about his disease and to look for the exchange with other concerned – even in the gaming community. “A forced disorder is a powerful mental illness; she is paralyzing, pub. But you are not al1. The more we talk about it, the less power you have about us.”

An important request: Since our articles from the Mental Health Week are more sensitive topics that have partially requested us a lot while writing, we ask you for a friendly and understanding comment culture at this point. Thank you and have fun reading!

Epic Games Store: Today there are two games for free

In the Epic Games Store you get the next chamfering gift today. The download platform attracts with two free games this week : This time you click both Total: Warhammer and City of Brass free in your library. The activation takes place at the usual time: The two full versions can be downloaded for free this afternoon from 5 pm. You then have time for a week to link the two games with your account. Have you done this until April 7, you can City of Brass and Total was: Warhammer keep permanently kept and playing as often as you like.

Strategy and Action Adventure

In City of Brass, an action adventure is waiting for you. You are armed with saber and whip to fight you through an oriental city that is full of dangers. The game comes from Developer Studio Uppercut Games, which consists of many employees, who have previously worked on Bioshock, among other things. In our test was too talent: Warhammer reappeared her, which is expected to give you to the strategy game of Creative Assembly, which is available from today for free in the Epic Games Store as a download . The title scores with spectacular battles, lot of unit types, motivating RPG elements and crisp short laps.

Activation this afternoon

LIVE Reveal of next free games on Epic Games Store

Until the activation of the two new free games you will still receive the free full version of the past week: the pineapple fun demon’s tilt. Which gaming gift has laced the Epic Games Store for the coming week, we learn this afternoon for the launch of City of Brass and Total was: Warhammer. Also 2022 the platform wants to distribute at least one PC game for free every seven days for free.

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Reinforcement, synthetic, including,

Strengthening, Synthetic Probability Information The expanded probability items that are expanded to the public use of 20 games that have not yet been regulated. Among these, Freestyle 2 was confirmed that it complies with autonomous regulation based on March 21.

The Korean Games Policy Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) announced the US Games’ game according to the autonomous regulation (the following Code of Conduct for healthy game culture), which is implemented in the Korea Games Industry Association (below).

This publication is based on the Code of amendment that was implemented in December last year. The revised Code shall also disclose the probability of the equipment, including the capsules, such as the character drawing, such as the character drawing, such as the equipment drawing, such as the equipment drawing, and the capsule content such as equipment,

Reinforcement Learning 10: Classic Games Case Study

As the autonomous regulation scope is expanded, in order to help utmost understanding the user, we announced that it revealed specific information on the probability that is not published in the unveiled game. In other words, the unique game is not disclosed in capsule content, enhanced content, and the probability of any areas of the summary content, and provides detailed information such as disclosing some information.

In accordance with this change, the number of existing cumulative publications is also initialized, and last year’s January and January January Monitoring results in this way.

In the instrument, we are monitoring the probability item probability to be released for online and mobile top 100 games from one to the end of every month. In addition, when the monitoring results are discovered, we have been adhered to the game and operators, and if the corresponding games and operators do not modify the number of universities to two consecutive months, they take warning measures, In case, we take notification of unparalleled and autonomous regulatory certification.

The total number of unpublished games (7 specimens, 7 kinds of mobile), which are released this time, is a game that has not comply with probabilistic item autonomous regulations, even though this procedure has been subjected to these procedures from December last year.

The Committee of the Committee of the Hwang Sung-Ki Autonomy Regulatory Assessment Committee The chairperson of the Committee, “In December 20, 2021, the Probabilistic Item probability of monitoring was 70.2% achievement.” However, The compliance rate has risen, and in February 2022, it has increased by 77.6% of 77.6%, which rose 77.6%, “he said,” We encourage you to comply with the probabilistic disclosure of the probabilistic disclosure of expenses to the operator. I will do my best in the future. “

Meanwhile, the mechanism says, as of the 21st, the Freestyle 2, as of the 21st, reveals all the strengthening and synthesis probabilities to comply with autonomous regulations.

Lost Ark: obsolete roadmap confuses the fans

The developer studio SmileGate and Amazon Games have actually wanted to publish a roadmap for the MMORPG Lost Ark for some time now. On this, all content should be found, which should appear in the course of the next few weeks and months – including the coarse scheduling. Such a roadmap has broken down through the widths of the internet. However, you should enjoy them with caution.

Lost Ark | Roadmap LEAK and 2 New Classes Revealed!
As it has now turned out, it is an incorrect or outdated version whose information (no more) corresponds to the current planning. The developers have made a little later in the context of a tweet: “” Please note that we are currently taking some changes to our upcoming content roadmap based on the data on the progress of the players. We become our updated roadmap with you after the Share March Update. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. “

Thus, the developer team looked closer to the current player data from Lost Ark and noticed that the level progress slower is considered previously thought. Therefore, there are now adjustments to scheduling for the content roadmap. However, they should not be able to wait for too long.

Last updated video: Release

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