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[BIC 2022] New indie game trend Convergence, experience in Busan!

Busan Indie Connect T-Festival (BIC), the largest indie game festival in Korea, is being held successfully. BIC, which resumes offline exhibitions, has been on a new experience and meeting on weekdays.


Lee Deuk-woo, Chairman of BIC Judge (Professor of Convergence Content School, Cheonggang Culture and Industry), selects works to be on-site and selects a game that will be honored by the awards. Chairman Lee Deuk-woo, who has been working with BIC since the first episode, has painted a lot of pictures that will make this event with more than 30 anonymous judges.

On the 2nd, I met with Lee Deuk-woo, the chairman of the judge and asked how the game selection process took place. We have listened to the trend of BIC entries and the trend of indie game development this year. Chairman Lee predicted that convergence planning will be a keyword for indie development in the future.

Q. Dismise Game: Finally, BIC’s offline event has been held again.

a. Lee Deuk-woo Judge Chairman: This year, the booth feels especially comfortable and good. The exhibition hall is released from side to side and the conference is underway on the central stage. A total of 162 games are exhibited from sponsor works. I hope the audience comes a lot. If the typhoon is coming up now, if it was a movie hall (BIC was held at the Hall of Film until 2018)… (Laughter)

Q. What role did you play in this BIC?

A. BIC Organizing Committee has several business divisions. Until the previous year, he was the head of the Secretariat, who is in charge of BIC’s administration, and this time he leaves the administration and is in charge of judging by the Organizing Committee. Along with 31 BIC members and external experts, they conducted a review of this year.

Q. I want to hear BIC’s selection of the game.

A. First of all, I am motto, ‘Let’s play enough and judge.’ Game is different from self-subjectivity and taste. In order not to be affected by each other, they prefer online screening as much as possible. The judges are anonymously scoring the game, and all of them are anonymously treated. And the judges can say ‘no game run’, but opinions are prohibited.

So do so. Then the outline is hidden from then on. Statistically, 130 of the top games must be picked up. This time, he invited six minutes of judging and held a meeting together to determine the final selection. I and they played all the games.

Q. Does 31 people don’t know each other?

A. OT knows each other’s existence, but it doesn’t know how these people have judged. They ask them not to exchange opinions with each other, but to judge them as subjective.

BIC has been held since 2015, and there are people who are judging since then. It consists of indie developers, members of the organizer, and those who operate the company from the business perspective, large corporations, journalists, and lawyers. Officially, only the chairman of the judges reveals and works. Until last year, Professor Lee Jung-yeop was the chairman of the judge.



Q. Is the outline of the awards held with the closing ceremony?

A. I do not notify those who have been decided. The results will be announced at the end.

Q. What is the qualification for BIC?

a. From the beginning, I am trying to bring a feeling like a new developer. The game under development or the game within one year of launch is the subject of screening. It is divided into two classes, general and rookie, and Rookie is aimed at students, less than 25 years old, and developers who do not belong to the company. It is said that there is a problem of equity to compete on a stage without distinguishing between general and rookie.

But nowadays, Rookie seems to be popular. Even if the rookie side is a little lower, it is a fun idea or the younger generation’s favorite elements. So I also think of the general and rookie as a horizontal relationship, not in the upper league and the lower league.

Q. As we have been with BIC for a long time, the trend of the works seems to be read every year. For example, ‘This year has a lot of loglike’.

a. It really tends to show every year. In fact, Roggike is now like a basic grammar in Indie. Indie games sometimes put the logic in half because of the limitations of resources. In the case of last year’s BIC, there were many story-oriented adventures. There were many story-oriented games such as creating their own IP, adapting fairy tales, or creating a love simulation. Last year, the rookie category was to dissect the victims of the incident.

This year, I see a lot of card deck buildings that seem to have been influenced by Slay the Spire. It’s not called a crop, but it feels a lot of mix? The story elements are mixed, the loglike is mixed and shows a lot of variety. That’s why games in the fusion genre are colorfully decorated. In comparison, bibimbap feels much more ingredients? (laugh)

Q. Isn’t that a problem if it’s bibimbap in the table?

A. I expect novelty to create something new in Indie, but there is no game to be selected based on that. Personally, I think a good game is a familiar game. It is also important to review the familiar elements and reflect it in the game.

Of course, I think it’s not good to borrow a familiar development. I see a lot in the clicker genre. However, even if you mix well, you can feel fresh even in familiarity. This convergence plan is expected to be keywords in indie development in the future.

Q. Apart from the judging, if you have a personally liked or impressive work, ask an introduction.

A. Regardless of the judging, personal feelings are very personal. Since it was the position of the event, the most memorable people from the first year are the most memorable. It is interesting to see how they change and grow.

For example, in the case of ‘Ko-gu’, he came out with a mobile game puzzle, but this year, he completely changed his style to Steam Game and exhibited . Of course, I melted the puzzle elements they were good at in it and played very impressed.

Pixel Age also exhibited at the first time. It was nice to see the company growing with BIC. Buff Studio also brought a console and a PC game Blue Wen’s Day. These companies personally know history, so they are more meaningful.

Q. What is the charm of BIC only from the judge’s point of view?

A. The charm is that the build may change between three months. The quality of the game at the time of judging and the quality of the game exhibited in the BIC may be different. As the developer is given an exhibition deadline, the game quality may not know during that period. (Like game jam?) Yes. I think the event called BIC has a good impact on these development schedules. Even though it is selected by the selection, even though the event can be made during the event, developers can be made in real time.

Another thing I feel this year is that there are more university works. This year, there were so many universities in universities. Originally, there were not a few universities with game majors, so there were a lot of professionals and exhibits there, but even if there is no department, the game development club is activated there, so there is a game in BIC. Increased examples of exhibiting. It is seen as a very desirable phenomenon.

Q. One of BIC’s first intention was to networking of developers. Through the Corona 19, this part tends to be somewhat weakened. How did it change at this event?

A. The same events are prepared as before corona 19. Even on the first day of the event, the companies held a network party. It feels like a mini-star. The fact that the developer network continues to occur from the outside is evidence of interest in indie.

Originally, BIC had a strong nature of the event that developers made for developers. But now, ‘BIC Connectors’ (a kind of gamer supporter) writes in detail about the game. It seems to be reborn as an event with such a deep user. They are selecting and exhibiting games that they want to see again because they are called ‘Connectors Pick’. As a result, developers who came before came back into an event that could come back and enjoy.

In addition, in the past, the awards were selected at 100%of the judges, and this year, the event is being created to reflect some of the opinions of the connectors.

** q. He has played a variety of roles in BIC, including director, secretary general, and judge. As a result, it seems that the eyes are looking at the event. What is the special meaning to this event?

a. In fact, when I first made it, I played a leading role in the situation where there was nothing, so I started working with the ambiguous title of the director. I didn’t know that this would grow so much. (Laughter) Now, BIC has become a corporation, and has been in charge of administrative work for a long time in the event of an event. Then I stepped away and became the judge chairman, and it was different. I think that the event itself is creating an environment so that creators can concentrate on creation.

As you know, trends are changed by many factors. The mobile game market is also swept away by advertising policy. Last week, False of P in Game Scom won three crowns. It was difficult to occur in Korean game history. So the trend has a character that doesn’t know what’s going on. You should be able to cope flexibly in a rapidly changing environment, but I think that doing it is grassroots indie game.

BIC rarely restricts qualifications, but if there is one restriction, games using popular IPs will not be listed. To encourage pure creation. I feel that contributing to the industry with such a game plays a very important role. In that sense, this time, the organizing committee has created a new technical division to illuminate games using their own engines.

Q. Finally, what would you say to those who will find the event until Sunday?

a. This year, various games were especially well displayed. It is also normalized after the Corona 19. All online and offline will be combined to give various pleasures. If you want to enjoy the game slowly without interference around, you can enjoy it online. If you come to the scene, you can communicate directly with the developer and feel only here. I hope you come and enjoy.

Xbox Game Pass: These seven Humble Games show up in the registration

7 video games on a prank were displayed in a trailer for the Game Pass
The complying with Humble Games will be usable for customers using Xbox, Computer or Cloud-right on the day of their publication.
One or the other game was already recognized or currently published when it comes to Midnight Fight Express.

Humble Games games in the Game Pass.

  • Midnight Fight Express (computer, console and also cloud).
  • Moonscars (console, computer and cloud).


  • Ghost Tune (cloud, computer and also console).
  • Infinite Guitars (pc, cloud and console).
  • Coral Island (COMPUTER).
  • ProDeus (console, cloud and PC).
  • Signal (console, pc and also cloud).

Rebooting Saints Row reboot

Reloading Saints Row is already here, and reviews come from outlets around the world. Everything does not look too good for those who hope to see the return of the series to the form after the problematic fourth record. In this reboot, the new saints take to the streets of Santa Yilezo, breaking through to the top of the criminal world.

What is the rating of Saints Row Reboot on Metacritic?

Saints Row launches on August 23, 2022. The reviews are not very good, with 63 points on metakritic. . Many estimates are ambiguous, but positive reviews are superior to negative ones. It currently takes 80th place among the best games for the PlayStation 5 2022.

Owner’s reviews on retail outlets

  • Game Nexus: 95
  • Gampur: 90
  • IGN Italy: 75
  • Decero: 70

* VG247: 60
* 60
* We received this coating: 60
* VGK: 40

With 42 reviews of critics, everything looks gloomy for this name. The largest complaints are associated with the number of errors, boring characters and outdated gameplay. This, of course, bothers when one of the things that are extolled above everything else is the creator of the character. Those who are not tolerant of playing something new is better to wait until the developer has the opportunity to fix the game and release it on sale.

To learn more about Saints Row, read the section Everything shown in the Saints Row Story Reveal Trailer trailer in professional game guidelines.

The 3 ideal timeless video games ever


Despite whether you like tetris, pong, planets or various other old institution games, which will certainly revive nice memories of the past. These classic video games were unbelievably preferred at their time as well as are still played today. They are ageless and were just the beginning of the modern game industry. Attempt these totally free rotates on every player side.


The original game was established by John Logg. The game has an overall auto mechanics, which meant that everything that relocated would re-emerge. Therefore, the asteroids might just be fired down to make it through and also the only way to beat them was to ruin their dishes. Regardless of this style, gamers were able to create their very own one-of-a-kind techniques to ruin the asteroids.

One of the most renowned classic video games is pong. It was created by Atari and turned into one of the most popular game games of the 80s. Pong was so prominent that it was played in the USA as well as various other nations. Atari made segrets and changed the ready other systems. Atari did not plan to produce the game, they developed the principle of the game as well as made it open to the public.

Asteroids emerged from a conference between Rainfalls and also LogG as well as the game was developed according to an unfinished Atari job entitled Kosmos. His movable design and control plan was based on the prominent Room Intruders and also SpaceWar games.

Pong was the first video clip game published in the game, many developments were preceded by him. The game marketed over a million times!

Asteroids is a capturing game that shows the history of space and was created by Lyle Rains and also ED Logg as well as released in November 1979 by Atari, Inc. In this game you play as a single spaceship that needs to ruin planet areas as well as fire flying saucers that routinely fly through the planet area. This traditional game stirs up memories of playing in the 1970s and has actually continued to be popular in computer game background.

The initial game was created by a Soviet federal government employee as well as the government managed the magazine of the game. While the game was at first only readily available on computer systems, it quickly spread to playing tools as well as added to making the game preferred in several nations, consisting of the United States. The financial collapse of the Soviet Union caused the creation of a new video clip game industry and Tetris was birthed.

The original game was developed by a Soviet federal government employee and the federal government managed the magazine of the game. While the game was at first only offered on computer system systems, it quickly spread out to playing equipment and also contributed to making the game prominent in numerous nations, consisting of the United States.

Tetris might be the most prominent game on the NES and also the NES version is the finest tetris experience today. It is not challenging to recognize why Tetris has such a solid follower base today.

While the original game was developed for the game, Pong is especially preferred with lots of people. Published for the very first time in 1972, it was the first game that came to be preferred. It also made a wish for playing at house. It was likewise discussed in the last video games and even in television programs. His structure added to making the video clip game market what it is today. Pong is the utmost, timeless game.


Understood as among one of the most preferred video games, Tetris has been published on virtually every video game system as well as computer system given that its original publication in 1983. Variants of the game have been developed over the years, the fundamental game methods are greatly unmodified. The gamer turns blocks to form a straight row and also fall blocks that pile up to the upper side of the screen. While the game is creating, succeeding versions use new forms and distinct spins, however the means of the game still largely reflects that of the original game.

Recognized as one of the most prominent video games, Tetris has been released on nearly every digital game system and computer system considering that its original magazine in 1983. While the game is creating, subsequent versions supply new types as well as one-of-a-kind twists, yet the method of the game still greatly mirrors that of the initial game.

Atari did not intend to create the game, they established the idea of the game as well as made it open to the public.

How to obtain the concealed avatar frame Hykros Administrator in Tower of Dream

The players currently need to manage the method with limitless endurance numerous times while developing the tower. For players who are not accustomed to the technique, the procedure is to keep the wall surface, release, jump two times and afterwards keep the wall again. The players have to consider letting go prior to they jump up, or else they consume endurance that will not suffice to take them to the top of the tower. At a wall crossing, it may need to be climbed with power as opposed to being jumped over it. So remember it.

Purchase of the Avatar frame Hykros Administrator in Tower of Fantasy.

The good idea about the Administrator framework is that it is an Avatar frame that can be gotten in the video game without fight passes or events. The object is currently offered when a player is approved access to hycros for the very first time, in a supply capsule that neighbors top of the extending tower Expansion of the main dome.

The gamers should currently discover themselves at the top of the tower in front of a golden supply pill if this has been successfully completed. Open it to obtain the Hyros Executor Avatar frame.

Conversely, you can aid your good friends or crew members not to miss the climb if they have actually proven to be effective when climbing the tower. Discover a group and also have it linked.

There are other methods readily available for gamers who are not inclined to try the difficult climb yet wish to obtain the avatar frame. Locate players or pals that are interested and creative to execute the infinite endurance method, wait up until you have climbed up the tower, and afterwards ask you to form a team after you have gotten to the top. Tip on your team at to your current place to skip the climb and also open up the supply capsule without any type of troubles.

The Executor Avatar frame is presented Tower of Dream In spite of its name, it is not triggered by the primary missions of the game by means of the story progress. In view of the socialization elements of the video game, transforming characters and also character structures helps to differentiate gamers from each other while they talk in conversation networks. The players currently have to draw off the technique with infinite endurance several times while developing the tower. There are various other methods available for players that are not inclined to attempt the exhausting climb but desire to get the avatar frame.

The Executor Avatar frame is presented Tower of Fantasy Despite its name, it is not triggered by the primary missions of the game by means of the story progression. In sight of the socializing facets of the video game, transforming avatars and also avatar frameworks assists to differentiate players from each other while they chat in conversation channels.

Instead of going right into it, climb up the outer walls of the entry till they climbed up the power dome as well as stand in front of the signal tower in the middle. The gamers should have a little bit a lot more perseverance before attempting to climb the tower if they screw it up.

Tower of creativity is now offered for computer, iphone and also Android.

Does the topic work in Steam Deck work? The 1st Stray Monster Hunter Rise

The mobile gaming PC STEAM DECK released by Valve. Currently, reservations have been started in Japan, and many people want to play with the actual machine as soon as possible.

However, at the same time, some people wonder, Can you play with this work with Steam Deck? Therefore, on this site, I would like to pick up the topical works as a serialization project, and review whether it can be played with Steam Deck and can withstand practical play. The first is Stray and Monster Hunter Rise.

What is Stray?

This work will be an action adventure game. Players are separated from their families, become a stray cat who has lost their way into the unknown world, walks in a cyberpunk city and re-join the cats of the family. However, every time you walk around the city, many mysteries block the stray cat’s whereabouts, sometimes you are targeted for life.

Anyway, this work is always fascinated by the cat’s action, saying, Cats are cute and Cat-like action can be d1. In addition, the unique atmosphere of Cyberpunk is also very combined, not only a game that loves cats, but also a solid immersive feeling to the player.

The compatibility of this work in Steam Deck is confirmed.

Joy of carrying cat components

By the way, it is the impression that STRAY was played on STEAM DECK, but to be clear, the compatibility with Steam Deck is outstanding. Since there are not so many buttons to operate, you can play intuitively with Steam Deck.

You can also feel the atmosphere with the speaker from Steam Deck, and sometimes you can feel the eerie with your ears.

There is almost nothing to say about image quality and movement. FPS drops in places where there are many paintings on the screen, but the acceptable range. If you just look at the cat, you will be able to love it with more than enough beautiful image quality.

The default setting is about 50%for battery consumption. Because there is an action element, there are places where I do not want to lower the FPS and refresh rate, so it is annoying. Because the whole game has a dark atmosphere, lowering the light on the monitor will make it more invisible, so there may be frustration that cannot be changed around that area.

However, except for that, it can be said that this work is definitely guaranteed the best game experience in this work. You can feel the joy of carrying cat components anywhere.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Next is Monster Hunter Rise. This work will be the latest work of Monster Hunter Series. Players become one of the hunters, and become an action game in which the monsters that become threats to villages and others are subjugated.

Currently, the large DLC Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break has also been released, and the fact that up to four people can play cooperatives through the network, the hunters are continuing to hunt the approaching monsters every day. Yes.

The compatibility of Steam Deck in this work is playable (normal play is possible, but may be restricted in some parts).

overwhelming comfort

By the way, it is an impression of playing Monster Hunter Rise on Steam Deck, but it is overwhelmingly comfortable. It’s so good in all aspects.

First, load time. The switch takes about 10 seconds from the start of the game and selecting the data to the actual operation, while the Steam Deck is 1-2 seconds. There is also a difference of the start of quests. It moves almost seamlessly, so there is no stress on the road waiting time.

And image quality. With the default setting, it moves about twice as smooth as the switch. It is surprising that this can be played in a mobile game. In the Monster Hunter Series, it is very important to determine the movement of the monster and attack, so it is a great advantage that you can see the image quality and movement clearly.

On the other hand, the feeling of the R2 button is a little difficult. In this work, the hunter can be moved endlessly by using something called Shokushi, but the operation of the index finger when pressing the R2 button was slightly large, and there were times when it was struggling to operate. This is the same for the L1 button. I used a light bow gun, and I felt a little uncomfortable when I pressed the L1 button to switch the type of ammunition. If you play for a few hours, you will lose your sense of incongruity, but at first many people may be confused.

The battery consumption is about 55%for the default setting. I don’t have 2 hours, so the way I play a few quests before going to bed may be the best. Because the action element is stronger than Stray, it is difficult to lower the FPS or fresh rate.

I want you to experience both ## both works

Although the two works introduced this time, both were very wonderful game experiences with Steam Deck. Definitely two works that you can not let go when playing with Steam Deck. I’m just afraid that the battery is out of the battery because it’s too enthusiastic, so be careful with it.

In this review, I was able to recognize that the potential of Steam Deck was very high for the intense action games. I think it’s a very good device again. Please experience when Steam Deck comes to you. I think you will feel the possibility of a new mobile game console.

The best sims 3 modifications that you have to download right now (2022)

The Sims 3 were so good that even with the launch of the Sims 4 in the world, players from all over the world continue to return to the beloved game. That means that modifications are essential for experience, since es an older game at this point and many of the basic characteristics may seem obsolete. Fortunately, the Simsmodding community is absolutely huge. Here are a lot of best Sims 3 mods to download from 2022 than you Necessitar if you are going to continue playing this incredible classic.

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  • Mods of the Sims 2
  • Woohoo modes of the Sims 3
  • Mods for Sims 4 hair
  • Sims 3 hair mods
  • Sims 4 Woohoo modes
  • Sims 4 Mods House

First, definitely consider Overwatch

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

You don’t even need to admit that your game is slow. Of all The Sims 3 became slow at one time or another and became practically impossible to play. Greet your Savior, Overwatch. Overwatch has many uses, but it is mainly a way to clean your game every night. You would be surprised to know how many Sims they can get stuck and make your delay crazy to handle every day of Sim. It is automatic and can really relieve the stress of your game. You can turn off all televisions, turn off the stereos, restore lost sims, restore everything that is stuck, clean the dead (spooky), clean inventories and much more than guarantee less delay. Thanks Overwatch for cleaning the EA disaster!

You can never go back after this modification

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Story Progression has ruined all simulation players who have installed it. No one can return to the vanilla game after installing this mod. It can become annoying as constant messages appear that inform you about the new progressions of history, but can turn them off. This takes the progression of the history of the base game and puts it in steroids, making the original look like peanut. The Sims will continue with their lives, marrying, breaking, falling in love, changing work, having babies, buying houses, literally everything.

Kamasutra, someone?

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The mod Woohooer has everything for your horny sims! You can have Cyber Woohoo, request professional services, send a text message Wooooey, register like a gigoló, see a marriage manager to find love, find you in public and have a new risk that has a percentage of possibilities of Getting your pregnant Sim that last really changes the game and it is the main reason to want to get it. Add a great lucky game every time you want your sims to do it. Ah, and your Sims can increase their woohoo ability and improve more and more.

Obtain more functions at the same time!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Did you ever create a SIM and have a crisis when trying to decide what features to put aside and which ones to include? With the mod more features for all ages, it can increase the maximum allowed features at each age, which gives its sim some crazy impulses to the personality of it. This allows Sims much more intricate and you will not be able to return to vanilla after this. Why Debería Your Sim will be restricted to a couple of features?

Did you know that different poses are possible?

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Here is something that will surprise you if you have not been up to date with the Modding scene during The Sims 3: There are poses now. Yes, you can complete your Miley Cyrus simulation by giving you a twerking pose. O Intensifies your pregnant Sim’s position game with some pregnancy poses. Or maybe you have a model?

Did you ever feel that the Sims were strangely distant on a sofa? Have you ever wanted your sims to dance formally? Or, if your Sims are married, they can make some super cute marriage poses. How about a packet of poses that you never knew you wanted?

Anyway, you can see a lot of poses more here. The possibilities are endless.


Obtain some modern house designs without work

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Of course, I could opt for any home design that you choose because there has definitely there has been some modder somewhere that has done it. But, to be specific, here are some beautiful modern designs that might interest you:

  • Little Modern Beach House
  • A small modern house
  • Modern house next to the cliff
  • luxury-modern
  • Modern northeastern house of Blukompressor
  • Modern Singleton

Some modder has added an incredible amount of SIM interactions

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you want some more passionate and romantic options? How about a bit of violence and aggression? Or maybe uncomfortable and humiliating interactions? The list continues and continues and, although they are not as fluid as the interactions that EA made, they are quite good. It’s great of what Mods are capable and, especially if you are a role-playing player, you will want these mods.

Make your Sims Cults

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

This Japanese cultural trait mod adds exactly that, a hidden feature that can be improved. It gives your Sims a little culture and leveling the feature allows your sim to make a bow when he presents himself, as well as sitting in the style seiza. It is still working on it, but it is very promising and it is something that should probably have already been included in The Sims 3 with Saventuras del Mundo.

more computer options!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

To completely decorate the online experience of your SIM on your smartphones, computers or tablets, download the mod center online. It will unlock a lot of new configurations ranging from electronic purchases to the verification of state reports on a variety of things.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about everything you can learn with the help of Google and Wikipedia? Well, now your Sims can study skills as easily as you with the Mod Study Skills online. Simply place your SIM on a PC, tablet or smartphone and start studying.

Complete your fun sim dreams

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you have a SIM that wants to succeed as a comedy writer? Maybe they spend all the time dreaming of being a legend of the stand-up? Well, the Mod Stand Up Comedy very specific will allow your SIM to do that precisely. This mod adds a skill-based career, the necessary skill and a microphone that allows Sims to count a large number of comedy jokes or routines. I like The Sims 4 Included!

Taxis and meters

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

What is the true point of buying a car in The Sims 3 apart from the role of roles game? With Taxi Charge Mod and Subway Charge Mod, there is actually an incentive to get a car now.

The charges will accumulate as they charge you every time you go anywhere and you will realize how rich are the sims. They act as if they had all the money in the world to spend, taking taxis to cross the street.

Apartments !!!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Did you ever want to live a situation comedy scenario with your Sims? With the mod ts3 apartment, you can have several families living in a lot, but you don’t have to control them all. Configure a large house and basically has the functionality of living in a bedroom from the beginning.University Vida_ Expanding within Sunset Valley.

Make your sims really sick

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The Sims cannot get sick to The Sims 3: stations was an annoyance, so this modder broke the modery and dramatitis mod of diseases. While who has estations can make your Sim nurse, they will definitely not see dysentery and dramatitis as a possibility. Finally, you can play roleThe Oregon route! _

Growth while aging is now one thing

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The Sims are rare with their sudden growth outbreaks throughout their lives. With the Mod Grow, they will gradually change high, weight and voice as they grow.

Minimum salary

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you want a little challenge in the acquisition of money? Do you like realism in your Sims 3? Well, this mod causes the initial payment of all works to be $ 8 or less depending and increases all hours. Increases will also be only an increase of 0.04%. There are a lot of changes to pay that brings this mod, so be sure to check them all to make sure it works for you.

Look Fleek

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

The Sims 3 have perhaps, like, three great haircuts. Make sure your Sims are always fresh to death with a variety of hair modifications.

You will no longer be limited to shaved or super extravagant hairstyles. Maybe you prefer to make Macklemore? Maybe you want Beyonce’s new hair? The choice is yours and, thanks to the modifications, the sky is the limit.

My God, a short metal fabric fence

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do not act as if this mod was not much. The fences in the Sims 3 are so crucial for our beautiful decoration, but do not always combine correctly. This is entirely due to the fact that they are often much higher than the things that surround them. Of course, you may have some options for the shortest fences, but this is your first opportunity to get a short wire fence.

For fans of the Sims morbid

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Looking for a beautiful, modern _Cemetery?Something in which your sims will be happy to be completely buried? Well, don’t look beyond the Cemeteries of Simsgal227! Here has a modern cemetery that you can draw somewhere in your city.

There is also a huge modern cemetery in case you are killing a lot of people. They look beautiful, so you shouldn’t be. _Is also scared by ghosts.

Animation fans, join!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

This mod will allow your Sims to let their anime flag fly adding a channel for animation. All the clips that are shown are from Spirited Away and Porco Rosso de Hayao Miyazaki.

This adds a new level so that your Sims can enter the anime and allow that type of roles game. They will fill their entertainment as usual, and you can also see a beautiful anime while you look at them!

fix that faster car!

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Do you know that classic car to fix what you get from Roaring Heights? If you don’t, you really should, since it’s amazing. Your Sims can basically work with a lot of scrap and turn it into a unique car at the end of everything. Perfect for vehicle-love sims in your life. Anyway, this mod makes the whole process a little faster so you can take your Sims to that great car in a very short time.


The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Are your sims complete pigs? Do you hate absolutely share? Well, then these two modifications will definitely be for you. With the door of the private room (with a key), you can buy and place a door that will not allow anyone to enter the room, except the sim that has the corresponding key. Keep your family’s relics safe from thieves. In addition, take this closed treasure chest that works in the same way as the door to make a portable solution to your hoarding needs.

Magnate of the factory

The best modifications of Sims 3 2022

Did you ever want a clandestine workshop? Are you sick. This mod will really not help you with that, sick. But it will allow you to hire a factory service worker who will make devices and gadgets in abundance for you. The devices they…

Laura Bailey, partially 2, damages down her divisor duty

She admits that she was not a follower of the character at the beginning. Part of the appeal of The Last of Us: Part 2 is that we are gradually developing empathy for Abby while playing it, going from straightforward sight as an antagonist in finding out thinking behind her actions. She located the work trying emotionally: It is truly difficult after having actually shot scenes that are very hefty with losses and sadness to get rid of at the end of the day… These feelings continue to be with you.

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And also, no question, no character, intrigue or characteristic point is as divisor as the character of Laura Bailey, Abby. Presented early in the video game when she (spoilers) finds, works briefly with it, then murdered Joel, Abby works as the major villain of the Ellie project, just for the gamers to be forced to place themselves in a large part in background the entire second act of the video game.

Mentioning leaks, Bailey maintains that they enabled players to make judgments on the character long prior to the release, which led gamers to train barriers and train walls prior to having the ability to comprehend Abby. This is a valid factor, because leakages likewise brought about a massive project of criticism bombing bring about The Last of US: Part 2 obtaining abyssal objections from players in the very early hours of its launch.


Baile admits that she recognized that the duty would be questionable, proclaiming: I recognized that I was mosting likely to have disgust. She states that she did not anticipate the reactions to be so extreme-no one is worthy of fatality threats, as well as even much less individuals that merely do their job. She likewise states that the function was one of the most extraordinary she ever translated.

There is still no word on a 3rd video game in the collection, but there is certainly room for one: with Abby tracking the fireflies and also knowing the place of the only hope of recovery, it is feasible that we see the 3rd part in the future., opposing once again Ellie to Abby.

Obviously, it plays in the lessons of the video game on the cycle of retribution. Abby is possibly not even worse than Ellie-or also much better than she when Ellie becomes a lot more stressed with revenge, however several players hated the character to the factor of sending fatality dangers to Bailey.

Likewise look

She states that she did not anticipate the reactions to be so extreme-no one is worthy of fatality dangers, as well as even less people that just do their job. She confesses that she was not a fan of the character at the beginning. Part of the elegance of The Last of Us: Part 2 is that we are gradually creating empathy for Abby while playing it, going from simple view as a villain in discovering thinking behind her activities.

Outcast 2 goes beyond 20 years

Launched in 1999 and pioneering the nonlinear open world genre, the outcast will come to the sequel to 20 years.

‘Outcast 2’, developed by appeal studio and distributed by THQ Nordic, is a game that is being developed once again by the crew who developed one episode. Therefore, if you have enjoyed the previous work, it is a new sequel that will be released for a long time, but you can feel quite familiar.


The game becomes the main character slade cutter and contains a grand story, which is centered on exotic lands. Adelpa is reborn by Yodsin and has a world that is slavery, a world that destroys resource harvesting, and a robot army invading Adelpa, and players must be the envoys of the Yods and save everyone from the crisis of the planet..

The vast Adelpa world has been implemented as an open world, and players can freely explore the jet pack to fly or revitalize the air. In the process of exploration, you can combine multiple modules to create your own weapons, and it is possible to tell your own story in a nonlinear world.

‘Outcast 2’, which supports Korean, can be enjoyed on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S platform, and the scheduled date is still undecided. More information about the game can be found on the Steam page.

Even if there is no FIFA name, EA Sports FC will be alive.

EA’s masterpiece, FIFA, will be newly named next year. FIFA 23, which will be released on September 30, is the last title that calls FIFARA. The reason is that the license agreement between the EA and the FIFA has ended. The specific reason is not officially revealed, but it is reported that the EA decided to create a new brand because it was judged that the license royalty presented by the Football Federation was excessive.

For EA, it may be a pity that you have to leave your name for the past 30 years. Apart from this, however, even if the new name ‘EA Sports FC’ is attached, this title will not be shaken as well as soccer games as well as the global game market. The reason is compressed into three main categories. It is a strong license that has been accumulated in the past, the lack of competitive title in the market, and a 30-year development know-how that has accumulated based on its unique position.

Let’s look at the license first. Based on FIFA 23, EA has more than 300 individual licenses in addition to the World Cup. Specifically, you can meet 100 stadiums around the world, 30 or more leagues, 700 teams, and more than 19,000 players. The main leagues include the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Europa Conference League, the Conmebol Riberitadores, the Conmebol Sudamericana, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, and La Liga. It also secured the first women’s professional league, Berkeley FA FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Akema.


In addition, on July 26, the Italian professional football team Juventus, which ended with Konami, and on the 3rd, announced on the 3rd that they signed a many years of partnership with Lariga, Spanish professional football. Previously, EA has been actively promoting license contracts, which are the core of live-action soccer games, apart from the International Football Federation, and is moving quickly to the next work. This can be interpreted as indirectly revealing the confidence that you can maintain its superiority without the name ‘FIFA’. In addition, the World Cup is also open every four years when the tournament is held.

In addition, the FIFA series is virtually no competitive if it is limited to real-time soccer games except simulation such as football managers. Football games, which have a high recognition in the global market, are compressed into EA’s FIFA and Konami’s E-football (Winning Eleven). However, EA has lost its market competitiveness due to the active license of EA and negative evaluation of the game itself.

In fact, the E-football 2022 version, which was released in September last year, had only 25 points in the PC and 34 points in the PS5, and the players’ broken modeling was so coarse that it was so poor that it was floating like a sort of memes. Konami also secured additional licenses and updated the 1.0.0 update to improve overall problems and gameplay in April this year, but there was no dramatic reversal.

One of these situations is the performance of April-June this year between EA and Konami. First, EA’s sales increased 14% from the same period last year, and operating profit also increased 37%. In response, EA explained that sports games such as FIFA and F1 led the performance, and in particular, FIFA explained that the average number of users of the weekly and monthly users increased by nearly 40% from the previous year. In the case of Konami, digital entertainment sales, excluding arcade and slot machines, rose 1.9%, but this led to the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Dual.

Even if there is no specific explanation, it is widely known that FIFA is superior to E-football. In addition, EA has also continued to invest in improving development power because FIFA is a major sales source. This is also revealed in the new FIFA 23, released in September. At the center is a new technology hyper-motion 2, which is based on machine learning based on the 11th and 11th matches of the actual players.

Based on this, based on more than 6,000 animations, which are twice as long as the previous work, the attackers, defenders, and goalkeepers are more realistic. In addition, ‘Power Shot’, which can reproduce the most powerful and impressive shots, new dribbling systems that enhance the response to the ball, new defense elements such as a more diverse pass, back heel tackle, etc. will be introduced. The characters respond more tactically.

In addition, EA has been developing soccer games for 30 years under the name FIFA. Game companies that have accumulated this development power for soccer games are compressed into EA and Konami, and Konami needs more periods and investments to increase competitiveness. Therefore, it is practically difficult to complete a soccer game with EA FIFA Series level in the short term. The International Football Federation said it plans to end a license agreement with EA and introduce a new FIFA game with other partners, but it is questioned whether the game that has been released can form a tight competition with EA Sports FC.

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