Multiverses has become one of the best experiences for many players, since mixing the best of the animated series and even live action of the universe of Warner Bros. And precisely one of the main guests was Morty of Rick and Morty A couple of weeks ago, and now his inseparable companion is ready to enter the action.

That’s right, in a new trailer where they also stand out to Wonder Woman , it is confirmed that Rick Sánchez will be making his official debut in the video game, with movements characteristic of his series. So now, the iconic pair will be ready to distribute their different phrases, both in English, and the famous Latin Spanish that he liked so much.


Here is the trailer:

This is the official description of Rick Sánchez in the game:

A nihilist mega and one of the most sought after in the galaxy. The terrestrial scientist Rick Sánchez has seen almost everything that reality has to offer. Together with his Morty’s grandson, Rick has saved the galaxy and the continuous space / time dozens of times.

The character still has no date of arrival at the game.

Remember that Multiverses is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.