Final Dream 7 celebrated his 26th birthday on January 31, 2023.
On the celebration of this event, the producer of the Last Fantasy 7 remake described in an interview why the story no longer represents one hundred percent of the original.


Last Fantasy 7 is most likely the most famous title of the popular role-playing series.
It was released in 1997, and in 2020 the very first part of an overall three-part remake was launched.
The video game was definitely able to inspire some brand-new and old final dream fans, but if you still had the story of the original in your head, you were probably irritated, because the original story is sometimes significantly altered.
This will also be the case in the following two parts of the remake-the next of which ought to be released at the end of 2023.
The manufacturer Shinobi Kits mentioned this in an interview with the portal VG247, which he is on the event of the 26.
Birthday of the initial led.

Final Dream 7 remake must inspire new and old fans

In the interview, he explains that the objective of establishing the remake is to make it something that makes both connoisseurs of the original product and new fans happy.
Why this is so essential to him, he leads back to individual experiences with remakes:

I likewise have seen a game that I loved and with which I had a lot of enjoyable.
I bought the remake, played it and was overwhelmed by fond memories.
This nostalgia is really pleasant in the beginning, but it eases it after the first areas.
Half of the video game became clear to me therefore I put it away and didn’t end it.
That is the reason why the team behind Final Dream 7 remake decided to change the history of the initial.
The gaming experience should likewise be considerably upgraded for old fans.

concrete details about the story of Final Dream VII remake still unidentified

However, daycare centers are silent about the developments in part 2 and 3.
He does not wish to take the exciting experience to the fans to ask himself what moments correspond to those of the original and at which points they will experience changes.
This view is also our author Hans Daimler, who finds the departure from the initial story of Final Dream 7.
You can barely stand it till Last Dream Remake Part 2 is published?
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