The Blue Hallstore (CEO) of the Craft Tone (CEO, Under Blue Hall Studio), the EXILED Realm of Arborea, Tera (Tera), the fourth anniversary of the Relocation of the Console, the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Console, do.

In the fourth anniversary update, a new dungeon and a new development system are added. First, Kelicark, who was resurrected by Argon Kelva, introduces the ‘Immortal Kelicyced Woldering’. Immortal Kelicak Wooming is more difficult to experience difficulty with a more powerful dungeon than last season ‘Kelicyak Woldering’. In addition, follow the existing general stigma four species, followed by three special stigma. At the time of stigma, the monster with stigma weakness can be more effectively captured. Battle Pass Season 5 also begins with a large update. In this season, the ‘Battle Path Season 5: Black Tiger’, which has the beauty of Korea, is held on March 31 to July 7th. The battlepass consists of three missions, a total of three missions, a total of three missions, and each time you achieve each mission, you can add a variety of compensations such as Costume, such as the existing quests.

Is TERA Shutting Down?

Colorful memorial events have also been established. First, the ‘LV 65 jumping event’ for new user’s fast game adaptation and the character of existing users. For all users who have been connected to April 3, ‘LV 65 Growth Order’ will be paid once, and you can enjoy the game at the top level when using the item. The “Equipment Equipment Equipment Event” and the ‘Lieutenant Tarski Dungeon Event’, which adds the fun of the item collection. During the event period of March 31, users can earn the best emergency equipment and can be supported at the same time. In addition, a newly added dungeon special additional compensation event provides a more rich game play for a variety of game events and four types of game events and four species that help stigma.