Table of components

  • why solo builds are worth making use of in SW TOR
  • Lethality Personnel Solo Build
  • Cover-up Operative Solo Build
  • Major Cooldown Capacities for Operatives
  • Operative Solo Gearing and Stats

why solo builds deserve utilizing in SW TOR

For virtually the totality of Story history, fighting garbage wasn’t fun because the battle system didn’t support it. Trash mob experiences rarely last even more than a few seconds while employer battles and also PVP generally last at the very least a couple of mins, needing you to utilize much more capacities!

I think this disconnect was accountable for making avoiding garbage through stealth and cheese such a popular technique to playing Eve in SW TOR. BioWare plainly understood this and also (primarily) addressed it by presenting incredibly powerful new capacity tree aficionados and famous implants that synergize with existing tactical items.

These extremely potent results develop the basis of the solo builds as well as have the ability to exist without causing (a lot of) equilibrium concerns in team web content because they are brief and also just reliably cause off of battle occasions that are fairly distinct to as well as typical when dealing with garbage mobs.

Stronger solitary adversaries like elites (golds) where you would certainly be able to stretch your rotational legs are unusual enough that you can trivialize them with correct use of offending cooldowns (OCD’s) so even they don’t constantly make it through a complete rotation cycle.

In solo material, you’re primarily combating trash mobs that have so little health that most of the adversaries won’t be able to survive for greater than 2-3 capacities, and you frequently angle also obtain through an entire rotation before that battle encounter mores than.

Lethality Operative Solo Build

In this section, I’ll be covering the capability tree construct and also solo ability priority for Lethality Operative. Please refer to the 7.0 Lethality Personnel Eve Overview if you want extra in-depth information, especially on topics referring to gearing, capacities, and capability tree selections.

Lethality Solo Material Capacity Tree Build

Develop Essentials:
Passing through Strategies
Critical Explosive
Tactical Infraction
Med Guard
Viral Elements Tactical
Tacticians Implant
Secured and also Filled Implant

This construct is maximized for the finest damages and also survivability in a solo web content setup. Your goal is to apply Corrosive Explosive as well as spread Harsh Dart and also Harmful Blast with Harmful Haze, and also after that follow it up with a Lethal Strike. In order to spread Toxic Blast and bargain damages to numerous targets with Lethal Strike, you require the Viral Elements tactical.

How to use this construct

This very first element is centered around AOE and spreading your poisonous substances. It suffices to wipe out all weak and standard adversaries. You will certainly require finishing them off with some Single-Target fillers if the team of garbage has a beefier adversary like a Strong or Elite (silver or gold).

This is the basic turning you’ll be utilizing your capabilities in against each group of garbage in order to maximize your damages output. There are 2 parts to getting a group of trash with Lethality, an AOE component and also a single-target top priority part.

AOE Component

  1. Holotraverse (optional void better).
  2. Corrosive Grenade (Dot 2, 5 m AOE, apply to center most target).
  3. Harsh Dart (Dot 1, will be spread by Hazardous Haze).
  4. Hazardous Blast (Dot boost, will be spread out by Poisonous Haze, grants 1 TA).
  5. Toxic Haze (Dot spread, AOE strike and stun, prices 1 TA).
  6. Lethal Strike (huge hit and also Dot boost, will be AOE w/ Poisonous Haze).
  7. Single-Target Fillers.

This is the single-target priority you’ll be implementing versus stronger opponents. It needs to only be essential to do this in heroics or against managers.

Harmful Blast doesn’t truly do anything on its very own, but will certainly deal damage whenever your poisonous substances tick as well as can be spread out by Harmful Haze many thanks to the Viral Elements tactical. Harmful Haze strikes hard on its own and stuns Requirement and Weak enemies, yet sets you back a TA. Since Hazardous Blast grants a TA, you will be able to manage this expense.

You’re very first goal is to use the major Dots, Corrosive Explosive and also Corrosive Dart. Destructive Grenade is a 5 m AOE, so you intend to use that initial to the target that will enable you to hit one of the most opponents. You apply Harsh Dart and Hazardous Blast which will certainly be spread out by Toxic Haze.

Single-Target Priority Component.

Afterwards, the only enemies left standing needs to be Solid and Elite adversaries, which you’ll have the ability to complete off with single-target fillers.

The majority of requirement and weak adversaries will certainly have been beat by this factor, however you can end up whatever off with Lethal Strike, which will certainly deal damages to all close-by opponents that are standing in your Harmful Haze.

  1. Hazardous Blast (otherwise used).
  2. Lethal Strike.
  3. If at 2 TA), corrosive Attack (just.
  4. Shiv (creates 1 TA, just if at less than 2 TAS).
  5. Harsh Assault.

Cover-up Operative Capability Tree Build.

You may beat your target before Lethal Strike comes off cooldown, however you need to use it if its offered.

Essentially, you’ll be using Harsh Assault as high as you can. You make use of Shiv to create TAS, yet you’ll additionally get one each time you defeat an opponent. The cooldown on Hazardous Blast will additionally get reset if the target is beat with it used, so you can reapply it to the stronger adversary as quickly as it falls off.

AOE Burst Opener Part.

In this area, Sickness be covering the capacity tree construct as well as solo ability top priority for Cover-up Operative. Please describe the 7.0 Cover-up Operative Eve Overview if you desire a lot more in-depth info, particularly on topics referring to tailoring, abilities, and also capacity tree choices.

I advise Debilitate to make sure that you can utilize Backstab accurately against targets that aren’t impacted by the Revealing Weakness rebuff from Volatile Material. Given that Disclosing Weak point makes it so your Backstab is treated as though it was from Stealth, Rough Strike will certainly trigger with each Backstab against a target with Revealing Weak point. Explosive Cells makes Volatile Compound an AOE, including it using Revealing Weakness to the targets it harms, so you can knock multiple individuals over with Backstabs that deal enhanced damage.

This initial part is centered around leaving your huge hits, and detonating Volatile Compound on the entire team. It suffices to erase all weak as well as conventional adversaries. You will require to finish them off with some single-target fillers if the team of garbage has a beefier adversary like a Strong or Elite (silver or gold).

How to utilize this develops.

Develop Fundamentals:.
Ruthless Blades.
Crippling Injuries.
Medication Guard.
Rough Strike.
Eruptive Cells Tactical Thing.
Tacticians Implant.
Locked and also Filled Implant.

This is the general turning you’ll be utilizing your capabilities in against each team of trash in order to maximize your damage output. There are 2 elements to securing a team of garbage with Cover-up, an AOE burst element and a single-target priority part.

This develops is enhanced for the ideal damages and survivability in a solo web content setting. Advanced Stealth theoretically will offer more damages per trash pull than Tactical Critical, but if you get hit by a Force or Tech attack (non-weapon damages), you will certainly shed the buff before you obtain a possibility to utilize it.

Camouflage Operative Solo Build.

  1. Stealth.
  2. If readily available), Stem Boost (.
  3. Backstab (from Stealth).
  4. Veiled Strike or Fragmentation Explosive (just with Advanced Stealth).
  5. Unpredictable Compound (against center most target).
  6. Debilitating Slice (against exact same target for autocrat).
  7. Poisonous Haze (AOE strike and also stun, detonates Volatile Material, sets you back 1 TA).
  8. Single-Target Filler Concern.

You utilize Backstab from Stealth to provide a TA, do a lot of damage, and also apply the Advanced Stealth aficionado. You can utilize Veiled Strike for a strong single-target hit or Fragmentation Explosive for a strong AOE.

Single-Target Filler Priority Element.

This is the single-target priority you’ll be implementing against stronger opponents. It ought to just be needed to do this in heroics or against managers.

Bear In Mind That Volatile Compound just detonates when the target takes damages from a poison impact after fours have expired given that application, so you’ll need to see to it that the target you use Volatile Material to obtains hit by Corrosive Dart, Poisonous Haze, or Acid Blade after those fives are up.

Occasionally, Hazardous Haze and Harsh Dart use their initial tick prematurely to detonate Volatile Material, so you need to wait on the following tick. Your finest alternative is to use poison and also then change to a different target to begin the Single-Target Filler Concern. Select a target that you do not assume will get hit by Volatile Material.

If Advanced Stealth gets eliminated, it will normally disappear from your bar right away, so you can simply avoid that action if you lose it. Your next action is to detonate and also use Volatile Compound. You can make it autocrat by causing it to detonate on a target with Crippling Cut, however you angle struck that target with another nanodot strike up until Volatile Substance goes off.

  1. Backstab (against targets with Exposing Weakness).
  2. Harmful Haze.
  3. If you have less than 2 TAS), veiled Strike (.
  4. Laceration (costs 1 TA, stuns weak and also common adversaries).
  5. Fragmentation Grenade (versus numerous targets).
  6. Corrosive Dart (just to stronger adversaries).

Your goal is to simply utilize the hardest-hitting assault you have readily available or make it possible for other compelling attacks to go off. The majority of the moment, you’ll be interlacing Veiled Strikes, Lacerations, as well as Backstabs. Laceration sets you back a TA, however offers somewhat extra damages than Veiled Strike as well as stuns normal opponents.

You might desire to group each group together on your bar, so you can identify them extra easily, though keep them divide from the strikes I detailed above.

You make use of Shiv to create TAS, yet you’ll also get one each time you beat an enemy. Utilize them against stronger opponents to defeat them faster.

Defensive cooldowns (CDs) enhance your survivability temporarily, making it much less much likely that you’ll be beat. Utilize them whenever you’re taking more damage than you can handle.

It is only usable from stealth versus targets that aren’t in fight and the adversary will wake up if it takes damage from anything various other than Lethalities Dots. It’s fantastic to make use of on an adversary in a specifically difficult team of trash to make the total battle much easier.

Operative Solo Gearing as well as Statistics.

Keep in mind, only make use of Backstab against targets that are affected by Disclosing Weakness, they’ll be the ones that were hit by Volatile Compound. You’ll have a tough time striking opponents that do not have this rebuff due to the fact that you have to be behind them and also enemies like to turn to face you.

In Lethality, Stem Boost gets the result that makes you take 20% less damages as well as recover for 5% every fife (25% total) while its active. This protective increase overshadows the various other small effects, so you need to save Stem Increase for use versus solid enemies when you anticipate to take a great deal of damages.

Shield Probe.


Stem Boost (Concealment Just).

Figure out which mods to buy from Hyde and Week in SW TOR on the Fleet to reduce your spending as well as enhance your build. The dedicated guide includes ideas for all roles in both Eve and also PVP.


Major Cooldown Abilities for Operatives.

It is just useful from stealth versus targets that aren’t in combat as well as the enemy will wake up if it takes damage from anything other than Lethalities Dots. It’s wonderful to utilize on an opponent in a particularly difficult team of trash to make the overall fight less complicated.

These capabilities have some kind of controlling impact on your opponent that commonly provide some sort of protective benefit to you.

  • Boosts: Blue 276 enhances ([Kind] Augment 73 + Augmentation Package Mk-11).
  • Crystals: Advanced Eviscerating (+41 Crucial).
  • Relics: Antique of Focused Retaliation and Antique of Serendipitous Assault.
  • Biochem: Advanced Kyra Median, Proficient Stem, as well as Assault Adrenal.

Holotraverse causes you to immediately teleport to your target (pal or enemy), grant a TA, as well as raise your activity rate by 75% for 3s. It can be used from stealth as well. It has the longest cooldown of any type of space better, so you angle use it for every single pull.

Toxic Haze and also Volatile Substance might come off cooldown before the battle is over. Because their cooldowns are as long, just utilize them if numerous adversaries still have a great deal of HP left or you’ll need to wait on it to find off cooldown before involving with the following group.



Offensive Cooldowns.

These cooldowns permit you to move a lot faster than you would typically be able to go.


This area will certainly cover the core components of gearing and statistics for Operative. If you desire a more detailed explanation, please refer to the main overviews for each technique. Do not fail to remember to get the tactical things and also epic implants I pointed out when referring to specific self-controls!

Stem Increase gives a TA and boosts your Alacrity by 10%. In Camouflage, Stem Boost boosts your essential damages dealt by 15%, making it a rather significant offensive cooldown for the technique. Utilize it versus opponents or groups of garbage that have a lot of HP to take them down ASAP.

Stem Boost (Lethality Just).

This capacity breaks you out of any managing effects. Because it has such a lengthy cooldown, just use it if you are stopped from doing what you wish to do. If you’re rooted in location yet can still strike your target, there’s no need to damage totally free.

This capability can interrupt your targets cast or network and also secures them out of turning on that capacity once more for a brief time. Commonly the longer or extra threatening-sounding the capability is, the more crucial it is to interrupt.


Guard Probe simply soaks up a little quantity of damage. It’s good to use to soften the strike if you know you’re ready to take a success or cant afford to take one more. As a Personnel, you’ll heal for 5% of your maximum health when it breaks down, which nearly doubles the quantity of reduction it provides. In Lethality, you’ll additionally obtain 15% DR for sixes once it breaks down.

Defensive Cooldowns.

Group Control.

Disable stuns the target for a short time, avoiding them from doing anything, allowing you to do anything without needing to stress over them striking back. Its cooldown is half as long as that of various other tough stuns in the video game.

Stat Top priority.

Evasion makes you immune to weapon damages for the period. The capacity can have various other impacts if you take certain capacity tree lovers, but for solo material, that’s all it does.


Utilize it against enemies or teams of garbage that have a ton of HP to take them down As soon as possible.

Offensive cooldowns (OCD’s) raise your damages dealt briefly. Occasionally they’re extra generic boosts to every little thing, other times they only relate to detail capacities. It’s crucial to make sure you’re being thoughtful about which capabilities you attempt and used to utilize them as fast as feasible while the increase is energetic to optimize their performance. Use them against stronger opponents to defeat them much faster.

Accuracy to 110.00%– This is the most essential stat to reach its limit since assaults that miss offer 0 damages and no various other statistics matter if that happens. Technically, this is just called for against champs, but it assists in Flash points and versus opponents that minimize your accuracy or enhance their protection opportunity.
2. Alacrity to 7.15%– This stat has the second top priority since you do not get the full benefit of the stat unless you are at among the limits, though It’s still lesser than precision due to the fact that your strikes still need to hit.
3. Because it does not have a threshold associated with it like the various other two tertiary stats, vital gets the remainder– This stat is the most affordable top priority.

Covered Getaway makes you roll forwards 12 m (many of your abilities have either 4 or 10 m variety). The ability has a very short cooldown as well as 2 costs, permitting it to function as a basic dodge roll as various other game styles have.

Person Pieces.


These capacities use some sort of short-lived boost to your infraction, flexibility, and/or protection. Because they normally only last a short time while having a long cooldown, they are referred to as cooldowns (CDs).

Rest Dart.