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FIFA 23 premieres trailer and release date: all the news of the best virtual football

This year has been begged, but we already have with us all the information of FIFA 23, the new installment of the soccer saga par excellence. EA Sports has taken it more calmly and made us suffer. But, as the other day confirmed the American firm itself, today everything has been revealed, with a presentation trailer and the first details of a very special delivery, since it will be the last one with the name with which we have grown so many.

FIFA 23 already has a release date

Among the important FIFA 23 data, before wearing the novelties, is the release date. And what was leaked a few weeks ago is confirmed. It will be available on September 30, with early access on September 27 if you buy the Ultimate Edition .

Women’s football, finally as it is due

It is true that for some seasons we had women’s football in FIFA with the presence of some selections, but all this grows more now in this new installment, Barclays Women’s Super League and the division 1 Arkema , the maximum categories in England and France respectively. Unfortunately, we run out of Spanish competition, but surely in EA Sports they take it into account.

The added visibility that a global brand such as EA Sports will provide our league, teams and players cannot be underestimated. This greatly supports our ambition to accelerate the growth of women’s football in England, and highlights our commitment to open the Women’s Barclays Super League, and make it even more accessible, to new audiences worldwide, says Night Singh, a commercial director of the FA.

World Cup for Todxs

In addition, the possibility of playing the FIFA Australia and New Zealand 2023 Women’s World Cup will also be added, which will be played in next summer. Of course, we can also enjoy the World FIFA World 2022 **, the most important male competition in the world at the selection level.

Both competitions will be added as free updates after launch , so we can do with them without additional cost.

Cross game, but with nuances

We had already advanced that FIFA 23 will have a cross game , and now it is official. EA Sports has given the relevant details and changes so that its multiplayer experience is perfect. So Cross-Play will be allowed between platforms, although an important nuance must be taken into account.

Cross game only will be possible between game versions that use the same graphic engine . In case you don’t know what this means, we make it clearer next.

  • Option 1: crossplay between PS5, Xbox Series and PC
  • Option 2: CrossPlay between Xbox One and PS4

As aim, Cross game will only be available in 1VS1 game modes, so other sections such as Pro clubs are left out of this option.

In this way, two other important aspects are confirmed. Especially important what we indicated just a few days ago, and that is that the PC version will be the same as that of new generation consoles, something that did not happen in previous years. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch will continue to have its independent legacy edition of the rest . And Stadia will also receive his game.

Hypermotion2 with the aim of improving experience

EA Sports has worked to improve the technology that premiered last season, and with Hypermotion2 promise improvements in the physics system and the game experience in general , with the aim of offering a more surround experience.

As they indicate, now the movements of the players will be more sensitive, intelligent and authentic, whether they face a defense and if they claim an air ball against an attacker as against a goalkeeper_.

They promise a new smart dribble system, with a more natural transition when shooting at the door. For this they have added a totally new acceleration mechanics . In addition, new animations focused on women’s football and players movements have been designed.

We have extended the limits of realism in FIFA 23 through Hypermotion2, using state-of-the-art technology to capture male and female professional teams in maximum intensity matches that translates millions of data points into new animations in time Real, says Nick Wlodyka. The result is the most natural and realistic movement in football games , and when combined with the inclusion of male and female worlds, women’s club football and cross-play functions, will submerge players and to football fans around the world for years.

Different modes and rookie training improvements

Although they have not given many more details, from EA they ensure that the game will present a wide variety of novelties and innovations in different game modes, among which they mention career mode, professional clubs, table football and, of course, Ultimate Team.

From here we can deduce that Volta disappears from FIFA 23 , and that perhaps that table football is an alternative, but we have no official indications about it. What we can assure is that there will be a new practice mode, called Training Center , focused on less experienced players the possibility of easily learning the foundations of the game to perfect their style before jumping to the virtual grass.

FIFA 23 in numbers

To conclude, we leave a balance of FIFA 23 numbers and how their figures have been swell with the incorporation of women’s football.

In total, more than 19,000 players will be included in more than 700 teams in more than 100 stadiums and more than 30 leagues **. Almost nothing.

As for competitions, we can play championships and tournaments as important as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europe Conference League, Conmebol Libertadores, Conmebol Sudamericana, Premier League, Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander in the same game.

5 Mint, Smash Legend New Content Competition April 12

The Independent Studio 5 (representative Kim Chang-hyun), the Independent Studio (representative), said that the real-time PVP Action Games ‘Smash Legends’ announced on April 12th.

This update is at the heart of adding ‘competing’, a new content that can show off PVP skills between players. Level 15 or more with a level of six or more Legends can participate in the competition. 3: 3: Based on the occupation, the 6 players will be selected in the order in which the desired legend is set in the order, and the Legend should not be able to use a different legend with all players. These legendary intersections and the tier scores that are changed depending on the results of the game allow you to strategically play the game more strategically and you can show your game skills.

New Legend (character) ‘dragon’ is also available. ‘Dragon’ is the 26th new Legend, and can give a great deal of damage to the opponent through rolling and graving using his body. In the game store, it is possible to purchase through credit or jewelry, and it provides effect and emoticons for use as a pre-purchased player limitation.

In addition, a chopsticking package ‘Legend Assembling Bundle’, which can earn most legends released so far, will also be added. In addition, Labi, Location Queen, the new theme of Rabbel, also launched.

[Smash Legends] Competitive Match is Coming Soon!
5 Myeongpyeong Park Moon-hyung’s representative is “I am going to strengthen communication with users, such as a live chat Q & A session, such as a live chat Q & A session, commemorating a live chat Q & A session on the launch of a new content competition on the last 5 days.” Through the users, we plan to provide a variety of games and pleasure to provide a variety of games. “

‘Smash Legend’ is a real-time PVP action game that 5 dollabs are developed on their own. Featuring a short play time, a cool striking, easy operation within 3 minutes, a global 5.5 million downloads were recorded.

LOL – Renata Support Guide: The best builds, runes and tricks in season 12

Renata Glasc is now available at League of Legends . The new champion lands at the crack of the invoker under the premise of becoming one of the most interesting support champions that have come to the game in the last seasons. Being able to dominate the minds of her rivals and resurrect her companions thanks to a more complete skill kit, it is normal if you feel like trying it. Be to go directly to the rankeds or passing before by normal items, for that we are here: we will try to help you with the best builds, runes and a few objects so that you can try it with guarantees.


One of the main objectives of Riot Games with Renata Glasc was to lose a little the march in terms of the variability of the builds. After the arrival of Zeri, who was one of the most extravagant characters in that sense, this time we can trust that our first impression works relatively well: it will focus on Support’s items and has a great synergy with the imperial mandate * *.

The most common objects will be the following:

Dagger of the Sorcerer : fundamental to start the games. It is the best gold gain item for the champion on almost all occasions. Only when you have in front of champions with a lot of range can you see you go by Shield Relic.
Imperial mandate : Early game can decide a game, and this mythical object brings Renata and the allies of it an amount of extra harm very much to consider. It is perfect in almost all situations and you know you do not make a mistake if you go for it.
Jonian Lucidity Boots : One of Renata’s biggest problems are the high cooling of her skills. We need to reduce it as much as possible.
Redemption **: There are not too many items with which Renata has a great synergy, so healing all our allies in area is a fantastic idea. In addition, it combines well with our identity as Support focused on protecting allies.

  • Tecnochemical Puter : We will only go for when enemies cure too much, but that happens very often. It gives us good damage, helps the team and also includes skill speed.

Completing the Build: Situational Objects

  • Shield Relic : Only when we play against lines with a lot of distance damage.
  • Hourglass from Zhonya : If we have started the game very well, we can go for this object without too many doubts. It will allow us to survive and help the allies, although it has the counterpart that we lose a part of our facet of defending colleagues.
    Iron Solari Medallion **: It is not as good as the imperial mandate, but it can help us against teams with large amounts of damage in area or assassins. We must take it into account.
  • Fluid water cane : If we have a good choice, although it does not offer speed of skills and that leaves something from behind.

What runes do Renata Glasc use?

Although there are several alternatives for the selection of RUNAS, our favorite is the one that uses the branch of inspiration as a touchst1. The best use of Renata is to help our colleagues get rid of enemies from over, and if we combine this function with great slowdown in area of ​​ improvement Glaclia we can make them unstoppable.

On this same branch, we bet for magic shoes , Delivery of cookies and cosmic insight . A good combo for the line phase and fights that we complete on the branch of value with source of life and revitalize **.

Sound spells

As with all supporters we have several alternatives. The Flash (essential) is combined well with exhausting or top . We can even take to heal if our shooter prefers to use the debilization spell by itself.

How to play Renata?

Renata will produce many feelings found during the line phases. It is a support that improves and protects your colleagues that has a very interesting control ability. It has a high damage and it is very dangerous if it gets ahead at levels. However, it does not have too many tools to protect itself if enemies manage to start over it. If she survives if she can use the definitive, but she is likely that she does not live to tell how the enemies were able to stun it.

Phase of lines

All supports are powerful when they get level 2 before the rival Lane bot, but Renata is particularly strong in these circumstances . By having a control ability, she can catch the rivals. In addition, the W of her (financial rescue) of her allows you to look for outrageous exchanges and persempt the characters that escape a touch, know that the champion on which you have used this ability will be revived to get a favorable exchange.

We must try link to enemies who do not suppose great threats and act reactively against those capable of getting easy initiations . Among the shield, the ability to control it and the ability to revive will be able to save our ally on almost every occasions. However, in case we are hunted, there will be no one who is there for us.

  • Level 1 – Q (handshake) : Renata’s hook serves both to start and get away from enemies. It is particularly good when we invade rivals and a good so to keep under my sleeve if they come to look for us.
  • Level 2 or 3 – E (Loyalty Program) : Clear to the colleagues and damage the rivals. It also slows them down. If we upload level before they impact this skill enables us to use the handshake, and it will be a spell or the death of the rival.
  • Level 2 or 3 – W (Financial Rescue) : Improves the own statistics or allies by offering them the possibility of reviving. It is a unpayable defensive tool, but also a very interesting aggressive option with champions that need help to hit more.
  • Level 6 – R (hostile acquisition) : The definitive mind controller we met Renata. She is perfect to start fights from a flank or to save the companions. She uses it with creativity.

_Nota: We will improve the W (Financial Rescue) when the rivals arrive before we at level 2. We will do the same with the E (loyalty program) if it happens the opposite.

Group fights

The main role of Renata Glasc on the group fights will be join the shooter of it and protect it from everything that comes , always prepared to use the definitive if it is given the occasion that the rivals are grouped. This tool allows you to create very comfortable areas for the team and can be very useful in struggles that take place near Baron, Heraldo or Dragon. The goal is to bring rivals to these areas in which we are superior and try to always hunt the enemy that more damage does with the basic attacks of it.

In cases where you start fighting proactively, does not succeed the W (financial rescue). It offers a significant improvement of speed of attack that in certain champions such as KOG’MAW or TWITCH can be the difference between having or not a successful initiation. Keep in mind that the improvements offered by skill are restarted at the end of an enemy, so its use is more efficient in this way. Despite everything, the best idea with Renata is usually playing defensive and winning the ‘front to back’. That is, the symmetric fights in which the most aggressive or resistant champions go for our softer allies.

Renata Glasc Support| Is she Good? [Best Builds, Runes, and Matchups] (Season 12 League of Legends)

Counters and Synergies of Renata

Renata Glasc suffers from her… The champions capable of starting over her without giving him an opportunity to answer. She does not have mobility tools and her shield is not very big, so she will not survire. She either will not be very efficient against wear strategies that avoid the control areas of her or the champions that are not based on self-grades

Renata Glasc is very powerful… with Tryndamere, whom she makes even more immortal. She also with high damage shooters that need protection and statistical improvements. The couple with Caitlyn is fun and works very well, being our personal recommendation.

Tricks and tips

  • Be creative : Renata is a champion capable of playing offensively and defensively whose skills have multiple uses. You must be prepared to improvise depending on the situation.
  • Play with caution : Like all the sorcerers, Renata has great ability to protect the allies, but not so much. If you start about you you are lost. You must be very careful with that.
  • Search Level Advantage In the first minute to achieve an initiation. Renata is one of the most effective champions in these situations.
  • q (handshake) allows a second release that displaces the rivals. Move them at your whim and keep in mind that if you make them crash with your peers you will be stunned.
  • R (hostile acquisition) affects subjects. Use it in combats where you have the surge against to change the tables. The minions do much more damage than you think.

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