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Tower of Fantasy Lolita’s Riddles Side Missions Guide

There are a bunch of quests you will face on your journey through Tower of Fantasy. As chapter 1 of the game, you begin to receive side quests and missions. But most of them about the pursuit of someone or the murder of enemies. However, there is one side mission or quest that requires you to solve the riddle. For this specific side mission and a response to the riddles of Lolita, we prepared this guide to the tower of fantasies.

where to find Lolita

You must look for Vivian in the echo ring. After communicating with Vivian, she will tell you that Lolita is a girl who asks questions. She notes that a very limited number of people can correctly answer her question.

Now follow the quest marker to get to Lolita. Right along the bay of the river and behind the walls you will find Lolita. Now talk to her, and she will begin to ask questions.

Fantasy Tower Lolita solves riddles

The questions are not too complicated. They talk about the history of the game that you have experienced so far, so they will not interfere. She will ask questions, but if you answer incorrectly, she will begin the process first.

In any case, if you still find it difficult to answer them, we gave answers below:

Q1: What is the name of the comet, which the Prism project intends to create?

answer: comet, Mara.

Q2: Which organization is attributed to the invention of mufflers?

Answer: hyicos.

Q3: Do you know what is happening with ordinary people if they lose their suppressors?

Answer: They will turn into Aberrants.

Q4: There are two types of Omnium towers in the world: those who send Omnium and those who receive it. So, you know what Omnium tower is sending?


answer: Tower of fantasy.

B5: How many tower is Omnium in the world?

answer: five.

Sales charts in the Kingdom

Last week was difficult for Gran Turismo 7. A big patch has been published who caused serious online connectivity issues, putting it out of service for a few days. A fix has been set up, and at the same time, the game attracted additional heat for its stingy currency production, which led the fans to assign the last of Polyphony with the worst user score that a Sony Ait game never received. Although all of this has happened, the game is always very detailed in the UK – it’s its third week consecutive at number one.

This despite some new versions entering the top 10 and strong competition from Elden Ring. The FromSoftware Action RPG went from the third to second place, exchanging places with WWE 2K22. Horizon Forbidden West slides a few places, passing from fourth to seventh place.

With regard to these new titles, we have Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin who debuts in eighth position and sells mainly on PlayStation 5, and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, which is climbing 10th place.

Here is the last top 10 in its entirety.

Sales Charts in the United Kingdom: Week ending March 19, 2022

  • Grand Tourism 7
  • Elden’s ring
  • WWE 2K22

Weekly Sales chart in Excel
* Legends Pokémon: Arceus
* Brilliant diamond pokémon
* Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury
* West prohibited horizon
* The stranger of paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
* Brilliant pearl pokemon
* Five nights at Freddy: breach in security

When will the next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter be released?

After the February Live Letter who revealed a huge amount of information about the future game, Final Fantasy XIV fans are looking forward to news about the next event. Fortunately for us, we do not need to wait too long.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVIII

The next Final Fantasy Xiv Live Letter will take place March 4, 3:00 on the Pacific standard time. . Officially known as letter from Live Producer! Live letter is available for viewing on YouTube, twitch on Japanese in Nikoniko.

Officially, Live Letter should cover the first part of Patch 6.1 and “Different Updates”. We know that patch 6.1 will contain the first new content of the main plot task for Final Fantasy XIV from the output of Endwalker. But, judging by the previous Live Letters, we can get much more revelations.

In the February Live Letter, we learned about the new graphic update, huge changes in the trust system and dungeons A Realm Reborn. In the broadcast, plans were also set out to make the game more accessible to players who pushed MMO. The director and producer Naoki Yosida explained that he wanted to attract fan fan fantasy to the game of fans.

For more information about Final Fantasy XIV, see when the following Quest Hildebradda comes out in Final Fantasy XIV? in professional guidelines for the game.

Football Manager 2021: Multiplayer

Who does not want to play Football Manager 2021 alone, on the waiting for various modes.

Football Manager 2021: These are the multiplayer options


In Football Manager 2021 there are two multiplayer possibilities:

  • In the Fantasy Draft, players create a team based on a specified budget. These teams then contact each other in fictitious competitions. This can happen both in the ligamodus and in the form of a tournament tree.
  • The career mode is also available for multiplayer fans. There are no differences in the content of the solo career (and at the settings possibilities), apart from the fact that the game progresses only when all players have finished the day. In addition, negotiations and duels have a special explosiveness between the real players. Up to 32 players can compete together.

For players with enthusiastic FM fans in the circle of friends, there are different ways to go together in the complexity of the 21er version. But attention: The multiplayer options only exist for the main game, not for mobile offshoots Mobile and Touch.

With the successor Football Manager 2022 another multiplayer mode came into play, namely the versus mode, us game. In this you choose an existing team (like your own team from your score) and thus occur against the team of another player, without deeper league or framework conditions, as short and spontaneity are in the foreground.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has a new trailer

It has been a long time since we had some kind of novelty related to Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin . It seems that the bad reception that the game had during its revelation in 2021 certainly affected Square Enix, but do not worry that you have just arrived a new (and last trailer) that you can enjoy next.

The advance in question focuses more on the history of the game than in its gameplay, so if you were waiting to see more of this last, you will be disappointed. However, it seems that history will be an important element for the game, because despite having several similarities to the games of fromSoftware , Stranger of Paradise will have a more traditional narrative.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Debut the March 15, 2022 for consoles PlayStation, XBOX and PC.


Editor’s Note: After having played his demo last year, I was happy with what was shown. There are still a few details, but I think Stranger of Paradise has potential to be one of the great surprises of 2022.

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