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Sniper Elite 5 Test – Innovation that misses the goal

In Sniper Elite 5, Rebellion bears the escapades of Karl Fairbourne’s Nazi north to France and on the new generation consoles. Since this is the fifth main part of the series that comes five years after Sniper Elite 4 and can work with the performance of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, I hoped for a massively improved and revised newcomer would lead Sniper Elite to new heights.

SNIPER ELITE 5 Gameplay - The Most Brutal Sniping Game!

After I had no longer touched Sniper Elite game since SE4 started in 2017, I was expecting some significant progress. Rebellion has tried some new innovations, including an invasion function to add a Deathloop-like PvP element to your campaign, some new crossing functions for navigating in the extensive levels, adaptable loadouts with a suitable fastening system and an updated user interface.

However, not all of these new improvements and functions hit the right tone, and although there are a few striking additions, the entire game ultimately feels like “only another sniper elite”. Depending on who you ask, this could be an excellent thing, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed.

When I played on the Xbox Series S, I found myself occasionally tormented by a campaign on the first day of the game, which, narrative, is surprisingly boring. Even the extremely mediocre action that I thought that it could happen did not happen. Although I will not ruin anything by telling details, the end was horribly disappointing and simple. I know that you don’t necessarily play a Sniper Elite game because of his action, but there was really nothing to celebrate in this regard.

Rebellion has worked hard to create larger and more immersive levels for Sniper Elite 5, and they are filled with different routes, many hidden details and are packed with collector’s pieces and information. The third mission playing on a fortress island that is clearly inspired by the Mont-Saint-Michel in northern France is particularly outstanding, and navigating through this level was probably the place where I had the most fun throughout my game.

On each card there is also a handful of secondary goals and assassination goals as well as the collector’s items mentioned above so that they can sneak far beyond the main goal of history. Overall, there is a decent amount of content-probably enough to justify 20-30 hours of play.

However, pretty much all important new improvements and additions have contributed little to improve the Sniper Elite experience.

The most disappointing is the new intruder mode, in which another player enters into your campaign mission as an enemy sniper of the axis to switch it off and disturb your progress through the level.

It sounds excellent on paper and is exactly what Sniper Elite needs. However, the execution is not outstanding. In my experience, the sniper of the axis powers, which was both the hunter and the hunted, has a considerable advantage because he is able to mark AI soldiers so that they are to be stored that mark the position of the Allied sniper.

The only ASS in the Allied sniper sleeve is that you can find telephones on the menu and the interaction with you reveals the location of the Axis scorers. However, you only receive a mark that shows the last known location of the Axis Schaftschützen, and no regularly updated tracker, and after a few minutes the Axis scorer can also use these phones. In addition, the distribution of these phones is incredibly inconsistent (at least they were on the cards that I have played so far where an invasion took place), phones can be caught or camped with explosive traps, and their own location is also marked when too many phones is marked be used.

In addition, it is not mentioned who killed them. You can challenge this intruder for a reserve, but there is no way to know exactly who this person is. There is no mention of a gamer tag or even which level the enemy sniper had. Although this may have been done to contain toxicity, you can easily deactivate in the menus that your game is open to intruders if this is a problem.

Another updated function is Traversal, with which Karl Ranks climb up and hang along rocky leads. Although I was hoping that this would be suitable for a new verticality, this actually seems to be a little too little. A more common climbing mechanics similar to Assassin’s Creed games, in which most surfaces can be scaled, would have been the necessary further development. There was also a case in my through in which Karl got stuck on a rocky lead, could not fall down and could not pull up again, which forced me to return to the last point of storage.

That wasn’t the only hiccup. I was forced twice to restart missions completely because the goals were. For some reason, the tutorial area was loaded without enemies, which was not the most outrageous ever. However, after I had gone through the entire first level, the last goal that she asked for exiltring simply did not appear to me, and the shop again at previous storage points does not make this problem.

There are also a few technical problems in relation to the performance of Sniper Elite 5. I have admittedly played on the less powerful series S, but targeting riflescope with very high magnification caused some frame drops and stuttering.

In addition, the graphic quality of this game on the series S is not great. Graphics are always a sensitive topic, and it can usually be forgiven if the gameplay is tight and entertaining as with Sniper Elite 5, but I found it difficult to stop by during my playing. While they may not notice it so much when they walk around in the third person, cutscenes and the bloody kill cams were occasionally ridiculous because they looked so shocking. After I have also looked at the game on the big brother of the series S, I can confirm that Sniper Elite 5 looks better on the X Series, but it still does not correspond to the standards that you from a game in its fifth main line Expect iteration.

While Sniper Elite 5 has done with many cool small additions, such as kill cams for sidal and melee kills and their usual sniper kills, to be satisfied with me, those who really have the sniper elite recipe Could have spotted up how a corma was hit than a Vindaloo.

That doesn’t mean that this is by no means a bad game. Although I haven’t played a lot of co-op or multiplayer action, Sniper Elite games are traditionally good fun to play with others, and if you are a game pass subscription, you can have this laugh at no additional cost.

Rebellion has proven that it can build extensive levels with decent content, and by sticking to his weapons with its amusing and relatively satisfactory gameplay loop, the WW2 setting and the main protagonist, fans of the series will be back to come back to Play, and probably a lot of fun, this game.

In order to really become something other than the cult classic, to which the series has become, some serious restructuring are required. Sniper Elite 5 partially tries this, but the execution is unfortunately not up to date.

The Best Xbox Series Controller 2022 – Top

New in the update: We have supplemented the Thrustmaster ESWAP X PRO , which can be found in our list by its modular design. It is also worth noting that the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma , which was temporarily sold out, is now well available again.

The Xbox Series X and S are not in the market yet, yet a few controllers have already been published for the new consoles. Since the Xbox Series is also compatible with almost all Gamepads, which also work with the Xbox One, there is already a large selection. That’s why we give you an overview of the most important models here. We are less about a ranking of the best controllers than rather to find the best Gamepad for each target group.

  • This purchase advice is not commissioned by one advertising partner, but a list of recommendations. The offers listed here are but with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Elite Controller supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider. Do you have suggestions for articles that we should record? Write it in the comments.


Controller from Microsoft

  • The standard: Microsoft Xbox Series Controller
  • The predecessor: Microsoft Xbox One Controller
  • The high-end reference: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2
  • Including: Xbox Adaptive Controller

Third-party controllers

  • The cheap Second Controller: PDP Wired Xbox Controller
  • Additional buttons: Powera Enhanced Controller
  • The standard alternative: Hori Horipad Pro for Xbox Series
  • The Elite Alternative: Razer Wolverine (Tournament & Ultimate, Xbox One)
  • Snapped successor: Razer Wolverine V2 for Xbox Series
  • Illuminated and Paddels: Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma
  • fine tuning via app: Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller
  • Fast: Victrix Gambit Dual Core Controller
  • Modular: Thrustmaster ESWAP X PRO
  • Many functions: Turtle Beach Recon Controller
  • for small hands: Hyperkin X91 Retro Controller
  • For big hands and nostalgics: Hyperkin Duke Controller
  • Customizable: ScuF Instinct / Instinct Pro

The default: Microsoft Xbox Series Controller


  • __STARK improved D-PAD
  • __good workmanship
  • __procise sticks and buttons
  • __hohe compatibility
  • __ Using the keys


  • __ no special features
  • __key configuration of sensitivity

Price: about 50 to 60 euros

Xbox Series Controller at MediaMarkt *

Small improvements: As far as the key layout and the design are concerned, there has hardly been done anything in Microsoft’s Xbox Series Controller compared to its predecessor. But there are a few improvements. New is, for example, the Share button, with which you can record uncomplicated screenshots or start the recording of clips depending on the setting. The back of the handles also has little nubs that provide more slip resistance. In addition, the latency was further reduced.

New D-Pad: Perhaps the most spectacular change is the new D-Pad, which clearly distinguishes itself with its plate-shaped design from the control cross of the Xbox One Controller and instead reminds of the D-Pad of the Xbox Elite Controller. The new D-Pad has significantly better pressure points and allows more precise control than the Xbox One Controller, although it already showed an improvement over its predecessor. Small Disadvantage: The D-Pad of the Xbox Series Controller produces quite sound clicks.

COMMON QUALITY: Otherwise, the sticks and buttons have about the quality that you already know from its predecessor. Here and there they like to feel a bit different, but great changes should not expect. That’s a good thing, because apart from the control cross there was not much to improve anyway. The processing also feels high quality as usual and the controller is well in the hand.

__38 __7

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The Xbox Series X-Controller is the perfect evolution


Back with battery: As the Xbox One controller also sets its successor to AA batteries instead of a firmly installed battery. With the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, Microsoft dared the step to the battery, but the players did not seem well . Instead of batteries you can also use Battery Packs **, which you can charge directly in the controller. A battery charge can range for about 20 hours of playtime, but of course depends on the batteries used.

Full compatibility: The Xbox Series X controller is quite reasonable, from the Xbox One via the PC to mobile platforms such as iPhones and Android devices. So that everything works correctly with mobile devices, but may require a firmware update that can easily run your Xbox accessory app. With the software you can also change the assignment of the keys and sticks and save them in different profiles. The sensitivity of sticks and triggers can only be determined by the Elite Controller itself.

Conclusion: The controller of Xbox Series X and S is better than the predecessor for the Xbox One, especially thanks to the improved control cruise. But a gigantic progress is not. Thus, she gets a very good standard controller, which hardly has a blemish, but also no unusual features or additional buttons and buttons. In its price range, the Microsoft Xbox Series Controller is still hard to beat.

Xbox Series Controller at MediaMarkt *

The predecessor: Microsoft Xbox One Controller


  • __procise sticks and buttons
  • __good workmanship
  • __ ergonomic design
  • __ Using the keys


  • __ control cruice worse than the successor
  • __ no special features and extras
  • __keine adjustment of sensitivity

Price: approx. 50 Euro (now almost sold out)

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller at Amazon *

Neat Tax Cross: The control cross of the Xbox One Controller was one of the most important improvements compared to its predecessor, whose spongy D-Pad was the largest weak point. The Xbox One Controller produces much less false input than the Xbox 360 Controller, the new D-Pad of the Xbox Series Controller is still inferior.

COMMON QUALITY: Otherwise, the buttons and stick offer a similar quality, as you would have already used by the 360 ​​controller and how to offer the Series Controller as well. Here it has given only very fine improvements from generation to generation, which is simply because the Xbox 360 controller has already worked well. By the way, as with his successor, the Xbox One Controller can configure the buttons via accessories app.

Good handling: Compared to some controllers from other manufacturers, the Xbox ONE Wireless Controller does not last how well he is in hand. On the ergonomic design there is hardly something to improve, which is also the reason why Microsoft has changed little here for several generations. Even the processing is very solid, although it does not quite reach the level of the Elite Controller.

Revision with Bluetooth: From the Xbox One Controller there is a new and an old version published before the Xbox One S. Biggest difference: Only the new version supports Bluetooth. You recognize them that the surface is the Xbox key part of the remaining case (as on the picture above) and not from the same material as the shoulder keys. On the old variant you should hardly encounter the market but anyway. Even the new version could soon disappear from the shops because Microsoft only produces the Xbox Series Controller.

Conclusion: The Xbox One Wireless Controller is not too far inferior to the new Xbox Series Controller. At least as a second controller for local multiplayermatches, he is also very good at the Xbox Series. To buy it now, be it for the Xbox Series or for Xbox One, but makes little sense, unless you find it very cheap than remaining stock. Otherwise, you get with the new model slightly higher quality at a similar price.

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller at Amazon *

The high-end reference: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2


  • __ many settings
  • __high quality
  • __Vier paddle on the bottom
  • __Case and charging station included
  • __30 to 40 hours battery life


  • __Stick selection not as good as its predecessor
  • __Akku no longer interchangeable

Price: about 150 euros

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 at Mediamarkt *

Good equipment: The Elite Controller Series 2 comes like its predecessor in a protective case. This is equipped this time with a small flap, which can be loaded the controller while it is in the Case. In addition, several sticks are again in different lengths and with different surfaces. Here, however, something was saved, there is not two of every variety anymore. For this a charging station is included.

More options: It is also new that the resistance of the sticks can be set in three stages. Anyway, it is as good as everything on the new Elite controller is adjustable, from the key assignment to the paths of the trigger and the strength of the vibration to the brightness of the Xbox logo. The settings can be stored in different profiles, which you can conveniently change by pressing a button.

Four paddles: Freely assignable are also the four paddles on the bottom. Thanks to their easy accessibility, these valuable fractions can save them when used for important features such as recharging in shooters. The paddles were already available at the first Elite Controller.

Good workmanship, new design: The high-quality workmanship also has the Elite Controller Series 2 with its predecessor. On the other hand, the design has changed, the new controller is entirely held in black. The rough surface on the top of the handles is also new. Both is a matter of taste.

__64 __1

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Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller at Check – even better than the best


Fixed battery: The battery lasts about 30 to 40 hours. He is firmly installed and not readily interchangeable. That’s a pity, as the performance of a battery has fallen sooner or later, most buyers want to use their Elite Controller but probably many years. The standard controllers of the Xbox Series and Xbox One run with batteries or replaceable battery packs. Their runtime is slightly lower.

Conclusion: The Elite Controller Series 2 is the best Xbox controller on the market and the first choice for those who are looking for a high-end device for high demands. But the costly purchase is worth it only if you want to actually use the many setting options. Incidentally, those who already own the first Elite Controller needs. The improvements are too low to justify the price.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 at Mediamarkt *

Including: Xbox Adaptive Controller


  • __auf different needs customizable
  • __ with normal Xbox controller can be combined


  • __expensive
  • __NUR basic controller included
  • __ accessories now only hard to get

Price: approx. 90 € (only basic controller, currently more expensive due to lack of availability)

Xbox Adaptive Controller at Microsoft Store *

Close target group: The Xbox Adaptive Controller is intended exclusively for people with limited mobility. It is not held in the hands, but placed on the table or mounted on a tripod. All those who have no problems dealing with an ordinary controller, he offers no benefits.

Limited base: The Adaptive Controller offers significantly fewer functions in its basic version than a normal gamepad. In addition to a control cross and buttons for opening the menus, it only has two very large buttons. It is therefore unusable for most games. However, it has 19 connections at the top to combine it with other devices.

Combinable: This works, for example, with the normal Xbox controller. So if you have only problems with pressing the triggers, you can place their function on the buttons of the Adaptive Controller and operate them with another body part, such as the feet.

__10 __6

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Xbox Adaptive Controller – The barrier-free GamePad in the practice test


Comfortable and hard to get: It gets harder if you can not use the normal controller. Then you may have to buy a whole lot of devices to the Adaptive Controller. Unfortunately, much of the accessories, which gave it to the release of the Adaptive Controller, no longer available. Corresponding devices of third-party providers are also rare and often very expensive. Already a single button can cost 50 to 90 euros.

Conclusion: The concept of a basic controller, to which additional devices are connected, may act somewhat complicated, but is probably the only way to meet the very different needs of the target group. So the idea is good, but Microsoft has not yet taken care of for long-term support with the necessary accessories. If you have special needs (and exactly for this the controller is actually there), therefore may have to look for the right extras for a long time and pay a high price.

Xbox Adaptive Controller in the Microsoft Store *

The cheap Second Controller: PDP Wired Xbox Controller


  • __ function reliably
  • __Function key that allows setting of the volume
  • __ Current version Share button available


  • __ cable bound
  • __ processing moderate

Price: about 35 euros

PDP Wired Xbox Controller at Amazon *

Easily updated: The PDP Wired Controller is an officially licensed controller from third-party performance designed Products. It comes with a removable cable. The controller already existed for the Xbox One. For the updated version that you see on the picture above, only the Share button has been added. If you do not care, you can also grab the old model, but this is difficult to find.

Processed properly: The processing does not feel very high quality, but is solid. The sticks and all buttons reliably meet their task. In particular, the triggers feel better than that of the controller of Powera (see below), which is located at a similar price level. With the original of Microsoft, he can not completely keep up.

Practical function key: A small special feature offers the PDP controller through the function key attached to the right corner. If you hold them pressed, you can set the volume over the control cross and the balance between the sound of the game and the voic chat. By pressing the function key twice, the micro is muted. Otherwise, the PDP offers only the usual features such as vibration motors.

Conclusion: The PDP Xbox Controller is a simple gamepad, but reliably fulfills its task and even offers a small extra with the additional function key. For his price, he is not a bad choice and at least as a sometimes used second controller highly recommended. But he is not a full competitor for the original. If you are looking for a commonly used main controller, you should rather grab a higher quality model.

PDP Wired Xbox Controller at Amazon *

Additional buttons: Powera Enhanced Controller


  • __ reacts precisely

  • __programmable buttons on the bottom
  • __Antimental switch for micro and volume


  • __Trigger and shoulder keys do not feel high quality
  • __ cable bound

Price: approximately 40 euros

Powera Enhanced Controller for Xbox Series at Amazon *

New switches: The wired Powera Enhanced Controller originally published for the Xbox One, there are now in a new version for the Xbox Series. This not only has the new Share button, but also brings with a practical new switch that will regulate the volume of a connected headset and mutes the microphone.

Additional buttons: As with the Xbox One version, there are also two additional, easily accessible buttons on the inside of the handles, which can be programmed. For this purpose, you press a third button on the bottom of the controller, then the button whose function one wants to take over, and finally the desired extrabutton.

Solid quality: Qualitatively, the Powera makes a good but not outstanding impression. The sticks, the control cross and the buttons on the front function reliably. In particular, the control cross can not keep up with that of the Xbox Series Controller from Microsoft. In addition, the triggers do not feel very high quality, but almost as if they were not perfect and therefore on the housing interior. But they work anyway.

Conclusion: The Powera Xbox Enhanced Controller is a solid alternative to Microsoft’s standard controller, despite the trigger in need of getting used. This applies at least if you often want to use the practical additional buttons on the underside. These keys weigh together with the cheaper price, the disadvantages in the processing quality at least approximately up. As a sometimes used second controller, the Powera Enhanced Controller is definitely recommended, but this also applies to the model of PDP.

Powera Enhanced Controller for Xbox Series at Amazon *

The standard alternative: Hori Horipad Pro for Xbox Series


  • __ keys for audio regulation
  • __Profile Save and change quickly
  • __APP with many options
  • __procise sticks and buttons


  • __ cable bound
  • __Trigger something hard-binding
  • __ignored audio settings of the Xbox

Price: approximately 50 euros

Hori Horipad Pro for Xbox Series at Amazon *

Good controller with small problems: The Hori Horipad Pro is an officially licensed controller for the Xbox Series, which appeared in November 2020. However, he has an ordinary control cruise as the Xbox One Controller, which is reliably doing its service, but can not quite keep up with the new D-Pad of the Xbox Series Controller. Otherwise, the keys and sticks work well and precisely. The triggers are somewhat hard. In games where you have to act very quickly the deduction, that’s not optimal.

Additional buttons: The Horipad Pro has all buttons that also offers the original of Microsoft, including the new Share button. Below on the controller there are also three additional buttons. One of this button is used to mute the headset. With the audio button you can regulate the volume and game chat balance of the connected headset if you use it together with the control cross. A small problem: You can only make audio settings via these buttons or the app from Hori. Settings of the Xbox ignores the controller.

Customizable via app: The third button eventually serves to switch between up to four profiles, which you can create and save via app yourself. The extensive app allows, similar to the controller of Microsoft, the switching of the keys and switching on and off the vibration. In addition, there are various audio options and, as with Xbox Elite Series 2, the setting of the sensitivity of triggers and sticks.

Conclusion: The Hori Horipad Pro for Xbox Series costs a bit less than the standard controller and still offers valuable additional features. Especially the app with setting options, as you know from the Elite Controller, is impressive. But one must not forget that one also thermosets disadvantages together with these advantages. Above all, the triggers feel significantly better at Microsoft’s controller and this is in contrast to the Horipad wireless. So the question is what is worth more.

Hori Horipad Pro for Xbox Series at Amazon *

The Elite Alternative: Razer Wolverine (Tournament & Ultimate, Xbox One)


  • __Buttons and sticks precisely
  • __Fits comfortably in your hand
  • __containing buttons between triggers
  • __ switch for sensitive triggers
  • __Paddels at the bottom (2 at Tournament, 4 at Ultimate)
  • __In Ultimate: Control Panel
  • __ Ultimate: Many customization options


  • __ cable bound
  • __not all additional buttons easily accessible
  • __ Ultimate: Only a few sticks included

Price: approx. 130 € (Tournament, now almost sold out), approx. 150 € (Ultimate)

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition at Expert *

Two versions: The Razer Wolverine The Xbox One Generation is available in two different versions. The more expensive Ultimate Edition is intended to make the Elite Controller competition, the cheaper tournament edition is somewhere between the standard and elite controller. With regard to the quality of the basic functions, there are no differences between the models that Wolverine Ultimate has a lot of extras.

Handling: The workmanship feels high quality in both variants and both are well in their hands. The buttons and sticks work precisely. The triggers are somewhat more smoother than Microsoft’s standard controller, which is simply poor. Both versions of the Wolverine are wired. A 3 m long, removable cable is included.

Buttons between triggers: Both models also have two additional buttons attached to the top of the controller between the triggers. Since you have to reach over the triggers or the shoulder buttons to reach them, these are somewhat uncomfortable to use. They are therefore suitable for rarely used functions. In addition, the Wolverine on the underside has two switches, which can increase the sensitivity of the triggers.

PADDEL: Also on the bottom are four paddles at the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, which are alternatively attached to the Elite Controller in the middle and stand out quite far. Although they are well achieved, they can also disturb depending on individual hand posture. The Wolverine Tournament has only two paddles, but which are further attached laterally and to use comfortably.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Edition at Amazon *

Control Panel (Ultimate): The Ultimate Edition contains four additional additional buttons at the bottom of the front of the controller. However, these games play no role, but are intended for various additional functions such as mute the microph1. This is practical for those who are in contact with team members when playing, but unnecessarily for those who only play solo anyway.

Customizable (Ultimate): The Wolverine Ultimate is also characterized by its adaptation options. The sticks are interchangeable. In addition to a D-pad, only a long stick and a stick with convex surface are included in addition to a D-PAD. The app can also configure many functions such as the strength of the vibration. The Elite Series 2 offers a few possibilities more.

Conclusion Tournament: There is not much to complain about the quality of the Razer Wolverine, but this also applies to the much cheaper standard controllers of the Xbox Series. Compared to this, the Wolverine is characterized by its additional keys above all. However, the Tournament Edition does not offer much more than the Powera Enhanced Controller, which is not processed as high quality, but also costs only a fraction. The purchase of the Wolverine Tournament one should therefore think well.

Conclusion Ultimate: The Wolverine Ultimate has clearly the nose in the number of buttons themselves compared to Elite Series 2. However, the question is whether you really need six additional buttons for gameplay, especially since not all are particularly comfortable to use. Most players are likely to be satisfied with the paddles of the Elite Controller. This is also better configurable and works wirelessly.

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition at Expert * Razer Wolverine Ultimate Edition at Amazon *

Snapped successor: Razer Wolverine V2 for Xbox Series


  • __good workmanship
  • __-precise buttons and sticks
  • __Fits comfortably in your hand
  • __containing buttons between the shoulder keys
  • __ switch for sensitive triggers


  • __key paddles on the bottom
  • __Menu and screenshot button impractically positioned
  • __ cable bound

Price: about 90 Euro

Razer Wolverine V2 at Amazon *

New buttons: From the Razer Wolverine, a new one for which Xbox Series updated version named Wolverine V2 has already been published in November 2020. This has the new Share button as well as an audio button. If your latter is pressed, you can regulate the volume and chat-game balance of a connected headset with the control cruice. A practical function, which also offers the cheap PDP controllers. In addition, the menu and screenshot keys were moved very far up and are now a bit bad.

NO PADDELS: A strange decision of Razer is also to do without paddles on the bottom. For a controller of this price range, this is a weak performance. For its predecessor, even the cheaper tournament edition had two but the Ultimate Edition equal four. After all, there is still the additional buttons between the shoulder keys. The controllers at the bottom, with which the hair trigger mode can be activated and the sensitivity of RT and LT can be increased, are still there.

New old control cross: Razer has donated the Wolverine V2 a new control cross, but not based on the Xbox Series Controller, but on the Xbox One Controller. This does perfect service perfectly. Something weird is the decision anyway, because so the Wolverine V2 looks at first glance like an ordinary recent generation controller, while its predecessor, in which the directional keys are delimited from each other, highlights itself clearly from the competition.

__12 __2

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Razer Wolverine V2 in the test: a pro controller with smears


Well processed: Otherwise you can hardly complain about the quality of the controller. The sticks and buttons function precisely and the processing works high quality. Through the ergonomic form, the Wolverine is also very good in the hand. All this also applies to Microsoft’s very much cheaper standard controllers for the Xbox Series. A great quality advantage is not to be identified here.

Conclusion: What you get with the Razer Wolverine V2 is basically a gamepad at the level of the Xbox Series Controller with the TEXBOUZ of the Xbox One Controller. As an extras, it contains the additional buttons next to the shoulder buttons, the audio button and the sliders for hair trigger mode. For a small target group, this could be worth the extra charge. However, this must ask if she has the Xbox Elite Series 2, which has paddles and works wirelessly, although this is significantly more expensive.

Razer Wolverine V2 at Amazon *

Illuminated and Paddels: Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma


  • __procise sticks and buttons
  • __Fits comfortably in your hand
  • __zwei paddels and four additional keys
  • __ switch for sensitive triggers
  • __usted D-Pad
  • __Chroma lighting


  • __ cable bound
  • __Menu and screenshot button in unpractically placed

Price: approximately 160 euros

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma for Xbox Series X / S at Amazon *

Illuminated: The Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma is an improved and a few features advanced version the Wolverine V2, for example, as the first generation of Wolverine Ultimate was a better version of the Wolverine Tournament. In design, there are little differences to the normal V2, apart from the subtle RGB lighting on the border between the handles and the upper part of the shell. You can set this via the app and, for example, change the color or miss a breathing effect.

Paddels, better D-Pad: The V2 Chroma also has a plate-shaped D-pad instead of an ordinary control cross. The control cross also worked well, but the new D-Pad is a bit more precise in diagonal movements. However, the greatest improvement is on the bottom, because during the normal Wolverine V2 unlike its predecessors completely renounced Paddel, the V2 Chroma has two paddles and two additional additional keys directly above it.

All features of the normal V2: Otherwise, the differences between the two controllers are not great. The Wolverine V2 Chroma has all the features of the normal V2, including the two additional keys between the shoulder buttons and the head-trigger mode switches on the back. Buttons and sticks work very precisely here as well as there. Biggest disadvantage over the Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is still the fact that you can use the Wolverine V2 only wired.

Conclusion: The Wolverine V2 Chroma is undoubtedly better than the normal V2. Finally, you get everything you get there too, and a lot more. Whether he is worth the extra charge depends above all how important you are the paddles at the bottom. These are an immense advantage, but of course only if you really need them. The Chroma lighting and the better D-Pad are nice direct entries, alone justify the surcharge in our opinion but not.

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma for Xbox Series X / S at Amazon *

Feintuning via app: Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller


  • __App with many settings
  • __ short change between profiles
  • __ many extras included
  • __containing buttons on the back


  • __Positioning the additional buttons not optimal
  • __ for the price moderately processed
  • __ cable bound

Price: about 110 Euro

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller at MediaMarkt *

Great scope of delivery: The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is a 2021 Xbox Series published, wired controller, which has the new Share button. With regard to the design, he is strongly oriented with Microsoft’s standard controller, but offers a traditional control cross instead of the plate-shaped D-Pad. It is supplied with a hard case, attachments for extending the sticks, additional stick caps as well as weights that can be inserted into the handles.

Processing and additional buttons: The Nacon Revolution X is well processed, but does not feel as robust as Microsoft’s controller. This can also change the insertion of the weights. But there is nothing to complain about the sticks, buttons and triggers, they do precisely and easily their service. On the bottom, the Nacon Revolution X has four additional buttons, which are mounted on the side of the handles. They are almost too easy to reach: especially the elongated, lower keys can easily be accidentally pushed in the zeal of battle.

Feintuning & Profiles: Fortunately, the additional buttons can be disabled on request. The app can also make many more attitudes that affect the sensitivity of the sticks and triggers. This will only be offered at Microsoft’s competitive products at the expensive Elite Controller. You can save up to four different profiles between which you can quickly switch through another additional button on the bottom. An illuminated ring around the right stick shows you which profile you are currently using.

Conclusion: The Nacon Revolution X is supplied with a considerable number of extras, the controller itself acts at first glance but not spectacular. The processing quality is fine, but not positive, and additional buttons on the back have other controllers too. The Nacon Revolution X is recommended only through its extensive app and the ability to quickly switch between profiles. In this regard, he really offers everything you can expect from one per controller.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller at MediaMarkt *

Fast: Victrix Gambit Dual Core Controller


  • __ react fast
  • __Trigger stops
  • __Paddels on the bottom
  • __ many replaceable parts
  • __ adjustment options for headsets
  • __Feintuning via app


  • __ cable bound
  • __leiner design defects
  • Especially processing

Price: about 90 to 100 Euro

Victrix Gambit Dual Core Controller at Amazon *

Faster: The wired Victrix Gambit Dual Core Controller from PDP, which was published in October 2021, promotes the fastest Xbox controller in the world. Not only through the cable, but also by taking care of the input and the other around the processing of the audio signals, the INPUT should be reduced. In practice, the few milliseconds make a difference at most for professional players. More important are the trigger stops, with which you can shorten the ways of triggers and, for example, can fire faster.

Extras and interchangeable parts: Another extra of the VICTRIX Gambit Controller for Xbox Series are the four programmable paddles on the bottom, which can be expanded and replaced by two wider paddles. The hard front shell can be replaced by a softer and the control cross through a plate-shaped D-pad. The sticks can also be exchanged. Connected headsets volume and Game Chat Balace can be set. The app also allows additional settings for buttons and sound.

__2 __1

more on the subject

VICTRIX Gambit Dual Core Controller in Test: High Precision Cases Design Weaknesses


Design: Not quite as good, the VICTRIX Gambit proposes in design and processing. While all sticks and buttons work perfectly, but a few of the interchangeable parts work slightly cheap and the soft front bowl slips easily. In addition, it can easily happen that you accidentally push the paddles on the back. Also, the arrangement of the menu buttons far above on the controller is not very comfortable. All of these defects are bearable, but with more expensive controllers such as Microsoft Elite Series 2, the Victrix Gambit can not keep up.

Conclusion: With all its features, the VICTRIX Gambit Controller would have to be a top buy recommendation for the price of 100 euros, even if you do not have much on advertising promise that it is the fastest Xbox controller acts. The sometimes somewhat uncomfortable design and not bad, but also not optimal processing clouds but a little bit of the on purely technical level very positive impression that the gamepad leaves. Nevertheless, if you address the extras of the Victrix Gambit, he can be worth his money.

Victrix Gambit Dual Core Controller at Amazon *

Modular: Thrustmaster ESWAP x Pro


  • __modular construction & interchangeable parts
  • __vier programmable buttons on the back
  • __App with many settings

Best Controllers for Xbox in 2022 - How to Choose your Xbox Controller in 2021?
* __Trigger locks


  • __ cable bound
  • __Spart parts not cheap

Price: approximately 140 to 150 euros

Thrustmaster ESWAP X PRO at Amazon *

Modular design and Share button: The wired Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro Controller is the Xbox variant of the Thrustmaster ESWAP PRO, which previously published for the PS4. He is already adapted to the Xbox Series, so owns the new Share button. Like the PS4 version, the ESWAP X PRO is mainly due to its modular design: The analog sticks and the control cross can be removed, their position can be reversed. This does not apply to the buttons.

Good quality, expensive replacement: The controller is good in hand, the sticks and buttons work precisely. Thrustmaster has missed a non-slip surface with the PS4 version to smooth triggers with the ESWAP X per. The processing acts high quality and durable. If something broke up to the sticks or the control cross, you can buy them individually individually. The triggers are interchangeable. Replacement is not cheap: prices range from about 20 euros for a single stick to about 60 euros for a complete set.

Extras: On the back, the Thrustmaster ESWAP X has four programmable buttons. Unlike many other controllers, they are not paddles, but around round buttons, which are easily accessible, but do not leave that way so much. In addition, the ESWAP X per Trigger Locks has to shorten the paths of triggers. As with Microsoft’s Elite Series 2, there is an app that sets out about key assignment, sensitivity and vibration.

Conclusion: The interchangeable modules should be the great selling point of the Thrustmaster ESWAP X PRO, but in practice, but only a few players are often used by the feature. The other extras such as the additional buttons and the settings via app make the controller interesting for a broader target group. Only these features can only be found at the Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, which is still wireless.

Thrustmaster ESWAP X PRO at Amazon *

Many features: Turtle Beach Recon Controller


  • __ additionally buttons on the bottom
  • __Control panel for audio settings
  • __Total good quality


  • __ cable bound
  • __etwas hard pressure feeling at the buttons

Price: approximately 60 euros

Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox Series at Amazon *

Similarities with the original: Since August 2, 2021, there is the wired Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox Series, which moves priced at the same level as the original of Microsoft. It has the new Share button and also over a plate-shaped D-Pad, which looks very similar to the Microsoft Controller. Otherwise, the design is similar to that of the model, but the handles are a bit rounder and more bent. They also have a special interface, which according to the manufacturer has “Micro-Cooling” and prevents sweaty hands.

Good quality: The Turtle Beach Recon Controller is well in the hand and is solidly processed, even if it looks a bit slightly slightly compared to the Microsoft Controller. Sticks and triggers feel good and react precisely, here there is no reason to complain. In the buttons the pressure feeling is a bit hard. Although they work without any problems, but are at least getting used to everyone who has been playing with the original controller.

__11 __1

more on the subject

Turtle Beach Recon Controller in Test: Solid alternative to the Xbox gamepad with cable chest


Additional features: The Turtle Beach Recon tries mainly to score through numerous additional features. It is worth noting at first the two additional, programmable buttons on the bottom for which you can set up to four profiles. In addition, there is a comprehensive Control Panel above the Xbox button, with which you can make numerous audio settings for a connected headset, for example the setting of the game-chat balance.

Conclusion: The Turtle Beach Recon Controller offers a lot of features for its price and quality can also be seen. The fact that the buttons feel habitually in need of dwelling is to pass the abundance of additional functions. Therefore, he is a true alternative to Microsoft’s standard controller, but only if you can live with the cable to which the Turtle Beach Recon is reliant as virtually all third-party controllers.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox Series at Amazon *

For Small Hands: Hyperkin X91 Retro Controller


  • __gut for small hands suitable
  • __procise sticks and buttons
  • __Retro design


  • __ processing not very high quality
  • __ cable bound
  • __not so ergonomic as the standard controller
  • __kein Share Button

Price: about 50 to 60 euros

Hyperkin X91 Retro Controller in the Amazon *

Small by missing handles: Xbox controller for small hands are rather shortage, for PS4 and switch there is a much larger selection. The officially licensed Hyperkin X91 controller fills this gap at least in progress, even if it is not primarily designed for users with small hands, but as a retro controller whose key layout reminds the SNES Gamepad. Alone the lack of the big handles makes him better suitable for small hands.

Fulfills the standards: The Hyperkin X91 has all the important functions of the standard controller, if you can see that the SHARE button is missing in the original model originally intended for Xbox One and it is also a wired controller. The sticks and buttons on the front work precisely. The shoulder buttons and triggers feel something clunky and not so ergonomic. But they fulfill their job and you can get used to them.

Reliable? However, we do not want to put our hand in the fire that the controller also reliably makes his job in the long term. In the network, there are comparatively many users who complain about the short durability of Hyperkin X91. We can not confirm this from my own experience, but the workmanship does not feel as high quality as with the standard controller.

A little overpriced: The price of Hyperkin X91 is usually about 35 to 40 euros, but it is currently sold at prices of more than 50 euros. This is a bit a bit a lot for the offered quality and a result of the controller at the moment only in a few dealers. We hope that there will be a new version updated for Xbox Series before or later at a reasonable price.

Conclusion: Already for lack of high-quality alternatives, Hyperkin X91 is interesting for players with small hands, especially as it works precisely. The processing would have liked to be a bit of high quality and the design has not been perfectly implemented from an ergonomic view. In principle, the special target group is still a useful alternative to the standard controller. The momentarily excessive price makes it difficult to pronounce a clear buy recommendation.

Hyperkin X91 Retro Controller in the Amazon *

For big hands and nostalgics: Hyperkin Duke Controller


  • __procise sticks, buttons and triggers
  • __VER good for big hands suitable
  • __ at the model
  • __ updated today’s games


  • __ cable bound (cable length about 2.7 m)
  • __Schoolter keys and D-PAD of moderate quality
  • __klobige form
  • __ for small hands unsuitable
  • __kein Share Button

Price: approximately 120 euros (excessive price due to poor availability)

Hyperkin Duke Controller on eBay *

Nostalgic, but modern: The Hyperkin Duke Controller is a wired gamepad, which is greatly oriented strongly at the original Xbox controller, which has been replaced by a smaller model in 2003. Although he focuses on nostalgia, a few modernization and shoulder buttons were supplemented. These have the same function as the black and white button, which you find as the original on the front. The Share Button is missing, the model is mainly thought for Xbox One.

Huge: The biggest difference to other Xbox controllers is in the tremendous dimensions of the Duke. Almost all current gamepads look at him tiny. Players with great hands could be happy to have everyone else to fight for at least a while with the change. Instead of the Xbox logo in the middle of the controller, the Hyperkin Duke, by the way, has a small display, which plays the start sequence of the first Xbox when connecting.

Good quality with a few defects: Sticks, buttons and triggers work very precisely, just the new shoulder buttons look a bit cheap. In addition, the D-Pad, which was already the biggest weakness of the controller, is again very spongy. Here, fewer original loyalty would have been better. Otherwise, the quality of workmanship can be seen, but is not enough to the Xbox One Controller or even the Xbox Series Controller from Microsoft.

Strong price increase: The Hyperkin Duke originally cost about 60 euros, but now the price has risen to more than 100 euros. For other dealers, the model is hardly available. As with Hyperkin X91, we hope that there is an updated version for Xbox Series at some point at reasonable prices.

Conclusion: There are good reasons for Microsoft changed the design of its controllers very quickly. For most players, the later Xbox controllers should feel significantly more handy than the huge duke. For players with great hands and nostalgics, however, it is quite advisable, especially since the quality is largely right. However, anyone who often uses the D-Pad when playing should better leave the fingers from this controller. In addition, the currently poor availability and excessive price are of course a problem.

Hyperkin Duke Controller on eBay *

Customizable: ScuF Instinct / Instinct Pro


  • __high quality
  • __vier easily accessible paddles
  • __ with or without cable usable
  • __ duplicated customizable
  • __Smute button for microphone


  • __hous price
  • __Stick sensitivity not adjustable

Price: approx. 190 Euro (instinct), about 230 euros (instinct pro)

ScuF Instinct at Scuf Gaming

Adaptation as desired: With the instinct, Scuf has now also launched one of its customizable controllers for the Xbox Series. In the shop of the manufacturer you can not only select the color of the shell and the buttons, but also decide between different tumbsticks. There is also a D-Pad as the standard controller of Microsoft and a traditional control cruise as the Xbox One Controller. Also subsequently adjustments can be made.

Wired or wireless: Regardless of the selected options, you will get a high-quality and well-processed controller with the ScuF Instinct, which can be expected at the proud price of 190 euros. In addition, the ScuS Instinct is one of third-party Xbox controllers from third-party manufacturers, which also work wirelessly. He is operated with two AA batteries. Optionally, you can also connect it via USB cable. However, what the ScuF Impact is missing compared to Elite Series 2 is the adjustability of embroidery sensitivity.

Four comfortable paddles: Perhaps the most important extra feature is the four configurable paddles on the back of the ScuF Instinct. Two of them are mounted laterally in the handles, the other two towards the middle directly next to it. All four are very easy to reach. In fact, we like the positioning slightly better than the Xbox Elite Series 2, in which the paddels are among each other. There is also an additional button for muting a connected headset microphone.

SCUF INTINCT PRO: In addition to the normal ScuF Instinct, there is still the 220 euros expensive pro variant. This distinguishes itself on the one hand through the non-slip handles, on the other hand by the switchable instant triggers, which can be easily quickly clicked on request like a mouse. The ScuF Instinct Pro is currently not available. Even the normal ScuF Instinct you get only in the owner shop of the manufacturer.

Conclusion: The ScuF Instinct is at eye level with Elite Series 2 and showing hardly weaknesses, but also has a high price. While you can get the Elite Series 2 currently for 160 to 170 euros and get non-slip handles as well as accessories such as sticks to replace, case and charging station, the ScuF Instinct costs already in the cheapest version 190 euros. Depending on the selected options, it may be more. He is only worth this extra charge if the adaptation options are really important to you.

ScuF Instinct at Scuf Gaming

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