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Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3 will be released today from the 3rd! A lineup of 26 cool items

Bandai Spirits will release Kuji Splatoon 3 sequentially today.

Nintendo’s popular shooter Splatoon 3 appears in the character lottery Ichiban Kuji without loss. The centerpiece A prize has a squid octopus blanket inks, and the B prize has an alarm clock for the main theme of the same work, CLICKBAIT (DEMO Ver.).

In addition to this, there are many practical goods, including original graffiti T-shirts, squid-shaped soap dispensers, mugs where you can choose your favorite color, and rubber charms with key ring on towels designed.

In addition, the last one prize, which can be obtained by drawing the last one, has a stuffed animal of Kojake, which is outstanding presence. A double chance campaign where the BGM that flows when the remaining time is 1 minute in the Nawabari battle, a special sound clock that will win by NOW or NEVER!

The whole grade of Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3 is as follows. In addition to 24 kinds of 7 grade, 26 items are available, the last one prize and the double chance campaign.

Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3

■ A Award: Squid and octopus her blanket inks (2 types) Approximately 35cm

■ B Award: Nawabari Battle Sound Clock (1 type) Approximately 12cm

■ C Prize: Bankaragaffiti T-shirt (1 in total) L size (length about 69cm, width of about 48cm, sleeve length about 19cm)

■ D prize: Squid soap dispenser (1 type) Approximately 18cm

■ E Prize: Nawabari Battle Stacking Cup (4 types in total) Approximately 9cm

■ F Award: Design Towel (7 types in total) about 24-25cm

■ G prize: Rubber key holder collection (8 types) Approximately 6-8.5cm

■ Last One Award: Kojake Plush Approximately 20cm

■ Double chance campaign: Nawabari Battle Sound Clock Never Never! Ver. Total 50 pieces


Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3 will be released today at Seven-Eleven store, Ito-Yokado store, and Nintendo Tokyo today from September 3. The price is 680 yen (tax included) one time.

In addition, in Seven-Eleven, a campaign ** where Betchu specifications will be hit by a different color of the Blanket Ink Cushion Set Award Award, will be being held until September 12.

(C) Nintendo

The 7th anniversary of the “Splatoon” series! “Squid” TPS masterpiece that addicted from adults to children

Speaking of “Splatoon” , Nintendo is a very popular shooting game. Since the release of the first WiiU version on May 28, 2015, it has been firmly established as a work that is loved by adults and children, and its popularity has not diminished seven years after its release. The unique “squid” worldview by vivid colors and unique characters is also attractive, and it has gained popularity in the game frame, such as holding events and expanding apparel. And in the fall of 2022, the release of the new “Splatoon 3” has been decided, and the Splatoon whirlwind is going to occur again.

Revolutionary child who combines the concept of “painting” to TPS

WiiU had sluggish sales due to the appearance of PS4 and Xbox, but the explosive hit of Splatoon will return to popular.

“Splatoon” is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) game that operates the player from a third-person perspective. Speaking of TPS until then, the game style of killing the opponent with a gun was the mainstream, but in Splatoon, we use a gun to apply the opponent’s field to proceed with the game. By combining the concept of “painting” to TPS, we have created a casual game style that can be enjoyed by adults and children.

Six months after its release, in December 2015, he recorded 1 million sales in Japan. In addition, users who release creative illustrations and play videos on Twitter, Nico Nico Douga, and YouTube have appeared one after another, which has been greatly exciting on the Internet. With the explosive hit of Splatoon, WiiU, whose sales were sluggish with the appearance of PS4 and Xbox, succeeded in returning popularity.

“Nawabari Battle” that unfolds with simple operability and various actions

In “Splatoon”, we will develop a 4-4 “Nawabari Battle” aiming for a fashionable bancho in a fashionable city: high-color City. The player operates the character inking , paints the ground while using Buki with ink, and the most ground team wins. It also features shooting actions and stealth elements, such as hiding or shooting while switching between human and squid depending on the situation.

The operability of the game is extremely easy. People who are not good at games can be enjoyed if you learn the four operations, such as moving characters with “left stick”, jumping in “X button”, ink with “ZR button”, and “ZL button”. But it is safe.

Another reason is that you can enjoy a variety of actions depending on the choice. Main weapon has various types such as “shooter” and “roller” that can apply ink and “roller” , each of which is the range distance. The attack performance is different. In addition, it is possible to form a unique battle style by combining Sub-Weapon , such as “Bomb” and “Trap” , and special special .

There are also elements that can be customized to your own easy-to-use buki and characters, and it is a game like a “swamp” that enhances content that does not get tired of games from beginners to game freaks.

Experience the new frontier of the series in the latest work “Splatoon 3”!

In “Splatoon 3”, which will be released on September 9, 2022, you can enjoy a power-up Nawabari Battle set in the chaotic city of Bankara City. New elements such as new buki “cue-ink” that can “suck” the opponent’s ink, and “name plate” ** that can appeal to your own player name and two names have been announced. However, I still can’t see the whole picture, and I’m just looking for expectations. Whether you’re a fierce person who has covered the successive series, or a new user who hasn’t played yet, why not enjoy a new Nawabari Battle in Splatoon 3?

Fans of Battlefield 2042 disconents with the announcement of mass update

_ battle 2042_ on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will receive a massive update next week. In front of this community administrator he says, Kevin Johnson, has anticipated something that fans can expect from substantial update. Unfortunately, for Johnson and the rest of saying that they are still working in the game, bf2042 The fanatics are apparently not impressed with the update, or at least that is what many Twitter responses suggest to the Tweet showing the update.

Update 4.0 for _ battle 2042_ will be launched next week, and patch notes will also be launched at the beginning of that week, “Johnson said about the update. «There are more than 400 individual corrections, errors and quality of life improvements to spend next week». Johnson continues:

DICE Dev Confirms Specialist Rework & 'Almost Everyone' Working On Battlefield 2042

«In Update 4.0, Rao and Paik features will be updated. Sundance has also received some corrections in his pomegranate belt, allowing a better acquisition of anti-field targets within his immediate neighborhood instead of football fields away. The tapes have been modified to allow easier unlock in modes such as Rush.XP for Support Actions and Teamplay within the game have also been balanced to ensure that teamwork remains the king.Vehicular Warfare is balanced together with specific adjustments Like the Bolte, to ensure that Infantry / Vehicle Counter the game still has something of bite! Error corrections for ADS error when leaving a vehicle and reviving near obstacles are also found in this update. The attachments will also receive a review in update 4.0, with a focus on ensuring that they feel unique and have an impact on their choice of loading and gun set. While this only scratches the surface of the update 4.0 in #Battlefield 2042, we appreciate the patience you gave us to get this. Update out there. Once again, I look forward to your comments as the update is published, next week ».

This is the scope of the preview and, of course, if this is what is in the preview, then presumably the rest of the update is less important, or at least that is the assumption that many have done after reading the thread. And these fans are not impressed.

At this time, you do not know when the update will be launched exactly, but we will keep it informed. Meanwhile, for more _ battle 2042_ News, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

The flight of Battlefield 2042 reveals four nearby maps

A new Battle of Battle 2042_ The filtration has revealed three nearby maps or, possibly, three maps that were cut during the development of PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In the launch last year, _ Battle of battle 2042_ Not only was it plagued by performance problems and lacked a lot of features of previous deliveries, but suffered from lack of content, a problem that has been exacerbated by the disappointing support after the launch of the game.

In addition to redesigning some pre-existing maps, it seems that EA and says they are working on some different maps for the game, with the following “work titles” currently in the games files: Drained, Ridge, Lights Out, Docklands. Unfortunately, this leak is not backed by any means of any of these maps, less Ridge.

Next, you can verify the filtration by yourself, courtesy of tempory, a prominent and reliable data mining of the game:

The BIGGEST Map in Battlefield History

There is no doubt about the validity of this leak. These maps, or at least proof of them, are in the files. However, data leaks can be deceptive, since the discarded work is sometimes confused with a new job. Meanwhile, by the definition of developing, everything here is subject to change.

At the time of publication, EA and says they have not commented on this filtration or the speculation it has created. The couple generally does not comment on leaks, so we do not expect this to change, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

Of course, add some maps will not change the Fortune of Battle 2042_ but if it is indicative of larger content updates on the horizon, then they can indicate that it says and EA are on the right way to save the game, which, currently, It seems intended for a premature funeral.

_ battle 2042_ is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more coverage about the first-person shooting game 202, including the latest news, rumors and filtrations, click here.

Full-scale action MMORPG “Avabel Online” White Day Event “Macaroon Defense Battle” Holding Macaroon, GET Powerful Weapons and Limited Furniture

Asobimo Co., Ltd. has held a white day eventMacaroon Defense Battle” that protects Macaroons from the Barbaros Corps, at the full-scale action MMORPGAva Berus Corps“. Powerful armor “Mobius series” can be obtained up to 112 and event limited furniture.

Asobimo Co., Ltd. is a full-scale action MMORPG “Ava Berus Corps” in a full-scale action MMORPG “Ava Berus Corps” will hold a white day event “Macaroon Defense Battle”. Powerful armor “Mobius series” can be obtained up to 112 and event limited furniture.

[Holding period] Until maintenance before maintenance (Wednesday) Maintenance 2022

# White Day Event “Macaroon Defense Battle” held

“Macaroon Defense Battle” is an event that protects macaroons from the Thieves “Barbaros Corps”. During the period, a defense battle that fights against “Barbaros Corps”. If you collect items that you can get in clear, you will get the event limited furniture “Balvaro Stroph”.

An event a team that can be used with the condition achieved with the condition achieved with the adventure also appeared. You can earn up to 112 items that have a strong armor “Mobius series” and the material “Awakening Crystal 60”, “Riftrustone 500” and “Crescent Ring ★ 2” required to strengthen weapons.

# # Story

The “Shoko”, which runs a Western-style shop, starts making macaroons towards White Day.

However, there is a rumor that the thief “Barbaros corps” is about to take a macaroon…

Protect macaroons from “Barbaros Corps” and block conspiracy!

▲ Keep the macaroon from the thieves “Barbaros Corps” with friends!

▲ イ Event Limited Furniture “Valvaro Stroph”

Life content

# Game introduction

“Avabel Online-Tower of Awakening” ((Avabel Online) ‘is a 3D online RPG drawn with his Fick.

His Android iOS users can enjoy his Android and iOS users in the same world that leverages jumps and skills.

MMO fields that can be played with large people Tower Battle “can play with the ultimate graphic.

# Download URL

Google Play: https: // ID = com.asobimo.avabel_gp_b3
App Store: https: //
PC (Windows): https: //

# Game Overview

Title: Avabel Online-Avabel Online Genre: Action MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free: Android / iOS / PC Language: Global Compatible (Japanese, English, Korean, Taiwanese, German, Spain Words & Other) Official Sites: https: // Official Twitter: https: // Official Facebook: Official LINE: HTTPS : //LINE.ME/R/ti/p/%40xje6232A

Apparently you needed another Battle Royale! Before you Squad Battle

Okay, I know well that you did not need. At least you will write in the comments, and then some of you will go to check Super People or another title. I, in turn, since I have your reed attention, whisp a few words about Squad Battle.

Squad Battle is a new, PC Battle Royale from NetMarble. And not with a view of FPS, only TPS! This title is described as a dynamic action game, where triple teams are fighting each other for survival, often engaging in the skirmishes in a short circuit. Twenty bands takes part in the match and nobody mentions nothing about the mobile version for this moment, so perhaps it will actually be a strictly game on a PC.

Squad Battle - BEST Upcoming Battle Royale of 2022? ????
Squad Battle has a varied set of characters as well as weapons and modifiers. We will combine it all in combination to adjust the style of fighting into individual preferences. On the battlefield, we find a lot of improvements that will strengthen our capabilities or simply help you survive.

What else? There will be interactive objects on the maps, like “Zip Lines” or “Jump Pads”. At this moment, we do not know much more about the game itself, except that players from the United States were invited to test the Pre-Alpha Squad Battle versions. Any concrete premiere or open beta for everyone? We do not know yet.

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