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Call of Duty double son engagement envers Black Lives Matter

Earlier in the day, we published how Call of Duty Modern Warfare received a Black Live Message Matter in their loading screens. This message from Infinity Ward has been examined with more attention than welcome by the community and for good reason. Following George Floyd’s horrible killing and generalized protests that followed, many companies (including those in the racist past) began making empty statements about equality and intolerance to racism. But if you know anything about playing Call of Duty online, you know full well that there is not such intolerance to racism, because players are free to shout racial insults in the vocal chat with rarely a consequence.

After many critics, Infinity Ward has published on their twitter a commitment to realize some of their claims. This includes things such as the implementation of systems to catch racist names and give more permanent prohibitions to confirmed racists. See below:

Black Lives Matter & The Question of Violence | Gary Younge
We can only hope that they hold this promise. There is certainly no coincidence if stereotyped thought of a Call of Duty game has immature idiots that shout racial insults.

Which puts me the most angry with this situation, it is the absolute pretension of these companies. It is obvious that COD did not do much to stop racism in its community, as eliminating racists means loss of sales. But suddenly, something like that happens, now they claim they have been holy forever. Cut the BS. We know that you are nothing more than anti-racists because it’s more profitable than supporting racists.

Well, on the positive side, it means that the protests push some walls down, even if we have to be humorous towards these reporters of virtue.

What would have been an appropriate answer? Do not go out by pretending like something you are not. Excuse you for the past not to have eliminated racists in your community, excuse you knowingly done business with them. Tell us that you go better.

The Twitter source

Call of Duty: Vanguard: Multiplayer now playable for two weeks

Activision opens the Call of Duty Multiplayer: Vanguard for all players with Xbox Live Gold and starts today free game days for the multiplayer.
Where this is actually about game weeks.
Because, the multiplayer is not only available on the upcoming weekend, but can be played free of charge until April 13th.

So crashes into the multiplayer with its various playlists and modes and also tries the new contents of the current Season 2.
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Call of Duty: Mobile, about 1.8 trillion won in 2 years,

Call of Duty®:Mobile - Cinematic Trailer
Active Call of Duty: Mobile was counted to have a $ 1.5 billion sales so far.

According to the 2nd Market Research Agencies Sensor Tower, Call of Duty of Activision and Tencent Timi Studio is jointly developed by Timmaids: Mobile is a global sales in about 29 months after the launch of Mobile, It is estimated to break.

In particular, sales increased by 45% YoY, and the annual maximum performance was also recorded. Such sales increased significantly since the launch of China in December 20020. Callod Duty Mobile was aggregated to earn $ 134.5 million (about 174 billion won) in the Chinese App Store last year.

Call of Duty Mobile has won the worldwide Mobile Shooter genre game, followed by Battle Ground Mobile, Garena Prefire, which is jointly developed by Craftone and Tencent. Last year, Mobile Shooter Genre game sales were about 7,680 billion won.

The highest area of ​​Call of Duty Mobile is the highest area of ​​US $ 43 percent, $ 647 million (about 780 billion won). In the second place in Japan, China ranked third.

“Call of Duty Mobile has contributed to Mobile Shooter Gamer Game Settlement with Battle Ground Mobile Success”..

Cheat report is significantly reduced from “COD: Warzone”! “RICOCHET Anti

Activision has released the progress report of the Cheat Countermeasures System “ Ricochet Anti-Cheat “.

“Ricochet Anti-CHEAT” is “ Call of Duty Vanguard (Call of Duty: Vanguard)” “ Call of Duty Warzone (Call of Duty: Warzone)” as an unauthorized measures A system characterized by being a kernel level driver with high privileges implemented. In this report, “ Call of Duty War Zone ” has confirmed that the reporting of the in-game cheat action significantly decreased. Furthermore, this is also the least as low as a cheat action during the holiday period.

In addition, the report also introduces the relaxation process that it has been implemented with data collection for identification of cheat action. As an example, a technology called “Damage Shield” is that the detected cheat actor has deactivated the ability to critically damage other players. This “Damage Shield” has also been added to only one of many relaxation processing techniques.

Furthermore, we also announce the change of security policy. Applies to the series of adjustments that have been applied to “Call of Duty Vanguard”. This means that if there are significant or degraded violations, it may be a permanent use of all accounts.

Call of Duty: Activision confirms the Suite of Modern Warfare and an evolution of Warzone for 2022

Activision derogates from his habits by raising the veil now on the first items of what is waiting for the rumor, so the successor of the 2019 Modern Warfare which will be available at the end of year. But Infinity Ward has a work to do, as the studio also leads the new evolution of the F2P Call of Duty: Warzone that will be available at the same time.

In fact, Modern Warfare 2022 is designed from the outset to work with “A new Warzone Experience, the two projects being directed by Infinity Ward on the basis of the same new engine. This Warzone 2022 is announced as “_A massive shot of the Royal Battle” with a brand new card and a new sandbox mode. The accurate titles of the Games have not yet been announced, nor the platforms, even if it would probably be risky to activise to give up its base of PS4 / Xbox One players, especially since it always represents the majority of users. In 2015, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was in any case released on both generations of consoles.

Crazy bug in Call of Duty: Vanguard awakens dead to life

Since his launch three months ago has Call of Duty: Vanguard with all sorts of problems struggling. Although the mid season patch in mid-January has already fixed some bugs and brought optimizations with themselves, yet the shooter is far from top form. Even the developers are aware of this and therefore turned to the community with a message.

But in addition to numerous problems that affect the game fun of the COD fans, there are also bugs , which are quite worried for laughers. Like a reddit user recently presented in a video, a very special mistake currently plagues the shooter and leaving the dead again ** \ – if not literally.

the Most NUKES in Call Of Duty Vanguard..???? (COD Vanguard 370 Kill V2 Rocket Gameplay)

Back from the dead

Since the latest patch bodies are lying around namely, it may be able to slip through the area and even to collect points for their team. It is unfavorable for opponents that is above all because the bodies are invulnerable.

It is not yet known if the bug occurs on all multiplayer cards from COD: Vanguard. The two videos shared in the subreddit of the shooter are both playing on the Sub Pens Map . The fact that the body is still technically alive is also recognizable to the red lettering, which calls the name of the player.

Although the whole thing is a pretty amusing matter from the outside, many players of the bug is likely to go to the nerves. How should one go against invulnerable corpses that are treated like normal game characters and thus collect objective points without aligning the opponent?

The consequences of the Vanguard failure

Call of Duty: Vanguard (Buy Now 66.99 €), but away from the many technical problems but also financially significantly worse, when you would have wished for the Blizzard Activision, and in Great Britain even lagged the worst launch of the series for 14 years.

The lack of success will of course have consequences. But how exactly will look, is still unclear at the present time. Insider Tom Henderson claims that the next Call of Duty will come earlier to enforce the fans of the series. A report by Bloomberg, on the other hand, suggests that the quality improvement wants to leave more time between the publications of the titles.

Phil Spencer wishes to keep Phone call of Task in PlayStation: “Sony is a vital part of the sector”

It is worth stating, that Spencer’s words just express the ‘need’ not to get rid of the popular Activision Blizzard saga from Sony systems, and as a result, it ought to not be taken as a main confirmation of what will take place later on. Nevertheless, it is very important to know the intentions of the leader of Xbox, particularly regarding something of the cod quality so pertinent in the PlayStation neighborhood.


Sony is a vital part of the Phil Spencer industry I had calls this week with Sony’s leaders, Spencer mentioned. I verified our intention to honor all existing arrangements after getting Activision Blizzard as well as our desire to maintain Phone call of Responsibility at PlayStation. According to words of him, Sony is an essential part of the sector, as well as Microsoft values the partnership with this business.

The purchase of Activision Blizzard gave Microsoft numerous studios , and at the same time, renowned franchise business As Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and a lot more. Personalities who have been named with love over the years, such as Collision Bandicoot as well as Spiro, additionally belong to Xbox now. PlayStation, on the various other hand, was shared after the surprising information, hoping that the Blizzard Activision Games remain multiplatform. Although it is still extremely early to recognize the verdict with the rest of the sagas, a minimum of Phone call of Responsibility was named today.

Phil Spencer , Leader of Xbox, has simply launched an information that will surely guarantee several players. After the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the situation between Phone call of Obligation, one of the most preferred sagas in the sector, and Sony doubted. Now, we understand that Spencer wants to keep the FPS in PlayStation in the future.

In the statement of the Purchase Contract, Spencer already dropped its placement on this topic: You can play the Titles of Activision Blizzard on a range of platforms, as well as we intend to continue sustaining those communities in the future.

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