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Summertime event: Black Desert has a PVP mode 30 against 30


However this moment, the PVP setting takes itself a lot less seriously. CalledAssault on the SandCh√Ęteau , the mode opposes 2 teams of 30 players composed on the one hand of Papus, on the various other of otters. At the launch of the game, a role is designated to each gamer (warrior, sorcerer or healer each having a standard strike and also an unique strike), before the kick-off of a merciless death battle (adeathmatch ). To each participant of the opposing group removed, the champion makes points-up to the variety of factors that the defeated had built up.
After a ten-minute confrontation, the group with one of the most factors (and also therefore targets) wins, with its share of awards-notably battle seals, which can be exchanged for items at risk.

We bear in mind that in its time, the studio Pearl Abyss had actually imagined the setting Shadow Arena on the planet of Black Desert Online , in which a few dozen players clashed in A big arena. The video game setting had not consulted with the anticipated success (also after having ended up being an independent title, which will definitively shut its doors in a couple of days), however the exact same Pearl Abyss however profits the summer season period to deploy a new PVP mode in the ‘World of its action mmo.

The settingassaulting the sand castleis readily available in game from today and also will certainly remain playable until August 24. For gamers with little PVP (very same kindhearted), Pearl Abyss imagines various other events to stimulate the cosmos of Black Desert this summer-mini-games, auctions or perhaps the must-see coastline attire Cosmetics in the store, whose details are readily available on the main web site.


Trailer of the setting to assault the Sand Castle of Black Desert Online

[General] Festival of real black desert users, VOA Seoul

The festival of users who play the Black Desert, Voice of Adventurus Seoul (VOA Seoul), was held at the Wave Art Center on the Han River in Seoul on the 16th.

VOA Seoul is an offline user-centered event held in three years, and is characterized by various user events in a much lighter atmosphere, unlike general meeting. The Korean event was held for the third time after North America and Japan, and Pearl Abyss plans to continue the event to meet users from all over the world and listen to local voices.

In line with the motto that the management listens to the users’ stories, Kim Jae-hee, general manager PD attended the event from the beginning to the end of the event, read the stories of the users, awards, and lucky draws. In particular, they also prepared and delivered gifts for the stories introduced in the field.

It was also noticeable that Pearl Abyss prepared the business cards of the participants and gave users a chance to naturally greet each other or get acquainted with each other. In addition, the participants showed various events that are memorable of the users who love the black deserts, such as unexpected missions that can be easily enjoyed, dinner courses with motifs from black desert in games, and music that are directly DJing in Pearl Bis Audio Room.

At the same time, at the end of the event, the trailer and battle videos of the Awakening Dracania, the Awakening version of the Dracania class, which were released in April, were first released. Kim Jae-hee PD said, At first, it took a while to prepare the awakening more slowly and to fill the lack after the tradition.

Awakening Dracania, which will be updated on July 27, is a class that can be flight, like the character concept of spreading the wings of the dragon, and will be destructive and aggressive. You can also enjoy a variety of battles through form transformation, which allows you to play fast and sophisticated battles in the Mine Foam without wings, and powerful range attacks in the gray and gray foam with wings.

The users who participated in the event shared the Black Desert as everyday, and shared the memories of experiencing while playing the game. He also expressed his feelings that he would like to open this event frequently.

Kim Jae-hee, general manager of PD, said, Thank you for having fun with the Black Desert. This event was prepared to give them a special experience.

On the other hand, the Black Desert is holding a variety of user communication events, including two annual banquets and VOAs, including MEET & GREET, which invites users directly.

Pulse Bis Black Desert Mobile · Breaking China Most Expected Game Award

[Data provided: Pulse Bis]

\ – China’s largest game site ‘17173 Games Player Awards’ selection

\ – 2022 The most expected game sector , the most expected global game Award

\ – Black Desert Mobile, China Local testing through local testing

Black Desert Mobile Battlefield of Sun Day 1 Server Merge & SAGE

Attention to the unique world view and metaverse game in Global Areas, including \ – Gobo, including China

Pulse, Bis said, and are selected for the most expected game this year in the Maximum Game Site 17173 ‘Game Player Awards’ in China (3 days).

The ‘Games Player Awards’ is the first media independent game awards ceremony, which is hosted by 17173 since 2001. This year’s game IP, 10 sectors, including the best expectation games, has selected a variety of games.

won the ‘most expected game’ sector, which was 17173 users. Recently, the Chinese local test is stably and it is increasing the completeness.

“The Bathiei> was named” The most expecting global game “of the 17173 Editor,” says “The battle special effects and realistic characters reminded the Pokemon series.”

is MMORPG that reinterprets PC original black deserts from global to Global. It is gaining a large popularity to users with high level graphics and strikes made of their own game engines. Last year, we are receiving a pane (business license) from the Chinese government and increasing the expectation of Chinese box office.

The goblin is an open-world action adventure ‘game that is released as a unique world view. In August, the largest game show ‘Games’ and December ‘The Game Awards’ released the game video and music videos through the “Game Awards” and received attention worldwide.

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