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“HALO” Live-action drama May 4 delivery-A large-like person who aims to be a hero but also a person who is not perfect.

Microsoft announced the FPS series “ HALO ” that was decided by U-NEXT from May 4, 2022, and we announced on the Live-action drama series of “ HALO “.

This work is a live-action drama of “HALO”, which has recorded more than $ 6 billion in the world in the world, and is a live-action drama of “HALO”, and Steven Spirburg is served as a production. The magnificent battle between the 6th century universe of the game No. 1 “Halo: Combat Evolved” is a magnificent battle with a ruthless aliens alliance called Covenant.

HALO Full Movie (2022) 4K Ultra HD

In Xbox Wire, Kiki Wolfkill, who is responsible for Head of Halo Transmedia at 343 Industries, seeing the production of this work, not only a fun entertainment SF adventure but also a personal story or a game through the game The pilot episode of this film can be released in the “South by Southwest” held in March 2022, and the “South by Southwest” held in March 2022 What I felt deeply, I was very honored that I was very honored to share my work with the “HALO” space and character.

“Halo” will deliver the first episode at 0:00 on May 4, 2022. Since then, one week will be delivered every week.

CO-OP compatible zombie survival horror that has been affected such as “Biohazard”

Developer Dead Drop Studios has launched the delivery of the new Survival Horror game inspired by the “Biohazard” and “Silent Hill”, “ OUTBREAK: CONTAGIOUS MEMORIES “.

In this work, I look for a way to escape from the city that was filled up with the environmental puzzle and Undead’s large group as a female LYDIA in the ruins warehouse. In addition to the viewpoints of the first person perspective, the third person pointpoint, the fixed camera point of view, and the 3-piece clothing, it corresponds to CO-OP play.

  • Classic survival hollow mechanisms such as inventory and resource management, creating and arranging notes, backtracking and puzzle.

  • Even with solo or friends can play the entire game.

  • Integrated camera control that can be selected from one-person, third person, fixed camera.

Resident Evil 4 Retrospective: The Savior/Downfall of Survival Horror
* A monster with a lot of beasts and teeth that caused the group of undeads.
Arcade-style bonus mode “Operation: Rabid Wolf”, who is not fighting while rescueing survivors with one or friends

  • A large number of unlocked bonus content and game modes.

  • A voiceless actor who is likely to have a sandwich.

Omage “Outbreak: Contagious Memories” to classic survival horror is distributed for Windows (STeam) / ps5 / ps4 / xbox Sries X | S / Xbox One. STeam applies 20% off until April 14.

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