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Celebrate the Upcoming Release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a New Event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Starting March 11!

To commemorate the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a brand-new event has been released in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
It will happen from March 11 to April 1 and also aims to offer Pocket Campers a summary of what it will certainly be to experience on an island in New Horizons.
The occasion will certainly include numerous connection bonuses, fishing like islands, and you can visit an odd island setting.
Gamers will certainly additionally receive 20 Fallen leave tickets and can even obtain a Tom Nook style jersey.
Pet Crossing: Pocket Camp is a totally free ready iOS as well as Android which concentrates on just how you connect with other characters as well as the world around you.
You have to keep your campsite, enhance it, engage with various other campers as well as carry out tasks to ensure that NPCs get incentives.
You can likewise make use of resources to make furniture for your camp, and even brand-new areas.


Furthermore, you can even affect people that reside in different campgrounds by enhancing them in a way that will certainly attract specific characters.
Pet Crossing: New Horizons will be released on Nintendo Switch over on March 20 as well as will be the first game in the collection released on the portable hybrid/ Nintendo console.
The game will certainly be based upon a desert island that you can alter as you desire.
You can construct a house, enhance it as well as also shape the surrounding landscape.

The game will certainly offer altering seasons, a picture setting and also lots of NPCs with which engage.

Stardew Valley meets Pokemon: you already recognize this loosened up farming

Somehow like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, with a pinch of Pokémon: Ooblets appears like the perfect farming video game to loosen up. After a couple of problems in development, the release will enter into the launch in early September.


Ooblets is reminiscent of Animal Crossing and also Pokémon

In enhancement to loosened up farming, you can also check out a world with different biomes as well as accomplish dancing competitors with your ooblets. And what were Ooblets once more? Little beings that you can collect, increase and train. Yes, you are reminiscent of Pokémon, just with dancing strikes!

After six years in growth, the mix of Animal Crossing and Pokémon goes to the full release, and likewise on the Nintendo Switch . The property of Ooblets seems as kicking back as you can anticipate from such a game: you start on a run-down ranch that you will certainly build, broaden, broaden and improve with decors.

_ E in the Nintendo Change Trailer from Ooblets: _

Yes, Ooblets is likeable-but lots of do not wish to purchase it

The video game itself need to initially satisfy all expectations: chances for farming and also enhancing your house, a charming, colorful world as well as tiny beings that follow you every which way. Ooblets has a dilemma behind that still leaves a covering after preference

When the Epic Games Store was still on everybody’s lips as well as also put some criticism, the story begins in 2019. The developers of Ooblets, you can think about it, have actually likewise obtained an exclusivity manage Epic Games. The issue with the entire thing was not the bargain itself, but the way the designers discussed the entire of their neighborhood. In a long post with a somewhat condescending tone, they not just explained their reasons, but likewise made enjoyable of the challengers of the Epic Games Stor. .

_ Youtuber Yongyea works with the entire subject in his comprehensive video clip: _

You have to form your very own viewpoint on Ooblets, however just so much: While Glumberland’s article is doing an incorrect tone and the criticism of it is justified, does not excuse bullying attacks and also despise messages in action. In addition, fake screenshots of discussions that of the developers are stated to have distributed on the Net. You need to take on the topic with a certain care if you come across it when buying ooblets.

Problem fixed? Not really.

Ooblets will certainly be released on September 1, 2022 for PC (Epic Games Store & Steam), Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox One. .

Somehow like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, with a pinch of Pokémon: Ooblets looks like the excellent farming video game to unwind. In enhancement to loosened up farming, you can likewise explore a globe with different biomes and bring out dance competitions with your ooblets. And also what were Ooblets once again? In a lengthy blog site post with a rather snobbish tone, they not just described their reasons, yet likewise made fun of the challengers of the Epic Games Stor. You have to create your own opinion on Ooblets, but just so much: While Glumberland’s blog site message is doing an incorrect tone and also the criticism of it is justified, does not excuse bullying assaults and hate messages ** in feedback.

The discussion made such terrific waves that the 2 developers of Glumberland obtained hundreds of despise messages , you can review their solution right here. The entire thing went out of hand-and as always, when something is going out online, is changed right into disgust and bullying .

New Horizons ships more than 2 million in Japan

The philosophy of Stoicism - Massimo Pigliucci
Niko Partners’ main analyst, Daniel Ahmad, recently said on Twitter that Total Nintendo Crossing Animal shipments: New Horizons (including digital sales figures) in Japan had apparently exceeded 2.5 million units during Of the first three days of the game. Although Animal Crossing is also at the top of the sales ranking in the United Kingdom, it should sell well in several regions and these sales figures in Japan have pushed the Nintendo Switch to become the Nintendo console The best -selling in Japan. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, with an update of the first day published a few days before the release of the game.

“First expedition and digital sale for Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Japan seems to have exceeded 2.5 million units in its first three days,” said Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. “Which makes it the biggest opening for a switch game in Japan and the greatest opening for the animal crossing series from afar.” With Pokemon and Super Smash Bros.ultimate beating sales records for their respective versions, it is refreshing to see the Nintendo Switch continue to succeed with large versions such as the last opus of the Animal Crossing franchise.

Given the number of 2.5 million and the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the United Kingdom 3.5 times more successful than the previous opus (New Leaf), it is sure to assume that this exclusivity Nintendo Switch is On the right track to be the most successful title in the series. The developers hope that the game helps people cross the pandemic of Covid-19 around the world and we think that this already helps in this regard, with millions of players taking their minds around them to create their Ideal island.

Are you one of the millions of animal crossing players who needed New Horizons from the first day? Let us know in the comments below!

Enough of the Sims 4? 12 games that you can play as an alternative

The Sims 4 gathers a huge community of players. But what about alternatives in the genre? It is not for nothing that EA has the best life simulation on the market because there is a lack of strong competition. If you need a change of wallpaper from the Sims or just want to sniff into the genre, we have 12 fantastic games in the following image series that you could like.

The Sims 4, Animal Crossing and Co: Life simulations arrive

The selection of life sessions is huge and the absolute number one is still the Sims 4 . But other titles such as Animal Crossing are real favorites in this area.

The calm gameplay and opportunities to design and live out creatively make this genre so fascinating. But what about the same long -running favorite? Are there promising alternatives?

A List of 12 Objects That Add Gameplay in The Sims 4. They're Great!
Yes, there is! We have selected you 12 life simulations , which you can play next to the Sims 4 for a change:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May 2022: All events, birthdays & more

Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides new things for you every month. Not only fish & insects were removed, but replaced by new ones. In addition, there are also several events and birthdays of the residents in May 2022. All of this awaits you in the next few weeks.

new fish

There are new growth in the fishing in the area of the bridge. With the gold mackerel and the spiked mackerel you can catch two new, rare specimens at the place.

You can find all new fish here :

__0 __1

more on the subject

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All Fish with Price & Location (May Update)


new insects

The insects have to say goodbye to their bird’s spider in May. She goes into a summer break and is replaced by the scorpion. This is at least as toxic as his hairy colleague.

You can find all new insects here :

__0 __1

more on the subject

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All insects with price & discount (May -update)


new marine animals

In May you will also find a handful of new species in the sea. So that you don’t miss any, we have listed the new sea animals for you like every month.

You can find all new marine animals here :

__0 __1

more on the subject

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – all marine animals with a price & site (May -update)


All events in May 2022

Mai-Feierei 2022

The May Feierei also starts on May 1st. You can still redeem a May Feierei ticket at the airport until May 7th **. This will take you to a special island on which a well-known guest of the Animal Crossing series is waiting for you.

So you will find the perfect way through the labyrinth :

__5 __0

more on the subject

Mai Feierei 2022 in Animal Crossing: Loosen all Sterni Coupons & Labyrinth


International Museum Day 2022

From May 18 to May 31 you should urgently visit your museum again. Because Eugen organizes a stamp hunt to celebrate the day. You have to collect stamps on the various exhibits and get wall ornaments as a reward. The event returns in May 2022 and you can now also collect stamps in the art exhibition.

If you already want to prepare for the event, have a look at our guide here on marine animals. As soon as we were able to play into the event 2022, we will also adapt the guide with the new information.

__14 __0

more on the subject

Museum Day in Animal Crossing – that’s why the stamp hunt is worthwhile


seasonal items on the nook portal

Nook shopping also has some new items ready for you in May 2022. So you can get special objects for Kodomo No Hi, Mother’s Day and the cheese roll event in Great Britain.

All seasonal items at a glance :

  • Carp pennant (04/28-05.05.)
  • Paper hat (04/28-05.05.)
  • Mother’s Day cup (01.05.-31.05.)

Animal Crossing New Horizons: 6 UPDATES & CHANGES in May 2022 (Details & Tips You Should Know)
* Nelken-Bouquet (01.05.-31.05.)
* Double-Gloucester cheese (May 22nd to 31st)
* Drachenbootfest-Zongzi (between 18.05 and 16.06. Available for ten days)
* Surichwi tteok (between 18.05 and 16.06.

birthdays of the residents

Not only you, your residents also have your honor day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The birthday children are in May:

  • 1. May – Tommi
  • 2. May – Juri, Marika
  • 3. May – Sylvia
  • 4. May – Dina
  • 5. May – Paolo
  • 6. May – Frank
  • 7. May – Oskar
  • 8th. May – Locke
  • 9. May – Mimmi
  • 10. May – Patricia
  • 11. May – Bella
  • 12. May – Elfi
  • 13. May – biscuit
  • 14. May – Caroline
  • 15. May – Tim
  • 16. May – IKE
  • 17. May – pink
  • 18. May – Sandrine
  • 19. May – Gerrit, Olaf
  • 20. May – Marius
  • 21. May – Juna
  • 22. May – Tina, Carsten
  • 23. May – Quiekie
  • 24. May – Anton
  • 25. May – Gulliver, Erwin
  • 26. May – Oswald
  • 27. May – Krokki
  • 28. May – Ilona
  • 29. May – Franka
  • 30. May – Tom Nook, Hamid
  • 31. May – Marlies

What are you looking forward to in Animal Crossing in May: New Horizons?

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley, brings a slightly different farm game, arrives for the consoles for the next week

Bit Orchard Animal Valley (Switch/Xbox) - trailer - retro farming sim (Gameboy-like visuals)
The bit Orchard: Animal Valley has received his publication date for Switch and Xbox consoles.

One person’s work-based project is a Game Boy publication that resembles a farm that is responsible for growing a successful apple garden.
The previously published title of Steam provides a pixel graphics, choosing secrets, chiptune music and opportunities to improve the cultivation area.
Bit Orchard: Animal Valley will be released for Switch, Xbox, and XBOS Series consoles by date of 22.4.

Animal Crossing as a shooter? New Steam

The Animal Crossing series enthuses Nintendo fans for years with a cute look and a relaxed atmosphere. A new game on Steam turns the spit now and makes a bright survival game from the peaceful construction simulator.

Steam has its own Animal Crossing

In 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons the world conquered the world in the storm and, even today, a number of players spite on the islands of the Nintendo game.

On the PC you will probably never experience the switch game. But no bang, there is an alternative to Steam: Longvinter.

The Survival-Game published on February 24th is in an early access phase and is first and foremost strongly reminiscent of the switch competitors due to its optics.

Just look at the official trailer once even and convince you of the similarity:

What awaits you in Longvinter?

Longvinter is a typical MMO in an open world in which the highest goal is surviving. You can collect resources, craft items and even build a small city.

You can set off alone or together with your friends strip through the survival world. While Animal Crossing is always peaceful, the cute look of Longvinter is very much. Other players can become true danger, because the use of firearms is a suitable means to get to the opponent’s loot.

The NEXT New Animal Crossing Game on Nintendo Switch!
But it does not always have to approach action. You can also just explore the island and your secrets, relax when fishing, grow seeds and sell your yields.

The evaluation of the Steam Games is currently very mixed. 69 percent of the players have missed Longvinter a positive review. Many call the game simply “Animal Crossing with weapons” or describe it as a simple rust.

The biggest criticisms are the overcrowded servers , which make a construction in the world really hard due to lack of space. In addition, the scope of the game is still really low. The endgame was reached quickly.

Also, the many bugs and glitches rob themselves a large part of the game fun at the present time. At least the exploration of the island and the existing collection objects should remember the experience of Animal Crossing.

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