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Author: Tyler Lux

Tales of Arise will have no direct sequel or expansions, according to its producer

Yosuke Tomiwaza , producer of Tales of Arise , has declared that they have no plans to expand the history of the title with a direct sequel or an expansion that adds to the narrative. These words He has pronounced them through EDGE magazine, where he has also pointed out that they will prefer to opt for the development of a new title.

We Need To Talk About Tales of Arise...

Tomiwaza explains in the interview he wants users to stay with a “good taste of Boca” at the end of the title, and for it he has to be completely closed in his narrative. Its objective for the future, it indicates, is “continue accepting the challenge of getting new followers” to continue expanding the JRPG, something they will do with a game “that is built on the success of Arise” while granting “an opportunity to rediscover The story of the series ».

These declarations may surprise after the sales success of the title of Bandai Namco , but taking into account that it became the game of saga such that it quickly sold in its premiere, after five years of waiting with respect to The previous delivery. In less than a week he managed to overcome the million copies sold around the world, and it took little more than a month and a half to sell 1.5 million units.

In the analysis of him, Comrade Christian Olivares explained how Bandai Namco clearly showed his goal to renovate such a longeva formula as those of such of, with an epic story and a great deal of characters:

such of arise is debated between continuity and revolution. That strip and loosen Perhaps slightly lasters the final result, which would have benefited from being more broken in some aspects, but it does not prevent us from being before a solid JRPG and a very enjoyable game almost from start to finish. Many of the introduced novelties have come, without a doubt, to stay and the group of characters, although something topical, is done very easily. It is, without a doubt, a step in the right direction, but not the rudder hit that some expected. Side question is if the series really needs a revolution or if these small adjustments in each delivery are enough to maintain the interest of your audience for 25 more years.

You can read the complete analysis right here.

PlayStation reiterates that God of War Ragnarok will come out this year

God of War Ragnarök was a game that was originally planned to debut last year, but as we all know, Sony decided to delay it until 2022. In fact, it will come out this year? While we still do not have an exact launch date, PlayStation reiterates that this title should be reaching our hands in the next 12 months.

It happens that PlayStation has published a list on its official site, which highlights 22 games that will be launched this 2022. This list includes things like Horizon Forbidden West, Elder Ring, Dying Light 2, Gran Tourism 7, and more. All these games already have a release date, and although Ragnarök still does not have it, Sony is sure that we can play it this year.

Obviously, things can change from today and the day it will be leaving Ragnarök , so there is still a chance that the expected title can be delayed once more. A few weeks ago, its possible release date was filtered, but we want to believe that it is merely provisional.

GOD OF WAR Ragnarök will reach PS5 and PS4 at some point of 2022.

Editor’s Note: It is worth remembering that the same said with Horizon Forbidden West, and we all know what happened in that case. We are still at the beginning of the year and yes, anything can happen, but I would prefer to stay cautious with all this and wait for some official confirmation.

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