GTA 5 is published this week for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. In the port, new features were added in particular to use the fans directly to get advantages. With this exploit, you pimpt your cars in no time.

Buys the cars from other players

GTA Online has been changing since the publication over eight years ago and always receives new content that will keep you in Los Santos in a mood. So now, among other things, the publication of the new port for PS5 and Xbox Series X / s.

Los Santos Car Meet : The place is especially interesting for players who want to buy new vehicles or present their own carts. Since this week now cars that see her there can be easily purchased over the square key. So you get the car together with the tuning and the painting in your garage.

There is a reward for sellers * inside : Who issues his car there, also gets a reward. For every purchase there is a voucher with which you can redeem a free upgrade, such as paint or tuning part, in the new shop Hao’s Special Works. There you will receive exclusive items that do not exist in other shops.

GTA 5 Online PS5/Xbox Series X - How To Get FREE NEW Cars & FREE Upgrades At Hao's Special Works!

How to use the new feature for better cars

However, fighter fans have figured out very quickly as they can exploit this system to get significantly more expensive tuning parts with little money.

This works the exploit : Buys the cheapest car in the game and picks it a bit. After that you can offer it in the Car Meet and your friends can buy it there. For every purchase you will receive a coupon and can then repeat this procedure again. Now you just have to pour the car with the whole free vouchers until you get the cart you want to have.

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You can repeat that as often as long as your friends have money to buy the cars in the Car Meet. There is currently no information about whether and if YES when Rockstar Games will patch the exploit. So if you want to quickly do your cars, then that rather now does that before the studio closes the gap.

Do you become your car in GTA online thanks to Exploit?