In Sniper Elite 5, Rebellion bears the escapades of Karl Fairbourne’s Nazi north to France and on the new generation consoles. Since this is the fifth main part of the series that comes five years after Sniper Elite 4 and can work with the performance of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, I hoped for a massively improved and revised newcomer would lead Sniper Elite to new heights.

SNIPER ELITE 5 Gameplay - The Most Brutal Sniping Game!

After I had no longer touched Sniper Elite game since SE4 started in 2017, I was expecting some significant progress. Rebellion has tried some new innovations, including an invasion function to add a Deathloop-like PvP element to your campaign, some new crossing functions for navigating in the extensive levels, adaptable loadouts with a suitable fastening system and an updated user interface.

However, not all of these new improvements and functions hit the right tone, and although there are a few striking additions, the entire game ultimately feels like “only another sniper elite”. Depending on who you ask, this could be an excellent thing, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed.

When I played on the Xbox Series S, I found myself occasionally tormented by a campaign on the first day of the game, which, narrative, is surprisingly boring. Even the extremely mediocre action that I thought that it could happen did not happen. Although I will not ruin anything by telling details, the end was horribly disappointing and simple. I know that you don’t necessarily play a Sniper Elite game because of his action, but there was really nothing to celebrate in this regard.

Rebellion has worked hard to create larger and more immersive levels for Sniper Elite 5, and they are filled with different routes, many hidden details and are packed with collector’s pieces and information. The third mission playing on a fortress island that is clearly inspired by the Mont-Saint-Michel in northern France is particularly outstanding, and navigating through this level was probably the place where I had the most fun throughout my game.

On each card there is also a handful of secondary goals and assassination goals as well as the collector’s items mentioned above so that they can sneak far beyond the main goal of history. Overall, there is a decent amount of content-probably enough to justify 20-30 hours of play.

However, pretty much all important new improvements and additions have contributed little to improve the Sniper Elite experience.

The most disappointing is the new intruder mode, in which another player enters into your campaign mission as an enemy sniper of the axis to switch it off and disturb your progress through the level.

It sounds excellent on paper and is exactly what Sniper Elite needs. However, the execution is not outstanding. In my experience, the sniper of the axis powers, which was both the hunter and the hunted, has a considerable advantage because he is able to mark AI soldiers so that they are to be stored that mark the position of the Allied sniper.

The only ASS in the Allied sniper sleeve is that you can find telephones on the menu and the interaction with you reveals the location of the Axis scorers. However, you only receive a mark that shows the last known location of the Axis SchaftschĂĽtzen, and no regularly updated tracker, and after a few minutes the Axis scorer can also use these phones. In addition, the distribution of these phones is incredibly inconsistent (at least they were on the cards that I have played so far where an invasion took place), phones can be caught or camped with explosive traps, and their own location is also marked when too many phones is marked be used.

In addition, it is not mentioned who killed them. You can challenge this intruder for a reserve, but there is no way to know exactly who this person is. There is no mention of a gamer tag or even which level the enemy sniper had. Although this may have been done to contain toxicity, you can easily deactivate in the menus that your game is open to intruders if this is a problem.

Another updated function is Traversal, with which Karl Ranks climb up and hang along rocky leads. Although I was hoping that this would be suitable for a new verticality, this actually seems to be a little too little. A more common climbing mechanics similar to Assassin’s Creed games, in which most surfaces can be scaled, would have been the necessary further development. There was also a case in my through in which Karl got stuck on a rocky lead, could not fall down and could not pull up again, which forced me to return to the last point of storage.

That wasn’t the only hiccup. I was forced twice to restart missions completely because the goals were. For some reason, the tutorial area was loaded without enemies, which was not the most outrageous ever. However, after I had gone through the entire first level, the last goal that she asked for exiltring simply did not appear to me, and the shop again at previous storage points does not make this problem.

There are also a few technical problems in relation to the performance of Sniper Elite 5. I have admittedly played on the less powerful series S, but targeting riflescope with very high magnification caused some frame drops and stuttering.

In addition, the graphic quality of this game on the series S is not great. Graphics are always a sensitive topic, and it can usually be forgiven if the gameplay is tight and entertaining as with Sniper Elite 5, but I found it difficult to stop by during my playing. While they may not notice it so much when they walk around in the third person, cutscenes and the bloody kill cams were occasionally ridiculous because they looked so shocking. After I have also looked at the game on the big brother of the series S, I can confirm that Sniper Elite 5 looks better on the X Series, but it still does not correspond to the standards that you from a game in its fifth main line Expect iteration.

While Sniper Elite 5 has done with many cool small additions, such as kill cams for sidal and melee kills and their usual sniper kills, to be satisfied with me, those who really have the sniper elite recipe Could have spotted up how a corma was hit than a Vindaloo.

That doesn’t mean that this is by no means a bad game. Although I haven’t played a lot of co-op or multiplayer action, Sniper Elite games are traditionally good fun to play with others, and if you are a game pass subscription, you can have this laugh at no additional cost.

Rebellion has proven that it can build extensive levels with decent content, and by sticking to his weapons with its amusing and relatively satisfactory gameplay loop, the WW2 setting and the main protagonist, fans of the series will be back to come back to Play, and probably a lot of fun, this game.

In order to really become something other than the cult classic, to which the series has become, some serious restructuring are required. Sniper Elite 5 partially tries this, but the execution is unfortunately not up to date.