In our Guide for the Schnips orders in Fortnite you can find out:

  • Where you can find the remaining brands on the menu
  • How you unlock the Schnips outfit

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Schnips orders: Collect Resti brands

Owners of the Battle Pass ’from Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 have access to the Schnips orders. When you complete this, you will unlock new styles for the legendary Schnips outfit .

Every week you can expect new orders where you have to collect remaining brands on the map. We update this article weekly with the latest Resti brand finds .

week 1: All Resti brand foundations

In the first week of Chapter 3, Season 3 from Fortnite you can find 36 Resti brands . We have marked all of the brands on the map and describe the locations below. Three residual brands hide at each of the places in week 1.

Sleepy Sound :

  • In addition to the restart bus in Sleepy Sound, there is a remaining brand.
  • On the balcony of the Stick building with the large Fischkopf logo you will find the second brand.
  • In the middle of the street in the northern part of Sleepy Sound (on the other side of the river) you get the third remaining brand.

Shifty Shafts :

  • At the mountain north of Shifty Shafts you will find a mine system. There are two remaining brands on the two entrances to the facility, the third brand is just outside on a rail that leads out of the facility.

Logjam Lumberyard :

  • There is a remaining brand on the wooden footbridge on the water.
  • In addition to the restart bus, you will find the second remaining brand.
  • Another brand is hidden between the wooden stacks west of the factory.

Rave Cave :

  • Go to the Rave Cave in the face of the teddy bear. The first remaining brand is directly at an outcome of the Kugler lane. Grab a ball and drive the rails along the first remaining brand. You can also find the two other remaining brands on the rails.

Reality Falls :

  • On the large tree, a path leads on the outside of the tree-you can find a remaining mark on the way, another top on the tree.
  • West of the tree is a huge waterfall. Flies through the waterfall with the glider-the remaining brand is right behind.

Greasy Grove :

  • You can find the three remaining stamps in Greasy Grove all over the huge blue mushrooms in the city.

Synapse Station :

  • Northwest of Synapse Station you will find the Little Stollen-all three remaining brands are hidden in the mining system.

Rocky Reels :

  • There is a brand next to the huge Rocky Reels sign.
  • On the playground in the east of Rocky Reels you will find another brand.
  • Brand No. 3 is hidden in the northernmost building.

The Joneses :

  • In the small shed north of the lettering on the map, a remaining brand awaits you.

* Another brand is on the square next to the caravan.
* At the shooting range in the south you get the third brand.

6. Outside of the seven (small island north of The Joneses) :

  • A remaining brand lies on the wooden footbridge on the water.
  • Brand No. 2 can be found in front of the door to the building.
  • The third brand lies on the hill in the east of the island.

Sanctuary :

  • You can find the first remaining brand south of Sanctuary between the fields.
  • The second brand is located in the middle of the stone circle in Sanctuary.
  • Brand No. 3 hides in the north of the buildings in an open round.

The ruin (east of the Daily Bugle) :

  • At the small ruin east of the Daily Bugle you will find a brand in the middle of the ruin.
  • You will receive the second brand on the eastern edge of the ruin.
  • The third brand is at the end of the stairs that point towards water.

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