Nowadays, a lot of the latest games are released every day. Many Game * Spark readers may be lamenting, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Just by introducing the games from manufacturers and stores. Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report that delivers the raw contents of the game as soon as possible.


This time, on July 8, 2022, I would like to deliver the raw content of Dragon Forge , which was distributed on Steam by Legend Studio as an early access version.

What is Dragon Forge?

The main character of this work is a dragon child just born from an egg. As soon as she is born, she is ordered to revive the island and cleanse the poisonous fog that has spread throughout the island in order to build up the power to counter the devil from the spirits of her ancestors.

However, she didn’t teach me how to take a step, and she was given a goblin servant and left as it was… As expected, it’s a dragon, Sparta. In order to counter the devil like this, it is a game whose purpose is to collect mana to purify the island and grow yourself.

Let’s produce mana first

The most famous game of the genre called clicker to which this work belongs is probably the original work Cookie Clicker . This work is a game in which you can increase the number by repeatedly hitting clicks to bake cookies, and you can also increase the number of production by purchasing a facility that automatically produces with cookies.

In this work, the cookie part is mana, and gems are produced to produce mana, and mana is supplied by dedicating it to the altar. By consuming mana, it is possible to open the map and advance the scenario.

The game starts with collecting wood and building a workshop. The facility could only be built on a flat surface on the map and was quite cramped at the opening point.

By building a lab and altar from the Workshop, you’re ready to generate mana, but you’ll also use mana to upgrade your lab. Since upgrading will increase the efficiency of mana generation per second, there will be a dilemma such as opening the map or taking a scenario.

The gems made in the laboratory can be delivered to the altar, and the goblins of the servants will carry them, so the mana generation itself can be fully automated. At first, only one facility will be carried, but by providing food to goblins, the number of goblins involved in delivery will increase. As with other clickers, if you can build a supply system for the mana of this work, you will be able to get the elapsed time even if you are offline.

Not everything is automatic

In this work, you can not only click, but also operate the main character with the WASD key and click to attack various parts. Since it is a dragon, you can fly as long as you have stamina. If you run out of stamina, you will crash on the spot, and at high altitudes you will be damaged.

You can recover materials and produce equipment and facilities by attacking trees, rocks, coal, etc. scattered on the map, but the essential increase in mana production efficiency itself is mainly upgrades and gem production facilities. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Also, being able to attack is an enemy monster that comes out after all. In this work, battles etc. are not automatic, you have to move the cursor firmly to the enemy or target and then click.

However, even if the HP becomes 0, the game will not be over, it will only restart from the opening position, so retrying is quite easy. The concept of day and night also exists, and the enemies that appear change with time. Since materials will also drop from enemies, combat is also important to obtain secondary materials and equipment.

At the end

This work is a game design that takes time. Since the experience of the element also requires in-game unlocking, we are sorry for the readers that the part that can be conveyed is reduced for the purpose of this play report.

The impression of this work within the range that I was able to experience was mainly the aspect as an incremental game, but there are not only RPG elements but also craft elements, so even though it is early access, I think it is a promising start in the future.