Also 2022 EA is expected to bring back a current FIFA game on the market – and FIFA 23 should bring about several remarkable innovations according to a new report.

According to the well-known industrial insider Tom Henderson, EA in FIFA 23 wants to introduce a feature, that fans wish for years : Cross-Play. In addition, the nearest entry should be both content and technically spelled up.

FIFA 23: Delivers Series Finally CrossSplay?

In view of the longevity of the FIFA series, it is actually a wonder that CrossSplay has never been possible between PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Now this should change, however. In FIFA 23, EA should be allowed the interaction between the platforms for the first time.

This information comes from industrial insider Tom Henderson, who has already noticed in the past with several accuracy leaks as battlefield. In addition to the CrossSplay feature, he reports that FIFA 23 will involve the world championship of men and women and wants to further expand the partnership in women’s football. In addition, the hypermotion technology should have received a noticeable upgrade and can earn much more data for even more realistic animations. (Source: Xfire)

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EA: Name rights continue unclear

While working on this year’s FIFA game is already in full swing, remain a difficult topic the name rights of the series. The FIFA and Publisher EA football world association has been arguing for a long-term partnership for the license fee of a new deal since 2021.

Only last week became known that EA is not more important for the series, but even more likely to be particularly important, but even as an obstacle to the franchise – Some gameplay ideas have been blocked by the dressing. So it could actually happen that the successful football simulation in the future waives the FIFA title.

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