VTuber is popular in video games. Recently, due to the growing popularity, various activities can be seen depending on VTuber.

Meanwhile, on the business day on June 10th of Happinet Game Festival! ~ 2022 Summer Camp-IN Versal Akihabara, the talent who belongs to the popular VTuber group Holo Live is a talented Minato Aka starring. Produced pure love novel game It’s awesome. A bold project was held to produce .

What is the content of the love novel drawn by the popular Vtuber…? Let’s deliver the pattern of the presentation.

Minato I love pure in the Middle Ages while losing her memory! ?

On the stage, the moderator and screen Aka Minato will be on stage. It’s okay. The story of The story over the summer of the hero who has lost his memory and her rookie maid Aka .

The stage is a medieval Europe, which says that it depicts a love story in the difference between the noble hero and the maid Aka.

The concept of this work is based on the passion of Aka Minato himself, I want to appear in a beautiful girl game…! I want to be a maid…! .

There is no particular tsukkomi saying I usually wear a maid-like clothes, and the game content is also introduced. It’s okay. ], It seems that the charm of Aka Minato has been pushed out considerably.

What struggled with her voice was that the rudimentary accent and NG came out in the tongue, said her, which showed the difference between her usual appearance and voice recording in the game. Another point that struggled was There was a scene where the voices of other holo live members were imagined I was hurt and hurt my heart .

From the venue, there was a question, Maybe other members of Holo Live will appear?, And Aka Minato acknowledged, I’m so OK… **. I don’t know who will come out. Please wait for a follow-up report.

The commitment to the pure love novel game that Aka Minato showed

It’s okay. Apparently supervised by Aka Minato, as a highlight of this work, The costumes of the characters are so cute! CG is also excited.

This work is the first starring and produced work of Aka Minato, and there is also a question saying, Is there any influence and conscious work of Aka’s favorite works? What I was conscious of as the first board was Romeo and Juliet , and I wanted to make it a magnificent and big love work. It seems to be.

Also, It’s good. He said, Holo Live members, who are usually her seniors and juniors, have a friendship, and the different positions than usual are interesting. For fans who usually follow the holo live, it seems that they can enjoy exchanges that are particularly different.

An particularly interesting question is, This work is called a pure love novel game, but is there any difference from a gal game? Aka mentioned this as a unique feature of this work, with the concept of romance with real Vtuber. In addition, we asked a spoiler question, Is this work multi-ending?

This time, when Akia appeared and produced, he commented on what he was conscious of expressing himself as a heroine, saying, I was so cute and aware of her maids. Furthermore, those who are watching the distribution of holo live are Why did you create a pure love novel, even though you are good at shooting in distribution? According to Aka, I have always liked romantic comedy and gal games.

Against the backdrop of such episodes, I thought it would be interesting if it was VTuber was triggered by the development of this work. Aka Minato said, I’m sorry. She talked about unique expectations , I’m looking forward to seeing myself .

My dream and my favorite work is a tightly packed work!

Aka Minato’s Dreams and favorite things are tightly packed. Is a notice site open. From October 27, 2022, it will be released for switch/PS4 (PS4 version is downloaded only). Reservations will start on June 30.

Aka Minato explained about this work, There are a lot of benefits! It seems that the benefits will change depending on the store and EC site, which will respond to fans’ expectations.