Therefore, make sure to continue reading stray B12 memorary areas so that you can find them all. This overview is divided right into chapter to ensure that you simply go back as well as find you in the phase selection or the video game can play once again from the beginning.

Fortunately, this guide is the posts you need to find them all. Only five of them can be found as component of the tale et cetera can be overlooked entirely if you are not trying to find secret passages and also courses and the eco-friendly glimmer of memories in every corner of the city.

As well as one of these collection agencies are the long-lost memories of B-12. If you want to obtain a complete picture, you should recognize where all places of Stray B12 Memories are.

stray B12 Memories locations

There are 27 B-12 memories for accumulating in Stray , where five are found as part of the rest and also the story can be overlooked. You are in the complying with locations:
| The Apartment B12 Memories locations | The run-down neighborhoods B12 Memories locations | Rooftops B12 memory areas | Dead End B12 Memories locations | The Drains B12 Memories locations | Antvillage B12 memory places

The Flat B12 Memories locations

B12 storage space 1

The very first memory is automatically found as component of the tale after leaving the apartment. It is impossible to overlook.

The slums B12 storage space places

B12 storage space 11

The first memory in this phase is discovered after the robotics have actually emerged from their hiding place. Go from the garage in which the guard lies, to the appropriate and also left beside Morusque you can see a graffiti painting on the wall.

Leap up to this wall surface and afterwards communicate with it to take the memory.

B12 storage space 10

Decrease the street and go to the end as well as up the steps to find a memory of the wall on which hole people stands. Communicate it to add it to your collection. Here you will likewise find a maker location.

You will certainly find the following memory by decreasing the actions opposite the guard. If you seek to the right, you will certainly see a street with a robot called Zoe in the edge as well as an incredibly spirit marketing table on a store.

B12 storage space 8

Increase the stairways and also get on the little table to see the memory as well as engage with it to include them to the memory of B-12.

You can find the next memory in bench. To get below, go back to the guard and walk the alley. They pertain to Teddy who leans on a vending maker and also see the door to their left.

B12 storage space 6

So climb up with the vending machine and the air flow shafts to find a robotic which contains the memory.

From there, return to the Guardian and look at the structure following to you with the red vending maker. At the large join the top of this building you will find the following memory.

B12 storage space 9

Look behind him to find his bed when you go to Momo’s apartment.

Reverse the bed is a poster with which you can connect to get the following memory.

B12 storage space 12

Elliot’s programs lies between the primary bar and also grandma’s apparel. On the road corner you can see the red door with a translatable poster. Scrape the door so that a friend opens you as well as rise to find the memory in a chair.

The next memory is in Elliot’s shows on the leading floor.

B12 storage space 7

If you do not understand how to obtain power drinks, review our guide and look for sales makers in the shanty towns. As soon as you have three energy beverages, return and also acquire it from him to obtain the memory.

Go back to the guard and also look back on the right to find a dealership. He will sell you a mystical present for three energy beverage containers.

ROOFS B12 Speeches

B12 storage space 13

Before you open it, go to the end of the level of the structure to find the memory that is concealed behind some building materials and on the wall of the Zurk nest.

After their first 2 experiences with the ZUMS, they see a collection of dives that bring about a roofing system in the corner of the area.

B12 Speicherplatz 14

Raise here and overlook the bar that hangs out. There is memory on the roof in the corner, a large indicator.

If you get to the top degrees of the building sight concerning a couple of mins after the previous memory, you will see an objective with a collection of ZUMS.

B12 storage space 2

As quickly as you affix the transceiver to the antenna, you will immediately obtain the memory as quickly as B-12 considers the city in the cut.

The next memory is one more one that can not be missed out on.

STUMBLING BLOCK B12 memory places

B12 storage space 15

You can find the first memory in this phase before you go down the path with all the us. Rather, look behind you as well as you will see a garage door to the left of the place where you went down. The memory is there and also can be picked up.

B12 storage space 16

As opposed to lifting to the left, go to the fencing in front of you as well as with the void to find a robot as well as memory.

After you have passed all the Zeks and fell off the cart, you have to climb a number of pipelines. Hereafter climb you can see two courses before you.

B12 storage space 17

Most likely to the lower floor as well as look contrary the kitchen to see the memory on a wood doll.

You can find the last memory in this chapter in Docs Haus after you have warded off the Zeks.

The storage space areas of SEWS B12 memories

B12 Memory 18

You will lastly go down a narrow passage, wherein a path opens up on your. Damage the back around you as well as jump via the tube to find the memory beyond.

You can find the very first area of the sewer system after you have actually increased from Momos watercraft and the large door shuts behind you as well as leaves it behind.

Antvillage B12 memory locations

B12 Memory 3

You can find the initial memory in this chapter prior to you go down the course with all the us.


As quickly as you cross the bridge to the tower, B-12 bears in mind something when looking at a maker as well as includes this memory of your collection.

This covers all B-12 memories in the game. You can find extra collection agency’s items in our overview on the quality locations in Stray and extra in our full Stray service.

The first memory is a tale memory as well as for that reason not to be forgotten.

From there, increase completely up till you are asked to reach Midtown. Before you increase the Ageisendorf, go down two levels of the tower and also you will certainly find a robotic on a sofa.

Right following to him on the wall is the memory to gather.

And also one of these collection agencies are the long-lost memories of B-12. Go down the alley and also go to the end and up the steps to find a memory of the wall surface on which Hole individuals stands. You can find the following memory in the bar. Damage the door so that a good friend opens you and also go up to find the memory in a chair.

After reaching the top of the Antdorf, they will certainly find a wagon. B12 will certainly then bear in mind even more information regarding your past.

This offers you an additional memory of the story that you are not enabled to miss out on.

B12 Memory 4

B12 Memory 20