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Ghost of Tsushima 2 is already in development?

Two years have passed since the launch of Ghost of Tsushima , and many wonder what will be the next great step for Sucker Punch, the PlayStation study that this adventure gave us. Although the year came the expansion of Iki Island, fans are still waiting for some type of information related to a direct sequel. Now, A recent job application indicates that ghost of tsushima 2 is already in development.

Recently, Sukcer Punch shared two job requests, one for technical combat designer, and another for senior combat designer. The interesting thing, is that in the two vacancies there is talk of an open world AAA with stealth and melee action.

Although for the moment there is no official information, multiple work requests by Sucker Punch refer to the development of ghost of tsushima 2. However, At the moment there is no guarantee that this is the case . The studio could well be working in another game. At the end of the day, talking about an open world AAA with a melee fight is a fairly large concept.

In related issues, ghost of tsushima you will no longer receive more updates. Similarly, there is already a screenwriter for the movie of this game.

Editor’s note:

While I would love to see a second part of ghost of tsushima, I am also open to which Sucker Punch presents another original project, although the same bases of his most recent work are used.

Pok mon Go Spotlight hour today with plinfa and sweet

Today, Pokemon Go takes place the last ramp light hour of November and brings you Linda. Which bonus awaits you and whether the event is worthwhile, we have summarized by Mango for you.

What an event is? Today, on 30 November 2021, a spotlight hour takes place for the coaches in Pokémon Go. This is a weekly short event in which a particular monster is the center. This spawn in the wilderness more frequently and additionally brings you a special bonus.

This week’s last ramp light hour takes place in November and brings you the water Pokémon Linda. Besides, a special candy bonus awaits you.

Ramp light hour with Linda — start, bonuses and shiny


When does the event start? Like every Tuesday the event starts at 18:00 local time. You then have an hour to use the bonus and to catch as many Linda as possible. At 19:00 local time the event is then over again.

Which bonuses are there? During the ramp light hour you will discover wild Linda everywhere. With the help of a smoke you can also attract more specimens. In addition, brings you the short event double sweets while catching Pokémon.

Are there Linda as Shiny? Yes, Linda is also available in the game in his dazzling variant. With a little luck, you meet such a copy. It has a slightly brighter, blue body than the normal variant.

Worth the limelight hour with Linda?

It’s so strong: LINDA is a 4th generation water Pokemon and belongs next to Che last and Pan Am to the Starter Pokémon of the Singh region. It can be developed via Pippin to Napoleon.

However, the monster is not strong. His two further developments do not play a crucial role in Raids and the PVP league. Only Napoleon would be a solid option for the superior, but there are better alternatives (via

For whom pays off the spotlight hour? Interesting is Linda especially for Shiny hunters. These are definitely at their expense today. Trainers who are looking for a strike monster for Raids or the PVP league will probably not find it today.

And even the candy bonus is probably still uninteresting for many coaches today. Anyone who wants to use this yet can alternatively open their wonder box during the limelight hour and a few Melton sweets farms. But does not pay attention to any extra smoke, because that does not work.

Will you participate in the limelight hour with LINDA today? Or are you prefer to do this week? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.

Tomorrow in Pokémon Go starts the season of the origin and creates coaches about a release to Areas. We looked at what happened and show it to you.

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