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The first BTC participated in Ikina Games, and the new RPG Star Bates

The booth of ‘Irina Games’, which was the first time in G-Star this year, had a little amazing demonstration. The new work, Star Bates, prepared several demonstrations, which was not only a PC or console but also a demonstration using ‘Steam Deck’. It was a good opportunity for users who are hesitant to buy Steam Deck, but I was a little snowy in Star Bates, which I wanted to show.


Star Bates, which showed the demonstration version through the booth, was basically a turn-based RPG. The main character, Rapid, has a story about various events with his colleagues. Star Bates’ worldview shows what happens in ‘Better’, which has been greatly damaged in the aftermath of the war that took place in the scope of mankind, which was hidden by space pioneering.

In the demonstration version, the main character, Rookie, can be experienced from the process of solving it with his colleagues by receiving the urgent request of ‘Bedeck’, the head of the beater planet delight City. It was characterized by the operation, conversation, and dubbing in a simple village.

Surprisingly, Star Bates’ city, Delight City, has a very lively atmosphere. the cyberpunk concept, where robots and humans coexist and various kinds of people live, are still alive. It was quite impressive to see the cities of SF and future concepts where many people work, and many people pass by. In order to give a lively, the characters’ ambassadors showed a big illustration and a change in facial expressions.

The battle is a way of turning around the field and entering the turn. Each character has HP and you can use the technology using TP. Powerful attack skills and buff-based skills are divided, and TP is a format that rises when an enemy attacks.

Each character seems to have paid attention to attack and directing, but it’s really early, so the attack tempo itself was very slow. Because of this, it might seem a little frustrating.

In addition, one more unfortunate part is that the characters’ faces do not move compared to the lively ambassadors and moods. This meticulous part is the initial version, so I could see that it would be a more lively game if I continued to gain weight. Star Bates, who had just started, seemed to be quite expecting even though it was a demonstration version.

After the demonstration, I was wondering how Irina Games wanted to make this game and change in the future. Luckily, I was able to meet BAE Jewish, CEO of Irina Games, at the booth, and I was able to listen to the plans of Irina Games and the game.

Q. Irina Games will be the first to participate in G-Star.

= Irina Games was established in 2011 and developed a mobile game at first, and has been a developer who has been focused on console/steam game development for a few years. In this G-Star, I participated in a game called Star Bates, which is currently being developed, and a package game called ‘Our School’ and ‘The Ramsey’. Irina Games was founded in 2011 and first participated in BTB in G-Star, and I said, Let’s go to BTC next year with my friends. It took 11 years to first come to BTC. So in 11 years, I booths to BTC, introduces the game, and meets users.

Q. I have several genres games in the booth, and I ask for a brief introduction to each game.

= First, Star Bates is an RPG that Irina Games is making. In fact, the game is close to the JRPG style, and the game is about the story of characters growing around the story. It is a story about the growth of the main characters, Rapid and colleagues, who are the main characters, and their colleagues, in various events in the Dilute City of the Outlaw Planet, who lives in a huge building.

The characteristic part of Star Bates is that it is mainly ‘mechanic’. All characters have their own mechanics and board. So when I made a mechanic, I tried to create a mechanic with a clear personality. The mechanic is not a completely riding structure, but a ride feeling. So I tried to save both by making the mechanics and characters look together on the game screen.

The story is the most popular part of the production of Star Bates. I think the story plays a very important role in RPG. While I am impressed while doing Star Bates, I am writing a story, thinking about what Irina Games can tell.

‘Our School’ is well known as Never Webtoon, and is based on works made in dramas. It is a visual Nobel based on Never Webtoon. The main story of the game was praised for being well-adapted by the artist from the drama writer, and that the story was so immersive from the original author. I am a writer from a drama writer, so I care a lot about directing. I am preparing to be a visual Nobel, but I am preparing to not be too static. As users play games, they are preparing to see various stories or various illustrations.

Lastly, The Ramsey is a Merovingian game. In fact, as you know, there are a lot of games that use some gore expressions in the Metropolitan genre. On the contrary, it is a cute and cute neutropenia. Ramsey has been a developer who has loved platformers and neutropenia since childhood and made indie games. To put it simply, it’s a game that Metro Benin is making with your favorite character.

Q. In the early days, I made a mobile game, and I actually released a lot of mobile games.

Is it one of the old dreams as a game developer? Since I founded Irina Games, Irina Games began with the intention of becoming a company that would make a genre and platform, and the company talked about it. The goal of Irina Games is to create a game that a developer wants to make. Even when there was a VR boom before, VR seemed to be a tool to convey a new experience, so he also produced a game called ‘Cubic’ as a PS VR. The Nintendo Switch also launched a game called Dodge Hard.

I’m a manager now, but I’m a developer, so I want to play from the beginning to the end and see the ending and give it a feeling that Oh, this game was fun. It was a dream to make a game that I could boast of how much I wrote in this game and left a really fun memory. It has been difficult in the meantime, but now I have been working hard to some extent.

Q. Star Bates shows an effort to create a very lively atmosphere of the city, but on the contrary, the character’s face was static. Can we expect to improve later in battles, etc.?

= Star Bates seems to have a need for facial animation. Although it started, it is a small and medium-sized company, so I can’t pay a lot of development costs like a large company. At the same time, I am trying to make a chance and do more quality ups.

Star Bates is the first to be released in G-Star and demonstrated, and steam sees the development progress at 35%, and the quality business, and the growth structure or mechanic. As it is a game, I am also worried about whether I can take personality with ‘mechanic RPG’. In battle, he is also thinking about controlling the tempo of skills and directing.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but if you decide on its own release, it’s probably going to start with Steam Early access. There are many opinions that the tempo control of the battles mentioned earlier was faster, and I would like to trim it gradually because there are many opinions. As I said earlier, we wanted to make a game that remained with the memories of ‘this game was okay’ even if we looked back on our game.

Q. Star Bates has only a wish list on Steam. And I want to listen to my future plans and goals.

= When it is released itself, it will probably start with early access. Tempo of the battle, I hope it was fast because there were so many opinions. I’m going to try that next time. The goal was that it was really fun for people to play a game of tens of thousands of won, and I would like to make a game that remains with memories that were okay after looking back over time.

Q. Finally, I am curious about the feelings of meeting users by participating in G-Star.

= A little while ago, I was sharing the booth leaflet and meeting with users and promoting it. In the process, it was great to have fun watching our games and enjoying our favorite people, and even those who pass by are amazing. I think I started developing the game to see this. I hope that the name Irina Games will be recognized as a company that gives gamers a good memory, and it would be nice to be the first start.

Eidos Montreal has canceled a new game

The last time we saw a new game by Lidos Montreal, was Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy last year. Since then, the company’s fans have waited for more information about the following developer project. However, a recent report not only indicates that it would be missing long before a product by this team reaches our hands, but that one of the games they were working on has been canceled.

According to Bloomberg, who published a report related to the closure of the study previously known as Square Enix Montreal, Lidos Montreal had to cancel a game that was described as an experience to stranger Things of Bicycles Bicycles . Outside this little description, no more information about this project has been given.

However, the future of the company does not look as bad as some might think. Bloomberg has also pointed out that Lidos Montreal is currently working on a completely new property, which recently changed its production size, although it is unknown if there is talk of a reduction or increase in resources.

Along with this, there is talk of a new installment in the Deus Ex series, which is at a very early stage of development, so we would not see it in a long time. Finally, mention a series of co-developments with Xbox, and one of these is the following peas.


Out of this, there is no more concrete information about the future of the study. Considering that many of these projects are in early development stages, It seems that there are still a couple of years to have more details . On related issues, Lidos Montreal will use Unreal Engine 5 in future projects.

Editor note :

Of this information, what attracts the most attention is the collaboration with Xbox. Recall that Crystal Dynamics is offering support in the new Perfect Dark, and what would imply that Fable is resulting to be a lot for Playground Games.

Way: Bloomberg

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