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The worst legends of Hearthstone

The legendary cards in Hearthstone are not all created the same, and many players prefer not to include some cards in their decks. With each addition, we add a lot of new cards to the game, but choose the worst. If you choose one of these cards, we would say that your strategy is either complicated or far from perfect.

10 – Wonderful Wiesbang

Despite the potential of Whizbang, this is usually a terrible addition to any deck. It is important to carefully choose each card that you must play for a specific strategy. Whizbang The Wonderful allows you to play one of his decks instead of your own.

Your biased tactics and strategies are naughty by the randomness of the deck that you get from his card. This is one of the worst cards if you want to become a great player or climb to the top.

9 – Emeryss

According to all the rules, Emeriss should be the best card in any game, but the biggest drawback is that it is not in that category. Emeryssa is a hunter’s map, and this is normal, but Mana costs 10. In the hunter’s deck you are not trying to get to the round, which gives you 10 mana, and you are also not trying to use all 10 on one map..

This card would be the upper in the deck of the magician, druid or priest, but everything is bad in the hunter’s deck.

8) raid to heavenly temple

Quests can lead to a slight victory, but they can also prevent you from using powerful spells. As a reward for performing this quest, you will receive a scroll of ascent, which will add a random mage spell to your hand. This really confuses how unreliable, especially since you need to exchange Fireblast, which may be one of the best spells in the game.

You will not win, exchanging Fireblast from the very beginning, but exchange it for a quest with low value and high conditions for fulfilling – a waste of time.

7 – acid mouth

The hunter continues to receive cards, which for some reason do not fit the deck. In most other decks, the acid mouth will be good, but not a hunter who needs real victories and real advantages. Acid mouth is a strategic map that is not as strong as the hunter’s label.

The biggest disadvantage of acidic mouth is that while it kills the minions, all enemies on the board will hunt for it. Given that he has only two health, he will be put on the board in one move and immediately killed by the enemy. This is a huge waste of mana.

6 – Sergeant Sally

Sergeant Sally is one of those cards that can be amazing, but you need to work on them. Sally’s the fact that she can attack all her minions at the same time, and this is great until you understand that she has only one point of attack. Yes, you can raise her attack and, I hope, use her, but she will be guaranteed to become a goal, and she starts with one health point. Therefore, the enemy can destroy Sergeant Sally, even sacrificing the weakest of his minions.

Sally is associated with too much risk that it remains on the board. She is not worth the effort.

5 – Bugimonster

The card is easy to confuse with benefit, but you will understand why, as soon as you use it in battle. Firstly, it costs eight mana, so this is the minion of the late game, and secondly, his health and attack increase only after he kills another minion. The attack is only at six, so two shots are usually required to kill the minion, leaving it very sick, since it will get a lot of damage with every blow, adding only two. When the enemy sees that his attack grew to decent eight, but he has little health, he will quickly kill him. In the end, the exchange for an excellent card does not actually happen. If he had a lower cost of mana, we could recommend it, but the cost is not worth it.

4) Knight-Skeleton

Instead of defeating your enemies, a knight-skeleton will spend your mana. Suppose you played this card and spent six mana. If your opponent shows a card with a lower cost of mana than yours, then this card is returning. This is the case when you lost six mana, so this card is already spoiled. Assuming that you won and can play this card, you have a card that costs six mana and has only four units. By the time you can play this card, your opponent will already have something that can be opposed to it. Six mana do not cost four units of health, and, perhaps, the loss of six mana is even worse.

3 – Fiery Leviathan

Do not be deceived by the effect; This card is not harmful to every1. Damage is randomized, so maybe he falls into the enemy minion, or maybe he gets right into you. As a player in Hearthstone, the last thing you need is an accidental event. The game is to think about everything, therefore, if you just spent seven mana units, and then lost two health because of this, your fighting spirit will receive a real blow.

If you are in despair, you can use it, but seven manes are best used for other things, so do yourself a favor and remove it from your deck.

The Worst Legendary Cards in Hearthstone


The fact remains: cards with random effects are not worth it. There is no doubt that this card will be very beaten, it has great health, and the mana is great, but she has a great drawback. The enemy with a 50% chance to hit a friendly minion would be too strong, so the same chance of 50% extends to you. This effect can ruin the game of your opponent, but it is equally possible that he will also cost you the game.

1) mayor of the Nogenefogger

We said that this is the worst option, because it takes the previous record and guarantees accident. What you strike, and the way you strike are completely random, even spells. The mayor of the Noshentfogger also cannot be defeated, unless he attacks someone who should not, so you and your enemy must hope that this will quickly end.

Let’s look at the truth, this is an endgent card for those who are guaranteed to lose and want to deprive the opponent of pleasure from the game. At nine manes, the one who painted this knew that he could only win thanks to pure luck.

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Lord of the Ring: The Beginning of the War Beverly App Market Popular

Digital Entertainment Game Enterprise NetEase Games is a mobile game that is developed and served by the Mobile Games ‘The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War (“The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War)’ This Google Play Store I have achieved the first place in popularity today

The Lord of the Ring: The beginning of the war was launched on April 14th, As a result, the app store was released on April 14, on April 14, the first place in the ‘Popular Chart’, and the atmosphere is highlighted, and the Google Play Store is also ranked in the first place in the first place in April 16, Good response is gaining.

The Lord of the Ring: The first place of the start of the war is the first place on December 31, last December 31, the 20th anniversary of the opening, and the king of the ring, and the king of the ring, and the king of the ring, and the king of the ring, In the game performance, you will be pooled as a result of your pleasure.

This game was released in September, North America and Europe, including North America and Europe, and has been established by more than 600 servers, and has been in love with a lot of mania flooring. East Asian users, including domestic, are increasing in steeply, thereby will be operated as more than 700 servers soon.

The Net Iz Games is expected to be achieved even if it is familiar with the name of the ring that he would feel familiar with the name of the Ring, As a result of a volume with a sense of volume, the beginning of the Korean service was sold out of the Korean service.

An official of the Net Iz Games, said, “I think that” the first attention and cheering of the users were broken. Now, as the beginning of the beginning, it is important to improve in the early service and the policy that will work hard to respond to customer response. “I think that it is important to” gain the game to play and enjoy the game for a long time, and continuously activate. For this purpose, it is a policy to take a variety of ways, including the expansion of new users, seeing TVC advertising images that are currently preparing. “

I also delivered the direction of the future. We will continue to focus on updates and various events to provide users with a good response to achievement of the first place in both platforms. To do this, we will announce new events and content in the near future and move to execution.

The Lord of the Ring: The beginning of the war is the artist J.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R. As a mobile 3D strategy simulation game that developed the Lord of the fantasy novel ‘Ring’ of Tolkin, it is a worldwide 3D strategy simulation game.

The game continues to be the season, and the first season is a virtual world, “Arda”, the absolute ring, which was only destroyed by the Dol Guldur, which is located in the middle of the intermediate dark forest, and the world is confused It is fallen, and the full story is developed.

Meanwhile, the quanticity of the ring that occupies the first place of the two appmarkets and gets a response: information on the beginning of the war, and related to the beginning of the war, and in connection with the contents of the current event, the Lord of the Ring: The start of the war can be confirmed through the official lounge there is.

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