All gamers from Dead by Daylight, which have actually utilized the cannibals before the magazine of the update, gotten as settlement 6,000 dazzling splinters, with which you can buy Perks in the temple of the keys.

The problems regarding the mask are not brand-new and Behavior Interactive has actually currently made a decision to deal with the trouble by getting rid of all unlockable masks from the game.

Dead By Daylight: Leatherface masks being removed. RANT
We do not feel comfy to have these masks in the video game when made use of as a device for dissemination of disgust. For this reason, we will eliminate the unlockable faces of The Cannibal in this upcoming middle phase.

Behavior Interactive will certainly get rid of the unlockable faces of the Cannibal in the next Dead by Daylight Update after providing issues that they are utilized to racist harassment of gamers.

The Cannibal has actually been contributed to Dead by Daylight in 2017 with the Leatherette DLC. He has the capability to open the faces of the four initial survivors from Dead by Daylight by sacrificing them 25 times, and afterwards can put on these faces as a mask. Among these enduring, Claudette Morel, is a black lady, which caused some gamers as well as viewers to complain that the game allows a form of blackface.