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Lost Ark: obsolete roadmap confuses the fans

The developer studio SmileGate and Amazon Games have actually wanted to publish a roadmap for the MMORPG Lost Ark for some time now. On this, all content should be found, which should appear in the course of the next few weeks and months – including the coarse scheduling. Such a roadmap has broken down through the widths of the internet. However, you should enjoy them with caution.

Lost Ark | Roadmap LEAK and 2 New Classes Revealed!
As it has now turned out, it is an incorrect or outdated version whose information (no more) corresponds to the current planning. The developers have made a little later in the context of a tweet: “” Please note that we are currently taking some changes to our upcoming content roadmap based on the data on the progress of the players. We become our updated roadmap with you after the Share March Update. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. “

Thus, the developer team looked closer to the current player data from Lost Ark and noticed that the level progress slower is considered previously thought. Therefore, there are now adjustments to scheduling for the content roadmap. However, they should not be able to wait for too long.

Last updated video: Release

Four-year deficit, once a time, Dev Sisters 2021

Devs Sisters announced on the 14th, and 4Q02 and annual performance. In 2021, operating profit turned on to W56.3bn, and it is a size that has been on the size of four years from 2017 to 2020.

Devs Sisters recorded sales of W369.3bn (369) billion won in 2021. This increases by 424% YoY. Operating profit and net profit were also 56.3 billion won, respectively, respectively, and Success was successful. This is an effect on the global hit of the ‘Cookie Run: King’ and the 6th year of the ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom of King’, which is a great popularity in the domestic and overseas market since its launch in January last year.

In the 4Q09, sales rose 568% YoY to W1,01.1bn, and operating profit and net profit of operating profit and net profit were significantly changed to W5.4bn and W7bn. Of these, 70% of the sales of sales accounted for overseas sales, which seemed to have been successfully conducted by marketing captures that have been conducted on the global global entire global global area.

Devs Sisters will be in 2022 to strengthen the global business. First of all, we focus on the expansion of the Cookie Runs: Cookie Runs: Kingdom’s European Market, which will be promoted for the second quarter, the game and cookie run IP. Both companies have currently returned to the highest preparation of language support and the overall preparation associated with language support, focusing on language support, and entered the protection of the voice content. It is also working on designing local campaign strategies and detailed plans for 24 European countries and to enhance the possibility of boxing. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to responding to China.

And it is also devoting to the optimization of system optimization for simultaneous and PC and console platform simultaneous response to increase the completeness of the pitching game ‘Safe House (Gaseous “, which is aimed at the mid-year release. In addition, Cookie Run IP-based real-time battle Arena ‘Cookie Run: Oven Mash’, Mobile Puzzle Adventure ‘Cookie Run: Witch’s (Gaseous)’, Mobile Casual Cooperative Action Project B (Gaseous) and Mobile Construction based on New IP We are in progressing a variety of projects, including simulation ‘Brick City’.

Opening CRK after the maintenance be like PART 3 - Anniversary Update!
Devs Sisters said, “2021, Cookie Run: The Kingdom of Corporation was a Chinese qualitative growth and qualitative growth of the company,” said Devs Sisters, “he said,” This year, “this year, And it will accelerate the expansion of the abrasive, such as diversifying the revenue portfolio. “

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