Sauron’s identity was finally revealed in Rings of Power, and it is natural to ask if he has been using special skills and powers all the time; He certainly has been more reserved than starting large fires to kill Harpoons. Here is everything you need to know about Sauron skills and powers in Rings of Power .

What are Sauron’s powers in the rings of power?

Season 1 showed some of Sauron’s impressive skills, and we have compiled them in a brief list below:

  • Mental control and manipulation.
  • Abnormal strength
  • Immortality

At the end of The Rings of Power, Sauron inserts himself into some of Galleries’s memories, and even passes his brother to demonstrate that he just wants to cure the Middle Earth. She does not believe her and forces him to flee from Region, but he leaves her in a river reviving a memory of drowning in the separated seas until Elton rescues her.

Winning a fight against Tamar and his friends is a sign of his super strength of the movies. He was the most likely to survive the eruption of the Mount of Destiny because Sauron is immune to fire. Finally, Sauron is immortal in the best way: his spirit lives when his body dies, so he has never really left.

And, of course, it does not help Sauron also proven to be quite charismatic, as seen in the way he speaks and relates to people, and even persuades Celebrator to see things in his way. Evil and charisma are a deadly combination.

That is all we have in all the skills and powers that Sauron uses in rings of power . Check out some of our other rings of power contents, such as what is an Star, who dies in season 1 and where is The Stranger.


Image Source: Amazon Studios and Tolkien Estate

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