The Florence undergoes its first balancing update 2.67 of Doffs.
He will slightly adapt his gameplay rather than duplicating a complete overhaul.
We will note all the same heavy changes on the air, earth and fire tracks!

DOFFS 2.67: Forged recasting, class balancing, nerve or up?

This passing pass is quite special for the Florence as a nineteenth class of Doffs.
Fortunately, the class seems to adapt to the game and only undergoes some adjustments, without full redesign of the gameplay.
It sag it de / D:
Reduce the power of DO POU and spam capabilities remotely for water and air tracks
Establish a better gameplay for land and fire tracks
Improve the choices of variants and utility spells

Changes on Florence

A fairly significant nerve SAP is asking the central tear of the class.
The life points of the spear are reduced (850 → 730).
She also no longer takes the damage reductions in her glyph.
It will therefore be slightly less basic tank to avoid making a pole too powerful, without punch.

A new mechanics appear: the Sun bursts.
It is a state remaining for 3 laps and concerning up to 6 times maximum per target.


Consuming them (climb to 7 or via Maelstrom) causes damage, depending on the reported number.

Water Shortness

Forged air track

Utility spells