In recent months some applications called Montadeudas have been identified by the Government, since they do bad practices as loans, theft of data and collections somewhat out of place. The Undersecretary of Security, Ricardo Mejía , was the one who announced that 300 research folders have already opened with more than 660 applications identified.

With the threat of publicizing images, even the exhibition of sexual abusers, pedophiles, or going against their families. There are 350 investigation folders in the different prosecutors, more in Mexico City, 660 applications are detected. The behaviors of the platforms were suspicious, with loans without many requirements.

According to the C Citizen Onsar for Security and Justice of the Mexico City , between January and June 2022, 5,452 events were reported. This section of the country collects 55% of the complaints; They are followed by Veracruz, Mexico, Coahuila, Jalisco and Puebla. Since lenders make an excessive interest collection to people who get in touch.

Given this, a security number was announced, which is for excessive charges complaints, in addition to being a report to bring the developers and responsible behind the applications before the authorities. Because in many cases they threaten them to collect the debt to relatives, defame them or even warnings that could reach the physical.


Here are some of the applications with the most Montadeudas reports:

Research related to extorting applications follow their course.