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061: Kyle Christensen Full Episode

The fivefold World Champion Emma Hinge is on this Saturday as a leader of the Sprint rating in the last round of the new Champions League in railway sports. The Cottbus defended her leadership in the overall standings despite a fall in the Karin on Friday in the sold-out Olympic Hall of London in the third of four laps. In the sprint, the 24-year-old won and thus has 95 points on their account. Karin World Champion Lea Sophie Friedrich from Cottbus shortened with the victory in the Karin and place two in the sprint in the sprint on two points (93) and remains second.

In the men, Stefan Botcher from Chemnitz defended his second place in the overall standings. The 29-year-old place two in the sprint and then won in the Karin. Botcher comes to 96 points. Further clearly in the lead is the Dutch Harris Larvae (110). Maximilian Levy from Cottbus was greatly improving nine years after winning his Olympic silver medal at the same place on his farewell tour and became fifth in the Karin Final.

Seasonal finals canceled in Tel Aviv — overall victory brings 25,000 euros

The fourth and last round of the Champions League takes place at the same place this Saturday. The originally planned season finale in Tel Aviv was canceled due to the closure of the boundaries in Israel because of the Omicron Corona variant. The overall victory is endowed in each category with 25,000 euros.