The Austrian developer Moon Studios is primarily known for the two picturesque metro id manias ORI and the Blind Forest and ORI and the will of the Wish.

However, the studio has been working on another work since 2015: An action role-playing game should be, but details have not been given any so far, so there are no name or setting, pictures are also none and a release date at all.
The ambitions are all the greater for this, and the head of Moon Studios compared the current project with the Zelda series on Twitter.

from Metroidvania to play role play: Course and genre change for Moon Studios

Thomas Mahler, the creative director at the Austrian developer Moon Studios and responsible for both ORI games and the upcoming role-playing game as a designer and director, chatted out of the sewing box on Twitter.
The upcoming project is for the studio like Zelda, alluding to the change of course from Nintendo:

ORI was our Mario, this is our Zelda.
That was my thought when I started the prototype development of our new project for the first time in 2015.
We then focused on [ORI and the will of the] WISPS, which allowed us to have this game braised in the oven longer so that we could then turn it into a full action role-playing game.

In the comments under his post, he explains the analogy more closely: Since Nintendo initially created a platform with Mario and then dipped into the adventure genre for Zelda, the genre change for Moon Studios should function similarly.


After two metro id van you finally create an RPG.

no exclusivity for a new project

In any case, Thomas Mahler did not let himself be looked into the cards despite interested questions, but at least revealed that the title should not appear exclusively on a platform.
He did not have anything left for platform-exclusive games, but wanted that everyone can enjoy the games of his team, the creative director continued.

The comparison of ORI and the Blind Forest or his successor ORI and the will of the WISPS with Platformer-Legende Mario and the new project with Nintendo’s second mainstay Zelda is of course intended.
It remains to be seen whether the next game from Moon Studios can keep up with such genre sizes.

If, on the other hand, you are rather keen on another Metroidvania, a look at Elapse should be worthwhile that in addition to ORI, Hollow Knight also seems to be oriented.