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Photos of phosphorus horror “Simulacra 3” announced. Hacking another persons smartphone to close to the mystery of the disappearance and witch to continue

Publisher’s Neon Doctrine announced on March 23, Horror Supena ADV “ Simulacra 3 “. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / iOS / Android.

“SimulCra 3” is the latest work of Horror Spense Adventure Games “Simulacra” series. The stage to be the town Stone Creek, which was flourished. There, there was a suspicious case that people suddenly disappeared. The clue is that only the strange symbol mark left where the disappeared person was last witnessed. The police is puzzled, and people are feared and a certain rumor flows. The witch Berdam, who once resides in Stone Creek, is a criminal of the disappearance case.

Players are internnows for local paper. She helps the city’s ghost press Ruby Myers and investigate the disappearance case. The only clue is wholly put on Paul Castillo’s mobile ph1. Paul is a software developer and is an amateur historian of the city and was also a Ruby information provider. While Ruby explores the city and investigations, the player’s work is to hack pole mobile phones and investigate if there is further clues.

The game system for visiting another person’s mobile phone is the same as the conventional “SimulCra” series. In this work, new apps and functions appear, and it seems possible to experience fear with a sense of immersive. Player behavior is reflected in the game in real time, and the player himself is caught in the incident. It seems that there is also a scene that reacts in real time on the video ph1. It is said that it is required to think quickly and decided, it may be required to depend on the player’s decision. In addition to this, as game content, there seems to be a case that preserves Ruby’s body by hacking the security system. The image corresponds to 4K image quality.

The previous work “SimulCra 2” was released in 2020, and STeam won “very popular” status from over 800 strings. Higher evaluation is obtained as a high quality mystery that is drawn through the investigation using a mobile ph1. “Simuracla 3” also wants to look forward to the story that further refers to storytelling. I would like to expect to correspond to Japanese even now, just because the previous work was compatible with Japanese.

“SimulCra 3” will be released for PC (STeam) / iOS / Android.

How to remove the fog killing you in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the last game from Tango Gameworks, allows players to explore Sibu, when it is captured by supernatural forces that take almost all residents of the city through the mysterious fog. Although the fog spreads Akito, he still can harm him if he dares to approach him too close, and only those who can dispel fog will receive full access to Tokyo.

To dispel a dangerous fog in Ghostwire: Tokyo, you need to clean the thorium gate scattered throughout Sibuy. These unique gates will be displayed in the upper world with a white tint when they are damaged as shown below:

How to Clean the Gate Toria

Players can view the gate of Thoria from the world map in Ghostwire Tokyo by opening their menu by pressing the touch panel. The purified gate of the thorium is displayed on the map with an orange color, and the damaged gate is blue. Some Toria gates require the players to cleanse several arches before saving the area from the fog, demonstrating several areas where every gate is located, as shown below. If torii’s gates do not appear inside these rings, you need to go closer to find them:

To clear the gate of the thorium, you need to clean the area from enemies and approach the gate, holding L2 while Akito does not finish cleaning the gate of Thoria.

GHOSTWIRE TOKYO PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (FULL GAME)

As soon as the tori’s gates will be cleaned, they will become red, and the fog surrounding them will dispel, which will allow players to see other areas previously inaccessible. Players can also quickly reach the gate of Toria, moving towards their map and pressing the “square” when the Orange Arch is highlighted.

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