The Download Celebration is a rock event that has been held given that 2003 at Covington Park in Castle Covington, England. Its evolution has led it on other websites, such as Glasgow in 2004, in Paris in 2016, 2017 as well as 2018, in Madrid in 2017 as well as 2018, in Melbourne in 2017 and also from 2019 in Japan. Annually, in mid-June, over numerous days, it welcomes groups of steel, hard rock and also alternative rock.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Gather almost all villains from the past arachnid ribbons by Sony. However, his scriptwriters revealed that this was not always the plan, since from a start to consider us together as part of a post-credit scene, but it was thanks to Kevin Face, President of Marvel Studios, Who made them change their mind.

Spider-Man No Way Home Venom Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes Marvel Easter Eggs

In an interview with The Vise, Chris McKenna and Erik Summers, No Way Home screenwriters, explained that Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Electron, Sandman and The Lizard were never considered as part of The main story of the film, but wanted to put them as a post-credit scene. BEIGE suggested a way to make them run, and the rest is history.

I do not know if it was Kevin Face’s idea, the idea of ​​doing something with the other villains and showing it until the end of the movie. I think it was a post-credited scene that was floating. We occurred to us different stories until they would simply write towards a scene like that.

I think it was Kevin who said, ‘Do you remember that idea with all the villains of which we were talking to a post-narrow scene? The idea of ​​the six claims? Why don’t we do this in the movie?

In fact, the appearance of the other two spider-man was also designed as a post-loan scene, but the fact of putting all the villains caused this idea to make more sense. McKenna and Summers also revealed that they had considered Raven to be the main villain of the tape, but in the end they preferred to leave it for another occasion.

Editor’s note: I think at the end no way home found a very good balance between all these characters. Of course, you could say that Green Goblin was the main antagonist of the film, but the other villains also had the opportunity to shine.