Hogwarts Legacy brings most of the facets of the Harry Potter universe in video game with a wide range of spells, classes to attend, a broader general mystery and potions.
The latter are key to survive against dark magicians, giant trolls and battlefields.
However, some are better than others.
Here are the best potions at Hogwarts Legacy.

The best potions to use at Hogwarts Legacy

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One of the best potions to use at Hogwarts Legacy is the Wiggenweld potion, which allows you to cure part of your health.


It is the only way to restore a large percentage during combat, and the Wiggenweld potion is so important that drinking the potion receives its own dedicated button.
After the health potion would be the maximum potion, which increases the damage to your spells for a limited period of time.
It is easy to prepare with only two ingredients and can make fights much faster.
The Euros potion follows the same example with a brief list of ingredients, but your defense will increase.
Taking this potion in a hurry could help you save yourself if you have few Wiggenweld potions.
The last of the best potions to use in Hogwarts Legacy is the focus potion, which decreases the reuse time of your spells.
That means you can throw the same much faster spell after launching it initially.
Drinking a maximum potion, an Euros potion and a focus potion just before a giant fight can help reduce the number of enemies and make combat very easy.
Those are the best potions at Hogwarts Legacy.
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