According to several leaks, the makers of The Elder Scrolls are working online on a new Star WarsmMO for the Xbox. The basis for the game is said to be the popular series The Mandalorian.

more Star Wars is not possible! Or?

The fact that we expect several Star Wars games in the coming years is no longer a secret. Among other things, the remake for the cult game Knights of the Old Republic and the successor to Jedi are ordered **.

In total, however, up to eight games are in development that will be called “Star Wars” in the title.

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Is there under all these games, but also a brand new MMO? If you believe two well-known leakers, Zenimax Online is currently developing a new multiplayer game based on the successful series The Mandalorian **, which runs on Disney Plus.

Star Wars: The rumors condense

How credible this leak is is not yet possible. However, it is certain that Zenimax is working on a new game online ** and that it is probably again an MMO. In addition to The Elder Scrolls online, the studio also contributed to Fallout 76.

The supposed Xbox exclusivity is also obvious , since the studio has officially belonged to the Xbox family since March 2021. Only the Star Wars license is currently pure speculation.

However, there were already ** rumors for a mandalorian game in April last year. This time from another leaker:

The popularity of the series would definitely speak for a game. For many Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian is the best thing that has happened to the Star Wars franchise in recent years and so bounty hunter Mando has quickly developed into a new cult figure.

You can follow the first two seasons through the Disney Plus streaming service. The third season will probably start at the end of 2022 .